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					Leo, the 5th sign of the zodiac, is a fire sign. The principle of Leo is self-knowing
through creative effort. It loves to be in control of the big statement, grandeur, power,
or drama which gets the attention of others. Also known as the Royal sign, it has the
ability to make an impact, and get into a central position where it can play freely with
it's inspired ideas and, through it's innovation, determination and gift for strategic
organization, it builds it's empire.

Territory is important to Leo, and it flourishes best in it's own secure kingdom, a
community through which it can make maximum impact. It revels in respect and
admiration and loves an audience, but sometimes it gets too big for it's boots and
throws it's weight around demanding others follow commands with little regard for
their feelings. This sign can be almost child-like in it's expectation that it should be at
the centre of another's world, whenever and wherever it sees fit.

Leo rules the heart and, psychologically, Leo has a big heart with a magnanimity and
generosity towards those it approves of. It's nature is courageous and it will take
speculative risks to extend it's realm. But, like the cat, it loves a warm, comfortable
home with attractive objects on display - evidence of it's tastes and interests. Leos are
fiercely protective of their inner circle, but can be stubborn and too controlling about
the correct way for others to behave.

Leo's ruling star - the Sun - is the light which fosters life in infinite variety on our
planet and Leos are life-giving with their sunny natures and huge capacity to have fun
with their creativity.

Leo is a talented sign and are good in careers where they can be their own boss or
have plenty of scope to be innovative and use their imaginations. .Their liking of
recognition and praise draws them into any work where they can radiate their power
through what they create. They have good managerial/organizational skills and they
are especially gifted with professions related to children.

Birth stones: Sun Stone, Jasper, Diamond, Tigers Eye
Colours: Yellow, Orange
Gods: Egyptian-Ra-Hoor-Kuit. Greek-Apollo. Roman-Helios
Animals: Lion
Weapons: The Discipline
Element: Fire
Zodiac Quality: Fixed
Ruler: Sun
Exaltation: Neptune
Fall: Saturn

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