LOANOUT AGREEMENT This agreement dated as of is between “Producer” and “Employer” for the services of “Empl by TedChalmers


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									                                                 LOANOUT AGREEMENT

This agreement, dated as of        , is between         , (“Producer”) and        , (“Employer”) for the services of   ,
(“Employee”) in connection with the         tentatively entitled       .

You, the Employer, warrant and represent that you have the exclusive right to lend Employee’s services to Producer
under all terms and conditions hereof, and that Employee is free to render such services. Employer maintains that if
applicable, Employee is a member in good standing of such union or guild as may have jurisdiction, to the extent required
by law and applicable collective bargaining agreements. You further warrant and represent to us that you are a duly
organized and existing corporation and are currently in good standing under the laws of the state or country of your

In consideration of the mutual covenants and agreements herein contained, Producer and Employer agree as follows:

Producer shall pay directly to you all of the compensation that would have been payable to Employee had Employee
rendered services directly for us, and we shall not be obligated to make any such payments of any nature whatsoever
directly to Employee. In no event shall your failure to pay any amount to Employee be deemed a breach of this

Producer will not withhold, report or pay payroll taxes from the compensation payable to Employer. Should Producer be
subjected to any expenses or other liability by reason of such failure to withhold, report or pay such taxes (including but
not limited to penalties, interest and reasonable attorneys’ fees), Employer agrees that Employer and Employee will
indemnify and hold Producer harmless therefrom.

Employer has, and will maintain at all times while Employee is rendering services hereunder, Workers’ Compensation
insurance as required by law.

Kindly sign this agreement in the space provided below to confirm your understanding of our agreement.

                                                              Very truly yours,


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