Learn Coin Magic Tricks To Entertain Your Kids

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					Nowadays it is even harder to keep children entertained without putting them in front
of the tv to play video games. What can you do that doesn't cost a fortune to do. What
can you do and eventually teach them, how about coin magic tricks?

It started for me when my son Luke and I went to Hamleys in London and they had a
magic demonstration, we both watched avidly as I wanted to know how it was done I
was standing right next to the magician and couldn't work out how he had done it so I
wanted to find out more. My son was amazed so of course I wanted to do the same for
him so I wanted to learn magic tricks straight away.

People of all ages are fascinated by magic tricks, and they can be as simple or
complicated as you want. If you want to learn magic tricks to entertain your children
then the Internet is a great place to start searching, with many great websites offering
to show you how to do tricks, and video instruction. My only advice is to be careful If
you decide to buy online as the quality of information varies from site to site.

Loads of the magic tricks can be done with items found around the home so you don't
need to buy expensive props and can be easily learned within a couple of hours. Just
imagine the look on your childs face when you produce their pocket money from their
ear. You could also perform magic tricks for your child and their friends too for
birthdays or similar occasions.

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