Latest Tattoo Design Trends by aihaozhe2


									One of the oldest forms of body art is tattoos and they're growing more popular with
men as well as women. Most of these designs are from the creative thoughts of the
artists themselves. If you're getting a tattoo in memory of your loved one who passed
away or might think it's the KEWLest thing in the world either of which, you are
joining a growing percentage of the present population.
Several people acquire tattoos to extremes. By this we mean where the tattoos are
located on the body. Around fifty years ago, tattoos are obtained to show love as well
pride. In this day and age, tattoos are acquired for different ideas and reasons.
Tattoos are direct reflection of you as a person. There are no limits on the designs, the
tattoo artists can draw. But the location of the tattoos and their designs are becoming
more and more unusual.
Different trends of tattoo designs are growing more and more popular. A number of
people are selecting to get a series of different tattoos representing a particular subject.
A book written by Ray Bradbury entitled, "The Illustrated Man", in which the main
character had tattoos all over his body. Each of his tattoos had some kind of power.
This is one example of tattoos and their legends.
Another trend in tattoos is the tribal design. These are ancient Chinese designs, Indian
designs and any cultural design that represents a group of people. Tribal designs are
quickly becoming an explosive trend in tattoos. These are sometimes some of the
most beautiful designs
The trend of designing your own tattoo has caught on like wild fire. Many people are
designing their own tattoos and taking sketches to their favorite tattoo artist for them
to detail and render the tattoo in the chosen location. These are "one of a kind" tattoos
that no other person has because it was designed by an individual instead of chosen
out of a book.
No matter what the design of a tattoo, one thing is certain; each one is personal.
Trends such as children's birth dates are being tattooed onto parents, tattoos "in
memory" of someone, themed collages and even movie characters are all growing
trends in the tattoo design world.
Tattoo trends may come and may go but one thing is for sure tattoos are permanent
and before deciding in getting into this new art trend, you should think hard about the
tattoo design and its location. Once you got a tattoo, it will never go away!

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