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									For those interested in watching good films from South Korea, here are 10 Korean
movies from the past several years that I enjoyed. These range from the comic to the
tragic, and involve both action movies and historical dramas. Three of them are taken
from events in Korea over the past 40 years or so.

My Sassy Girl - Based on a real life story that a man posted on the Internet, My Sassy
Girl became all the rage in East Asia back in 2001, when it was popular in Japan,
China, Hong Kong, Singapore and Taiwan. This led to a forgettable direct-to-disc
American remake in 2008, starring Elisha Cuthbert (who's unforgettable). My Sassy
Girl is about a college guy who meets a drunk girl - known only as the "Girl" - on the
subway, and all the odd adventures they get into while falling in love. You'll never
believe where the plot goes in this one.

Joint Security Area (JSA) - The Joint Security Area is the DMZ between North Korea
and South Korea, and this movie tells the story of a double-shooting in the JSA. This
results in increasing tensions on both sides of the borders, an investigation by a
Swiss-Korean woman and nearly two hours of great, if implausible, entertainment.

Oldboy - Oldboy is one of the more famous Korean movies with American audiences,
famous enough that it hit CNN during the Virginia school shooting a few years ago.
Oldboy is about a man abducted and imprisoned in a hotel room for 15 years, and
what happens when he escapes. Get ready for the twist, as well as seeing Oldboy go
crazy with his hammer. If they ever actually get the U.S. remake of Oldboy made, it's
going to suck so bad. There's just way too many essential parts they would have to
change for American audiences. Oldboy was great, though.

Sympathy For Lady Vengeance - Like Oldboy, Sympathy For Lady Vengeance was
directed by Park Chan-wook, and this is considered part of his "vengeance trilogy"
(along with Sympathy For Mr. Vengeance). When a woman leaves prison, after
serving a sentence for a crime she didn't commit, it's time to mete out revenge against
the real culprits.

Arahan - Arahan is a 2004 action-comedy that was panned by critics, but found an
audience. When the 6 Masters of Tao decide that an inept cop has the Chi to become
an "Arahan" and rule the world, you know that all kinds of wackiness is going to
ensue. You'll either love this one or hate it.

Silmido - Silmido is a South Korean island where, in 1968, a special team of assassins
were trained to assassinate former North Korean dictator, Kim Il-Sung, in retaliation
for North Korea's attempt to assassinate the South Korean president. Based on true
events involving a 31-man team of either criminals or special forces soldiers,
depending on who you talk to, Silmido takes a look a Korea's sordid past.

When it was finished with its run, Silmido was the first South Korean movie to be
viewed by 10 million Koreans in the theater.

The President's Last Bang - Another movie portraying events from South Korea's
sordid past, The President's Last Bang is about the 1979 assassination of the South
Korean President by his friend and Intelligence Director. This would be a
controversial movie anyway, but the story is told as a black comedy, which led to
lawsuits and court rulings. For those interested in Korean history and Korean film
history, you have to see this one.

Chunhyang - If you like period pieces, Chunhyang is the story of a hidden love and
marriage between a nobleman and the daughter of a courtesan in 18th century Korea.
Chunhyang reveals the harsh realities of pre-modern Korean society. When the noble
husband goes away for a time, an official takes interest in the bride, which you know
is going to lead to trouble.

Guns & Talk - After a tearjerker, you might want to watch a comedy. Guns & Talk is a
comedy about four guys who decide to become a team of assassins. When a couple of
detectives get on their case, things get a little crazy. While Guns & Talk has a number
of implausible situations, if you go into the movie with the right attitude, you should
like it. Guns & Talk has a slick visuals, though if you don't like occasional
split-screens, you might take a pass.

Memories of Murder - Yet another Korean movie based on real events is Memories of
Murder, about the serial killer who terrorized South Korea from 1986 to 1991.
Memories of Murder was a hit with both critics and the audience, so expect an artistic
film that holds your attention.

Great South Korean Films

The Korean film industry has begun to make a big impact with East Asian movie
audiences in the past 10 years or so, and Korea's movies are beginning to reach a
wider audience in North America. If you like these 10 South Korean films, keep
searching for good Asian movies and expand your viewing experience.

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