Koozies As Wedding Favors by aihaozhe2


									The purpose for using a koozie is to keep your hand warm while holding a chilled
beer can and also keeping the beer at its chilled mode for long. A koozie can keep a
beverage temperature as it should be at. It maintains chillness of a beverage for about
four hours. Drinking, since beginning of time, is one of most favorite activity
associated with the human life. It is carried on at any occasion be it normal or
resplendent. This is how wedding koozies came in existence because they give
another reason for drinking. And everyone likes to take a glass or a drink in a suitable
temperature. If the beverage loses its temperature, it spoils the mood. A koozie can be
a give away by the company to its customers as a promotional tool for its product or

A wedding koozie is a beer bottle or a can covering with couples name printed on it
and it surely, can make your guests remember your wedding. Materials used in a
wedding koozie can be neoprene, polyester and open cell foam. Since these materials
are bad conductors to heat, they keep the drink at its desired temperature. When
guests leave a party carrying a wedding koozie that bears the wedding vows between
the couple and the location, they now have a true momento. It is often kept as a
souvenir by the guests as a reminder of the good times at wedding party they spent
with their friends and family members. Wedding koozies can be looked for in the
market with your partner where they are available in wide variety of colors, shapes
and designs. You can select your wedding koozie style and emboss or imprint your
favourite slogan with names of the couple.

Embossing or imprinting on a wedding koozie is done easily by many companies that
offer this service. Even an event management company or a hotel can arrange
wedding koozies of your choice. These koozies are so perfect that they can be carried
in purse and are collapsible. Flaunting a koozie is in fashion today because they are
used and liked by a huge number of party goers.

Wedding koozies are very common among those who find a way to enjoy drinks at
any memorable gatherings. It is an occasion where the bride and groom can print their
monogram on their wedding favor. It is a huge hit in themed and wedding parties. You
can find your guest taking sips from their favourite drink with koozie in hands. And
they will remember your party and thank you for this wonderful time that they had.
Get a koozie with your name on it and enjoy your drink flaunting your personality.

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