Kerala Murals Elegant South Indian Artworks by aihaozhe2


									When it comes to the most remarkable type of artwork of the south India then the
name of Kerala Mural comes first. This form of art reflects the Pallavic and the
Dravidian styles of arts, hence the art experts often resemble this form of south
painting with Kalamezhuthu Dravidian style of painting. Now you will find just the
sketchy outlines of this form of painting in the temples, churches and the palaces.

The Indian art experts say that the practice of Kerala Mural was started during the
ninth and tenth century and at those times this form of arts had flourished hugely in
Kerala. In some recent archaeological studies it is found that in the mid-sixteenth
century the Mural painting had its most prolific period.

This form of painting has an intelligent combination of aestheticism and technical
features. Primarily, these paintings are created based on religion. Both Hindu and
Christian religions have always been influenced the Kerala Mural paintings. Various
aspects from both these religions have been used in this type of art and even today
you will find the depictions of several religious beliefs in the temples and churches of

Over the temples of Kerala you will find the images of Hindu Gods and Goddesses,
which were basically produced from the descriptions which were found in the Dhyana
Slokas that were dedicated to the Gods and Goddesses.

In simple words, the Kerala Murals are the perfect ways to know the cultures and arts
of Kerala state. This type of art is open to wide range of styles that denote the
country's traditions and cultures in an efficient manner. The experts say that in this
type of art the proper use of colors matters a lot. As example to decorate churches the
ochre has been used to represent the robe of Christ. On the other side, in Hinduism the
yellow color is used which is related to mysticism and spirituality.

So, now m=you must have understood that how the Kerala Murals are distinguish
from the conventional Indian arts. In the present time with the advancements of
technology, availing this type of artwork has become absolutely hassle-free. Simply
go online, over there you will find hundreds of online art galleries which deal with
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