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					When they are done by a talented artist, tattoos can be works of art. Tattoo sleeves are
becoming more popular, and people are wearing their art proudly.

Sleeve Tattoo Ideas

A tattoo can be placed anywhere where there is skin. The most common place,
traditionally has been the arm. Now, people are taking that one step further.

Sleeve tattoo designs have become the new canvas for many artists. A tattoo sleeve is
an image, or series of images, that covers your entire arm, showing very little bare
skin. The tattoo artist covers every inch with intricate designs, pictures, and patterns.

As a rule, sleeve tattoo designs are found on the arms. Most commonly, there are three
kinds of tattoo sleeves, though variations can occur. The first is a full sleeve, starting
at the shoulder and ending at the wrist. The second is a half sleeve, which goes from
the shoulder to the elbow. Finally, there is a quarter sleeve that starts at the shoulder
and ends at the bicep. Though a sleeve tattoo is most common on the arm, it is not
entirely limited to this application. Sleeve tattoos can be placed on legs, as well. The
only rule is that a sleeve tattoo must wrap around the entire arm or leg.

The most important part of choosing a sleeve tattoo is careful planning. This will be
very time consuming. Placement of images and designs is very important, so you will
need to pay attention to every detail.

You can get anything from a religious tattoo sleeve to a tribal sleeve tattoo. The best
way to start is to look through a sleeve tattoo gallery for ideas. Finding or designing
the best tattoo sleeve design can be difficult, but it will be worth it in the end. A well
thought out sleeve can be a work of art. However, lack of planning will result in a
mess, and a huge disappointment.

One thing that you will definitely have to prepare yourself for is the cost of a sleeve
tattoo. The price will be considerable, and so with the time you will need to put into it.
Tattoo sleeves can take up to, and in excess of twenty hours to complete, depending
on the design. Usually, a tattoo sleeve is done in a series of one-hour sittings. This
means that you will potentially need to go back to the shop over twenty times to
complete the work, and spend thousands of dollars in the process.

Getting a sleeve tattoo will take a great deal of commitment on your part, so make
sure it is what you want before you get started. You will spend a lot of money and
time on this project, especially if you get a full sleeve, so you need to be absolutely
sure. Don't rush your decision, and certainly don't rush the planning process. This will
be permanent, so you need to make sure that your design is carefully planned out
before proceeding. If you have chosen a skilled and talented tattoo artist, they will be
able to help you plan a sleeve tattoo that you will be proud of.

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