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Insanity Dvd Workout Review


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									Insanity is another solid workout system that is offered by Beachbody Fitness. Over
the past several years Beachbody has put together an impressive resume of hardcore
and intense workout programs. P90X, ChaLEAN Extreme and Turbo Jam are just a
few of the widely accepted workout systems that they have to offer. However, out of
all of the programs that Beachbody offers the Insanity workouts stand out amongst its
siblings as the most intense and challenging workout system available to date.

Insanity is a 60-day workout program that was designed and created by fitness expert
Shaun T. If the name sounds familiar it's probably because Shaun is also the creator of
the Hip Hop Abs and Rockin Body workouts. The key to the insanity workouts is in
the way that the program uniquely structures its interval training. Instead of using a
traditional interval training model, Insanity uses a customized version that is called
Max Interval Training. For those not familiar with interval training, it's basically a
workout methodology that consist of short burst of high intensity followed by a longer
periods of rest. The high intensity/ low intensity exercises are cycled throughout the
workout shocking the body into better results.

The Insanity torrent takes the traditional model for interval trainer and turns it around
to where you perform longer durations of the "intense" workouts followed by shorter
durations of "rest". The workouts are made up of three minute segments of high
intensity movements followed only by a 30 second window for rest. As a result the
infomercial promises that you can achieve a year’s worth of results in only 60 days.
Also, unlike some of the other workout programs available, the Insanity workouts do
not require any special equipment or weights to perform the workouts. Instead
Insanity uses your own body weight for the workouts.

Just what do you get with your 10 Insanity Workout DVDs? Let's take a look.

1.) Dig Deeper; FitTest - Shaun T will put you to the test in this first workout. You
will find out what shape you're really in!

2.) Plyometric Cardio Circuit - The athletic movements of an intense lower body
plyometric workout combines with a fat burning cardio session.

3.) Cardio Power and Resistance - In this workout, you'll build lean muscle and
definition in your upper body while increasing your cardiovascular capacity with
some Insanity power moves.

4.) Cardio Recovery - Recovery sounds good, right? In this workout Shaun T eases up
just a bit to let your body prepare for the upcoming challenges. Enjoy!

5.) Pure Cardio and Abs - It's a non-stop cardio workout that gives ample attention to
developing those abdominal muscles.
6.) Cardio Abs - Intervals concentration on developing rock hard abs and increasing
your cardio.

7.) Core Cardio and Balance - You enjoy a break after a month of Insanity workouts.
Get ready to gear up after this easy day!

8.) Max Interval Circuit - Try THIS interval circuit. It will likely be the most intense
interval training you've ever done.

9.) Max Interval Plyo - You'll really be pushing your legs and getting the maximum
athletic ability from them.

10.) Max Cardio Conditioning and Abs - An extreme cardio workout that will push
you to the limit.

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