Indie Vs. Major by aihaozhe2


									At some point in your life it comes to a point when youre going to need to make a
choice on whether to become an Indie or a Major. Both have its pros in cons.

Its not my purpose to tell you which one is better however. I have been signed to an
indie and heavily recruited by Majors. (Def Jam, Bad Boy and Universal) as well as
selling my music out the trunk.

I think it boils down to one thing and thats what are You looking for? If youre looking
for a record deal then a Major may be what you want to shoot for. If youre more of a
take charge of my career myself type of person then a indie route may be the best
thing for you.

Signing with a Major will get you national exposure, and airplay meaning more sales,
But more sales for your label not you. Depending on what type of deal you sign to.
You might sign a deal that only gives you $.60 cents on every album you sale. And
then you wont see a return until you pay back all the money you owe to your label for
promoting Your album. And then you dont even get to keep your own master of Your
own music.

On the other hand its more work promoting yourself as an indie but the rewards are
incredible. For example, using the example above suppose you sale 500,000 copies
with a Major and get $.60 cents for your album which sells for $8.99 So that would
give you $300k and your label gets $4,195,000. Now imagine being with an indie and
selling the same amount of records and keeping $5.00 a copy. That would give you
2.5 Million dollars.

But once again its all going to boil down to what you want as an artist. So many
people spend a good part of their career working to get a deal. Doing shows upon
shows trying to get discovered, when they could be promoting and selling their music
themselves brings the labels to them. Coming to a label as an already established artist
gives you unbelievable bargaining power. Meaning you could be getting $.50 cents a
copy or $5.50 an album.

So I ask you again. What are you looking for?

Until next time....Stay UP-Keep grindin and Good Luck

"Much Success"

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