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									India tour packages come in with great discounts and pledge to ensure the ultimate
satisfaction that a tourist might be willing to have during a tour. Get yourself set to
experience the immense beauty of India through India tour. The India tour packages
that are available range from famous temple towns of South India to the pilgrimage
places. Wildlife and other adventure spots are also a greeting to the eye, at affordable

Some of the famous India tour packages include visit to Keoladeo Ghana Bird
Sanctuary; Hindu, Muslim and Buddhist shrines and other places that are of a pilgrims
delight; backwaters and the Ayurveda centres of Kerala; beaches of Goa; Ajanta and
Ellora caves; camel safaris in the golden sand of the Thar Desert and an awe-inspiring
tour around the largest state of India - Rajasthan through the Rajasthan tours. Some of
the tour packages also provide health tours as well as cave tours along with other
amazing surprises. The coastline of the country holds a lot of opportunity for holiday
seekers. The special packages that take the tourists to the coastlines of India, greet
them with the best of tropical beaches in the world. Tours from Gujarat to the Islands
of Andaman and Lakshadweep are enthralling and rejuvenating. The unity and the
diversity of the various cultures that exist in the land add fervour to the beauty of the
beaches. While there are some beaches that provide the right environment for lovers,
there are others that are located right in the middle of the city and are great picnic
spots for children as well as adults or families. Some of the beaches that have been
great picnic destinations for years have today, evolved into beach resorts that
specialize in providing amazing accommodations ranging from budget to luxury.

The Kerala tour packages come with an added advantage: Ayurveda tours. These tours
give complete relaxation to both the mind as well as body: exactly what most of us
desperately look for while touring. The Ayurveda tours include ayurveda centres that
provide a blend of rejuvenation and relaxation through massage therapies along with
treatments that are capable of tackling issues of fatigue, dull skin and weight
management. The Golden triangle tour packages come with amazing discount features
and comfortable travel. Though it primarily covers only three states, it serves the right
purpose when it comes to providing a complete picture of the cultural diversity and
rich heritage of India. It brings to the tourists, some of the most vibrant and premium
museums that display antiques that are of great pride and honour to India. The three
cities are a mixture of both the old as well as the new. Therefore, they appeal to all
kinds of people; irrespective of whether they are traditional or modern in their outlook.
Experience the true essence of staying in some of the most beautiful places in India
through the amazing India tour packages.

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