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									The film ending the people scattered. On the way home, I sat in the bus. Outside the
window, the blue sky foiled by bright white light.Scene: a women dressed in a black
dressing, , her dark eyes staring at the COBB,
deeply calls her lover with her back to the place that One doesn't know where it is ,
but can reach.

 Maybe, when the clock ticking, when ethereal song rang again, when they meet
again in another dream, and then falling in love. MEL was really confused dreams and
reality? No, she is just love COBB too much. Just like women is so love the louboutin
shoes, and can give up everything for the love. She pursue the perfect loversworld, a
pure Eden. She want to just staying there forever, the only two people of the world.
Hand in hand to the old.

 So beautiful things always make people envy, like annoying Manolo Blahnik Shoes.
Because too beautiful dreams, MEL refused to wake up. Hence, beautiful love finally
ending with luxuriant death.

 COBB backed to the United States, backed to reality, returned to the fashion world
are full of Chanel, returned to the house that has his wife and children. They warm
smile and WELCOME BACK TO US bring home feeling.
Originally, everything just COBBs wishes. After thousands of lines in suffering
thousands of difficulties ,COBB get a warm and beautiful dream. Reality, it is not so
important. Therefore, in dreams, please cherish those happiness, in reality, to pursue

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