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Stop dragging an arsenal of cleaning products and rags around your home. With The SteamRunner¿
you get reliable steam power at your fingertips in a lightweight, portable design. Clean and sanitize
anywhere around your home, both inside and out, with the strength of REALSTEAM¿. Ready to use
in minutes, this handheld steam cleaner has a 10 oz. water capacity that lasts for 12 minutes of
continuous steaming. Stains, grease, grime and odors are eliminated from your kitchen, bathroom,
living room or any room, with 900 watts of strong, penetrating steam. The ergonomic design and
easy-to-reach steam trigger make going from room to room a snap, and storage convenient. The
steam ready light tells you when The SteamRunner¿ is set to go, so grab it, and steam it, in no time.

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