Ideas About Making A Halloween Collage Art

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					Collage art is technique in art that includes cutting and pasting natural or processed
materials to a painted or unpainted work surface. It is primarily in the visual arts,
created from an assemblage of different kinds put together to create a different whole
art. A collage can include newspapers clippings, ribbons, pieces of tinted or
hand-made papers, parts of other artworks, photos together with other found materials
that are clued to a piece of paper, construction paper or canvas.

Making collage art helps you change common elements like paper and found objects
into a work of art. Since it is the month of October it is suitable to create a Halloween
collage art, it's particularly enjoyable to create because you can easily establish a
feeling of spookiness or humor with old-fashioned Halloween cards, cutout words,
and altered images.

Listed here are suggestions on how to start a Halloween collage art:

First be inspired by looking at the Internet to get ideas for Halloween collage art.
There are a lot of images online with vibrant images with ghosts, pumpkins and
witches. If you're creating a collage art with small children it would be advisable to
view the pictures to make sure the images to be kid safe.

Second buy some card stock that has a Halloween, autumn, or spooky concept. Use it
as the backdrop, or color a canvas stretcher board dark or midnight blue. You can also
make it more artistic by having your own or the kids drawing on the collage art. It'll
give a hint of your individuality.

Third is look for pictures again you could find various online. Several art collage
designers use Victorian photos, but you may use family pictures or cutouts from
magazines and books. Good sources for pictures are thrift stores and yard sales. Some
graphic artists advertise collage sheets for download and printed out or delivered in
the mail. Images from Halloween greeting cards are also available in this format.

Forth attach the background to a support with clear tacky glue or a glue stick. Any
kind of flat, solid surface that will not twist is appropriate. Use a board, a canvas
stretcher, a paper mache or wood plaque, a playing card, or even a tag. You can also
produce a shadow box through an empty candy jar or shallow box.

Fifth cut out photos. Cut witch hats from black paper, designed paper, or newsprint.
Stick photo to the background and affix the witch hat. Clip words and phrases with a
Halloween or spooky theme from worn out textbooks or magazines. Insert them to the

Sixth add some extra in your collage art, such as cut outs from vintage or
contemporary Halloween greeting cards, worn out jewelry and buttons, scrabble tiles,
container caps with words stamped on them, fibers, and beads. Use chalks,
watercolors, distressing inks or rubber stamps to focus on or add more features. Be as
creative as you could be.

Seventh punch holes in the item and fix wire to hold it or maybe you may tape the
Halloween collage art on the wall.

Collage art is really a fun pastime for you and your whole family members
particularly if have small ones having wild imagination or creativity. It's actually an
art that you can preserve and show them when they grow older.

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