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There is nothing more enjoyable than waking up to freshly brewed coffee! The Automatic Grind & Brew
Coffeemaker grinds whole beans, and brews the freshest, most flavorful coffee possible. It's so smart
that it knows exactly how much water to use to extract all of the flavor and none of the bitterness. All
you need to do to get coffee bar flavored coffee at home is add the whole beans and water. Features
include an adjustable auto shutoff, adjustable keep-warm thermostat, BrewPause feature and gold
tone filter.
  Adjustable keep-warm temperature control with display Adjustable auto shutoff 0-4 hours 1 to
4-cup feature Time-to-clean indicator Grind-off function Measuring scoop #4 paper filter starter
kit Instruction book Limited 3-year warranty
For coffee that's as fresh as the neighborhood coffee shop, but served at home, try Cuisinart's
Automatic Grind and Brew coffeemaker. It makes it easy to enjoy fresh coffee with the utmost
convenience--ground whole-bean coffee pours directly into the filter basket at a pre-set time for instant
brewing. The maker does all the thinking, with a range of programmable features: set the machine to
grind and brew at exactly the right time, predetermine the coffee's temperature, and program the
machine to turn off a half-hour later.Other features take the guess work out of coffeemaking as well:
the flavor setting ensures the optimal amount of water is used for a rich, aromatic taste and no acidity
or bitterness, and the large easy-view water window makes sure the right amount of water is added.
The gold-tone permanent filter also enhances coffee flavor for a hardy, rich taste. A self-clean feature
lets you know when calcium buildup is interfering with the machine's operation; turn on the self-clean
cycle to make quick work of grime. Daily cleaning of the machine is somewhat involved since all
individual parts must be removed, so prepare for slightly longer clean up in exchange for time-saving
upfront.Two additional caveats: The grinder is noisy, as most grinders are, and cannot be turned off
midgrind. And the coffee bar is taller than average coffee machines, so make sure you have a spot for
it with plenty of below cupboard space. --Emily Wolf
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