How To Throw Bachelor Parties

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					If you are the best man, then you know that one of your responsibilities is to be able
to organize bachelor parties that will mark the end of the single life. if this is your first
time to throw one and dont have an idea on where to start, well here is a step by step
plan on how to throw bachelor parties.
          Contact all your available male friends

Invite all the available male friends of the groom. A party is not a party if its just the
groom to be and eh best man on the house. If thats the case, you might as well have a
dinner date with the groom to be. Make sure that you get to invite common friends so
that the groom to be would not be surprised who is he sitting next with.
           Get a place

Bachelor parties can turn to a loud party so you might want to book a place where its
ok to be noisy and rowdy. You might want to get a place that is not easily accessible
for the bride to be to avoid having the ladies busting in while the good old boys are
having fun.
          Prepare your camera

Before the party, you might want to have a camera handy and document the party.
This is also one good gift that you could give to the groom to be. They would want to
remember that fun night and there is no better way than to have a camera handy to
make the memories last forever.
           Contact a caterer

If you are not into cooking then it is a good idea to contact a caterer weeks before the
party. Make sure that you have enough food for everybody and enough munchies to
keep the party going. Just because the party is all guys does not mean that you have to
settle for junk foods and the likes, make sure that you have a sumptuous food and for
sure you can never go wrong.
            Dont forget the booze

Have you ever heard of bachelor parties without booze? Make sure you have beers in
the chiller and stack up with ice and several bottles and cans of beers. This is one
party that men are allowed to get wasted and have fun all through the night. You dont
want the party to end fat because you run out of booze.
           Hire the services of female strippers

Bachelor parties are never complete without female strippers. In fact, they are the
light of the party and the much awaited guest of honor. You can even have them play
out the groom to be fantasy and come with costume. If you can afford it, hire more
than one stripper and for sure, it will be double or triple the fun. You can book some
strippers online if you are too shy to scout around for one.

Follow these simple steps and for sure, you can make the party a success.