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The Gaggia Evolution has new sleek lines. The housing may be revolutionary but we can thank Gaggia
for not messing with a good thing as they kept the internal components the same. The high wattage
dual heating element boiler has about the quickest heat up time in the industry. The 55watt pump has
power to spare, and is mounted on vibration resistant rubber mounts. The Gaggia home espresso
machines where designed to fit into both the perfectionist and the, Get it and go type of lifestyles. The
Evolution has a commercial style filter basket for the person who wants to perfect their technique, and
the unique Perfect Crema Device for those who want it quick and simple. The reservoir is easy to fill.
Slide it to the left and poor the water in. You dont have to remove it from the machine. Gaggia has
been tested and approved for use with the world famous Illy pods. The controls are simple and have all
the necessary temperature ready lights. Use this machine to its fullest, and each cup will be creamy,
tasty, robust, and rich with flavor. This includes two stainless steel filter baskets (one and two shot),
coffee tamper, and 7g measuring scoop.

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