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									How to Make Money Doing What You Love To Do

One great thing about the internet is that you can make money with your passion. The chances are if
you have an interest in something, there are a lot of other people interested in the same thing. Think
about what where you spend your money and the magazine subscriptions that you have.

That is a sign that there is money being made in that market, and it might be a good choice for you to
start an online business with since it an area of familiarity and/or interest. The next step is to research
the marketplace online.

There are tons of tools and methods that you can use to do market research online. Since Google has
the largest search engine, it is easiest to start with a free keyword research tool that they offer. This is
called the Google Adwords Keyword Tool.

Search for a word or phrase that describes your area of interest. The tool will then pull up a list of
relevant words that people type in a search engine when looking for that topic. These are called

It will also show you the average amount of times per month people search for each keyword. Choose a
keyword between 5,000 and 100,000 global monthly searches that most closely match your area of

For instance when I searched for “games”, there were over 277,000,000 average global monthly
searches. That category is much too broad and generic.

When I looked at the list I saw that funbrain games had 49,500 searches. If you are crazy about funbrain
games this would be a much better topic for you to create a blog about.

You can also narrow down your niche market by searching for more specific terms like “board games” or
“video games”.

When you choose a word or phrase, this should be the primary keyword for your blog. Use it in the title
and sub title of your blog if possible.

You can use the other keywords with fewer searches under the same topic for individual blog posts. This
should also give you some ideas to create content for your blog.

Jeremiah Carstarphen, The Cartoon Coach

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