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									                     Project Status Report - 3/11/2010

           Project                 ID                Description              Start     Finish

Auth: Re-engineer Initial                  Auth: Re-engineer Initial
Credentialing Process        PRJ-002220    Credentialing Process               3/5/09   3/22/10

                                           Upgrade Blackboard to the
Blackboard 9 Upgrade         PRJ-003097    most current version 9.             2/8/10    2/1/11

                                           Coordinate with UB Business
Business & Facilities Data                 and UB Facilities to consolidate
Center Consolidation         PRJ-002337    servers into CIT data centers.      4/6/09   5/31/10

                                           Distributed Antenna System to
Cellular Reinforcement                     boost cell phone signal on North
System (formerly Next G)     PRJ-001422    campus.                             7/7/05   2/11/11
                                           CIBER/UB Student Services
                                           Transformation Implementation
CIBER SST Implementation     PRJ-001922    project                            1/13/08 12/30/12
                                           Remediate transmission of
Cleartext password                         cleartext passwords for ftp on
remediation: ftp on ubunix   PRJ-002236    ubunix.                            9/29/08    3/4/10

Cleartext password                         Address cleartext password
remediation: Mainframe                     transmission for HOD/FTP on
HOD and FTP                  PRJ-002235    the mainframe                      9/29/08   6/30/10

Cleartext password                         Convert to secure password
remediation:                               authentication on services
Openport/Wireless/Resnet/N                 currently using cleartext
etpass                     PRJ-001988      methods.                            9/8/08   9/30/10
                                         Remedy #35565 Develop a
                                         power survivability plan for
Critical Sites Power        PRJ-002257   network infrastructure.            4/4/07    1/1/20

                                         Remedy #43957 Repair/replace
Crosby/Hayes Building                    Crosby & Hayes MEP
Rehabs                      PRJ-002250   infrastructure                    5/29/08    7/1/12

Elimination of the use of                Elimination of the use of clear
clear text passwords        PRJ-002486   text passwords                     7/7/06    7/7/10

                                         Remedy #37460 New South
Ellicott New Dormitory      PRJ-001426   Ellicott housing facility          8/8/07   10/1/11

                                         Remedy #44108 New
                                         Educational Opportunity Center
EOC Building                PRJ-002253   building adjacent to M.Wile.       4/4/08    7/1/12

                                         Remedy #44468 Farber 3rd and
                                         4th floor, complete rehab.
                                         Addition of the new Behling
Farber 3rd & 4th Floor                   Simulation Center on the 4th
Renovation                  PRJ-002260   floor.                            4/15/08    7/1/11

                                         Remedy #44580 Building to be
GHVI/CTRC/Urban                          shared by UB and Kaleida
Technology Incubator        PRJ-002261   Health.                            4/4/08    7/1/12
                                         Remedy #30965 Rehab of
                                         existing building, will contain
Kapoor (Acheson) Hall                    School of Pharmacy and
Rehab                      PRJ-001424    Pharmaceutical Sciences.           7/7/05   10/1/12

                                         Upgrade Facilities Asset
                                         Management System from
Maximo 7 Upgrade           PRJ-003079    Maximo 5.2 to Maximo 7.1           1/4/10 12/26/10

                                         Pre May 2009 – 1998 Alumni,
                                         wishing to opt-in will be
                                         transitioned to Google's hosted
                                         email service. Alumni will
                                         automatically receive a Google
                                         mail account and
Messaging: Gmail for Alumni              address. Project will be
Phase II                    PRJ-002981   deployed in a phased manner.       3/1/10   5/14/10

                                         ITST program to consolidate
Messaging: ITST Exchange                 campus exchange servers into
Consolidation Program      PRJ-003056    a single infrastructure.           7/1/08   2/26/10

                                         Migrate several servers from
                                         9585 or 9960 storage to newer
                                         HA storage 9990. Involves
Migrate HA storage from                  mounting new storage, copying
9585 or 9960 to 9990       PRJ-002044    data and removing old storage.    4/15/09    3/8/10

                                         Remedy #39376 Upgrade of
NYPA Phase I (South)                     South Campus emergency
Campus Emergency                         systems, including blue-light
Systems Upgrade            PRJ-002258    phones                            12/4/07    3/5/10
                                          Remedy #44578 Upgrade of
NYPA Phase II (North)                     North Campus Lighting &
Emergency Systems                         Emergency Phones NYPA
Upgrade                      PRJ-002249   project                          10/30/08 10/31/10

Rehab of University Data                  Rehab of Computing Center
Center (Space, Power, AC)    PRJ-002418   Data Center (Space, Power, AC)     7/1/09 12/31/12

                                          Remedy #38345 A New SEAS
                                          building on North Campus, will
SEAS Engineering Building    PRJ-001425   house CSE, EE, Dean's Office.     9/21/07   10/1/11
                                          Batch Scheduling Interface for
SST: Batch Scheduling                     Student Services
Interface                    PRJ-002040   Transformation project.           12/3/09   7/22/10
SST: Campus Solutions                     Bundle Application Strategy
Bundle 14, 15 & 16           PRJ-003081   plan for Campus Solutions         1/19/10    6/2/10
                                          SST: UB/CIBER Graduate
SST: Graduate Encoding for                Encoding for Academic
Academic Advising (AA)     PRJ-003009     Advising (AA)                    10/29/09   8/13/13

                                          Hardware Installation and
SST: Hardware Installation                Configuration by EIS for Student
and Configuration            PRJ-002139   Services Transformation project. 12/1/08 12/30/11
                                          PeopleSoft Data Management
SST: IBM Optim                            Tools for Student Services
Implementation               PRJ-002043   Transformation Project.          11/18/08  1/8/10
                                          Image Now Implementation
                                          related to Student Services
                                          Transformation project.
SST: Implementation of                    Document scanning for
ImageNow                     PRJ-001924   Financial Aid                    11/19/08 3/15/10
                                          Student Services
                                          (SST)Implementation Program -
SST Implementation                        includes multiple SST*
Program                      PRJ-001928   subprojects                          1/1/07 12/28/12
                                          iStrategy Implementation
SST: iStrategy                            related to Student Services
Implementation               PRJ-001923   Transformation project.              7/7/08   9/26/12

                                          Load Testing for Student
SST: Load Testing            PRJ-002041   Services Transformation Project.    12/8/09    8/1/10

                                          Nelnet Implementation. Phase
                                          1 replace UB ePay. Phase 2
                                          integrate this with the Student
SST: Nelnet Implementation   PRJ-001925   Services Transformation project.    12/3/08   4/27/11
                                          Address Validation third party
                                          software implementation related
SST: PeopleSoft Address                   to Student Services
Validation                   PRJ-002576   Transformation project.              6/8/09 12/30/11
                                          SST sub-project with tasks
                                          related to PeopleSoft Go Live
                                          #2 scheduled for August 4,
SST: PeopleSoft Go Live #2   PRJ-003114   2010 (Milestone 10)                 2/26/10 12/31/10
                                          CIBER/UB Student Services
                                          Transformation Implementation
SST: PeopleSoft                           project - post database problem
Implementation               PRJ-003112   of 2/18/10                          1/13/08   7/18/14
SST: PeopleTools 8.5
Upgrade                      PRJ-003095   SST: PeopleTools 8.5 Upgrade        2/10/10    6/1/10
                                          Student Services
                                          Transformation (SST) Portal
SST: Portal                  PRJ-003072   work.                              12/21/09    5/4/11

                                          Application Change
                                          Management for the Student
                                          Services Transformation
                                          Project. Design, document and
                                          implement a patching process
                                          for regularly scheduled and
                                          adhoc patches and upgrades to
                                          the PeopleSoft Environment.
                                          This process will include
SST: Quest Stat                           new/modified components by
Implementation               PRJ-001982   UB.                                 8/11/08   3/28/10
SST: RMS Integration with                 SST: RMS Integration with
Campus Solutions             PRJ-002912   Campus Solutions                     1/4/10 12/31/10
                                          Upgrade R25 before installing
                                          the PeopleSoft SIS R25
                                          Interface. Optional: Install R25
SST: R25 Upgrade             PRJ-002150   web viewer                           2/2/09   9/28/10
SST: Shibboleth for Self                    SST: Shibboleth for Self Service
Service                        PRJ-003083   by EIS                              1/20/10 12/30/11

                                            Shibboleth Proof of Concept by
SST: Shibboleth POC            PRJ-003082   EIS                                12/22/09 12/30/11

SUNY IR System Redesign        PRJ-000921   SUNY IR System Redesign              7/7/05    7/3/10

Systems Monitoring &                        Implementation of a "monitor of
Management                     PRJ-001287   monitors" for CIT systems.           4/2/07   3/19/10

Technology Classroom                        Upgrade locations to a full
Upgrades                       PRJ-002965   techology classroom.                 7/1/07   9/29/10

Test Project (please ignore)   PRJ-003109   Test CIBER project                  2/19/10   2/19/10
                                            Develop a complete strategy
                                            and implementation plan for
                                            aggregating and integrating the
                                            various sources of Campus
UB Strategic Information                    strategic, managerial and
Reporting Initiative (SIRI)    PRJ-002000   operational information.            3/27/06    2/6/17
                                            Departmental migration to
                                            central AD authentication
                                            infrastructure. Opportunity:
                                            Leverage central infrastructure,
UBAD migration: School of                   standardization with UBIT
Social Work                    PRJ-002174   namespace.                           6/8/09    3/8/10
UBMicro Business Systems
Replacement                    PRJ-001362   Replace Wang Legacy System           7/1/07   6/30/11

                                            Upgrade of the network
UB10G                          PRJ-002222   backbone                            1/11/09   6/30/10

                                            Implement central patch
                                            management, firewall, and
UB2020 Patch Management                     antivirus facilities for the
/ SAV / SCF Implementation PRJ-002031       campus.                             1/11/07   6/30/10
UB2020 Patch Management
consolidation Phase II  PRJ-002180    Implement HFNetchk                   2/2/09 10/29/10

                                      The pilot implementation of the
UB2020 Shared Service                 shared service desk, using CIT,
Desk Implementation      PRJ-002070   Social Work, and Management.        12/5/08   8/30/10

UB2020 Unix Email                     Mail consolidations for SENS,
Consolidation            PRJ-001920   CASET, and CSE                       7/1/08    7/1/10

VOIP                     PRJ-001193                                       1/24/07 12/31/10

                                      This initiative proposes to
                                      combine the expertise of CIT,
                                      Creative Services and SMBS to
                                      demonstrate effective best
                                      practices in web
                                      communications through
                                      creating a UB branded identity
                                      that is easily navigable,
                                      accessible, in alignment with the
                                      needs of the tenant
                                      organization, has consistently
                                      applied standards and accurate
                                      well presented content that is
                                      managed and easily updated
                                      through a web content
Web Content Initiative   PRJ-001623   management system.                  3/10/08 11/10/10
                                         Remedy #38720 Renovate
                                         Wende Hall for School of
                                         Nursing and Beck Hall for the
Wende/Beck Hall Rehab     PRJ-002248     SON Dean's Office.              10/15/07   2/26/10
Wireless                  PRJ-001192                                      1/24/07   6/30/13

                                         Project/Service to create and
                                         maintain a UB Standard
                                         Software immage for Dell
                                         COmputers purcheased through
X Image (workstation image) PRJ-001620   the UB2020 program at UBMicro     2/1/08    3/5/10
      Manager           Project Staffing Status
                      Stage                Status      Status Indicator
                                                       Value      Color

Latvis, Jody        Execution Staffed    Approved Yellow (Yellow): Yellow

Landel, Ann Marie   Planning    Unstaffed Approved Green (Green): Green

Deakin, Daniel      Planning             Approved Green (Green): Green

Casciano, Anthony   Execution            Approved Green (Green): Green

Hackney, Shane                             Approved Green (Green): Green
                    Execution Partially Staffed

Hasnain, Saira      Planning             Approved Yellow (Yellow): Yellow

Hasnain, Saira      Execution            Approved Yellow (Yellow): Yellow

Hasnain, Saira                             Approved Yellow (Yellow): Yellow
                    Execution Partially Staffed
Evans, Leslie       Execution   Approved Green (Green): Green

Evans, Leslie       Planning    Approved Green (Green): Green

Gladkowski, Bethany Execution   Approved Yellow (Yellow): Yellow

Evans, Leslie       Planning    Approved Green (Green): Green

Evans, Leslie       Planning    Approved Green (Green): Green

Evans, Leslie       Planning    Approved Green (Green): Green

Evans, Leslie       Planning    Approved Green (Green): Green
Evans, Leslie    Execution    Approved Green (Green): Green

Diem, Robert     Initiation   Approved Green (Green): Green

Arieno, Sharon   Planning     Approved Green (Green): Green

Arieno, Sharon   Execution    Approved Yellow (Yellow): Yellow

Heist, Steven    Initiation   Approved Green (Green): Green

Evans, Leslie    Closure      Approved Yellow (Yellow): Yellow
Evans, Leslie         Planning                Approved Green (Green): Green

Pautler, Joseph       Planning                  Approved Yellow (Yellow): Yellow
                                   Partially Staffed

Evans, Leslie         Planning                Approved Green (Green): Green

Candlena, Christina   Planning                  Approved Green (Green): Green
                                   Partially Staffed

Candlena, Christina   Execution Staffed       Approved Green (Green): Green

Hackney, Shane        Execution               Approved Green (Green): Green

Heist, Steven         Execution               Approved Green (Green): Green

Papaj, Richard        Initiation   Unstaffed Approved White (Default Bucket)

Candlena, Christina   Closure      Staffed    Approved Green (Green): Green
Muniak, Margery                              Approved Green (Green): Green
                      Execution Partially Staffed

Candlena, Christina   Planning                  Approved Green (Green): Green
                                   Partially Staffed

Gilhooley, Dennis     Initiation   Unstaffed Approved White (Default Bucket)

Beltrami, John        Execution Staffed      Approved Green (Green): Green

Brennan, Michael      Execution Unstaffed Approved Green (Green): Green

Hackney, Shane        Execution              Approved Green (Green): Green

Hackney, Shane                               Approved Green (Green): Green
                      Execution Partially Staffed

Candlena, Christina   Planning     Unstaffed Approved Green (Green): Green

Wright, Robert        Execution              Approved Green (Green): Green

Candlena, Christina   Execution Staffed      Approved Green (Green): Green

Woodward, Steven                   U
                      Pre-Initiation nstaffed Approved White (Default Bucket)

Brennan, Michael                             Approved Green (Green): Green
                      Execution Partially Staffed
Arieno, Sharon        Planning             Approved White (Default Bucket)

Arieno, Sharon        Execution            Approved Green (Green): Green

Sheehan, Gregory      Execution Staffed    Approved Green (Green): Green

Dennis, Patricia      Execution            Approved Green (Green): Green

Nolte, Gregory        Execution Staffed    Approved Green (Green): Green

Sheehan, Gregory                             Approved Green (Green): Green
                      Execution Partially Staffed

Candlena, Christina                          Approved Yellow (Yellow): Yellow
                      Execution Partially Staffed

Arieno, Sharon        Planning             Approved Yellow (Yellow): Yellow

Volpe, Raymond                               Approved Green (Green): Green
                      Execution Partially Staffed

Bucklaew, Jerry       Planning             Approved Green (Green): Green

Parisi, Phyllis       Execution            Approved Green (Green): Green
Parisi, Phyllis      Initiation   Approved Green (Green): Green

Stock, Matthew       Execution    Approved Green (Green): Green

Gladkowski, Bethany Execution     Approved Yellow (Yellow): Yellow

Vasbinder, Barbara   Execution    Approved Green (Green): Green

Beardslee, Bradley   Execution    Approved Green (Green): Green
Evans, Leslie     Execution   Approved Green (Green): Green
Bucklaew, Jerry   Execution   Approved Green (Green): Green

Deakin, Daniel    Execution   Approved Green (Green): Green
                  Status Comment

2/12/10 - Project is in final phase and is on schedule
to launch March 1. Communications will be sent to
campus next week. Project support plan is being

2/11/10 - Initial meeting with project sponsor and
UBlearns SME. Working on developing project plan.

OSS plan proposal complete. OSS is currently in
process to modify the network infrastructure in the
Norton Machine Room to allow the required
UBB/Facilities and Provost server networks to be
trunked into the Virtual Server Infrastructure. Once
OSS work is complete and the installation of the
necessary swith hardware is done. Hopefully early
February. EIS SPS support team has begun
discussions with Admin Computing on the transfer of
Application support for the servers being migrated.
Many server/service relocations also dependent on
having Oracle & MY SQL Hosting Service avaialable.
Continuing pre-migration prep work on appox 100
servers and bbuildout of VMware Infrastructure.
(2-12-10) VZ Wireless proposed a cell signal
coverage design for Ellicott Complex and Governors
Hall to bescalable to include other sites as needed.
CIO office is reviewing.
Currently finalizing resourcing for August 2010 Go-
Live. Website:
2/16/10 95% complete. FTP removal has been put on
hold due to issues with Athletics TASftp application.
IT staff are troubleshooting.
MF FTP - 25% complete (No Change). ACS is testing
jobs to ubunix. Resources are constrained by SST
commitments. Currently negotiating with Client
Technologies regarding secure ftp to a provost
server. Completed initial assessment. Most data can
be removed. At issue is whether the secure ftp
software should be installed or should the host be
2/16/10. UB Secure Phase II: 35% complete. Logon
metrics were completed by OSS. Project is waiting on
policy decision by CIT directors for opening MS ports
on wireless firewalls. Webauth - 30% complete.
Awaiting feedback on plugin needed by med school
handhelds to be compliant.
2/12/10: A 60% design review meeting occurred Feb.
5. FP&D presented 60% drawings and outlined a few
changes. Final North and South Campus walk-
throughs are scheduled March 3-4. A 90% review
meeting will be scheduled to occur after this in mid-

2/12/10: This project is still in Schematic Design
Phase. The presentation of Schematic Design
(scope and cost) is pending and from there the SOA
will need to decide exactly what they'd like included
into the scope of the project. FP&D is uncertain at this
time as to when the Design Manual phase will begin.

2/16/10 Webauth (netpass) - 30% UB_Secure
Phase II - 35% MF FTP - 25% UBUnix FTP -
95% UB UNIX Remote access service - deferred
IMSP/IMAP/POP - resourced for Spring. Usenet
News - 100% MF HOD - 100% Infosource - 100%
(already secure) UBUnix telnet - 100% Remedy -
100% (no option available)

2/12/10: This project is still in the early construction
phase (foundation work). The current CIT timeline is
as follows:May 2010 CIT bid goes out.July 2010 CIT
bids accepted.August 2010 bid selection.
2/12/10: The project is in the Construction Docs
phase. The pre-bid final submittals were received in
early Jan. Pre-bid meetings took place Feb. 8-9. CIT
has reviewed the submittals and provided comments.
This project is expected to go to bid in March and
begin contruction in May/June '10.
2/12/10: The bid openings were Dec. 1. The architect
has concerns about the low bid contractor so
additional review was necessary. It's unknown now
when the contract will be awarded and when
construction will begin. However, OSS is in the
process of removing communications gear from the
3rd & 4th floor communications rooms in advance of
demolition that will begin once the contract is
2/12/10: Monthly fit-out meetings with the CTRC
subcommittees are taking place. CIT is working on
preliminary FF&E Cost Estimates for communications
and A/V. Bi-monthly Electrical meetings for Design
Fit-Out have also been scheduled to occur at
Cannon's office on Grand Island or via conference
call. FP&D requested CIT presence at these
1/26/10: The Construction Phase is still in progress.
OSS will attend bi-weekly construction meetings, as
needed, to remain current with the overall schedule
and requirements of planned IT work. FP&D does not
expect that IT involvment is needed until
Spring/Summer 2010.

5Mar10 - installation of Maximo 6.2 and 7.1 test
environments in progress. Meeting with EIS for
Maximo Infrastructure planning scheduled for 8Mar10.

2/12/10 Currently working on the last departmental
migration (Athletics) to the central Exchange 2007
infrastructure. Next steps: Exchange team is
finalizing mailbox auto-provisioning process and
Athletics is currently developing the mailbox migration
schedule. Pilot start date yet to be determined per
2/12/10: Storage migrations from the central email
and imap-s storage to the 9990 as well as migration
of the datawarehouse storage to the 9999 and the
migration of the administrative transaction DB
(txprod) to the consolidated Oracle DB environment
has been completed. Migration of the UB Business
service from the 9960 has been completed as well.
Planning efforts are underway to migrate the
development administrative transaction database
from the 9585 to the 9990.

2/12/10: This project is still in the close-out phase.
Endurance testing on the ZPS units and exterior
cameras took place Feb. 2, and was successful. That
equipment is now in the 30-day trouble-free period.
Video storage (servers) is also being monitored for
the same 30-day time period. At the successful
completion of the 30 days, the servers, zps units and
exterior cameras will be turned over to the University
and the 1st year maintenance contract will begin.
02/12/10: The 90% Design specs were received and
reviewed by OSS & EIS. Comments regarding the
specs were submitted back to FP&D on Feb. 12. Pre-
bid meetings are scheduled to occur Feb. 23 and 24.
Bid acceptance will be on March 9. Construction
phase is expected to begin April/May '10.

3/10/2010: * Bi-weekly meetings between Operational
Support Services (OSS), Enterprise Infrastructure
Systems (EIS), and Facilities Planning & Design
(FP&D) continue. * We are working to receive
approval from the UB Planning Board so that FP&D
can send the PRF (Project Request From) to Albany
for funding allocation. * In parallel we are working on
our plan to relocate all of our services to Norton Hall
so that we can empty the Computing Center machine
room for the eventual rehab.

01/26/10: Core & Shell work is still in progress at the
site. The Bid Package 2 contract was awarded to LP
Ciminelli. Construction work for Bid Package 2 will
begin in April 2010. The creation of the FF&E
package is in progress. OSS and ITSS/AV are
having meetings to discuss FF&E with FP&D and the
School of Engineering IT node support team.

Discussing Roles and Responsibilities within CIO
organization. Finalizing SOW with Vendor and UB
Bundles 14 - 16 have been applied in DMO, SYS and


2/12/10: All Peoplesoft hardware setup is completed.
The ImageNow environments are completed. Stat
has been upgraded to the current version 5.5.2 and
being tested by ACS. The current Peoplesoft patch
bundles14,15 have been applied to 3 environments
and work will continue on the remaining environments
after the Feb. GoLive.

Completed. Moving to closure phase.
03/04/10: Program indicates 31.03% complete overall

Working with Admissions team to complete the
IStrategy decision matrix

Purchase of additional load client licenses moving
ahead. Need 5 virtual machines for full roll out.

Phase 1 - UB ePay configuration to utilize Nelnet has
been completed. Design and planning for phases 2
and 3 underway.


Currently finalizing resourcing for August 2010 Go-
Live. Website:
Creating Project Plan and reviewing environment pre-

Working on issues with vendor to complete the
testing of the upgrade and building the workflow for
the PS production machines

Installation of R25 has been completed in DSC and
TST. Initial configuration, setup and testing of the
functionality underway.
Waiting for Shib POC project to be completed prior
to rolling through remaining environments.

2/12/10 - EIS has completed the initial configuration
of a POC with Shibboleth enabled. The CS90DSC
environment is configured with both LDAP and
Shibboleth in preparation for ACS to test.

3/1/2010: Next wave of allocations will be applied in
March. The target is an August 2010 go-live using
data from our legacy system. Unfortunately, federal
regulations that Albany has to comply with prevent us
from being able to wait until PeopleSoft is live in order
to go-live with SUNYIR.
2/17/10: Use & Maintenance agreement drafted,
pending director approval. Operator training to be

2/15/10: Review of 90% drawings complete, budget
approved, completing quote process with purchasing.
 Expect to begin ordering equipment wk of 2/22/10.
Currently finalizing resourcing for August 2010 Go-
Live. Website:

Currently working on deliverables involved in the
delivery of Resource Management schedules to the

2/12/10 The School of Social Work has placed the
UB AD migration project on hold per the Dean of
Social Work.

3/05/10: Downtown campus is complete. South
campus is complete. North Campus complete except
for CC. Expected completion date 4/15/10.
2/16/2010 Backend infrastructure is 100% complete
for WSUS. Migration of departments is 20%
complete. The following are the number of
workstations being patched via WSUS: ACS - 85
Arch - 268
   Caset – 1
Mgmt - 28
Business - 274

Facilities - 224 USS-IT - 624 SPS - 790
2/16/2010 Total = 2294
2/16/2010 In investigation stage. 5% complete.
Vendor does not offer scalable solution for enterprise
deployment at UB. Investigating VM options.
Have contacted Shavlik and staff participated in con
call about product capabilities. Vendor brought up
that a singleconsolidated environment with distributed
administration where multiple people would access
the database at the same time would cause
corruption issues. Investigating deployment models
that deal with campus needs and product capabilities.
Progress: 55%. EIS completed integration with auth
system. Review of contact database integration with
institutional data has begun by ACS. Currently
working through remaining configuration elements
with project team.
Overall project - 65% complete SENS - 87%
complete. CSE 99% complete. CASET - 100%

02/16/2010- Production Infrastructure and system
redundancy in place. Test Environment- working to
complete full test environment, move existing
equipment to Norton and install remaining servers
there. System Monitoring- review in progress,
report due 02/26/2010. Deployments continue, visit
link below for additional information.

Mon 03/01/2010 Overall Project is 50%
complete. Planning is 100% complete. Content
Audit is 100% complete. Discovery is 100%
complete. Information Architect is 99% complete.
  User Interface Development is 38% complete.
Identify and Build CMS is 91% complete. Web
Editorial and Content Development is 48%
complete. Workflow is 54% complete.
Integration is 30% complete. Production is 4%
02/11/10: From a construction perspective, all floors
in the Wende building are substantially complete. The
Wende project has moved into the closure state. The
Beck Hall Rehab is in progress. OSS is doing some
cable work in the building to prepare for the Dean's
(School of Nursing) office move scheduled to occur
Feb. 22.
3/5/10: Working in Cooke and Then Hochstetter.

Images created during training sessions were
submitted to Dell CFI. Investigating issues with
Computrace. Working on Operationalizing the
Image Development Process

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