; Deni 5500 Scoop Factory Soft Serve Ice Cream Maker
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Deni 5500 Scoop Factory Soft Serve Ice Cream Maker


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This Deni Soft Serve Ice Cream Maker (model: 5530) contains a powerful motor and double insulated
gel cylinder that turns basic ingredients into delicious ice cream in 10-20 minutes. The clear-vue lid
allows you to watch the fun as it happens. Order today and start enjoying your own premium soft serve
ice cream! Key Features: Create soft serve cones and sundaes in minutes. Canister freezes
ingredients quickly and thoroughly. Make a variety of soft and hard ice cream. Create frozen desserts
to fit special dietary needs. Soft serve spout for easy serving. Clear-Vue lid for viewing operation. Make
ice cream in 10-20 minutes. Sturdy base with room for large sundae bowls. Disassembles for easy
cleaning. Make 8 - 10 cones at a time.
First introduced in 1939 by Carvel ice cream parlors, soft-serve-style ice cream became a hit and is still
a favorite among kids and adults alike. This ice cream machine makes 1 quart of premium soft-serve
ice cream-enough to serve 8 to 10 cones--right at home in a mere 10 to 20 minutes and is a fun way to
serve dessert at summer barbecues or kids' birthday parties. The unit stands 16-1/2 inches tall when
assembled and comes with a patented freezer canister that must be pre-frozen for at least 8 hours
before creating a dessert. The canister has walls that are liquid-filled for even freezing and that are
double insulated to keep the bowl colder for a longer period of time. When ingredients are ready, the
canister pops into the body compartment. The stir paddle fits inside the canister and the plastic lid
locks onto the top. The lid is clear for checking that desserts reach the proper custard-like thickness
and has an opening for easily adding ingredients; however, chunky ingredients, such as candies or
nuts, should be added afterwards as they can clog and damage the soft-serve spout. The compact
28-watt motor fits onto the lid and the power switch starts the action. With the ice cream maker
running, cooks pour their mixed recipes through the top of the lid and wait anywhere from 10 to 20
minutes for the ingredients to reach the proper consistency. Soft-serve desserts dispense through a
spout just below the ice cream maker's body by pushing down on a lever. The sturdy base prevents
the ice cream maker from tipping during mixing and its feet are spread wide apart to accommodate a
large sundae bowl. This appliance comes with a recipe book and is covered by a one-year limited
warranty. --Cristina Vaamonde
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