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Long ago, at the start of human society, the Homo Sapiens, the wise
men, were aware of the fact that within the tribe there needed to be a
person in charge of the tribe's assets, a person who would protect their
food resources and who would preserve and develop them. Someone
who would find a solution during the Ice Age, when all they saw was
nothing but the white, frozen wilderness. Someone to invent new
technology and to find new approaches to resources.

Money was then formed in the society. The function of that very same
person remains today. Technology and business finance consultancy
became a profession during medieval times.
We are continuing what they began. The presence of a tradition of
hundreds and thousands of years reflects every aspect of the world’s
companies today.

Back then, caravans with merchants, from all over the world, gathered in
markets to sell and buy commodities. The danger of traveling with either
much liquid or goods roused an idea in someone's brilliant mind.
The idea was to form an institution that would ensure the property
and profit of a client, not just in order to preserve it, but to increase it
as well. The same mind also took care of people who did not have
much luck and needed further assistance. Long ago, these
institutions had small offices on wooden planks in crowded squares.

Some minor changes have happened since then, leather-fur cloaks
were changed in favor of suits, a wooden plank in favor of a modern
office. Nevertheless, the principle stayed the same – to protect the
clients' best interests. Today, we are those brilliant minds.

We are the third generation in this particular business. The presence
of tradition and respect for this very profession, as well as the
possibility of providing our clients with top quality services, are the
most descriptive words for what and how we operate.
IBL GROUP is an international finance group providing complete service in the
financial sectors. It is a firm with a long-standing tradition of three generations.

We have established progressive business relationships with a wide variety of
international banks, financial instrument issuers, trust funds and, generally, all
private and institutional lender sources.

Our professional team of experts specialises in many financial tools such as
long-term loans, project finance, export credit, privatisation, investment
merchant banking, government financing, standing loans, heavy industry
finance and so forth. Our experts, besides being familiar with all aspects of the
financial world, are also capable of providing high-quality consulting to those in

We maintain professional and personal working relationships with our clients,
providing them with expert knowledge, experience, discretion, confidentiality
and integrity.
IBL GROUP has signed many contracts involving projects such as airports,
international roadworks, heavy industry manufacturing, factories, refineries,
medical complexes, construction projects, tourist facilities (such as hotels,
motels, sport centres and spas), electricity power plants, water infrastructures
and other agronomic projects.

In this short abstract, it is impossible to describe all our activities and quality
services. You may, however, come to the conclusion that the IBL GROUP has
many sectors with professional teams, a wide net of contacts all over the world
and, above all, a large list of satisfied clients.

In the last decade, the firm has become one of the select few in the U.S and
Europe to specialize in bonds, insurance guarantee financed leaseback

The reputation of the firm is such that many of the Fortune 1,800 companies
have solicited us directly to conduct their sales, leaseback and finance
structuring transactions.
• First Boston                   • Bank Hapoalim
• Bear Stearns                   • Rothschild Investment House
• Prudential Securities          • Sudcom Bank
• Columbia Securities            • Standard Capital Banking Corporation
• William Blair & Company        • Citi Bank
• William R. Hough and Company   • ANB Ambro
• Montgomery Securities          • Allied Banking
• GMAC                           • International Commercial Finance
• HSBC                                Associates
• SUISSE BANK PLC                • Pan – Global Finance
• Raiffeisen Bank                • ECSL
• HSBC                           • Credit Suisse
• Lloyds                         • Industrial Savings Bank
• Asahi Bank                     • Faber Bank
• Commercial Bank of Japan       • Raifeissen
• Hellas Banking Group Inc       • Dresdner Bank
• Investec Banking Group         • Deutsche Bank
                                 • EPG Insurance Services and many
                                      others ……..
The countries in which we and our Associated Investment Banking Groups
presently accept their central banks as financial guarantors or their insurance
(given their approved international credit rating) for guarantee issues for
infrastructure projects are, among others, the following:

Argentina, Brazil, Belgium, China, Chile, Colombia CIS countries, Canada,
France, Great Britain, Germany, India, Indonesia, Israel, Italy, Japan, Korea,
Malaysia, Mexico, Malta, Serbia, Peru, Ecuador, Paraguay, Uruguay, Venezuela,
Philippines, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Panama, Bolivia, Portugal, Singapore,
Spain, Switzerland, Thailand, Turkey, Venezuela, Vietnam, Romania, Taiwan,
Netherlands, Russia.
The best way to start structuring finance for any project is to list the
professional team that will lead the project.
We have developed a unique way of time management, especially when the actual
parties are in different nations and jurisdictions.

The first stage of any loan application process is the completion of our loan
application form by the companies requesting funds. It is, indeed, a very important

This application form provides us, as well as the financial institutions and insurance
companies, with preliminary information regarding the applicants’ businesses and
projects as well as their financial needs.

The application form will assist us in deciding on an effective and efficient manner
to see whether we are the appropriate party to aid the company requesting funds, and
whether the project is within our capacity to submit the desired finances for.
After receiving the completed application form and performing a preliminary
evaluation of the business and project and in cases where the project is in line
with our company's criteria, the second stage of the loan procedure begin.

In the second stage, a rating report and investigations report are provided using
internationally recognized investigation companies such as D&B, BDI and other
leading international investigation companies.

Thereafter, where the investigations are positive, a meeting is conducted
between IBL GROUP and the clients. In the meeting, the following issues are
• Consulting Services
• Consultants Declarations & Obligations
• Client’s Covenants & Undertakings
• Strategic Financial Planning
• Support & Information
• International financial insurance and specific risk coverage
• Fees & expenses
• Liability of Consultant
• Binding Effect
• Terms & conditions
• Governing Law & Jurisdiction
• Force Majeure
• particular aspects regarding the business and project
In the meeting with IBL GROUP ., after discussing all the relevant issues, an
agreement is signed between the client and IBL GROUP

It should be noted that a realistic business valuation requires more then merely
looking at the previous year's financial statement. A valuation requires a
thorough analysis of several years of the business operation and an opinion
about the future outlook of the industry, the economy and how the subject
company will compete.

The following stage is the due diligence process. Due diligence is a term that
covers the process of discovery into the risks and value of a business that is to be
financed. The usual application of the term is in confirming that the financial
and record keeping aspects of the business are as represented. This process is
sometimes called the "book check―. Broadly speaking, it refers to the complete
analysis of a business to assist the financial institutions and insurance
companies in making decisions about the financing.

After performing the due diligence process, a business plan will be prepared in
order to present it to the financial institutions and insurance companies
involved. At the same time, IBL GROUP begins the establishment of the
financial institutions’ syndication.
After establishing the syndication of the financial institutions and providing
them with the business plan, the financial institution’s leader arrives at the
client facilities in order to inspect the business and project.

Following the financial institutions approval, the insurance conditions are
settled and any additional necessary information is forwarded to the insurance

In the final stage, the client meets once again with the financial institutions and
insurance companies and an agreement is signed between the parties.

In this final stage, the loan conditions and schedule are finalized.
               Submission of Application Form and needed documents
- Completing the application form enables IBL GROUP to gain a better understanding of the
  business and project.
- Providing the necessary documents presented in the application form.
- Evaluation of the company in terms of financial strength, stability, etc.

                             Rating and Investigation Reports
-Rating and Investigation Reports are a compulsory requirement for both IBL GROUP . and the
  financial institutions.
- These rating and investigation reports are provided by internationally recognized investigation
  companies, such as D&B, BDI etc.

                                  Meeting With IBL GROUP
- Meeting with IBL GROUP is the next step of the loan application process.
- In the meeting, various issues are discussed, in which the client explains in detail its business
  and project.
- Other issues, such as services provided by IBL GROUP ., insurance, terms and conditions,
  etc. are also presented.
- The agreement between IBL GROUP and the client is also signed in the meeting.
                                    Due Diligence Process
- The following stage is the due diligence process. Due diligence is a term that covers the
  process of discovery the risks and value of a business that is to be financed.
- Broadly speaking, it refers to the complete analysis of a business to assist the financial
  institutions and insurance companies in making decisions about the financing.

                                Preparation of Business Plan
- A detailed Business Plan, including all necessary information regarding the company, is prepared
  by the best professional business planners.
- Financial analysts reconstruct the information and financial figures in order to improve
  performance of the company.

                 Establishing of the Financial Institutions’ Syndication
- While preparing the business plan, IBL GROUP . begins the establishment of the financial
  institution syndication.
- Establishment of the financial institutions’ syndication is a complex process which can be realized
  using IBL GROUP .’s wide business relationship with various financial institutions.
    Presentation for the Insurance                    Presentation for the Bank's Directors
-A well prepared presentation will be                -A well prepared presentation will be executed
executed for the Insurance Broker at the             for the bankers at the project site.
project site.

                  Inspection of the Business by the Relevant Parties
- Official representatives of both the financial institutions and insurance company shall come to the
  client’s facilities in order to inspect its business.

                              Insurance Conditions Settlement
- Once the financial institutions and insurance companies have given the green light to go forward
  with the loan application process, the insurance conditions are settled with the insurance
- Should the insurance companies require any additional information, it is forwarded to them.
        Signing the Agreement with the Relevant Parties – The Final Stage
- In the final stage, the client meets once again with the financial institutions and insurance
  companies and the agreement is signed with these parties.
- In this final stage, the loan conditions and schedule are finalized.
                                investigation and
                                  rating reports
Investigation and credit rate                              IBL GROUP
                                    Requesting                                                                         Approving the
                                 investigation and                                                                      insurance
                                                                       Informing the
                                   rating reports                                      Introducing the Approving
                                                                         client on the                 the client by
                                                                      loan approval                    consultancy
                                                      Sending               REPRESENTATIVE              agreement
                                                     application                   AGENT                               Introducing
                                                      form and                                                           the client
         Introducing the                             documents       Request for        Introducing                         and
             client and                                               financial       IBL GROUP                         providing
           providing all                                             consultancy                                             all
                                  Approving                                                                             necessary
                                   the loan
                                                                    CLIENT                                             information

                                           Transferring                              Paying insurance
                                            the funds                                    premium
                                                                      of the
                                                                    project &
FINANCIAL INSTITUTIONS                                              business                 INSURANCE COMPANIES

                                                     Negotiation and establishment
                                                      of the collateral agreement
                                                                           Financing Structure

                                                                                   Full value of engineering performance contract
      Re-                                                                          Irrevocable, Unconditional & on-demand                                                      Financier
    insurer                                                                        Callable by phased completion                                                                   1
       1                                                                           Reducing value on completion of each phase

                               Insurance                                    Investors                    Development              Loan             Syndicating
      Re-                                            Reinsurance                          collateral                            Agreement                        Syndication   Financier
                                Company                                    Assurance                     Corporation                                Financier
    insurer                                           Agreement                                                                                                  Agreement         2
                                                                                                           (Client)                                  (ANZ?)
                            Offshore                                     Onshore                                                Phased
                            reinsurance                                  company                                              repayments
                            Subrogation of                               required
      Re-                                                                                                                                                                      Financier
                            collateral                                   to meet
    insurer                                                                                                                 Fixed price                                            N
       N                                                                                                                    Fixed duration
                                                                         commission                       Engineering
                                                                         requirements                    Performance        Phased construction
                                                                                                           Contract         Warranties
                                                                                                                            Retention bond

                                                                    Monthly certificate                   Construction
                                                                                                       Contractor Company

                               Payment               Escrow                                        Monthly
                            certification            Company                                   Construction

Escrow Company: Neutral third party that
handles all funds in a real estate transaction.
The buyer puts his deposit into escrow, the                                                                Trust Bank
lender funds the loan into escrow. Escrow pays
                                                               Certified monthly                                                    Monthly loan draw down
the real estate brokers commission, pays off any               payments
loans/liens against the property, pays real estate                                                       Escrow account
taxes and any other fees associated with the
transaction and sends the balance of the money
to the seller.
          The Importance of a Professional Business Plan

A well-explained and detailed Business Plan, written by professionals, can be
more effective than showing the security or collateral. Banks today are more
willing to have detailed and promising income declarations and sound financial
projections than security. A thorough Business Plan will assist bankers in
deciding on the approval of the credit facility. The Business Plan should include
all the details of the project and should be prepared in such a way as to meet
international banking methods, standards and terms, which our team is well-
experienced and familiar with.
Performance Bond
A Performance Bond is a form of security provided by a contractor to a developer and
consists of an undertaking by a bank or insurance company to make a payment to the
employer in circumstances where the contractor has defaulted under the contract.

Professional Indemnity
The purpose of professional indemnity insurance is to protect professional people or others
who supply a skill or advice against their legal liability, if that skill or advice causes
financial loss or injury. Like all liability policies, this is a legal rather than a moral
Export Finance
Finance for Exporting involves funding a new export venture — what will it take to move
from a domestically focused business model, to one that's internationally oriented and
export based? Finance for Exporting calls for creating and executing a financial plan for the
successful conduct of international business.
By contrast, Export Financing (or Export Finance) relates directly to transactions and/or
export orders. Export finance has a very specific meaning in international finance: it covers
a series of financing mechanisms which are, typically, short term and involve well-known
techniques that banks, government agencies and private-sector service providers use in
support of our exporters.

Surety Bond
A surety bond guarantees one party that another (the contractor) will perform specified
acts, usually within a stated period of time. The surety company typically becomes
responsible for the fulfilment of a contract if the contractor defaults. In the case of a public
works project, such as a road, it means that the surety bond protects taxpayers should a
contractor go out of business
Financial Guarantee Insurance
A form of insurance that first appeared in the 1930s as mortgage guarantee insurance and
returned in the 1970s in several different forms (municipal bond guarantee insurance,
limited partnership investor bond insurance, residential value insurance, etc.). Today, most
states exclude mortgage guarantee and consumer-oriented credit insurance from their
definition of financial guarantee insurance. It is a descendant of surety ship and is generally
recorded as surety on the annual statement that insurers file with regulators.

Loss may be payable in any of the following events: the failure of an obligor on a debt
instrument or other monetary obligation to pay principal, interest, purchase price or
dividends , credit line or loan when due as a result of default or insolvency (including
corporate or partnership obligations, guaranteed stock, municipal or special revenue bonds,
asset-backed securities, consumer debt obligations, defoult etc.); a change in interest rates; a
change in currency exchange rates; or a change in the value of specific assets, commodities or
financial indices. These contracts usually involve sophisticated insurance, and therefore
rates may be exempt from general statutory standards.
The ideology espoused by our company is that there is no such thing as impossible.
Humans prove this every day in different areas of science, medicine, astronomy, and
even sports.

We also prove it in one huge part of everyday life in the world of finance. This unique
world grows bigger every day, and so do the possibilities. We have the simple goal of
protecting our clients' interests and we have a complex task to perform.

Using our knowledge, professionalism and experience, we find the best possible
solutions, as well as the most suitable alternatives.

There is a pattern in every simple thing, and so there is in our work. Primarily, it is
based on unconditional confidentiality and discretion between us and our clients.
                          Summary (Continued)

Once we have formed such a relationship, we continue into the research field.
Only after we have all the necessary information, in order to secure every
option, do we go through the further steps.

We have realized that dealing with the financial world does not only involve
numbers and statistics. In order to complete a mission, there is no impossible
mission, we must be familiar with history, politics, and culture. All these
aspects concern one specific issue. This is exactly the company’s policy - to
cover every simple and complex fragment, in order to create one world for itself
as well as a way to embrace it in the financial world in a most comfortable

In the art of finance, hidden words are perfection and perfection for us is the art
of finance.
                         Summary (Continued)

It is impossible to describe all of our activities and quality services in this
short abstract, however you may come to the conclusion that Ariel M.D.A is
involved in many sectors worldwide, it uses a net of contacts all over the
world and which results in, above all, a long list of satisfied clients.

It has been said - seek and you shall find. You have found us, let us seek for

Thank you for taking the time to review our brief introduction. For further
information, please do not hesitate to contact our company's representatives
in your region or contact our head office for international operations directly.
              Contact us:
                     IBL GROUP
       Head Office for International Operations

Y.D Berkowitz 4 st. The Museum tower, 5th floor P.O box
                 33111, Zip code 61330
                     Tel Aviv -Israel

   Phone: +972 77 693 5460 Fax:    +972 77 693 5461

        Email: info@internationalbankersltd.com

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