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					Process to Export Test Plans from Excel into Quality Center
1. Install and Configure the Microsoft Excel Add-In.

    The Microsoft Excel Add-In can be accessed from the main QC login page. Go to and select the hyperlink for the “Add-ins Page” on the
    far left.

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From the Add-ins page, select the hyperlink for “More Mercury Quality Center Add-ins”

Then select the hyperlink for the Microsoft Excel Add-in:

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Click on the link for the “Mercury Quality Center 8.2 SP1 Microsoft Excel Add-in Guide”,
and follow the instructions in Chapter 1 to download, install, and configure the
Microsoft Excel Add-In:

Once the add-in has been installed, you will see “Export to Quality Center” as an additional
option in the Excel Tools menu drop-down:

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2. Create or modify the Excel spreadsheet.

    Create or modify a test plan spreadsheet in Excel, using a template similar to the following :

    Some of the columns will only be used in the upload/import into Quality Center, and may be
    hidden, if you prefer, to facilitate updating the test plan steps:

Unhide any hidden columns and complete the additional information needed to load the test
plan into Quality Center: Subject (Folder Name), test name (Manual Test Plan Name), Designer
(Owner), and Status.

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Note the following:

    -    The Subject (Folder Name) should include all folders and subfolders needed to place the
         test plan correctly into the intended Quality Center folder structure, separating subfolders
         with a forward slash (\). The subfolders do ** not ** need to have been created first in
         Quality Center, but if they are, the folder / sub-folder names in the Excel spreadsheet
         must match the QC folder names exactly.
    -    The Test Name (Manual Test Plan Name) should be the intended test plan name in
         Quality Center.
    -    Designer should be your x.500 ID
    -    Status should be “Imported”.
    -    Step Name should be a sequential step label in the QC format: Step 1, Step 2 . . .

     The information specified in the Subject column of the spreadsheet is used to create or find
     the correct folder path in Quality Center.
     The information in the Test Name column of the spreadsheet is used to create the Test Plan
     name in Quality Center:

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Map and export the data from the Excel spreadsheet to Quality Center.

    a) From the Excel spreadsheet:
       Select the data to be exported, without the column headings.

    b) Choose Tools >Export to Quality Center. The QC Export Wizard dialog box (Step 1 of
       8) opens:

         Enter in the dialog box.

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    c) Click Next. The QC Export Wizard Step 2 of 8 dialog box opens:

         Select the domain and project name to which the test plan is to be loaded.

    d) Click Next. The QC Export Wizard Step 3 of 8 dialog box opens:

         Enter your User Name and Password.

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    e) Click Next. The QC Export Wizard Step 4 of 8 dialog box opens:

         Select the radio button labeled “Tests”.

    f)   Click Next. The QC Export Wizard Step 5 of 8 dialog box opens:

         Enter ”Default Test Plan Mapping” in the new map name field (or select it from the
         “Select a map” drop-down list).

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    g) Click Next. The QC Export Wizard Step 6 of 8 dialog box opens:

         This is the page where you will identify the standard mapping of QC fields to your Excel
         spreadsheet columns, typically as follows:

            Subject                                          Column A
            Test Name                                        Column B
            Designer                                         Column C
            Status                                           Column D
            Step Name (Design Steps)                         Column E
            Description (Design Steps)                       Column F
            Expected (Design Steps)                          Column G

         NOTE: The QC fields highlighted in red are required.

         For each field to be populated in Quality Center, select the QC field on the left and click
         the “>” pushbutton to move it into the list on the right. You will be prompted to identify
         the corresponding Microsoft Excel Column:

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    h) Click Next. The QC Export Wizard Step 7 of 8 dialog box opens, with a message to
       please wait while QC is being synchronized.

         When the upload is completed successfully, the QC Export Wizard Step 8 of 8 dialog
         box will open, with a message that your export has been successfully completed:

         Click the “Finish” pushbutton and you will be returned to the Excel spreadsheet.

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         If the test plan upload was not successful, a dialog box will open that displays the

         Click the “Launch Notepad” pushbutton to view or copy the entire error message:

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    i)   Test plans that have been successfully uploaded will now be accessible in Quality
         Center (if you are already logged into QC and you have the test plan view open, you
         may need to refresh your folder list).

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Populating Requirements, Test Plans, and Defects in Quality Center
from an Excel Spreadsheet

Utilizing the Microsoft Excel Add-In for Quality Center, the following data fields can be populated from an Excel Spreadsheet:

              Requirements                                  Test Plans                      Defects
  Author                                         Creation date                 Actual Fix Time
  Description                                    Description                   Assigned To
  ITG Request ID                                 Description (Design Steps)    Closed in Version
 *Name                                           Designer                      Description
  Path                                           Estimated DevTime            *Detected By
  Priority                                       Execution Status              Detected in Build
  Product                                        Expected (Design Steps)      *Detected on Date
  Reviewed                                       Status                        Estimated Fix Time
  Type                                           Step Name (Design Steps)      Fixed in Build
                                                *Subject                       ITG Request ID
                                                 Template                      ModID
                                                *Test Name                     PeopleSoft Instance
                                                 Type                          Planned Closing Version
                                                                               Testing Project

* The asterisked fields are required.

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