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					           Source:               Joel-on-Software Discussion Forum
Name               Exp / yr Education                Certification Company
Mike                       6 some college            none            Large well known public company
anoninok                   5 BS in computer science  none            smaller private company
Derek I                                               Science Honours
                           2 Bachelor of ComputerClinically sane 250ish, 70 developers, enterprise software
Sgt.Sausage                                          MSCE, MCDBA,    Very Small
                          16 Bachelor Science, Computer Science MCSD Local Privately Owned Company
Bruno                    2.5
Josh McFarlane                                       none            Very Small
                           1 In Progress - BS Comp. Eng. (Done Spring '08) Privately owned Highway R&D company
                         1.5 BS in CS/Masters in SE  none            small private company (60ish)
                          12 University              none            Independent contractor
WarMonger                                            none
                          10 BS CompSci State University             Defense Contractor, multinational
Andrey Butov               5 '- M.S. Computer Science from Columbia U.
mymortgageis3kamonth 6 Art Degree                    none            startup, insurance industry
                          24 A Levels                none            isv, 3 years old
                                                     SCP Java 2 (not coursework
                                                                     Small, it matters)
                           7 BS Computer Science, some graduate sure private startup
                           1 BS in CS                none            research
DotNetNoob                                           A+                CS (Not IT
                           2 CIS (Computer Information Systems)VAR degree VAR)
Pow R. Toc H.                No formal technical education.
Scott                     30 MS (2)                  none            private small
JC                         2 BS in CS                A+, Network+ tiny consulting firm (7 employees)
Headhunted                                           Studies (minor CS & Business)
                           5 B.A., Interdisciplinary MCSE, MCSA Midsize (5k employee) MS-centric consulting firm
Sulla                                                none
                          10 PhD in CS (Complex Systems)             Fortune 500 Telcoms manufacturer
notsaying                 11 University              None            mISV
no name today             15 BA in Math              none            government contractor
JoS Regular                4 Open University         none            public sector
Clay Dowling              10 B.S. Physics            none            Not saying to protect the guilty
Aspiring College Developer Highschool                Network+        Financial Services
Bill                                                 none
                          12 BS Comp Sci and Engineering             Medium-sized defense contractor (200 people)
Scott                      3 College Dropout (CS)none                Document Imaging/Data Capture Products
                                                     not certifiable Worlds Largest Payroll Co. (You have to guess)
                          14 BS in Industrial Engineering
anon                       9 BSc (comp. sci.)        none
                          10 Physics PhD                             Oilfield instrumentation
Gilgamesh                 10 some college            none            Medium sized embedded software company
PlanningAnIsv              6 Bachelors (Hons) in CS  None            Financial Services/Telecoms
anon                                                 Sun tech cert ISV,
                          10 No degree (but from a top Java school) banking applications
annu_gogte                 8 Bachelor of Engineering                 Not Tellin
anon for this             30 BSc (Hon) in Math None                  1-man contracting
Mellowman                 10 Ms in CS                none            Large IB
Software engineer         15 Ms in EE                none            Large Comm. equip vendor
manhattan                 10 Masters in EE           none            Fortune 100
Marc                      12 some college            none            Small commercial ISV
Anon                       6 BA CS                                   State Government
Roman Werpachowski 3 MSc in physics                  none            govt research institution
Contractor1               10 MSCS                    none            Independent contractor
                           6 BS                      none            Federal Government
TomEUS                    12 BS in Electronic devicesMCPs, CSNA Large software dev (60k employees)
will not tell              4 In College              A+              Government Contracting
Kyralessa                                            none
                           5 B.A. (not in C.S.), Certificate in C.S. Software project company, currently
Show me the dough!         7 BS Computer Science     none that matterFinancial Co.
code monkey               20                         none            Ummmmmm.....Fortune 500
anonymillikan              2                         none            Small (8 heads) web & rand() shop
Anon to protect the underpaid                        none            Government
                             Commerce degree (major in Management Info Sys)
                                                     SCJP, SCWCD
                           7 Masters in Software Engineering         Small company
                          10 bachelor's in MIS       none relevant a trade association
From CoT                                             none
                             B.Applied Science (Engineering Physics) Applied R&D for resource industry
Anon for this            5                       none            mISV
nullptr                                          none            contractor for
                         8 bachelor of electronics and telecom engg. (hnrs) a large bank
                         9 BS x 2                None            Trading Systems
Crimson                  6 BS                    none            big uni
Somewhere Down Under 2.5 years University (didn't finish)        Freelance Consultant
Anonymous for this one 22 MS Applied Math                        Research group
                                                 MCSE, Sun Java Programmer at a public university
Anon for this            6                                       ISV
                         5 MS Computer Science   none            Small oil and gas ISV
anon                    12 BS in CS              None            Finance Related
Patrick McKenzie         2 BS in CS, BA in East Asian Studies Tech Incubator
semigeek                 5 Commerce Degree None                  1000+ Employees
Anon                     4 BS + Masters from Ivy League U
ayanka                   5 MS                    none            Small company < 50 people
Tom                     10 Failed Comp Sci Degreenone            insurance industry
Err                     10 college               MCP             Self Employed
                                                 Degrees, one is Comp Sci)
Another Contractor... 10 University (3 Masters MCP
Athan Dim                                        Several (MS, MIL
                        24 BS and PHD on CS, BS in radio commsand others)
Vidar                    2 MSc                                   Small software company. < 10 developers
Anon this time          10 some university       none            Medium-sized niche software house
Anon for this one       12 University            None            c.50 employees software house
na                       6 None                  None            Small software company
Canuckian               11 High School Dropout Various           Vertical finance company (approx. 50 people)
Anon                    18 College Dropout       Various
billy                   10 BSc (Math & Comp Sci) MCSD            Smallish ISV (approx. 40 people -- 15 or so devs)
Honu                    12 BS CS                 None            small software/consulting targetring NGOs
Mark Flory                                       MCP (took the ASP.NET exam)
                        13 BS in Mathematics/CSCI Emphasis Small POS provider for a niche market
classified               5 BS CS                 SJCP.           Los Alamos National Laboratory
anon                    10 BEng                  None
anon                     2 BS CS                 None            small web / software consulting company
Anon                     6 College diplomas      Some            Major manufacturing company
Obfuscated for this one 10 BS CS
                        15 MSc                                   > 1000
somebody                 5 BSc Hons CompSci none                 Large Bank
Natalia                  7 Physics degree        none            Small software company
Brice Richard            5 Self-taught           None            Small company (started 1998)
anonymous                                        MCSE, MCSD,FortuneCS Consulting Firm
                                                                   BS in 500
                         8 AS Engineering, 18 credits away fromMCDBA, MCT
dot                      5 B. Sc. Computer Science               Fortune 500 Consulting Firm
Me, Myself, and O                                none
                         2 BS CS from a top-50 school            VC funded startup
.                       23 BS MIS                none            Telecom
curdDeveloper           10 2 yr lib arts         none            Medical
                         1                       none            Large fortune 500 company
                         8 Bach. in Math, Computer Science
Proud Indian             7 B.Engg.               MCSD            Bank
whoseroot                8 BS Exercise Science - Penn State University
Shane                    5 Some College          none            Automotive
                                                 None            [redacted]
                         6 BS Computer Info. Systems (State school)
pipedings                                        none, the net
                        10 Some college, many books, never persued one
Some Guy                 7                                        Asshole
                                                 Certified PublicMedium-Sized Healthcare Company
Jewelya                 15 High school diploma none              Consulting firm
                        10 BS EE                 none            Startup
Maverick                12 BS                    None            Apparel/Footwear
seattlewoman             8 some college          none            Small Privately Owned
                         2 BA Comp Sci           none            Large Financial Firm
John                     6
Joe Prey                 4 BS                    None            Public Sector
Bob                                              none
                         5 BBA Business Information Systems Fortune 100
Some Guy                 2 BS in CS              none            small private company
                        7                        A+
                            1 Year Tech School Certificate      Tech
DM                      7   None                 none           Small Private
                       10                        none           Oil industry
Some Guy                9                                       Small/Medium (nyuhuh)
                                                 Korn Shell, Advanced AIX 4.3 Law Firm
                        2                        none           TELUS
                            B.Sc in Computer Science (SEng Option) through TEK Contracting Firm
                       19   high school          A+ Network + Fortune 50
Jarrad Barone           5   College (A.A)        A+, Network+ Large Not-for-profit hospital
Joe Scholefield         5   Education                           Education
JC                      1   BS Computer Science  none           small financial service startup
That's right                                     Birth          is for suckers
anonymous               9   none                 none           Really small ASP.
Leopold Porkstacker     8                        none           (1) Real Estate (2) Semiconductor Mfg.
caliprogrammer         10   BA Physics           none           Startup
Anon            1yr                              none
                            BA CIS Network Specialist           Wholesale
none                    4   MS CS                none           big web portal
Rachel                 10   Some College         none           Large Global Telecom Firm
Mr.T                    5   BS in Comp Sci       none           Large IB
Radu Floricica          5                        None           my own
                            Academy of Economic Sciences, Bucharest
ProgrammerGirl          5                        N
                            BS, Computer Science one            4500 employees/20 developers
?                       3   HS Dropout w/AS      none           Sales company
MadBark                14                        MCSD
                            BS in Computer Science              Start-up
me                      2                        none
                            BS in CS (In Progress)              Fortune 500
Mike                    2   B.S. CompSci         none
                        2   B.S. in Comp. Sci. none             50person non-profit
Bubba got Skillz       22   BA, PolySci          CISSP          German Telekom company :)
                        2   BS in CS             none           Fortune 500 company
Fred Dillson
Glenn                   8 Associates +                        Marketing &
                                                 Programming, Some OracleSales company
Ryan                    3B.S. Business - MIS SCJP 1.5          Public Company 900 emps
the oracle              2tech school            none           mid size Dental offices
                        2BS, Network EngineeringNone           very very very large
C. Moaner               7                       None           Local
                         secondary school + BTEC Nat. Comp Sci. UK Government with 5k+ employees
chili                    Some College                          Gov. Security Contractor
CestMoi                8 B.A.                                  Health Care
                       0 BS
South Carolina Programmer in CS                 none           MetLife Insurance
anon                     MS + PhD CompSci none                 Internet company
                       4 BS of IT                              Small Company - Web Development
Bobby                                           in CS
                       4 (working towards) BS None             A****l
<dolt>                 9 BS                     none           Private small
                      10 BA in Economics        none           Large Public Aerospace Company
                       6 BS Comp. Eng, minorNone CS
Dugger                 2 BA in English          none           POS software company
Mr Anony Mous 3yrs       School                                Medium sized
I-Love-Austin                                   None
                       6 BS, Computer Engineering              well known public company
DrKnockers            10 BSEE                   none           Healthcare
synscan                  Some College           CISSP          Investment Firm
                       7 Some college, Civil Engineering       well known public company
Anonymous                                       none
                      10 Bachelor of Arts in Political Science Oracle
Huba                  15 MS                     none           about 25 heads, sw dev
P. C.                                           never progress) - I.S.&T.
                      12 B.S. - Mathematics, M.S. (inbotheredUniversity
Bob Thez               6 (never went to school) none
Alec                                                           The also have Daily (Univeristy of Minnesota Student run
                         Still working on BS in Computer Science, Minnesota several degrees from the School of Hard K
Ola Normann            2 Msc                    none           Medium sized oil company
                       2 none                   none           One of the largest companies in america
                       8 none                   none           One of the largest companies in america
nope                                            bah
                       2 B.S. - Information Systems            Private IS/IT firm
Dixie Normus          1   Some College          A+, MCDST, MCP  Healthcare
notsayin             12   none                  none            Video Game Store
Texas Education IT   26   State of Texas Higher Education       State of Texas Higher Education
                      2   GED                   wtf?            I work for some guys
                     20   High School           1 - no big deal Media
                          MS                    None            Fortune 100
Kevin                 6   Some College          None            Small Media Company
Nick                  3                         none
                          B.S. in Computer Science              Very large defense contractor
jaaron                5                         none
                          BS Scientific Computing               Large Multinational
someguy              10   some college                          Medium security certs
                                                various networking and size network security company
anon                  1   BS in Mathematics none                private company (50 employees)
                      3   BS CS                                 big ass insurance company, mutual
                                                A+, MCDST, ITIL Foundation
Chris                 8   Tafe (Diploma)        MCP             Financial IT Services
WebGrrl              12   BA in Fine Art        none            Medium-sized web company
Javier                2   B.S. Computer Science None
Aditya Agarwal        7   BS Computer Science   none            Small/Medium
Anonymous            13   BBA MIS               MCSE            Nestle
uber                  3   Liberal Arts B.A.     MCSA, CCNA, SmallA+
                      4                                         A card
                          B.A. - Tech Writing meh, get a library4-year old startup
Chris Stark          13                         None
                          BA Music, MEd Educational Technology  University of Hawaii
HotCarl              16   MA Computer Science                   Large
                                                CNA, CCNE, MSE, MCSE
Anonymous             5   Bachelor of Journalismnone            Large financial services firm
chris                 2   BS in Computer ScienceNone            Small private firm in the VoIP Sector
Backrub                                         CS              Its if they could what it does
                          Ivy league masters in A few done to seethe biggest inbe. Not on resume
Greg                      CS                    none            very large software firm
Pincus L.            23                         cpa             my anyone
                          BS in acctg. law degree - but I don't tellown. very small. two and a half people
Sovereign            10                                         Large well
                          2.5 years university a plethora of unix apps known mobile/cell provider
nope                  5   High School           MCP             Multi billion, multi-national company
sigha                 3   MS in Computer ScienceNone            University
Anonymous            12   some college          About 10        Federal Government Contractor
Archon810             1   UC Davis (just graduated a month ago) Global software company, major and profitable
anon.                20                         None            a
                          Some College (AA); mostly self taught (troubled) Systems Company
                      5   BS                    None            Automotive Financing Software
anonymous             6                         None            World's
                          Dropped out of highschool in Freshman Yearmost popular *nix company.
John Smith            8   AS                    MCSE 4.0, 2003+Security, MCSA 2003, A+
George                7   Some college          MCSE            small network services provider
pcglue                8                         none
                          BS, MS in Computer Science            Large Defense Company
notgonnasay           8   some college                          Small cap
                                                A+, Network+, Server+ (Internet)
                      3   BS CS                                 Large Pharmaceutical
                                                why would a person get those?
nemble               12   BS in CS              none            8 Years old
Sydney Rocks         10   University Degree                     in Finance
                                                None (can't see the benefit)
                      1                         None
                          BS - Computer Engineering             Large defense contractor
                      7   AS college            QSE tester      IBM
not saying            9   BS Engineering        Lotus Notes, Java.
                     12                         None.           Real Estate and Auto Insurance.
Ned                   2   University            none            Large public company
John                  4                         None.           large
                          some college          a+, mcse (nt4.0), cisco (lowest level)
anonymous             1                         None
                          College Diploma (2 yrs)               Toronto Datacentre (un-named)
lobsterhat            4                         Ex-CCNA
                          AA Computer Network Systems           200+
                      2                                         800 Employee software-as-a-service company
                          Master of Engineering in EE & CS from MIT
Bill                 12   BSBA in MIS                           An
                                                MCP, CIBS, CIW ISV
CrankyPants          11   BA in English Lit     none            Mid-Sized Bank
total anon man       10   BS Maths              None            Small, non-IT startup
jlavetan              8   Some College, Navy MCSE (Win2000)     ~150
Michael               2   Some College          None            >1000
Poger                10                         none
                          Associates in Photography
James                   1 BSc Applied Math     ninja master
                        6 some college         none           Medium sized company
Prefer not to say 20yrs
hulahoop                                         ACTC,           my own now
                         6 BSci Media & Technology doing an ACSA - independant contractor
Willian                  3 High School           none            Small
                        10 B.S.                  none            ~300
Mike Moloch                                                      big 5
                        12 MS Comp Sci (self) SQLServer Certified consulting
anom                     6 BS (MIS)              none            Fortune 500
Josh M                  10 Technical School                      Unicom
Avi                      4 Some college          No              Hedgefund (Small - 50 Mil in Investment)
                        14 BA - music performance
Steve                   16                                       Large
                                                 A few, but all expired consulting firm
                         7 BA in Physics         none            ~300 employees, dot com dept of media company
Anon                                             No
                         2 B.S. CSC / M.S. Information Systems   Small private company
                        15 BS in Comp Sci        none            Small (vertical apps for medical industry)
                         1 Some college          No              Privately held, 300~ employees
                         1 Still at University   none            Telecomms contractor
                         5 BSc                   none            state
                           MS                    No              a big well-known company
Blue                     2 Some college          No              Public, 130,000+
                           B.S. Computer Science                 Small communications company
BM                      10 None                  No              eBiz Software Development Company
                         7 BS CoE                none            Healthcare
Michael                    Some college                          Synovus, Inc.
slopedsideways                                   No
                         2 B.B.A. Information Systems            Small Web Developer
Anom                       BS Computer Science
googlers                                         No
                         4 BS Computer Engineering               Google
create                                           None
                           A.O.S. Information Technology         Small Locally Owned Computer Repair Shop
Joe                                              Nada
                         4 B.S.B.A Finance in progress           Selfemployed, Web Publisher, Adult Webmaster
Brian                      AS Computer Information Systems Major Fortune 500
Robert                  21 none                  none            Large well known public company
      #N/A               1                       None            Midsize
                         7 working on BS         No
RetepH                  15 Bachelors             none            Small Telecom
boy!                                             none
                         6 Some college (programing)             small division of huge media research company
                                                 Information     Midsize
                         1 BS in Information Science & TechSecurity Cert from NSA
                         9 BS in Comp Sci        None            small startup
Justin Kim               1 Computer Information Systems degrees
Dave Blaylok                                     None
                         8 BS in Business Admin (Accounting) small consulting firm
                         7 BA Comp Sci           none            Small/medium public company
v                        4 BS in Comp Eng        None            big bank
JohnJoe T.               5 BA in Comp Sci        None            Big Fin Company
                        17 BS in MIS             Loads           Mid-size consulting outfit
Jeremy W.                                        none
                         1 4yr BS in Computer Information SystemsSmaller Hospital
Ryan                     6 BA in CS/MATH         None            Tiny E-Commerce
sinclar                                          A+               comp sci
                         2 2 year networking diploma & 2 years Big Blue
Rich                     6 Some college B.S. MIS                 Government Contractor
Bill                                             none
                         6 BS in Information Systems             Midsize (~700)
michael                  3 some college          none            Large well known public new media company
Surinder                 6 some college          none            Large well known public company
Developer in Bucharest 12 BS in CS               none
John D                                           Pfft.
                         3 BA in Systems Analysis whatever laid back company - I do what I want when I want.
                        16 Some college          none            Corp-to-Corp contractor
Anonymous                                         BS in
                        13 BS MIS, *almost* 2ndnone CompSci      Large transportation company
Chad F                   5 None - Self Taught none
John Doe                                         CISA, CISSP, Big4
                         6 BS Neuropsych, minor accounting PMP
Texas IT                 7                                       Small, private CISSP
                                                 MCSE: 2003, CCNA, CWNA,startup
TheGimp               12 BA                                      CCNA, CCA(citrix), CISSP
                                                MCSE, MCP+I,DOD Contractor
BabyKiller                                      None
                       2 BS ComSci State University             Defense Contractor
Lyle Skaar                                      none            Large
                         Still in High School (entering Senior year) credit union
                       7 BS Engineering
M Sargent             25 BS Computer Science    None            Large Aerospace Corporation
Christian Robert       1                        Criminology
Andrew                 6 Some College           None            Medium 200 epmloyees
Brian               5 BS, Art               none            Privately held media group (Newspaper/TV/Radio)
Johnny Quest          In progress - A.S. Computer Network Systems
yeah right            Some College                          (2000) course. Authority in the
                                            took an MCSE Public Housing Never tested. Midwest
Carl                                        none
                   10 M.S., MBA this December
                   10 High School                           Not telling
                                            High School Diploma
Joeseph Bunda      18                                       research university
                                            iNet+ / iNet+ Subject Matter Expert
Chris               5 B.S.                  none
Doug                8 College Graduate      A+, MCSE        Private energy company
anon                                        None
                    5 Some college (Mathematics)            Large Government Contractor
                                                            Profile: Accounting Firm
                    6 B.A. Accounting (small college), M.S.A. UW-M
                    8                                       Banc of America Securities LLC
Anon E. Mouse       2 BS Computer Science   None            Very Large Tech Corporation
Ron                 9 CS bachelors from CMU None            startup
jim                                         None            defense
                    3 CS/econ bachelors, software eng. from CMU contractor
Tony               20 Civil Engineer        Too many to listMunicipal Government
mem                   B.S. Computer Science                 Small (6 developers) company
Jay                10 BA                    None            Profile: Hotel Industry
                    6 BS in MIS Bradley University          Engineering Services
nick                6 some college          None
                    2 A.S. Comp Sci                         Profile: Non profit trade organiztion
EN                  5 BFA                   none            small web
Anonymous                                   None
                    1 BS Computer Engineering               Large well known public company
John Doe           15 EE Drop Out           too many        Very Large Tech Corporation
Anonymous                                                   Profile: Non-profit health care facility
                    2 $23,000/year + education they are paying for.
Ted Smith                                   None importantW eb Development Firm
                    6 UK Secondry School 8 GCSES
Will                  BA - Communicationsnone               School District k-12 public
Tim                 7 some college          None            Large Well Known Outsourcing Company
Michael             6 some college          none            State Gov.
VA Engineer                                 none
                    2 BS in CS, MS in related field         Large Corporation
                   11 Degree in Criminology Minor in CS AMLAW 100 Law Firm
Sean                                        n
                    1 BS, Computer Scienceone               ~2000 employees, Private
MOJO JOJO           9 some college                          subsidiary of a
                                            A+ MCSE (NT4, W2K, W2K3)LARGE world wide corp
Anony Mouse         7                       none            Huge Corporation
dilettante          5                       None            50-person Web services firm
JT                  0 B.S. CSci             none            Game Studio
Tyler Hall          3 BS Computer Science   none            5 employee startup
TheOneWhoTypedThis 13 College drop-out                      Self-employed
                                            Macromedia stuff out of necessity
                   11 MSc                   none            bank
Underpaid                                   MCP and studying for more
                    1 AS Computer Network Technology Small IT company
simon               5 Undergraduate         none            internet
Anon               10 3rs college           CNE             European Telecom co.
Anonymous in TN    12 AS in CS                              Small VAR
                                            MCP, IBM Systems Expert
angel               6 Master in cybernetics                 Finance company, Manhatten
TL                 10 BS Business           none            Defense Contractor, multinational
                    2 BS in CS (In Progress)                Startup with about
                                            Linux, Solaris, Java, and Oracle 100 employees
                   21 some college          none            Large Financial Company
Mike               18 BS Computer Science   none
                    1 Cisco CCNA Final Test Uncompleted     Australia's Biggest Casino
villadelavalley     6 Trial and error       MCAD            Software consulting company specializing in MSFT
                        10   smatterings of cs     None            Private Startup < 20 employees
Dot Gov                 29   BA, MSBA Diploma                      Large Company
                                                   Numerous management certs 90k people
                        13   PhD CS                none            Self-employed (3 online businesses)
                        12   BA, MBA               None            Software Startup
Digg E. Guy             10   some college          none            Indy consultant
Johnny Blankhead         9   MSBA                  MCP             Microsoft
                         8                                         Architectural Visualisation
Jim                     10   some college          MCSE, CCNA Top 300, Fortune 500
Macoun Man                                         Nada.
                             BA in Physics, top school             Big shiny hardware/software/gadgets company
Sully                    3   MIS/Bus. Admin        none            Small 70M$/yr
annon                    3   University Degree (but that really doesnt matter)
Marvin                  10                         M               State Agency Sigma
                             BFA from state college CSA, Net+, A+, DCSE, Six - 121 sites
Marvin                  10                         M               State Agency Sigma
                             BFA from state college CSA, Net+, A+, DCSE, Six - 121 sites
Janny                    5   BS in computer sciencenone            smaller private company
Janny                    5                         MCSE, MCSA Midsize (5k employee) MS-centric consulting firm
Mike                    10                         none
                             BS CompSci State University           Defense Contractor, multinational
BettyBitTits            20   High School           1 - no big deal Media
iDunno                  24   A Levels              none            isv, 3 years old
Peter Alonge             6   GED                   None            Large Defense Contractor
UK_IS_CRAP              10                         none
                             PhD in CS (Complex Systems)           Fortune 500 Telcoms manufacturer
Tom Clancy              92   Highschool            Network+        Financial Services
Arnold Ferdinando        3   College Dropout (CS)none              Document Imaging/Data Capture Products
Niklas Peti             10   Masters in EE         none            Fortune 100
Kalidas Eustachio       10   B.S. Physics          none            Not saying to protect the guilty
Thorley Vaughan          1   BS in CS              none            research
Richard B.               6   Some college          A+, MCP         (New Job) School District
Paquita M&#233;abh       6   Some college          A+, MCP         (New Job) School District
Sumati Divya             9   some college                          subsidiary of a
                                                   A+ MCSE (NT4, W2K, W2K3)LARGE world wide corp
Judy Welles              2   University            none            Large public company
Tonya Banks
R Layton                 8Some college           none           A Merchant Services Company
Ekua Gennaro             8Some college           none           A Merchant Services Company
Ludger Brayden           6Art Degree             none           startup, insurance industry
Raymond                  3College grad           none           Mangosoftware
Yeno                     9*Mass Communications*  none           Small IT Consulting firm
Iuliu Daniel            13*Small Communications* None           Large IT Consulting firm
Dionysodoros Yuval Jr   11University             None           mISV
Francine Deana          12University             None           c.50 employees software house
Isay Modest              6BA CS                                 State Government
Stas Marlen              7                       SCP Java 2 (not coursework
                                                                Small, it matters)
                          BS Computer Science, some graduate sure private startup
howard alan treesong    15b.a. in tree hugging from a major university
gs                       9PhD                    none           Very small privately owned currency trader
k                       10BS                     Not that matterE-Commerce joint
D.K.A                    0                       none
                          BSc (Hons) in Computer Science        Investment Bank
                         7Some college           Nada           Laboratory information management
jinsaku                  91 year into BS in CS none             Satellite TV
                         7AAS                    CCNA
                        30                       N
                          BS, Computer Science one              Defense
Marshall                 34 Year (Liberal arts...worthless...)
Kza Wah                  5B.Com Computer Science none           BMW
Random Graduate          0                        B.S.)
                          B.Tech (equivalent to none Comp Sc.   Major IT services and solutions firm
iCool                    3                       None           Small University
Dan                     10                       none
                          2 years college (for CompSci at least)Local newspaper
J                         some college           some MCP       Well known public company
Weiran Zhang                                     none
                        0 currently in 2 year Comp Sci degree Big multinational bank
Ryan                    1 High School            none           Somewhat small Non-Profit Organisation
Peco Danajlovski        4                        none           Netcetera Skopje
Nobody                8 Computer Engineer none                 ISV
Giti                  6 some college           none            Small Limited Liability company
Artur                                          none
                      6 bachelor of electronics and telecom Large well known public company
Anon in SF           18 Masters CS ++          no way          130k/yr + 1.2% of company
                      4 some college           some            Intelligence (Government)
J                                              none age
                     20 nothing after school leavingunless you want to count training courses
Tomas                 5 Studying at university last year       6 mens :)
Peter                 1                        None
                      4 n/a                    none
Indian Geek          10 some college           none            Large well known indian offshoring company
                      8 M.Sc.                  SCJD            Large
Ahmet &#199;al&#305;&#351;kanin Electrical & Electronics Engineering
anonymous             6 B.S.                   SCJP, MCP Large outsourcing software shop
Chris                                                          Computer
                      3 Studying at university last year, IT Technician shop
Anon                 10 Highschool                             Confidential (sorry!)
                                               Ericsson + Mitel PABX,random trade certs, CCNA
Xavier                1                        None            Finance, about 1500 employees in Canada.
                     10 CS Degree Bristol Uninone              Investment Bank
tx                                             None             Systems
                     10 Bachelor Information Management &Security
TDOD                                           MCSE, Apple Cert Engineer.
                     13 HIgh School Cert, Tech Qualifications etc..
stantz                7 MS in Computer Science none            Security Solutions (SW & HW)
Mr D                                           largest in as needed Education (1 of largest in world)
                     30 State Education (1 of Collected world) State
                      4 Bachelor's Degree none                 Decent sized drug company
Nobody                8 none                   MCSD            Middle sized company
Si                    7 B.Eng (hons)           MCSD (C# & VB.NET), MCDBA
                     12 BS in CS/Math          None            Very small financial services company
anon                  5 MSc                    BEA WL          Rogers
RD                    3 some college           none            Large well known public company
Franky Dickson        8 Diploma                None            ERM
RC                    1 high school            none            small design studio
RodrAlIg              6 College + Extra Credits                Foreign-Owned Insurance Company in Japan
NotWillingToSay      11 Comp Sci Dropout CCNP                  Telecom Company
                      5 some college           none            Top 10 software company in the world
Leandro Ardissone     8 Highschool             Networking      Albuquerque, NM (the company, I'm in Argentina)
Martin                5 grammar school, nownone                no company
                                                studying at university
Rex Ruther            7 university             none            organized crime
Joe                  10 Some college           MCP, A+         Insurance
F&#225;bio            5 Technical              none            small software company
Dave                 16 some college           none            Large well known public company
anonymous             2 vocational training    none            larger end-user technical support company.
Dan Adams            10 2 months college       nada            Public School District
John Yohana                                    none
                     12 University college London              Large well known public financial company
                     20 some university        none            large
iWouldRatherNotSay                             some
                      7 university CS + engineering degrees investment bank
Joseph Barbera          two semesters          NONE            Large Telecom company that begins with a V.
                      5                        None            Online Sales related with tourism
Bob Richardson       12 Bachelor's             none            Very small software company
Mohamad Taher                                  MCP, MCSA, MCSE, CCNA, CEH
                      8 university Computer Science            ICC
Anon                                           none
                      2 BS - Operations & Business             Small ISV / Consulting Firm
Jason Branson         5 some college           none            large pharma/health care
rdu guy              13 B Tech                 none            Large well known public company
Mai Kalange           6 BEng,MSc               none            own firm
Joshua M McNeese      5 Some College                           Financial
                                               RHCE, LSA, eBay CE ASP
PeteB                 6 Some College           None            Insurance (Fortune 100)
Bob                                            none
                      6 BS Computer Science, BS NeuroPhysiologyLarge
Jeff Mohler                                    none            Large Direct Retailer
                     11 Some College - Business Degree Background
KT                    5                        none            TV Studio (100 Users)
X                    10 Associates in Sciencenone              Small Third Party Testing Firm
                         2                       n
                             BS, Computer Scienceone            private scientific research institute
Neil                     7   B.A. English / CompSci Minor
                         8   BA-Pol Sci          none           Large
Aterio                  10                       none
                             BS, Business Administration        Computer Manufacturer

anonymous_asswipe        5 GED
                         2 PhD                    none
                         7                        none            Small well known public company
contractor4534             associates - NIS       A+, Net+, MCP2k Company contracted to the US Army.
Jon                      9 BSCS from CMU          none            Medium-sized public company
me                      30 BSCS MSCS              none            Frotune 50 Defense Contractor
mrwa                                              Sun             Medium
                         6 B.S. Computer Science Java Certification Sized Public Company
                           PhD                    none            Biotech
Simon Dellmont                                    none
                        10 Still working on BS (44 credits)       Small private company
Mark                    15 BS & M.S.              none
feeling_underpaid        1 BS Comp Sci            none            Small research firm, defense related
Anonymous coward         8 Computer Engg.         none            Telecom Industry
J                       13 some college                           Medium-sized public
                                                  All essential Microsoft certifications new media company
Alex                     6 IT related diploma                     a Publishing & Media
                                                  none in IT, a lot in the special field corp, 20000 employees worldwide
callsan                0.5 IT A school            none            US NaVY
Working for the church 20 B.S. Computer Science   what?           local church
t                       10 Undergrad B.S.         none
W. Johnston                                       MCDST,          Technology Integration Group
                         9 some college (still pursuing) A+, MOUS, MCP(W2K)
Mark F                  10 some college           none            Small public company (100-200 employees)
Gerald Garland          17 some college           UAW             Auto Service Provider For one of the big three
Combatjuan               4 Some college           None            Small custom software company
Atchim Olajuwon                                   MCP
                        10 Computer Science degree, MBA           Direct Talk - small
WP                      18 some college                           Non-Profit
                                                  CNA, CNE, MCP, MCSA, MCSE, CCNP, CCA
Super Man                2 BS/MS Computer Science None            Small Internet Content Provider
Jaysen Green                                      none
                        10 High School, Some College.. no formal in IT
Matt                     2 BS in MIS              none            Small Web Development Company
anon                     2 MEng                   none            Financial services company
An Anonymouse Alcoan 4 College Diploma + Some Microsoft Trainings Alcoa Packaging and Consumer Products (Canada)
No name                 10 Educational InstitutionGCIH            Educational Institution
Anthony B                                                         United States Postal Service
                        20 Associates Degree in Specialized Technology
David                    1 currently in college none              small-medium sized company
                         5 BSc Comp Sci           N/A             University
John                    14 BA Comp Sci            None            Defense Contractor
anon                    10 BS in CS               none            startup
not sayin                1                        None            Fortune 50 company
                        18 BS in EE                               Financial
                                                  NA to my position
A                        8 BA, Liberal Arts                       Private consulting firm (~300 people)
                         9 MS in IT               none            Software Company / Business Apps.
IT Grunt                 9 BS in CS               a few           Finance
please.dont.laugh       10 B.S. in Comp Sci.                       CCNA.
                                                  Working on myRetail Data Processor
anon                     6 BSc in CS              none            medium size (400-450 staff world wide)
no such guy                                       c
                        10 none worth mentioningan do without int'l consulting company
Anon                       BS                     none            large software company
                         5 BBA in MIS, 1 1/2      A+, Net+, MCPSchool
underpaid and underworked from arkansas years of additional collegeDistrict
waiting and seeing         little college         a+
Josh                     3 Associates on CS       none            Small Private (Less than 30 emp)
No Name                    BS in Computer Science                 Large Search Company
victor                     Computer Science Engineering
NoName                                            None            Mid-sized privately held company
                         4 B.S. Computer Science, M.S. Software Engineering
el Cabrone                                        None
                         5 Masters in Business Admin
me                       3                        None            Large silicon valley company
BT has BB                5 A.A. Computer Science  None            ~10m yearly revenue
anon                                            none
                       2 BS comp sci private school            Large well known public company
Dominik                8 IT Technican           none           Small New Media Agency
                       5 BS
overworkedandunderstaffed Operations Mgt none                  On Demand Software Co
not here                                         not finish)
                     11 3 years university (didnone            Independent
Cheprakchiev                                    none
                       6 5 years in university (not finished) small
                       6 BA, MS Harvard University             Independent
                     13 BS CompSci              None           1-man contracting
Mariusz                6 University             MS Windows
Raymond                2 University                            JP Morgan
David                                           none
                         Kicked out of engineering school      Self employed consultant
Just Offering Info                              A+, Network+ Small Non-Profit
whatever               3 some college                          capitalist company
Just the Facts                                  None
                       3 BSc Comp Sci(SE) University           Public sector(Gov)
another....              Bachelors in Engineering              Software Consulting
R. U. Kidding                                   None           Large Financial
                       4 Graphic Design & Painting, all IT Self-taught
                                                Various Oracle and DB2 certificates
                       6 Bachelor of IT Software Engineering Small web company
Josh                                            Various Cisco, Small Consulting firm
                                                               Novell, Comptia
                     11 7 non-core classes left in Bach of Communications and MS
VistaOracle                                                    anyone offering enough
                     11 BSc Comp Sci QUT IT Postitute, other crappy 1 week certs. $$$
that one guy                                    None
                         Various classes, no formal degree Medium sized public company
drastik                1 B.S. computer science  None           SCC
Ivan Ivanov                                      Informatics    IBM Certified SOA Public Company
                       5 BSc Informatics, MScCCNA, CCNP, Large International Solution Designer
soul of rain           8 Bachelor of Systems Engineering
Abidik                 6 High School            CCNA, CCNP
Razvan                 4 BS in computer science none           Small company 60 employes (10 developers)
Vitaly Mogoreanu       6                        MCSD for .NET  Small company 20 employees
Johan Nel              9 PC Engineering, MCSD,MCP,Linux Admin  University
Alberto                                         None           Small company 100 employees
g&#246;khan &#214;zen 6 MCSE,MCP,Cisco                         Air company
Ben                    3                        None           Energy Company
David                21 BSEE 1985               None           Small
Aaron                  4
                     10 Some College            None           Defense Contractor
B                      5                        None           Research Institute in a University
Neo Gladiator          3                        None           Wireless Semiconductor Industry
Brett                  4 some college                          Fortune 500 insurance company
                                                MCP several times over
No                                              none
                     11 BS in computer science; MBA            independent contractor
Joe                    1 BS in CS               none           Small company
Steve                  2 some college                          Small Startup IBM, HP,
                                                MCSA (2003), Network+, A+,Company Dell
hightech001          10 CS and MBA              PMP            < 200, software
rogan josh             2 year 8                 first aid      My house
Jason                  7 BS in MIS (In Progress)None           Financial Institution
anon                                            none
                    2.5 BS in CS; MS CS in progress            large public USA RX Retailer
                 Title                    Location          Salary     Currency
                 Web Developer III        Dallas, Texas         74,000 USD
                                           and Software
                 Project Manager (ERP) Paris/France Engineer    74,000 EURO
                 Lead Developer           Oklahoma              74,000 USD
                 Software Developer       Winnipeg, Manitoba74,000 USD
al Privately Owned Company                Cincinnati, OH.       74,000 USD
                                          Portugal              74,000 EURO
                 Acquisition Programmer ayetteville, AR         74,000 USD
                 Developer (Some server stuff too)              74,000 USD
                 n/a (mainly architecture London, England 74,000 GBP
                 Senior Software Engineer Boston, MA            74,000 USD
                                                                74,000 USD
                 Senior Software Engineer Diego CA              74,000 USD
                 The boss                 UK                    74,000 USD
                 Software Engineer                              74,000
                                          Mid-size city in the South USD
                 Analyst                  San Antonio TX        74,000 USD
                                          Houston               me one
                 Do Not know since my manager never give 74,000 USD
                 Web developer                                  74,000 USD
                 architect                USA                   74,000 USD
                 Programmer               Janesville, WI        74,000 USD
                 Sr. Software Developer New York, NY            74,000 USD
                 Product Manager          M4 Corridor, UK       74,000 GBP
                 You name it, I do it     Australia             74,000 USD
                 Senior Systems AnalystBethesda, MD             74,000 USD
                 Developer (J2EE)         UK                    74,000 GBP
                 Programmer                                     74,000 USD
                                          St. Johns (Podunk) Michigan
                 Unix Developer (Intern) Charlotte, NC          74,000 USD
                 Sr. Principal Software Engineer D.C.           74,000 USD
                 SQA Engineer             Irvine, CA            74,000 USD
                 Senior Software Engineer Atlanta, Georgia      74,000 USD
                 Sr. Software Engineer Cambridge, UK            74,000 GBP
                 Software Engineer        Scotland              74,000 GBP
                 Software Design Engineer in Test               74,000 USD
                 Development team leader  Herzliya, Israel      74,000 NIS
                 Senior Systems Developer Dublin, Ireland       74,000 EURO
                 Senior Systems Developer Boston, MA            74,000 USD
                 Architect                Michigan, USA         74,000 USD
                 Principal consultant     Calgary, Canada 74,000 USD
                                          New York, NY
                 Software Developer, frontend trading system    74,000 USD
                 Software Developer       DC area               74,000 USD
                 Technical Lead           Manhattan             74,000 USD
                                          Boston                74,000 USD
                 Manager of Technical Services                  74,000 USD
                 assistant researcher Warsaw, Poland            74,000 USD
                 whatever you want to call me                   74,000 USD
                 Developer/Project ManagerWashington DC         74,000 USD
                                          West Coast USA 106,000 USD
                 Useless management overhead
                 Intern - Web Development Virginia              20,000 USD
                 Contract developer (C#) Louis, MO              62,000 USD
                 Developer                Ireland             130,000 EURO
                 Senior Developer / Architect Jose            120,000 USD
) web & rand() shop                       Indiana               41,500 USD
                 Programming Officer Melbourne Australia58,000 USD
                 Sr. Developer            Austin, Texas         90,000 USD
                 Lead Web Developer Washington, DC              83,000 USD
                 Systems Manager          BC, Canada            70,000 CDN
                  consultant / programmer oodland Hills, CA108,000 USD
                                                           135,000 AUD
                  software dev c++ & c# Melbourne, Australia
                  Senior Developer       Manhattan, NY     190,000 USD
                  Prog/Anal4             LA, CA              95,000 USD
                  MIS systems            Australia         130,000 USD
                  Senior Programmer      Seattle             72,000 USD
                                         Somewhere in Ohio70,000 USD
                  Senior Programmer / Project Team Lead
                                         Houston, Texas
                  Senior Software Engineer                   87,000 USD
                  Senior Software Engineer Louis, MO         95,000 USD
                                         Gifu, Japan         55,000 USD
                                         Somewhere in India30,000 INR
                  Senior Software Developer                4
                  Software Engineer      Palo Alto, CA     110,000 USD
                  Engineer               California        120,000 USD
                  Contract Software Engineer                 80,000 GBP
                  Owner/Director/Web Developer C#            90,000 GBP
                  n/a (development/CRUD) London, England 140,000 GBP
                  Chief Development Engineer                 20,000 EURO
                  Senior developer       Norway              65,000 USD
                  Developer              Greater London, UK32,800 GBP
                  Software Developer     UK (Not London) 33,500 GBP
                  Consultant             Norway            347,000 NOK
                  Lead Architect         Canada              96,000 USD
                  Lead Architect         Indiana           100,000 USD
                  Team Lead/Senior Developer Canada 104,500 USD
                  Oracle Developer       Ottawa,Canada       78,000 USD
vider for a niche market                 Overland Park, KS 85,000 USD
                                         Los Alamos, NM. 75,000
                  Software Developer, Web Developer, Oracle DBA USD
                  Senior Consultant      Toronto, Canada 145,000 USD
                  Web Developer          Philadelphia, PA USA50,000 USD
                  Software developer     Toronto, Canada 70,000 USD
                  Lead Developer                           100,000 USD
                                         Philadelphia, PA USA
                  Software engineer      UK                  43,800 GBP
                                         London, England 105,000 GBP
                  Development Team Lead for trading system
                  Progammer              Barcelona, Spain 20,000 EURO
                  Database Programmer Northern Virginia 60,000 USD
                  Sr. Solutions Consultant ampton Roads, VA  89,000 USD
                  Consultant                                 50,000 CDN
                                         Montreal, QC, Canada (housing is cheap)
                                         Rockville, MD       75,000 USD
                  Project Manager        Oklahoma            86,000 USD
                                         U.S. South          85,000 USD
                  Developer              Dallas, TX          55,000 USD
                                         Detroit (area),
                  Senior Java Programmer (contractor) MI 175,000 USD
                  Software Developer     London, UK          83,000 USD
                                                           115,000 USD
                                         Philadelphia PA, and central New Jersey area.
                  Developer              Detroit, MI         55,000 USD
                  Network Operations     Sillycon Valley   100,000 USD
                  Boss                   Germany           100,000 EURO
                  Software Architect     Boston, MA, US 112,000 USD
                                                           114,000 USD
                  Senior Technical WriterSeattle suburbs (not Redmond)
                  Sales Engineer                           110,000 USD
                  IT Director                              145,000 USD
                  Web developer/Web producer WA              65,180 USD
                                         New York City
                  Associate (Software/Web Developer)         75,000 USD
                                         UK, London          45,000 GBP
                  Application Developer                      46,466 USD
                  Sr Programmer Analyst                      70,000 USD
                  Web Developer          NY, NY              55,000 USD
                 Sr System Admin                             57,000 USD
                                         OR                  70,000 USD
                 I.T. Department (Web dev., network mgr., etc.)
                 Software Developer      Moscow             275,000 USD
                 IT Administrator        Providence, RI, US 52,000 USD
                                          Batch Support
                 Batch Lead Developer /Vancouver, BC, Canada 60,840 USD
                 Dir IT                                      64,000 USD
                 Desktop Support Technician Rosa, California 35,000 USD
                 Computer Technician I NH                    30,000 USD
                 developer/sysadmin      north carolina, usa 65,000 USD
                 Senior Fellow Staff Architech Idaho      ######## USD
                                         New York,
                 Unix/Linux Systems Administrator NY         53,000 USD
  (2) Semiconductor Mfg.                 Bay Area, CA        72,240 USD
                 Head Programmer         CA                 150,000 USD
                 Help Desk               South Central WI 39,000 USD
                 engineer                bay area            95,000 USD
                                         Bay Area, California84,000 USD
                 Desktop Technician/former supervisor
                 Infrastructure PM       NYC                 95,000 USD
                                                              6,000 EURO
                 Web Programmer          IL                  62,000 USD
                 Lead Programmer of a one man army           50,000 USD
                 Senior Systems Director ashington DC 120,000 USD
                 Software Engineer Intern alifornia          48,000 USD
                                         Deerfield, IL       64,000 USD
                 App. Developer and DB Admin.                55,000 USD
                 Network Management Systems Engineer 99,000 USD
                 Programmer Analyst Omaha, NE                57,000 USD
                                         Atlanta, GA         98,000 USD
                 Oracle DBA                                  94,000 USD
                 Developer               Austin,texas        96,000 USD
                 Software Development Engineer               80,000 USD
                                         Vancouver,          27,000 USD
                 Computer Systems Administrator Washington USA
                                         mid-south US
                 wireless network engineer                   54,000 USD
ernment with 5k+ employees               West Midlands, UK 27,000 GBP
                                         Washington, DC
                 Technical Support Specialist / Help Desk 45,000 USD
                                         Midwest somewhere
                 Lead Network Security Consultant            93,000 USD
                 Programmer/Analyst Greenville, SC           55,000 USD
                 Software Engineer       Bay Area, CA       150,000 USD
                 Sr. Software Deveolper Honolulu, HI         50,000 USD
                 Data Support SpecialistLittle Rock, AR      45,000 USD
                 Dev Manager             Dallas, TX         114,000 USD
                 Programmer/Analyst CA                      120,000 USD
                 Software Dev.                                stays USD
                                         What happens here,85,000here.
                 Tech Support Rep        Minneapolis, MN 52,000 USD
                 Software Developer      Liverpool UK        35,000 GBP
                 Software Engineer       Austin, TX          73,000 USD
                 Senior Software EngineerAtlanta             90,000 USD
                 Senior Security Engineer Area, CA          120,000 USD
                 Software Engineer       Jacksonville, FL    86,000 USD
                 Senior Consultant       San Francisco, CA 80,000 USD
                 Senior Software Developer Francisco        128,000 USD
                 Systems Administrator Pasadena, CA          74,000 USD
                 Network Tech, Web Developer                 23,000 USD
                 Assistant IS Manager                        16,000 USD
                 Project Engineer        Norway              61,000 USD
                 Security                Southern California 40,000 USD
                 Director                New York, NY        95,000 USD
                 Applications Developer Somewhere, Louisiana 50,000 USD
Desktop Support Technician II Washington     50,000 USD
Computer IT             Fairbanks, Alaska 395,000 USD
IT Manager              Central Texas, USA 135,000 USD
IT guy                  IN                   30,000 USD
Web Developer           Tampa, FL            60,000 USD
Tech                    San Jose, CA         85,000 USD
Development Manager Saint Geore, Utah 38,500 USD
Software Engineer (Level 2)                  64,000 USD
Software Engineer       Pittsburgh, PA       55,000 USD
Senior Security EngineerMidwest            108,000 USD
Systems Administrator Harrisburgh, PA        40,000 USD
                        / Lead Tech Support Eng. USD
Service Level Manager new englandish         54,000
Developer                                    80,000 USD
Sr. Web Developer                            6
                        Philadelphia Suburbs7,200 USD
Software Engineer       Denver, Colorado 60,500 USD
Software Engineer       Washington, DC       90,000 USD
Assistant IS Manager Atlanta                 73,000 USD
Engineer                Jacksonville, FL     50,000 USD
Senior Developer (hilarious)                 66,000 USD
IT Specialist           Pacific              46,000 USD
Senior DBA              Florida              45,000 USD
                        Hopewell, NJ
Consultant (Global Banking Architecture) 130,000 USD
Software Engineer       Maryland             47,000 USD
Information processing The bay area          90,000 USD
Software Engineeer      Minneapolis area 52,000 USD
Attorney                Chicago            350,000 USD
                        Atlanta, GA
Unix Middleware Contractor                 132,000 USD
                        Minnesota, United States USD
Senior Programmer/Analyst                    85,000
Research Assistant      Bangalore             3,466 USD
Security Analyst        Denver, CO           72,000 USD
Tech Guru (I shit you not) Francisco, CA 71,000 USD
                        Santa              148,000 USD
Sr. Staff Engineer, Software Clara, California
Sr. Programmer          Austin, Tx           70,000 USD
Technical Support Engineer Texas             88,000 USD
Sales Engineer          Bakersfield, CA      60,000 USD
Windows/OSX/Linux SysAdmin View, Ca 99,000 USD
Embedded Software Engineer                   88,000 USD
Technical Support       Denver, CO           40,000 USD
R&D Software EngineerBoulder, CO             70,000 USD
Director, IT Operations US                 122,000 USD
                        Sydney NSW         126,005 USD
Software Engineering Associate AZ            51,500 USD
Technical Poject ManglerAustin Texas         81,000 USD
Software Engineer       Atlanta, GA        105,000 USD
                        Orange County, CA
Senior Developer and Independent Developer 160,000 USD
Security Consultant     Boston, MA         112,000 USD
Software Engineer       Santa Clara, CA 115,000 USD
Technician              city in the southwest30,000 USD
NOC Analyst             Toronto, Ontario     55,000 USD
Engineering Lab Manager WA                   70,000 USD
                        Boston, MA
Senior Software Engineer, Team Lead          90,000 USD
Partner                 Ohio, US           120,000 USD
Data Warehouse Architect / DBA Indiana 70,000 USD
Director of IT          American Midwest 90,000 USD
                        Mountville, PA (small rural town)
Sr. Systems Administrator                    50,000 USD
                        Pittsburgh, PA
Desktop Support Technician                   28,000 USD
CTO                     Philadelphia         60,000 USD
                 Firmware Engineer       Boulder, CO           55,000 USD
                 Programmer              Savannah, GA          65,000 USD
                 Manager                                       87,000 Florida
                                         forgot to put location: South USD
                 CEO - Toilet Cleaner Australia                80,000 USD
                 Tech                    Sao Paulo, Brazil      6,000 USD
                 Director of I.T.        Atlanta, GA           90,000 USD
                 DBA/Tech. Architect                          100,000 CDN
                 Quality Analyst         Cleveland, Ohio       40,000 USD
                 Break FIx TECH          East windsor, NJ 44,000 USD
                 Director of Information Technology            80,000 USD
                                         Alabama               80,000 USD
                 Regional Director       Cincinnati, OH       130,000 USD
                 Sr Sys/Unix Admin       Chicago, il           90,000 USD
                 Software Engineer       Mid-South Dakota 35,000 USD
                 Manager/Engineer        St. Petersburg, FL 105,000 USD
                 UNIX Adiministrator     Bay Area, CA          63,000 USD
                 Web Developer           Ireland               18,000 USD
                 Script writter          Montreal              65,000 USD
                 Software engineer       Seattle, WA           85,000 USD
                 IT Consultant           DC                    65,000 USD
                 Sr. UNIX Administrator Denver, CO             75,000 USD
                 Software Analyst/Jack of all trades           71,000 USD
                 Lead Design             St. Louis, MO         73,000 USD
                 Systems Engineer        Columbus, GA          53,200 USD
                 Developer/Network Admin ND                    35,000 USD
                 Software Developer      Washington DC         59,000 USD
                 Software Architect      MountainView, CA 165,000 USD
                 Supervising Technician/Laptop Technician 25,000 USD
                 None                    Charlotte            450,000 USD
                 Information TechnologyWestchester, NY 104,000 USD
                 Sr. Software Engineer California             114,000 USD
                 software engineer       Massachusetts         65,000 USD
                 Systems Engineer        Richmond, Va          63,000 USD
                 Senior Oracle DBA       New Jersey           130,000 USD
of huge media research company           CT                    50,000 USD
                 Professional Intern     Pennsylvania          51,000 USD
                 lead developer          Seattle              110,000 USD
                 Customer Service Engineer (General IT support) CND
                                         Atlanta, GA
                 Mainframe Programmer/Analyst, COBOL 105,000 USD
                 Senior Software EngineerCambridge, MA         90,000 USD
                 indepentant contractor iowa                  120,000 USD
                 software developer      Boston, MA            75,000 USD
                 Consultant              Northern Ohio        108,000 USD
                 Information Systems Specialist                29,300 USD
                 Technology Manager Chicago                    36,000 USD
                 Desktop Support         Calgary, AB           40,000 CDN
                 IT/Network Manager Southwest VA               72,500 USD
                 Web Developer III       Cincinnati, OH        60,000 USD
                 Web Developer II                               York
                                         New York CIty, New65,000 USD
                 Team Lead               Bangalore, India      17,000 USD
                                         Romania               50,000 USD
                 Lead Software Engineer entucky                60,000 USD
                 Programmer Analyst New York City             170,000 USD
                 Sr Programmer / Analyst Memphis, TN           93,000 USD
                                         NY USA                38,000 USD
                 Senior IT Auditor       SF Bay Area, Cali 95,000 USD
                 Owner                   Texas                 34,500 USD
                                           Pensacola, Fl
                   F5 Admin/Cisco-pix Admin/                   75,000 USD
                                           Boston, MA
                   Senior Software Development Engineer        73,000 USD
                   IT Help Desk specialist Washington state 24,000 USD
                   Principal Consultant    Boston, MA         100,000 USD
                   Senior Software, Staff Sunnyvale, CA       142,000 USD
                   Project Coordinator     New Jersey          74,800 USD
                   IT Manager              Detroit, MI         74,000 USD
                   Network Systems Administrator TX            30,000 USD
                   Intranet administrator Ohio                 52,000 USD
                                                               31,000 USD
                                           South of Pittsburgh PA
                   MIS Manager (redundant huh?)                60,000 USD
                   Mac Systems Management  Central Illinois    56,000 USD
                   Senior Developer        New Zealand         94,000 USD
                                           Chicago suburbs 94,000 USD
                   E-Commerce Manager Madison, WI              70,000 USD
                                           Dallas, Texas
                   Senior Support Technician                   58,500 USD
                   Network Engineer        Hawaii              80,000 USD
                                           Milwaukee          166,000 USD
                                           NY, NYC
                   Senior UNIX Engineer/Architect             107,000 USD
                   Consultant              San Francisco, CA 71,000 USD
                   Software Engineer       Bay Area           135,000 USD
                   Software Engineer       Baltimore           70,000 USD
                   IT Director             Texas               62,000 USD
                                           Chicago IL          51,750 USD
                   Web Designer            Dallas, TX          81,000 USD
                   Systems Administrator IL - Not Chicagoland  80,000 USD
                                           Miami               40,000 USD
ofit trade organiztion                     Arizona             36,000 USD
                   Multimedia Developer NYC                    61,000 USD
                   Software Engineer II Chicago, IL            64,000 USD
                   Lead Engineer           Atlanta             90,000 USD
ofit health care facility                  Alabama             23,000 USD
                   CTO                     Denver              85,000 USD
                   Technical Assistant     Westwood,NJ         40,000 USD
                   Field Services AssociatePlano               48,000 USD
                                           Marion, Va
                   Computer Tech/LAN Administrator             27,000 USD
                   Sr. Software Engineer Northern VA           89,000 USD
                                           Southern California
                   Director in IT Department                  148,000 USD
                   Programmer              MA                  40,000 USD
 LARGE world wide corp                     Oklahoma            73,500 USD
                   Network Technician                          or Missouri
                                           Kansas, Oklahoma, 45,000 USD(pick one)
                                           Reston, VA
                   Senior Software Developer                   54,000 USD
                   Tools Engineer          Minnesota           54,000 USD
                   Lead Developer          Nashville, TN       36,000 USD
                                           Lawrence, KS         6,000 EURO
                   systems manager         Skopje, Macedonia 27,500 USD
                   Network Specialist      Biloxi, MS          27,000 USD
                   senior project manager atlanta              86,250 USD
                                           Los Fiber)
                   Sales (IP Transit, Capacity, Angeles        80,000 USD
                   Consultant/Developer Nashville, TN          72,000 USD
                   Senior Developer        New York           151,800 USD
                   Senior Software DesignMelbourne, FL         85,000 USD
                   Developer (intern)      California          65,000 USD
                   Unix System AdminstratorNewark, Delaware 97,000 USD
                                                              177,500 USD
                                           Telecommute to Atlanta from Mtns of Western NC
                   Management Information Systems              47,500 USD
                   Software Developer      Carlsbad, California75,000 USD
                  Applications architect San Francisco         126,000 USD
                  EVP of Technology       Northern VA          489,000 USD
                  Whatever you want to call me                  50,000 USD
                  CTO, Chief Architect Denver                  150,000 USD
                  CRM expert              California            90,000 USD
                  System Engineer         California            88,000 USD
                                          Perth, Australia
                  Project Manager (was 3D Designer/Artist) 40,000 USD
                                          Fairfield, CA
                  Server System Engineer II                     73,500 USD
                  Software Developer      Western UN            74,000 USD
                  JD Edwards Developer Modesto, California 72,000 USD
                                          Eastern Europe        20,000 USD
                  Systems Administrator Austin                  48,000 USD
                  Systems Administrator Austin                  48,000 USD
                  Lead Developer          Oklahoma              14,000 USD
                  Sr. Software Developer New York, NY          223,000 USD
                  Senior Software EngineerBoston, MA           313,000 USD
                  Web Developer           Tampa, FL            411,000 USD
                  The boss                UK                   750,000 USD
                  Support Engineer III    Colorado Springs, CO  55,000 USD
                  Product Manager         M4 Corridor, UK        2,000 GBP
                  Unix Developer (Intern) Charlotte, NC        124,000 USD
                  SQA Engineer            Irvine, CA           372,000 USD
                  Technical Lead          Manhattan            415,000 USD
                  Programmer                                   241,000 USD
                                          St. Johns (Podunk) Michigan
                  Analyst                 San Antonio TX 551,000 USD
                  Tech Support Lacky      Charlottesville, VA 44,000 USD
                  Tech Support Lacky      Charlottesville, VA 32,000 USD
 LARGE world wide corp                    Oklahoma           2,373,500 USD
                  Security Consultant     Boston, MA            29,000 USD
                                           and Software
                  Project Manager (ERP) Paris/France Engineer   75,000 EURO
                                          Las Vegas, NV         64,000 USD
                                          Las Vegas, NV         12,000 USD
                  Senior Software Engineer Diego CA            120,000 USD
                  Senior web developer Manila , Philippines 10,000 USD
                  Senior Consultant       New York              90,000 USD
                  Junior Consultant       New York             123,000 USD
                  You name it, I do it    Australia          3,714,000 USD
                  Software Developer      UK (Not London) 333,500 GBP
                  Manager of Technical Services                175,000 USD
                  Software Engineer                            South
                                          Mid-size city in the 131,500 USD
                                          bay area              88,000 USD
                  Chief of IT             Moscow, Russia        35,000 USD
                  Software Architect      Chicago              143,750 USD
                  Graduate Trainee (Software Development) 65,000 USD
                  Software Engineer       Montreal              42,000 USD
                  Principal Analyst/Developer                  118,000 USD
                  Network Engineer        Phoenix, AZ           68,000 USD
                  Principal Engineer      Seattle, WA          125,000 USD
                                          El II / Corporate Peon
                  Chief PC Tech / Helpdesk Culo del Mundo, SC   32,000 USD
                  Software Developer      Munich, Germany 45,000 EURO
                  Software Engineer       India                  4,500 USD
                  Computer Support Tech.  L.A.                  32,000 USD
                                          and programming
                  Layout and web design Schenectady, NY 28,000 USD
                  IT manager              Spain                 50,000 USD
                  Intern Developer        London                22,000 GBP
all Non-Profit Organisation                                     50,000 USD
                                          Alice Springs, Australia
                  Software Developer      Skopje, Macedonia 4,800 EURO
                 Software Architect         Barcelona, Spain 40,000 EURO
                 Web Developer              India, Lucknow      15,000 USD
                 software dev delphi        Riga, Latvia        14,000 USD
                 Director                   San Francisco, CA130,000 USD
                                            RO                   3,300 EURO
t training courses                          North West England25,000 GBP
                   Software engineer        Lithuania            6,500 USD
                                            The Nehterlands 22,000 EURO
                   Web Developer            England, UK         39,000 GBP
                                            Bangalore, India 1,300,000 INR
                   [replace with your favorite] Architect
                   Software Project Manager Turkey              27,000 USD
                                            Moscow, Russia
                   Senior software developer/Tech Lead          24,000 USD
                   Technician               Poland               3,390 USD
                                            Melbourne Au        @ Telco
                   Support Voice/Data for business customers 50,000 AUD
                                            Melbourne, Australia75,000 USD
                   System Developer         Montreal, Canada 450,000 CDN
                   Consultant               London City        150,000 GBP
                   Implementation Engineer  Belgium             93,600 EURO
                                                                70,000 USD
                                            Auckland, New Zealand
                   Senior SW Developer Prague, Czech            68,000 CZK
                   Teacher / Head Teacher ustralia              55,000 USD
                   Network Admin            Long Island, NY     58,000 USD
                   Software Developer C# Hamburg, Germany30,000 EURO
                   Senior Developer                             53,000
                                            Christchurch, New Zealand USD
                   Wearer of multiple hats Raleigh, NC         117,000 CDN
                   Senior Developer         Toronto, Canada 77,000 CDN
                   Help Desk Analyst        Gaithersburg, MD 52,000 USD
                   God                      Mississauga, ON 115,000 USD
                   Developer                UK                 230,000 GBP
                   Data Analyst             Tokyo, Japan        80,000 USD
                   Network Engineer         Bermuda            108,000 USD
                   SQA Engineer             Heathrow, FL        64,000 USD
                                            Albuquerque, NM (the company, I'm in Argentina)
                   Web Programmer (Freelance)                   12,000 USD
                   Webmaster                                    45,000 USD
                                            central/eastern Europe
                   tech guy                 mobile             110,000 USD
                                            Long Island NY
                   Administrator/Desktop support                59,000 USD
                   programmer               Brazil               5,800 USD
                                            Omaha, Nebraska 76,500 USD
                   Mainframe Systems Programmer
                   technical support specialist                 13,000 USD
                   District Computer Tech Ohio                  42,000 USD
                   Analyst                  London, UK         200,000 USD
                   Senior developer         sydney australia 122,000 AUD
                                            London, UK          60,000 GBP
  company that begins with a V.                                 52,000
                                            Providence, Rhode Island USD
                   Tech Lead - Project Director                 35,000 EURO
                   Support Tech             Los Angeles, CA 26,000 USD
                                            Beirut, Lebanon      9,600 USD
                                            Bethesda, MD        55,000 USD
                                            Indianapolis, IN
                   Desktop Support Specialist                   42,000 USD
                   Senior s/w               Raleigh, NC         95,000 USD
                   Technical Director       UK/Zambia           75,000 GBP
                   Lead Developer           Boulder, CO         70,000 USD
                   Lead Database Admin Ohio                     78,000 USD
                                            East Coast USA
                   Sr. Software Systems Engineer                96,000 USD
                                            Ohio                71,000
                   Technical Specialist - Lotus Domino Administrator USD
                   IT Director (only IT guy)London, UK          30,000 GBP
                   Senior Test Engineer East Bay (CA SF Bay Area) USD
                Programmer Analyst      Kansas City            55,000 USD
                                        New York, NY           45,000 USD
                Sr. Developer           Charlotte             115,000 USD
                Program Manager IV Orange County              120,000 USD
                Associate Infrastructure Analyst Intern        21,000 USD
                                                               35,000 USD
                 software developer      uk                    26,000 GBP
                 Unix systems engineer Stockholm, Sweden65,000 USD
racted to the US Army.                                         30,000 USD
                                         Sunnyvale, CA
                 Test Infrastructure Engineer                  98,000 USD
                 Technical Staff EngineerPhoenix, AZ          130,000 USD
                 Sr Software Developer Seattle, WA             83,000 USD
                 Computational BiologistBay Area, CA           96,000 USD
                                         Baltimore,            80,000 USD
                 Systems and Network Engineer MD - Washington, DC
                 Web Development Manager Suburban Seattle 115,000 USD
                 Software Engineer       midwest               45,000 USD
                                         Toronto, Canada 450,000 USD
                 Senior consultant       Scandinavia          150,000 CAD
                                          (digital publishing processes)
                 software & data analyst Germany/west          42,000 EURO
                 ITSA                    Little Creek VA       15,600 USD
                 Web Designer/Web Developer AZ                 35,000 USD
                 Senior Software engineerSeattle, WA          102,000 USD
                                         Indianapolis, IN
                 Desktop Support Specialist                    44,000 USD
                 SysAdmin                Los Angeles, Ca. 45,000 USD
                                         Detroit, Mi
                 Technician, Marketing dept.                   74,000 USD
                 Lead Developer          Lincoln, NE           38,000 USD
                 R&D Coordinator         Brazil                32,000 USD
                 Net Ops. Dir            Phoenix, AZ          130,000 USD
                 Software Developer      New York, NY          61,000 USD
                                         Kentucky/Indiana 51,000 USD
                 Web Application Developer
                 Project Manager / Account Director DC         55,000 USD
                 Software Developer, Project MgrUK             57,000 GBP
                 IT Technician           Ontario, Canada       35,000 CAD
                 System Administrator Houston, TX USA 52,000 USD
                                         Pennsylvania          40,000 USD
                 IT Manager              Anaheim,CA            41,600 USD
                 Research Fellow         Scotland              28,000 GBP
                                         I-270                 97,000 DC
                 Sr. Systems/SW Engineer corridore, WashingtonUSDarea
                 software engineer       san francisco         90,000 USD
                 Software Engineer       Spain                   8,400 EURO
                 Business Analyst        New Jersey           111,100 USD
                 Manager                 Dallas               100,000 USD
                 Senior Researcher       Bay Area             132,250 USD
                 Proj Mgr                SoCal                165,000 USD
                                         Long Island, NY
                 Systems Analyst (Solaris Sys. Admin)          85,490 USD
                 Software Engineer       Cambridge, UK         31,000 GBP
                 Senior Consultant       Italy                 38,000 EURO
                 IT Manager              Mountain View, CA103,000 USD
                 Information Systems Specialist                27,000 USD
                                         Las Vegas NV
                 Sys Admin incl. windows, freebsd, oracle, php 58,000 USD
                                         St. louis, MO
                 Technical Support Specialist (Help Desk) 27,500 USD
                                         NY, NY               110,000 USD
                                         Monterrey, Mexico 60,000 USD
                 Senior Sofware Developer                      88,560 USD
                                         Philadelphia area, Pennsylvania
                 Systems Analyst/AdminBaton Rouge, LA 56,500 USD
                 Internship (software dev) Cal                 63,000 USD
                 Senior Sofware Engineer Diego CA              95,000 USD
                  SW Engineer             PA                 53,000 USD
                  Senior Designer / Webdeveloper Poland 12,000 USD
                                          Oakland, CA         Analyst
                  Webdeveloper, Accounts Management, EDI75,000 USD
                                          Anywhere in the US
                  Enterprise software consultant            450,000 USD
                  Senior J2EE DeveloperSofia, Bulgaria       11,400 EURO
                  CTO - Medical           Atlanta GA        300,000 USD
                  Principal consultant    Atlanta, GA       125,000 USD
                                          Olsztyn, Poland     4,800 USD
                  Analyst Programmer Hong Kong               25,000 USD
                                          Illinois           60,000 USD
                  Systems Admin                              29,000 USD
                  Programmer              Portugal           14,000 EURO
                  SW Developer            Dublin, Ireland    44,000 EURO
                  Engineering Manager                       100,000 USD
                  Sr. Web Designer        Boston, MA         92,000 USD
                  Database Developer Brisbane, Australia 90,000 AUD
                                          Columbus, Ohio
                  Network Design and Engineer                60,000 USD
                  Code Monkey <-> Director Aust              90,000 AUD
                  System Administrator Orange County, CA 60,000 USD
                  field network technicianOrange County, CA 26,000 USD
                  Senior Software EngineerSofia, Bulgaria    13,200 ERUO
                                          Istanbul, Turkey   40,000 USD
                  System Technician       Ankara, Turkey     16,000 USD
                  developer                                  11,000 USD
                                          Bucharest Romania, Europe
                  Sr. Developer                               9,600
                                          Kishinev Moldova, xUSSR USD
                                          South Africa       38,000
                  Technical Specialist (Web Systems Development) USD
                  Research assistant      Valencia, Spain    12,000 EURO
                  IT                      Turkey              8,000 USD
                                          Toledo, OH
                  IT Systems Integrator (intern/co-op)       40,000 USD
                  Web Solutions ArchitectPrinceton, NJ      110,000 USD
                  Lead programmer Analyst (web development)  30,000 USD
                  Computer Tech III       Huntsville, AL     65,000 USD
ute in a University                       Nashville, TN      64,000 USD
                  Software Engineer       Bangalore, India 800,000 INR
                  Senior Technician       Baltimore, MD      42,000 USD
                  Architect               South USA         160,000 USD
                  Technology analyst      Quebec, Canada 50,000 CAD
                  Systems Administrator Menlo Park, CA       44,000 USD
                  Consultant              Boston, MA        101,200 USD
                  Dole Bludger            Inala              12,500 USD
                  Network Administrator SE Michigan          62,500 USD
                  Systems Engineer        Harrisburg, PA     48,000 USD

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