; Nextar MA323-2BL 256 MB Digital MP3 Player with FM Radio _Black_
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Nextar MA323-2BL 256 MB Digital MP3 Player with FM Radio _Black_


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Nextar MA323-2BL 256 MB MP3 Player FM Radio Function Black. Support MP3/WMA digital music,
FM Radio Receiver and Recorder, Built In Li-ion rechargeable battery, SB 2.0 full-speed plug, Support
Multiple Language, Synchronic Lyric during playing, 5 bands mode EQ system, A-B repeat playing and
recording, 1" Size Square, Self-emitting blue OLED
Get in the groove with the black Nextar MA323-2BL digital MP3 player, which offers a stylish
cube-shaped housing that wears easily around your neck or fits in a pocket. The 1-inch-square device
supports a host of audio formats, including MP1, MP2, MP3, WMA, WMV, WAV, and ASF, giving you
plenty of options when working out at the gym or commuting to work. Listeners will also dig the MP3
player's multiple playback modes, which include repeat play (one and all tracks), random play, and
browse play. And should you need to record an interview or take a few voice notes, the MA323
handles that, too, with a built-in microphone that records into WAV format. Storage-wise, the unit
offers 256 MB of flash memory, enough for up to four hours of MP3 music and eight hours of WMA
audio. The unit's five-band equalizer, meanwhile, lets you customize your audio options, with natural,
rock, pop, soft, classic, jazz, and digital bass boost settings. Add in an integrated FM radio receiver
and recorder--which let you catch up on all your favorite FM programs--and you have everything you
need for hours of on-the-go audio entertainment. Other details include a built-in rechargeable
lithium-ion battery, a sync lyric function that displays the lyrics to your favorite songs while you listen
(requires .LRC files), a USB 2.0 interface, and a self-emitting blue OLED display with graphical
menus. The MA323, which runs for roughly five hours per charge, weighs 0.63 ounces and is backed
by a 90-day warranty. What's in the Box
 MP3 player, stereo earbuds, neck strap, USB cable, software CD-ROM, user's manual.
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