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iriver introduces fast USB 2.0 Dongle type built in flash memory MP3 player in 5 different sophisticate
colors(black, white, pink, blue and brown) to choose from. Crisp and soothing blue letters OLED
display screen for easy navigation and simple control.Simple and Easy Ready Connection.Built-In
convenient protracting USB connector offers simple and easy connection without the need for a
separate USB cable and not having to worry about losing a cap.Listen and record your favorite radio
stations with built-in radio and radio recorder.Convenient built-in voice recorder for recording personal
memos and important messages.Music Files Supports most popular audio formats MP3, WMA, ASF
and OGG Q10- lossless file format.Sound & EQ Providing abundant base, clear, dynamic
three-dimensional sounds with a 6 EQ and SRS WOW HD.
The iriver T7 2GB Volcano is a compact Digital Audio Player (DAP) (compatible with MP3, WMA, ASF,
OGG formats) with a 1-inch OLED display screen, FM radio, and voice recording.                    The
iriver T7 4GB Volcano compact Digital Audio Player (DAP) in earthy brown--compatible with
MP3, WMA, ASF, Ogg formats.
 Click to enlarge.                    The compact 1-inch display lets you know what song is
playing. Click to enlarge.                   Easily transfer files, music, and more.
Click to enlarge.            Music, Recording, FM Tuner, USB Memory Stick
 The iriver T7 Volcano not only supports MP3, ASF, and WMA music file, but also OGG files of
high-quality sound. It also supports SRS WOW HD, allows for 7 different equalizer settings, offers
voice recording, and high-speed USB 2.0 file transfer. The UMS connection type enables you to
download music, video, text, and picture files as well as firmware upgrades from PCs through iriver's
proprietary PLUS3 media player. Touch with a Digital-Analog Feeling
 With convenience in mind, iriver decided on a click-type interface, with a digital-analog sensibility, for
the T7 Volcano's buttons. This helps you to control the buttons with your fingertips more intuitively
when you are on the go or when listening to some tunes or radio around the house. Sophisticated
Design for the USB Connection
 The iriver T7 Volcano was designed so that its USB connection is meant to represent the image of a
flaming volcano. The T7 Volcano helps you discover increased concentration, feel refreshed after
hours of study, stress relief, or even inducement into a deep sleep. Material in Harmony
 The T7 Volcano's buttons are made of lustrous material so they can be found easily. Its 1-inch display
lets you know what song is playing or what radio station you are listening to. While the Volcano is
slightly bigger than your average thumb drive, it's thinner than most other Digital Audio Players on the
market, while offering many of the same features. Overall, its design presents a harmony of materials.
What's in the Box?
 iriver T7 Volcano 4GB USB MP3 Player (Brown), USB cable, earphones, mini software CD, Quick
Start Guide, warranty information. About iriver, Inc.
 iriver, Inc. is the award-winning producer of iriver digital A/V devices, owned by Reigncom, Ltd., the
global digital A/V product powerhouse. Since its founding in 1999, Reigncom has become renowned
for its product innovation, style-driven technology, and a track record of market dominance. The
company's ever expanding digital product lines include: Multimedia Devices (MP3. MP4, PMP, Mobile
TV), Network Devices (Home Media Center, Wi-Fi Network, Navigation products) and Content Devices
(E-Dictionary, E-Book).
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