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  1 Pacific Northwest National Laboratory                         Pacific Northwest's core mission is to deliver
    Environmental Technology Solutions                                                         environmental science and technology to meet
                                                                                               key national needs. The lab also applies its
                                                                                               capabilities to meet selected energy, health,
                                                                                               and national security needs, and makes
                                                                                               contributions to America's economy and to the
                                                                                               education of future scientists and engineers.

  2 Techknow 3.0                                              Techknow's database is a springboard for
                                                                                                people interested in Environmentally
                                                                                                Sustainable technologies. Originally,
                                                                                                TechKnow not only contained environmental
                                                                                                remediation technologies but has now
                                                                                                branched off to other forms of sustainable
  3 edie product finder               This fully searchable database enables you to
                                               cfm                                              find and compare the latest equipment and
                                                                                                services developed for the environment and
                                                                                                water sectors, and make direct contact with
  4 OCETA Environmental Technoogy Profiles OCETA has a compilation of Environmental
                                               01_Soil_/                                        Technology Profiles featuring leading edge
                                                                                                Canadian Environmental Technologies. Also
                                                                                                included, are Environmental Business Profiles
                                                                                                of companies providing environmental
                                                                                                products and/or services in Ontario.
  5 Asian and Pacific Centre for Transfer of               APCTT is a United Nations regional institution
    Technology (APCTT)                                                                          under the Economic and Social Commission
                                                                                                for Asia and the Pacific (ESCAP). The
                                                                                                objective of APCTT is to strengthen the
                                                                                                technology transfer capabilities in the region
                                                                                                and to facilitate import/export of
                                                                                                environmentally sound technologies to/from the
                                                                                                member countries
 6 Australia's EnviroNet                                Australia's EnviroNET is a directory of
                                                                                                 Australia's environment industries including
                                                                                                 databases of environment management
                                                                                                 expertise, industry applications for
                                                                                                 environmental technologies, environmental
                                                                                                 education; plus a range of other resources to
                                                                                                 support development and uptake of Australian
                                                                                                 solutions to industry's environmental issues.
 7 Enviro-Access Environmental Technologies       Fact sheets are an attractive and easy to use
   Fact Sheets                                                                                   tool, displaying various commercial
                                                                                                 environmental technologies available through
                                                                                                 Quebec and Atlantic Canada enterprises. Each
                                                                                                 fact sheet holds sections describing the said
                                                                                                 technology, its perfomances, application limits,
                                                                                                 its installation and use, costs and other useful

 8 NETT21 (GEC Environmental Technology NETT21 is an abbreviation for the Database on
   Database)                                                                                       "New Environmental Technology Transfer in
                                                                                                   the 21st Century", nickname of GEC
                                                                                                   Environmental Technology Database. It shows
                                                                                                   GEC's resolution to promote environmental
                                                                                                   technology transfer in the 21st century.
 9 CleanEnergy                                      A worldwide directory of Clean Energy related
                                                                                                   companies, organizations, products, activities,
                                                                                                   and news for Information- Discussion- Online
10 TT Clear                          The technology transfer information clearing
                                              .jsp                                                 house (TTClear) is a prototype site* aiming at
                                                                                                   promoting the development and transfer of
                                                                                                   environmentally sound technologies under the
                                                                                                   United Nations Framework Convention on
                                                                                                   Climate Change.
11 EU CORDIS databases           The CORDIS Technology Marketplace is a
                                                                            service of the EU that enables registered users
                                                                            to offer or request technologies on a wide
                                                                            range of issues and topics. Emerging ideas,
                                                                            techniques and tools, under categories
                                                                            Business, Science and Society, are included in
                                                                            the Marketplace.
12 Greentie                               GREENTIE website is an international directory
                                                                            of suppliers whose technologies help to reduce
                                                                            greenhouse gas emissions. GREENTIE also
                                                                            provides information on funding and on leading
                                                                            international organisations and IEA
                                                                            programmes whose RD&D and information
                                                                            activities centre around clean energy
13 Global Network of Environmnet &                GNET is an award-winning environmental
   Technology (GNET)                                                        technology, news and business center that
                                                                            promotes the use of innovative environmental
                                                                            technologies. This site is made possible by a
                                                                            cooperative agreement from the National
                                                                            Energy Technology Laboratory and the
                                                                            Department of Energy's Office of Science and
14 Global Directory for Environmental         The GNET Technology Portal serves as the
   Technology Portal                                                        "one stop shop" to link the environmental
                                                                            technology development activities of Federal
                                                                            agencies - improving the opportunity for joint
                                                                            programs and projects. The Portal gathers and
                                                                            disseminates information on government
                                                                            technology in a single easy to use on line tool.
15 Green Pages                             This is a comprehensive guide to
                                                                            environmental products & services, featuring
                                                                            suppliers from 139 countries. Information about
                                                                            organizations, conferences and publications is
                                                                            complemented by editorial contributions from
                                                                            experts in different fields.
16 CADDET                            CADDET, Centre for Analysis and
                                                                                              Dissemination of Demonstrated Energy
                                                                                              Technologies, is an international information
                                                                                              network that helps users find out about
                                                                                              renewable energy and energy-saving
17 APEC-VC's Environmental Technology                 APEC Virtual Center for Environmental
   Cooperation for the developing countries                                                   Technology Exchange (APEC-VC) helps
                                                                                              economies, municipalities, corporations and
                                                                                              environment-related institutions share, via the
                                                                                              Internet, information on environmental
18 National Environmental Technology Database             Welcome to the National Environmental
                                                                                              Technology Database (NETD). The NETD is
                                                                                              an "evergreen" information resource designed
                                                                                              to gather records from leading leading
                                                                                              government and private environmental
                                                                                              technology databases and provide access to it
                                                                                              in a single, easy to use web resource.

19 GET Database - Gateway to Environmental                           HCET‟s (The Hemispheric Center for
   Technology                                                                                   Environmental Technology) objective is to
                                                                                                research, develop, and demonstrate innovative
                                                                                                environmental technologies and to establish
                                                                                                alliances between governments, industry, and
                                                                                                academia that will continue to support the
                                                                                                commercialization and implementation of these
20 US EPA Hazardous WasteClean-Up                         Providing information about innovative
   Information                                                                                  treatment and site characterization
                                                                                                technologies while acting as a forum for all
                                                                                                waste remediation stakefolders.

21 TEENET-AIT Database of Energy and             The TEENET Database of Energy and
   Environment Databases (DEED)                                                                 Environment Databases (DEED) is a directory
                                                                                                of more than 115 databases on energy and
                                                                                                environment. The objective is to assist
                                                                                                TEENET subscribers and other users identify
                                                                                                which databases will be most useful to them.
22 EPA Information Sources Databases and       Online and downloadable tools to access
   Software                                                                           environmental data.

23 Water-Waste-Environmnet Market Place    http://www.water-waste-environment-        -

24 ETC Canada Databases and Software   The Environmental Technology Centre (ETC)
                                                                                      provides specialized scientific support and
                                                                                      undertakes research and development for
                                                                                      Environmental Protection programs.

25 Environmental Expert                    http://www.environmental-                  Environmental Expert is an independent
                                                   business publisher maintaining a web-based
                                                                                      information center for environmental
                                                                                      professionals and businesses world-wide.
                                                                                      Environmental Expert focuses on the business
                                                                                      needs of environmental industry professionals,
                                                                                      and is a recognised leader in the field.

26 AVEL Sustainability Knowledge Network                        AVEL Sustainability Knowledge Network is a
                                                                                      portal and brokerage service for engineers,
                                                                                      other professionals and researchers
                                                                                      concerned with sustainable systems. It is also
                                                                                      a resource for students in senior secondary
                                                                                      and tertiary education.
27 EPA REACH IT                          EPA REACH IT, sponsored by EPA's
                                                                                        Technology Innovation Office, is a system that
                                                                                        lets environmental professionals use the
                                                                                        Internet to search, view, download, and print
                                                                                        information about innovative remediation and
                                                                                        characterization technologies.
28 Technology Tree                    The Technology Tree offers public
                                                                                        stakeholders a user-friendly, "front end",
                                                                                        decision-making tool for learning about the
                                                                                        available types of environmental
                                                                                        characterization and remediation technologies.
                                                                                        Rather than duplicate existing information on
                                                                                        professional databases, the Tree provides links
                                                                                        to those databases.
29 James & James databse of Renewable   The James & James database of Renewable
   Energy Suppliers and Services        ml                                              Energy Suppliers and Services holds the
                                                                                        details of nearly 12,000 companies and
                                                                                        organizations from around the world. All of
                                                                                        them are renewable energy specialists. The
                                                                                        database is probably the largest and most up
                                                                                        to date of its kind anywhere in the world today.
30 CoolCompanies                                     The Center helps companies design and
                                                                                        implement strategies to cut energy use and
                                                                                        pollution – particularly the greenhouse gas
                                                                                        emissions responsible for global warming. We
                                                                                        develop institutional „best practices‟ for
                                                                                        greenhouse gas reduction, and provide
                                                                                        neutral, credible verification of emissions
                                                                                        baselines and reductions. We also partner with
                                                                                        outside organizations to promote these
                                                                                        approaches using performance-based data
                                                                                        and contemporary case studies presented
                                                                                        through a variety of channels.
31 GWRTAC Remediation Technologies           GWRTAC focuses on innovative in situ ground-
                                                                                           water and soil remediation technologies as
                                                                                           compared to the standard "pump and treat"
                                                                                           approach for groundwater, or soil excavation
                                                                                           and treatment. Many of the remedial activities
                                                                                           summarized within GWRTAC are in situ
                                                                                           technologies requiring no ground-water
                                                                                           extraction; however, means of enhancing
                                                                                           pump and treat are also addressed. GWRTAC
                                                                                           includes those remediation technologies which
                                                                                           through design and/or application, improve
                                                                                           ground-water quality and are integral to ground-
                                                                                           water clean-up.
32 ETDEWEB: Energy Technology Database                    Welcome to ETDE World Energy Base,
   Exchange World Energy Base                                                              ETDEWEB. ETDEWEB includes information
                                                                                           on the environmental impact of energy
                                                                                           production and use, including climate change;
                                                                                           energy R&D; energy policy; nuclear, coal,
                                                                                           hydrocarbon and renewable energy
                                                                                           technologies and much, much more.
33 Global System for Sustainable Network The core of the Global System for Sustainable
                                           d?OpenForm&BaseTarget=FrontFrame                Development (GSSD) is its evolving quality
                                                                                           controlled and cross-referenced index to some
                                                                                           of the best sources and materials on
                                                                                           sustainability found on the Internet.

34 GreenBiz.Com Web Guide         Not your basic search engine or random link
                                           m                                             collection. We've handpicked the best sites on
                                                                                         business and the environment, along with
                                                                                         previews of what you'll find.
35 EVRI - The Environmental Valuation                      The EVRITM (Environmental Valuation
   Reference Inventory                                                                        Reference InventoryTM) is a searchable
                                                                                              storehouse of empirical studies on the
                                                                                              economic value of environmental benefits and
                                                                                              human health effects. It has been developed
                                                                                              as a tool to help policy analysts use the
                                                                                              benefits transfer approach. Using the EVRI to
                                                                                              do a benefits transfer is an alternative to doing
                                                                                              new valuation research.
36 SciTech Library                    Here, the recent advanced technologies are
                                                                                              stored. We render our services to individuals
                                                                                              and legal entities, which are interested in
                                                                                              getting additional information on each
                                                                                              technology, free of charge.
37 The Energy Science and Technology                   The Energy Science and Technology Database
   Database                                                                                   (EDB) is a multidisciplinary file containing
                                                                                              worldwide references to basic and applied
                                                                                              scientific and technical research literature. The
                                                                                              information is collected for use by government
                                                                                              managers, researchers at the national
                                                                                              laboratories, and other research efforts
                                                                                              sponsored by the U.S. Department of Energy,
                                                                                              and the results of this research are transferred
                                                                                              to the public.
38 The Pilot Clean Air Technology Database        The CATD contains general and product-
   (CATD).                                                                                    specific information on air pollution prevention
                                                                                              (P2) and control technologies for the organic
                                                                                              coatings industry. You can use the Clean Air
                                                                                              Technology Database to find information to
                                                                                              help you run your process better and cleaner.
39 JEMU UK Suppliers Database                            You can use this site to find UK sources of
                                                                                              environmental technology, services and
                                                                                              expertise. Click the "UK Suppliers" button on
                                                                                              the left to access our database of UK
                                                                                              environmental suppliers, directories of trade
                                                                                              associations & professional bodies, R & D
                                                                                              organisations, training providers and
                                                                                              demonstration sites in the UK.
40 Green Pages                                   Green pages provide information on urban
                                                                                                     environmental technologies, services, products
                                                                                                     and solutions relevant to Asian Cities. It
                                                                                                     includes reference projects and programmes
                                                                                                     successfully implemented especially by
                                                                                                     European solution providers.
41 Green City Demark Shareholders                     GREEN CITY DENMARK is organised as a
                                                                                                     limited liability company with shareholders from
                                                                                                     all over Denmark. As a shareholder in GREEN
                                                                                                     CITY DENMARK you commit yourself to
                                                                                                     issuing an environmental statement within two
                                                                                                     years after subscription, and many of the
                                                                                                     participating companies are already
                                                                                                     environmentally certified.

42 Clean Technologies Information Pool --- The The main goal of the Information Pool is to
   Clean Air Initiatives in Latin America Cities   pool/                                             provide easily accessible and comprehensive
                                                                                                     information on cleaner buses, trucks and fuels,
                                                                                                     with a particular focus on Latin American cities
                                                                                                     (although much of the information provided
                                                                                                     here is also relevant to other parts of the
                                                                                                     world). The Info Pool is designed to be neutral
                                                                                                     and objective and intends to facilitate the
                                                                                                     decision making process of air quality
                                                                                                     management in Latin American cities.

43 Envirotech Search Meister                                   With the "envirotech-searchmeister", ITUT
                                                                                                     Centre for the International Transfer of
                                                                                                     Environmental Technologies provides a free
                                                                                                     Internetaccess to over 10,000 German
                                                                                                     companies involved in the environmental
                                                                                                     technology and servicesector.
44 Waste Minimization Database of India             The intent of WMDBI is to document waste
   (sign-up required to access)                                                             minimization efforts practiced by Indian
                                                                                            industry. The database is comprised of
                                                                                            information collected on the basis of
                                                                                            Technology Implemented, Industrial Sub-sector
                                                                                            and Geographical Location. The database
                                                                                            indicates whether the technology was fully
                                                                                            implemented, and also includes any positive
                                                                                            impacts of the adopted technology on energy
                                                                                            consumption and water conservation.
45 Corporate Accountability -- Databases on   http://www.corporate-                         This Website aims to facilitate the flow of
   Environmental Technology                information among NGOs and social
                                                                                            movements who believe their governments,
                                                                                            private sector and civil society need to make
                                                                                            greater efforts to ensure the accountability of
                                                                                            business and industry, especially Transnational
                                                                                            Corporations, to society.
46 Cleaner Production Germany -- Gateway to   http://www.cleaner-                           Cleaner Production Germany (CPG) is an
   Environmental Technology Transfer       Internet portal or gateway, which provides in-
                                                                                            depth and comprehensive information about
                                                                                            the performance of German environmental
                                                                                            technologies and environmental services.
                                                                                            Moreover, CPG also provides information
                                                                                            about national and international support and
                                                                                            promotion tools and contacts in the field of
                                                                                            technology transfer are available.
47 British Colombia Environment Industry   Over seventy BCEIA companies are listed in
   Association                                                                              this on-line database. Each company is linked
                                                                                            to a page where you can view the company's
                                                                                            contacts and areas of expertise.

48 Cement Association of Canada Technical The Cement Association of Canada has
   Knowledge Base                             openform                                     developed an extensive knowledge base of
                                                                                           information related to cement and concrete.
                                                                                           The database is continuously updated with new
                                                                                           and revised information on a wide variety of
49 SANDEC                                                       SANDEC is the Department of Water and
                                                                                               Sanitation in Developing Countries at the
                                                                                               Swiss Federal Institute for Environmental
                                                                                               Science and Technology (EAWAG) in
                                                                                               Duebendorf, Switzerland. Its activities centre
                                                                                               on problems of sustainable development in
                                                                                               economically less developed countries. Its
                                                                                               mandate is to assist in developing appropriate
                                                                                               and sustainable water and sanitation concepts
                                                                                               and technologies adapted to the different
                                                                                               physical and socio-economic conditions
                                                                                               prevailing in developing countries.
50 US EPA Technology Transfer Network                         EPA's Premier Technical Web site for
                                                                                               Information Transfer and Sharing Related to
                                                                                               Air Pollution Topics

51 Clean Coal Technologies Database            http://www.iea-                                A database of Clean Coal Technologies is
                                                  available free of charge from this website.
                                                                                              In addition you may subscribe to the Clean
                                                                                              Coal Compendium, which contains Coal
                                                                                              Abstracts, a database of abstracts of the
                                                                                              world's literature on coal and CoalPower4, a
                                                                                              series of eight interlinked databases covering
                                                                                              clean coal technologies, clean coal
                                                                                              demonstration plants, the worlds coal-fired
                                                                                              power stations and their units, environmental
                                                                                              abatement and control systems, emission
                                                                                              standards, and the names of addresses of
                                                                                              utilities and companies active in clean coal
52 Links to Suppliers of Equipment, Chemical -
   Products, Technologies and Services         y.html#Foams
53 Information Service for Energy Efficiency  Information Service on Energy Efficiency
                                                                                         (ISEE) is an on line database with off-line
                                                                                         facilitation and support services and makes
                                                                                         available technical and commercial information
                                                                                         that companies need for undertaking energy
                                                                                         conservation measures.
54 Nayudamma Information Bank         The Nayudamma Information Bank contains
                                                                                         information about and easy access to
                                                                                         technologies supported by IDRC - technologies
                                                                                         from the South for the South. Providing
                                                                                         contact names for all the technologies
                                                                                         described, it is a way of sharing and updating
                                                                                         information on technological advancements for
                                                                                         international development.
Contact                                   Logo   As of

Kathryn Lang                                             27 Jun 03                              27 Jun 03

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Wayne Coutinho, Content Manager, Phone:                  27 Jun 03
(416) 778-6697 or E-mail                                           27 Jun 03
Australia's EnviroNET Project Officer        27 Jun 03
Sustainable Industry & Atmosphere Division
Phone: 61 2 6274 1477
Fax: 61 2 6274 1640

Place Andrew-Paton                           27 Jun 03
85 Belvedere Street North
Suite 150
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GREENTIE Centre                  27 Jun 03
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Information Systems Group        27 Jun 03
Street Im Dörfli 23
City 8953 Dietikon - Zürich
Country Switzerland
Telephone (+41) 1 - 272 34 79
Facsimile (+41) 71 - 888 08 51
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Tim Conner                               -   27 Jun 03
Director of Special Project
Global Environment & Technology
7010 Little River Turnpike Suite 460
Annandale, Virginia 22003
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-                                            27 Jun 03

U.S. EPA (5102G)                             27 Jun 03
Ariel Rios Building
1200 Pennsylvania Avenue, N.W.
Washington, DC 20460
FAX (703) 603-9135
Regional Energy Resources Information    -   27 Jun 03
Center, Asian Institute of Technology,
P.O. Box 4, Klong Luang, Pathumthani
12120, Thailand
Environmental Protection Agency              27 Jun 03
Ariel Rios Building
1200 Pennsylvania Avenue, N.W.
Mail Code 3213A
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335 River Road South,
Gloucester, ON
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Tel. (613) 991-5633
Fax. (613) 998-1365

Spain: Voice: +34 913 515 191 / Fax: +1      27 Jun 03
617 588 0278 / E-mail: info@environmental-
USA: Voice: +1 617 588 0278 / Fax: +1 617
588 0278 / E-mail: info@environmental-
Germany: Voice: +49 941 5841754 / Fax:
+49 941 5841754 / E-mail: info-
Ms Nicole Clark                              27 Jun 03
AVEL Sustainability Knowledge Network
Dorothy Hill Physical Sciences &
Engineering Library
The University of Queensland
tel: +61 7 3365 3974
fax: +61 7 3365 3658
-                                             27 Jun 03                                 27 Jun 03

James & James, 8-12 Camden High Street,       27 Jun 03
London NW1 0JH, UK
Tel +44 20 7387 8558 Fax + 44 20 7387

Center for Energy and Climate Solutions   -   27 Jun 03
 7010 Little River Turnpike, Suite 460
Annandale, Virginia, 22003
Phone 1 703/750-6401
Ground-Water Remediation                    27 Jun 03
Technologies Analysis Center
425 Sixth Avenue
28th Floor, Regional Enterprise Tower
Pittsburgh, PA 15219
phone:(800) 373-1973, (412) 577-2646
fax: (412) 577-2660

ETDE Operating Agent                        27 Jun 03
P.O. Box 1000
Oak Ridge, Tennessee 37831
Telephone: 1 865 576 1272
Telefax: 1 865 576 2865
Global System for Sustainable Development   27 Jun 03
Professor Nazli Choucri, Director
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
77 Massachusetts Avenue, E53-490
Cambridge, MA 02139 USA
Phone 1-617-253-5263
Fax 1-617-258-7989
-                                           27 Jun 03
-                                                27 Jun 03                                    27 Jun 03                                 27 Jun 03

National Center for Manufacturing Sciences   -   27 Jun 03
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-                                                27 Jun 03
-                                  27 Jun 03

Green City Denmark A/S             27 Jun 03
Birk Centerpark 40
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Tel: +45-9721 6400
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1818 H Street, N.W.
Washington, D.C. 20433
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Messe-Allee 2                      04 Jul 03
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Torstr. 154                        04 Jul 03
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Hans-Peter Damian                  04 Jul 03
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730 - 999 Canada Place,            07 Jul 03
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1500-60 Queen Street,              08 Jul 03
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Ueberlandstrasse 133                   -   08 Jul 03
P.O. Box 611
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-                                          17 Jul 03

Dr John Topper, Managing Director          23 Jul 03
IEA Clean Coal Centre
Gemini House
10-18 Putney Hill
London SW15 6AA
Tel: +44 (0)20 8780 2111
Fax: +44 (0)20 8780 1746

Energy and OzonAction Programme Unit   -   24 Jul 03
39-43, Quai André Citroën
75739 Paris Cedex 15, France
Tel: (+33) 1 44 37 14 59
Fax: (+33) 1 44 37 14 74
Federation of Indian Chambers of   27 Jul 03
Commerce and Industry (FICCI)
Federation House, Tansen Marg
New Delhi 110001
TEL :91-11-23738760
FAX : 91-11-2332071
PO Box 8500                        04 Aug 03
Ottawa, ON K1G 3H9
Tel: +1 (613) 236 6163
  Title                             URL
1 GNET Technology Developer
  Resource Guide

2 Integrated Environmental
  Management Systems
  Implementation Guide

3 Cleaner Tehcnologies Sustitutes
  Assessment A Methodology &        m/exsum.htm
  Resource Guide

4 CoolCompanies "How to Guide"

5 Envirowise - Guides     
6 NorthWest Builders Network Guide

7 Shred-Tech Solutions Guide 

8 Guide to Cleaner Coal Technologies

Narrative                                             Contacts
The Technology Developer's Resource Guide   
(TDRG) exists as a mechanism for small
businesses to take their technology idea or
technology prototype to the next phase of
implementation. The TDRG presents a broad
range of topics related to technology
development and deployment in a manner that
can be followed as either a path from start to
finish or simply utilized to target a specific area
of interest.
-                                                     -

This publication presents the methods and        -
resources needed to conduct a Cleaner
Technologies Substitutes Assessment (CTSA),
a methodology for evaluating the comparative
risk, performance, cost, and resource
conservation of alternatives to chemicals
currently used by specific industry sectors. The
CTSA methodology was developed by the U.S.
Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)
Design for the Environment (DfE) Program, the
University of Tennessee Center for Clean
Products and Clean Technologies, and other
partners in voluntary, cooperative, industry-
specific pilot projects.

This “How-To” guide outlines strategic            -
opportunities to reduce energy use, save
money and clean up the environment for the
commercial buildings and industrial plants, and
cover options including lighting, heating and
cooling, cogeneration, green power, motors,
fans and steam processes and more.
Our series of guides cover a wide range of        -
topics and industries, from running a workshop
to stimulate action to practical water
management in specific sectors. The Guides
provide practical ideas, checklists and in some
cases supporting software and presentations. If
you are looking for a guide in a specific sector
or area, use the search facility by typing in the
NorthWest Builders Network Guide to               NorthWest Builders
environmental products, companies, news,          Network, Inc.
events, resources & publications. With a          P.O. Box 11306
special focus on sustainable building             Eugene, Oregon
technolgies, renewable & solar energy &           97440-3506
energy efficient design & construction.           Tel:1-541-895-5061
Shred-Tech, in partnership with our customers, 295 Pinebush Road
is committed to developing cost-effective         Cambridge, Ontario
solutions for the difficult problems of reduction Canada N1T 1B2
and recycling.                                    tel: 519-621-3560
                                                  fax: 519-621-4288
This is a Guide to information related to cleaner Dr John Topper,
coal technologies (CCTs) that can be found on Managing Director
the Internet. It was prepared from the            IEA Clean Coal
factsheets produced for a report funded by the Centre
UK Department of Trade and Industry's             Gemini House
Cleaner Coal Technology Programme.                10-18 Putney Hill
                                                  London SW15 6AA
                                                  Tel: +44 (0)20 8780
                                                  Fax: +44 (0)20 8780
Logo   As of
        27 Jun 03

        27 Jun 03

        27 Jun 03

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        27 Jun 03
-   03 Jul 03

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    23 Jul 03
  Title                            URL
1 Sector Star Environmental
  Performance Tools & Resources

2 Environmental Tools   http://www.environmental-

3 Envirowise Management Tools

Narrative                                      Contacts
Our tools and resources cover your sector from
employee health and safety to waste reduction;
from awards to Web sites; from Maine to

The Environmental Freeware section offers a     Spain: Voice: +34 913 512 172/
selection of Free Environmental Software: Air   Fax: +1 240 352-8678 / E-mail:
Modeling, Regulation, Risk Assessment,
Health & Safety, Pollution Prevention, Solid    Germany: Voice: +49 941 5841754 /
Waste, Utilities, Waste, Wastewater              Fax: +49 941 5841754 / E-mail: info-
Treatment, Water.                     
                                                USA: Voice: +1 240 352-8678 /
                                                Fax: +1 240 352-8678 / E-mail:
-                                               -
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  Title                             URL
1 Edie Software Guide     

2 Environmental Expert - Software   http://www.environmental-

3 Center for Technology Transfer
  and Pollution Prevention          pp/programs/dropdown.htm

Narrative                                  Contacts
Software Guide is a searchable web         -
version of the industry standard
Environmental Software Guide.
What type of Environmental Software        -
are you looking for? Save time finding,
comparing, selecting and contacting
providers of high quality software
applications around the world. Download
demo versions, review technical and
commercial information and send
information requests to competitor
The CTTPP, the Center for Technology       Center for Technology
Transfer and Pollution Prevention at the   Transfer and Pollution
Purdue University Agricultural &           Prevention
Biological Engineering Department, has     Purdue University
developed a series of over 50 web-         1146 ABE
based and DOS-based computer               West Lafayette, IN 47907-
programs on various aspects of the         1146
environment and pollution prevention.      Email:
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  Sub Cagegories                Title
1 Training                      Edie's training Centre

2 Training                      Internet Based Training

3 Environmental Education       US EPA Educational Resources

4 Training                      Environmental

5 Training                      Clean Technology Centre

6 Environmental Education       New York Institute of Technology -
                                -- School of Engineering and
                                Technology, Environmental
                                Technology MSc

7 Renewable Energy              University of Ulster -- Dept of
                                Engineering and the Built
8 Waste/Water   ET Online

URL                                  Narrative      Edie's training centre is open 24 hours a day,
                                     providing a fully searchable database of
                                     training courses and training suppliers. You
                                     can search from this page or follow the links
                                     below to browse courses by date or by provider ITRC develops and delivers training courses
ntent.asp?en=NA562457&sea=Ye via the Internet to reach a geographically
s&set=Both&sca=Yes&sct=Long          dispersed audience of regulators, consultants,
                                     and other members of the environmental
                                     community. Sound science provides the foundation for
arch.htm                             credible environmental decision-making and is
                                     one of EPA's guiding principles to fulfill its
                                     mission to protect human health and the
                                     environment. These pages show the role of
                                     science at EPA and give access to scientific
                                     information that may be useful in
                                     understanding and protecting our environment.
http://www.environmental-            What type of Environmental Training are you              looking for? Save time finding, comparing,
                                     selecting and contacting providers of high
                                     quality training services and materials around
                                     the world. Download brochures, review
                                     technical and commercial information and
                                     send information requests to competing
http://www.ctc-                      The Clean Technology Centre has been        providing environmental training and
                                     awareness since 1992. Much of this training is
                                     carried out in-house and may be company or
                                     sector specific, in which case specific exercise
                                     sheets, overheads, PowerPoint Presentations,
                                     written material etc. have been developed and
                                     utilised. Videos, CD-ROMs and other training
                                     materials are also frequently used in CTC
                                     training sessions. Environmental technology is a specialized
ndex.html                            area of engineering that focuses on pollution,
                                     waste management and environmental
                                     preservation. Engineers and technologists in
                                     this field combine knowledge of natural
                                     sciences, physical sciences, mathematics,
                                     mechanical engineering, and computer
                                     technology to conduct research and find
                                     solutions to environmental issues that satisfy
                                     the concerns of government, business
                                     interests and environmental lobbyists. This post-graduate course teaches how to
ourse_details.cgi/7                  appreciate, analyse and evaluate conventional
                                     and renewable energy technologies and
                                     understand how they may be managed for
                                     future sustainability.   Environmental Technology Online (ET
                            Online)… a new way to learn anytime –
                            anywhere! Take a moment to discover all that
                            ET Online offers, sample the courses, locate a
                            partner organization near you, find careers in
                            the environmental field.
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Unit 1                             03 Jul 03
Melbourne Business Park
Model Farm Road
Tel: +353 21 4344864
Fax: +353 21 4344865

Prof. Stanley M.                   31 Jul 03
Greenwald, P.E.
Northern Blvd.
Old Westbury, NY
Tel: 1-516-686-7969
Email:               05 Aug 03
6301 Kirkwood Blvd. SW /   06 Aug 03
PO Box 2068
Cedar Rapids, IA 52406-
Tel: 1 319-398-5677
Fax: 1 319-398-1250
E-mail: et-
  Case Studies
  Title                        URL
1 Environmental Technology
  Transfer: The Case of the    etropolis.html
  Petropolis Waste Water
  Treatment Plant

2 ICETT's Database for
  Enivronmental                out
  Management and
3 Methodological and 
  Technological issues in      8.htm
  Technology Transfer

4 TERI's Case Studies on the
   --- Renewables, Energy
  efficiency in small and
  medium enterprises,
  Technology applications
  including biotechnology,
  and Forestry/Biodiversity

5 Technology without 
  Borders: Case Studies of
  Successful Technology

6 Energy and Water for
  Sustainable Living - A
  Compendium of Energy and
  Water Success Stories

7 The
  Stakeholder's Guide to       mn_overview.stm
  Sustainable Waste
8 Capacity building for
  stimulating technology       cs/ft01.pdf
  transfer in climate change
 9 Best Practices Database

10 A Case Study on the
   application of an            una.html
   Environmentally Sound
   Technology (EST) At Small
   Scale Enterprises in Nepal

11 Indiana Clean      
   Manufacturing Technology     gy_Transfer/
   & Safe Materials Institute
   (CMTI) - Technology

12 Envirowise - Case Studies

13 Installation and Operation
   of a 26 KiloWatt Thin Film   arex/index.shtml
   Amorphous Silicon
   Photovoltaic Solar Array

14 WaterAid --- Technology
   Notes                        chnology_notes/default.asp
15 Environic Foundation -
   Success stories             sstories.html

16 International Cleaner
   Production Information      se/CaseStudy_main.htm
   Clearinghouse (ICPIC)

17 World Energy Council

18 Pollutech Technical Papers

19 Earth Tech --- Project
   Showcase                    e/index.htm

20 Integrated Environmental
   Technology Group            er_case_studies.htm

21 "Modern and Traditional
   Irrigation Technologies in DID=6&Product_ID=2724&CATID=15
   the Eastern Mediterranean"
   (IDRC publication)

22 "Technology Policy and
   Practice in Africa" (IDRC   DID=6&Product_ID=157&CATID=15

Conventional sewage treatment technologies are too expensive for
many developing economies to afford and often fail to reuse
nutrients in waste water. To solve this, the Biomass Nutrient
Recycling Project, led in Brazil by The Environmental Institute
(OIA), constructed and tested demonstration projects using
biomass nutrient recycling technology to purify municipal waste
water and improve soil fertility.

Needs to click Information on Environmental Technology on the left
hand side

This Special Report by The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate
Change (IPCC) Working Group III includes a wide variety of case
studies to illustrate the issues discussed in section I and II and
demonstrates the distinctive problems and special opportunities
that stakeholders are likely to encounter in dealing with technology
TERI has achieved a unique distinction not only as a premier
research institution working in the fields of environment, energy and
sustainable development, but also as an agent of change. At every
stage, concerted efforts are made to put TERI's research into
practice, to use it in a way that can transform the lives of people.
The case studies presented here are a reflection of this endeavor.
Each case study begins with a statement of the difference TERI's
intervention made to people's lives or to the environment and then
offers more detailed information under the following heads:
problem, setting, approach, intervention, stakeholders'
perspectives, the way forward, and documentation.
Technology Without Borders presents case studies of successful
transfer of climate-friendly technology and practices. It explores the
causes for success and draws the lessons learned. Key messages
are presented for the fight against climate destabilisation. The
terms "climate-friendly technology" and "climate technology" used
here refer to technologies, practices or techniques, which reduce
greenhouse-gas emissions or assist countries in adapting to climate
This report presents case studies of energy and water technology
applications to illustrate how sustainable development can flourish
in developing countries when principles of good governance are
present. It also illustrates that funding from both the private and the
public sectors flows to areas where principles of good governance
are operating.
Many organisations and individuals have shared their ideas and
experiences within this area of the website. The Environment
Council wishes to thank them for their valuable contributions, and
hopes that others will be able to learn from these case studies.
This publication on Capacity building for stimulating technology
transfer in the context of climate change highlights that effective
adoption of environmentally sound technologies (ESTs) in the
developing countries is a major element of global strategies to
address climate change.
This searchable database contains over 1600 proven solutions
from more than 140 countries to the common social, economic and
environmental problems of an urbanizing world. It demonstrates the
practical ways in which public, private and civil society sectors are
working together to improve governance, eradicate poverty, provide
access to shelter, land and basic services, protect the environment
and support economic development.

In recent years, there is concern shown in Nepal on the
development of food processing enterprises and thus different new
food products were introduced mainly for income generation and
enterprise development. An example is formed by the food-
processing activity of drying of vegetables, meat and fruits. This
activity has been carried out since long time back as a traditional
practice but only to a limited extend, with the aim to preserve the
food materials when available plenty. This paper deals with the
differences in the method used traditionally and the Environmentally
Sound Technology called the Solar Dryer.
The Institute provides technical assistance and education services
to a variety of Indiana's industry. The purpose of the Institute is to
act as the state's focal point for coordinating and deploying
technical assistance, outreach, education, planning services and
research to facilitate the adoption of pollution prevention/clean
manufacturing strategies by Indiana manufacturing facilities.

Case studies are produced to show waste management in action
within an organisation. Each case study gives savings generated,
which are independently audited, useful tips and pointers to further
This paper describes the installation and operation of a 26 kilowatt
thin film amorphous silicon photovoltaic solar array installed in the
Fall of 1997 on the Science and Applied Studies building on the
Germantown Campus of Montgomery College located in
Germantown, Maryland. This paper discusses the College's history
with solar energy, the decisions made, the construction process and
the operation.

These Technology Notes have been prepared following many
general enquiries for technical information having been received by
WaterAid over the years. Their purpose is to give an outline of the
technologies used by WaterAid on long-term development projects
in Africa and Asia, and to show alternatives which might be
appropriate in different circumstances. It may be possible to
determine from the notes the technology which would be
appropriate in a particular location.
Success stories are about real places that are using practical,
integrated sustainability strategies now. While the scale of the
success stories varies, and the issues being addressed are not the
same from story to story, they do provide models that can be
replicated to mitigate similar social, economic and environmental
sustainability problems in other locations. While strategies used in
the success stories may not be completely appropriate for a
particular location, the types of strategies used lend themselves to
adaptation. In addition, these success stories are presented not
simply to be copied, but to provide the reader with a range of ideas
that will spawn even more and better strategies.
The International Cleaner Production Information Clearinghouse
(ICPIC) has been developed by the UNEP DTIE for the effective
promotion of Cleaner Production (CP), worldwide. The ICPIC
contains compilation nof CP case studies, CP contacts, profiles of
CP related national policies and CP publications.

WEC's Mission: "To promote the sustainable supply and use of
energy for the greatest benefit of all people." This mission is carried
out through the Objects, which were approved at WEC's founding in
1924 and modified over the years to adapt to the changing energy
industry and the changes within WEC.

The following is a list of technical papers available on this site, all of
which have been prepared by technical staff at Pollutech.
Earth Tech will continue to grow as a worldwide leader in providing
high-quality consulting, design, construction, and operations
services to meet the environmental and infrastructure needs of
industry and government. We will set the standard within our
industry for cost-effective and responsive client service, for top-
quality professionals, and for superior financial performance. We
will achieve these goals through technical and management
leadership, teamwork, and dedication to the professional
development and advancement of our people.
IETG (Integrated Environmental Technology Group) provides a
comprehensive asset data collection, analysis and information
management service for the environmental and infrastructure

This book presents an analysis of irrigation technologies used in
the Eastern Mediterranean region, both past and present. It
discusses the reuse of wastewater and other conservation
technologies through case studies from Israel, Jordan, Lebanon,
North Cyprus, and Turkey.
African economies need deep technological revolutions to bring
about rapid structural shifts, to deepen their industry, and build up
their endogenous technological capability. The case studies
presented here demonstrate the need to pay greater attention to an
enabling macroeconomic environment and the ways that
environment interacts with an effective technology policy.
Dr. Georg Winter
Osterstrasse 58
20259 Hamburg
Tel.: +49-40-4907-1600
Fax: +49-40-4907-1601


Darbari Seth Block
Habitat Place
Lodhi Road
New Delhi - 110 003, India
Telephone +91 11 2468 2100, 2468 2111
Fax +91 11 2468 2144, 2468 2145






Indiana Clean Manufacturing Technology and Safe
Materials Institute(CMTI)
2655 Yeager Road, Suite 103
West Lafayette, IN 47906
Phone: 765/463-4749
FAX: 765/463-3795

J. Michael Whitcomb, P.E.
Energy Manager
Montgomery College
Room 315
900 Hungerford Drive
Rockville, MD 20850
Fax 301.251.7379
Prince Consort House, 27-29 Albert Embankment,
London, SE1 7UB, UK.
Tel: +44 20 7793 4500
Fax:+44 20 7793 4545
3503 Hutch Place
Chevy Chase, MD 20815-4736 USA
Tel: 301-654-7160
Fax: 301-654-3710

105, Hanuman Industrial Estate
42, G.D. Ambekar Road, Wadala
Mumbai - 400 031, INDIA
Tel : 91 22 24168217 / 2413 9125
Fax : 91 22 2413 9125
5th Floor
Regency House
1-4 Warwick Street
London W1B 5LT
United Kingdom
Tel: (+44 20) 7734 5996
Fax: (+44 20) 7734 5926

Corporate Headquarters
100 West Broadway, Suite 240
Long Beach, CA 90802

Hollies House, 250 Walsall Road
Cannock, Staffordshire, WS11 3JL, UK
Tel 01543 577371
Fax 01543 577513

PO Box 8500
Ottawa, Canada / K1G 3H9
Tel: +1 (613) 236 6163
PO Box 8500
Ottawa, Canada / K1G 3H9
Tel: +1 (613) 236 6163
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  ochemicals,    Laboratory                   /techtour/environment.html

3 Energy           Battelle - Environment

4 Water&wastewat Integrated Environmental
  er             Technology Group             htm

5 Water&Sanitatio CAWST - Centre for
  n               Affordable Water and        y/
                  Sanitation Technology

6 Enviornment in                   
                   Gate - German Appropriate Technology Exchange

7 Air quality      Fujita Research  
 8 Water          WaterNet        

 9 Water          WaterNet --- Technology
                  News                      mode=3&NC_ID=22

10 Sustainable    CERF            
   Construction                             chxfer.htm

11 Waste          Clean Technologies
                  International Corp        m/technology.html

12 Water&wastewat Clean Technologies        http://www.clean-

13 Water          Aqua Technologies         http://www.aquatechnologiesco

14 Energy         GreenTechnologies Inc.
15 Energy           CDH Energy Corporation

16 Water            Water & Green    
                    Technologies               /default.asp

17 Enviornment in   ALTECH Technology          http://www.altech-
   general          Systems Inc      

18 Sustainable      ITDG – the Intermediate
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19 Waste            BLC - Leather Technology
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20 Water            Swiss Water Pollution
                    Control Association        e_eng.htm

21 Enviornment in   Swedish Environmental      http://www.swedentech.swedis
   general          Technology Network

22 Enviornment in   Swedish Environmental
   general          Research Institute (IVL)   ean_tech/
23 water            Aquasure Technologies

24 Enviornment in   Center for Environmentally
   general          Sound Technology           /English/Technologies/Default.
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25 Enviornment in   Green Industry &  
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26 Enviornment in   International Transfer of
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27 Renewable        AEA Technology    
   energy           Environment

28 Waste            SRI International --        http://www-
                    Environmentally Benign
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29 Water            International Association
                    for Environmental

30 Air quality      ICF Consulting    
31 Enviornment in   Transfer of Technology,
   general          Cooperation and Capacity- action/action3/at30004_e.htm

32 Air quality      TuroSonic Technologies
                    Inc.                         o.htm

33 Water            Trojan Technologies

34 Waste            Trans Cycle Industries

35 Construction     Terrafix

36 Water            Regenesis          

37 Waste            ECO Waste Solutions

38 Construction     C3 Environmental Ltd.
39 Waste            British Colombia  
                    Environment Industry

40 Waste            Shred-Tech                  http://www.shred-

41 Water            AQUASOL EnviroTech Ltd.

42 Water            Conestoga-Rovers &
                    Associates Ltd. --          vironmental/innovativetech.
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43 Renewable        Dynamotive        
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44 Transportation   Westport          

45 Transportation   International Association
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49 Transportation   WestStart-CALSTART

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51 Enviornment in   Regional Institute of
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52 Renewable        National Renewal Energy
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53 Construction     Sustainable Earth
54 Renewable        Solar cookers      
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55 Enviornment in   Tunis International Center
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56 Enviornment in   Environmental      
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57 Renewable        BP Solar           
   energy                                        tentDetails.cfm?page=49

58 Renewable        AMEC               

59 Renewable        ESKOM              
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60 Transportation   Center for Combustion
                    and Environmental            nglish.htm
                    Technology, School of
                    Mechanical Engineering
                    Shanghai Jiao Tong
61 Waste          ET2 Limited        

62 Renewable      Solar Energy International
   energy         technology Transfer          ndex.html

63 Renewable      Solar Water Technologies
   energy/Water   Inc.                         ndex.htm

64 Water          Goulds Pumps       

65 Renewable      solarcentury       
   energy                                      k/

66 Renewable      AstroPower         
   energy                                      products.htm

68 Clean          Clean Technology Centre

69 Pollution      RAM Environmental  
                  Technologies                 ex.htm
70 Enviornment in   International Science and
   general          Technology Institute

71 Water            Australian Water  

Narrative                                                 contact

Technology transfer is one of IT Power's major            IT Power, The Manor House
strengths and experience ranges from disseminating        Chineham Court, Lutyens
information, to enabling transfer of manufacturing        Close,
production to developing countries. This work involves    Chineham, Hampshire RG24
promoting and facilitating industrial involvement in      8AG
technology transfer projects to develop the capacity of   Tel: +44 1256 392700
countries to produce their own systems. In such cases,    Fax: +44 1256 392701
the skills of technicians, scientists, researchers and    E-mail:
industry in the recipient country have been enhanced.

Argonne National Laboratory's technology transfer         Argonne's Office of Technology
program is directed toward enhancing the Laboratory's     Transfer (800-627-2596,
research and development programs, meeting federal,
national, and international research needs, and
increasing the worldwide competitiveness of U.S.
Battelle has a long history of sharing information with   For Environmental inquiries
our clients. As part of many of our assignments for       (800) 201-2011
clients, we work with subcontractors and with client
staffs as teams. In doing so we often engage in
technology transfer as we conduct our assignments.
These information exchanges - both informal and
formal - are very often planned as part of our scope of
work, especially when we work with local
subcontractors in countries where environmental and
safety consulting and associated services are not
IETG (Integrated Environmental Technology Group)          -
provides a comprehensive asset data collection,
analysis and information management service for the
environmental and infrastructure sectors.

CAWST is a Canadian non-profit organization whose
purpose is to provide technical training and support in
water and sanitation services for those who serve the
poor in developing countries.
Our objectives are to improve the technological           Deutsche Gesellschaft fuer
competence of NGOs and other groups involved in           Technische Zusammenarbeit
self-help-oriented poverty alleviation and to develop     (GTZ)
information and knowledge management systems for          OE 4454 - GATE
NGOs and self-help groups. We support transfer and        Post Box 5180
exchange of technological knowledge through regional      65726 Eschborn, Germany
partners and a question and answer service, testing       Tel: +49 - 6196 - 794206
and dissemination of innovative technologies and          Fax: +49 - 6196 - 797352
networking and professionalizing of information 
As well as developing new products of our own, we are     Fujita Research
involved in collaborative research and technology         P.O.Box 55545
transfer projects worldwide.                              Valencia
                                                          CA 91385-0545, USA
                                                          Tel. +1.818.981.2657
                                                          Fax. +1.818.981.0829
-                                                         National Trade Publications,
                                                          Inc. 13 Century Hill Drive,
                                                          Latham, NY 12110, (518) 783-
Daily updates of water technology news                    National Trade Publications,
                                                          Inc. 13 Century Hill Drive,
                                                          Latham, NY 12110, (518) 783-

A key element in accelerating the use of innovative       CERF
technology is the “outreach” effort that provides the     2131 K Street, NW
design and construction industry with information on      Suite 700
important developments. In addition to reports and        Washington, DC 20037
newsletters, CERF has been a leader in the use of the     Tel: 202.785.6420
Internet and other electronic means of communicating      Fax: 202.833.2604
with and between potential technology users, suppliers
and researchers.
Clean Technologies International Corporation has          8050 Hosbrook Road
developed a patented Chemical Reduction Waste             Suite 102
Treatment Process, which utilizes a proprietary liquid    Cincinnati, Ohio 45236
reactant metal alloy bath composed primarily of 
mixtures of natural highly chemically reactive
aluminum, magnesium and lithium, along with specific
alloys of other alkaline metals.
Since 1999, the Holding Company "Clean                    Russia, 195027 Saint-
Technologies" is working in the field of production and   Petersburg, Metallistov avenue,
selling its cleansing agents of new generation - "O-      16, bld.2.
BIS" proposed for washing-off, trimming and               Phone/fax 7 (812) 224-19-24
degreasing of different parts, units, gears as well as    E-mail: spb@clean-
surfaces polluted with liquid hydrocarbons, oil 
products, lubricants, vegetable and animal fats and
technologic equipment which provides the washing
operations in re-circulating mode. Company is also
servicing in treatment of various tanks and reservoirs
including those of marine and river craft vessels.
ATC is a world wide company with offices in the United    938 Winona Drive
States & the United Kingdom and Technical                 Mandeville, LA 70471
Representatives around the world. ATC is a global         Tel/FAX: 985-845-8824
sales and marketing organization promoting unique         Email:
and innovative technologies for large and small water
and wastewater treatment facilities and an endless        m
number of industrial applications.
Green Technologies Inc, is an Engineering &               Greater Vancouver Region,
Commercial Consultancy Company operating out of           BC, Canada, V6X3T3
Vancouver, Canada. Established initially in Dubai,        Tel:1-604 727 0728
United Arab Emirates in 1992 the company moved its        Fax: 1-604 303 9965
operations to Vancouver in the summer of 1997. The
company has undertaken and completed many an
assignment successfully and attributes its success to
the entrepreneurship, professionalism and dedication
demonstrated by its consultants.
We provide innovative approaches to energy system     CDH Energy Corp.
and technology analysis.                              PO Box 641
We use both field monitoring (measurement and         132 Albany St.
verification) as well as energy system simulations to Cazenovia, New York 13035
assess technologies, verify savings, identify market
                                                      Cazenovia, New York: (315)
niches, or determine feasibility in specific applications.
                                                      Evansville, Wisconsin: (608)
Water & Green Technologies are the sole               PO Box: 17418, Jebel Ali -
manufacturers and distributors for HYDROSOL Water Dubai - U.A.E.
Saving Technology. HYDROSOL is used by leading        Tel: +971.50.4551137
Agriculture, Reforestation, Horticulture, Landscaping Fax: +971.4.3438586
companies and Golf Courses to get major cost savings
as well as conserving scanty water resources.

ALTECH Technology Systems Inc. designs, develops             Mr. Alex R. Keen, President
and manufactures technology solutions for                    12 Banigan Drive
environmental problems. The application of pollution         Toronto, Ontario M4H 1E9
prevention, waste minimization, and water recycling          Phone: (416) 467-5555
concepts leads to the most cost effective solutions to       Fax: (416) 467-9824
business and environmental problems.               
ITDG has a unique approach to development – we               Bourton Hall
don't start with technology, but with people. The tools      Bourton-on-Dunsmore
may be simple or sophisticated – but to provide long-        RUGBY
term, appropriate and practical answers, they must be        CV23 9QZ
firmly in the hands of local people: people who shape        United Kingdom
technology and control it for themselves.                    Tel:+44 (0)1926 634400
                                                             Fax: +44 (0)1926 634401
The leading independent leather technology centre, 
providing collaborative research, product and process        m
support to Members, and confidential consulting,
delivering competitive advantage for all customers
To promote wastewater technology and water pollution    VSA
control through - advanced technical training for its   Strassburgstrasse 10
members through conferences, courses and on-the-        Postfach 2443
job exchanges.                                          CH-8026 Zürich
                                                        Tel. 01 241 25 85
                                                        Fax 01 241 61 29
The Swedish Environmental Technology Network is a Box 5513, SE-114 85
three years sector program within the Swedish Trade     Stockholm, Sweden
Council. The business concept is to through joint       Tel: +46 8 783 85 00
actions promote and support new business                Fax: +46 8 662 90 93
possibilities in the environmental technology area.
IVL undertakes project assignments and research         Box 210 60
across the entire environmental spectrum. We have       SE-100 31 Stockholm
the broadest combined expertise in the field in Sweden. SWEDEN
                                                        Tel: +46-(0)8-598 563 00
                                                        Fax: +46-(0)8-598 563 90
Aquasure Technologies Inc., was incorporated in
2000 and is a privately held Ontario Corporation
dedicated to research, development and
manufacturing, particularly as related to improving
technology for the detection of microbial contamination
in food, drinking and recreational water supplies.

Our mission is to promote the transfer and adoption of   109 Wanquanhe Road, Haidian
environmentally sound technology (EST) by forming        District, Beijing 100089,
bridges between policy makers, technology suppliers,     People's Republic of China
technology developers, financial institutions, and       Tel:+86-10-
Chinese industry, in particular small and medium-sized   82636021,82636607 
enterprises (SMEs).                                      Fax:+86-10-
                                                         82636017 Email:cestt@acca21

Green Industry & Technology Promotion Center of           20 Bao Qing road, Shanghai,
Shanghai (GITPC) is a nonprofit organization which        China
regards the promotion of green technologies, products,    phone:+86-021-64678238,+86-
marketing and propaganda of green concepts as its         021-64336215,+86-021-
own duty.                                                 64336194
The main objective of ITUT GmbH is to support the         Messe-Allee 2
German environmental technology sector to                 04356 Leipzig
successfully establish links to international markets. At Germany Tel.: +49 341 / 6087-
the same time, ITUT provides pertinent information on 100
German environmental technologies to interested           Fax: +49 341 / 6087-154
potential foreign partners.                               E-Mail:
AEA Environment aims to be the leading provider of        E4, Culham, Abingdon
energy and environmental solutions to governments,        Oxfordshire, England
agencies and industry.                                    OX14 3ED
                                                          contact Sandie Richardson
                                                          Tel: 01235 464335
                                                          Fax: 01235 463050
SRI International and its subsidiary SRI Consulting       Phone: (650) 859-3464
can help you leverage technology to meet your             Fax: (650) 859-6196
business goals through our winning combination of
laboratory research and process design excellence,
industry experience, and economic knowledge.
IAEH is a worldwide association of environmental
hydrologists dedicated to the protection and cleanup of
fresh water resources. The IAEH mission is to provide
a place to share technical information and exchange
ideas, and to provide a source of inexpensive tools for
the environmental hydrologist,especially hydrologists
and water resource engineers in developing countries.

Since the early 1980s, ICF Consulting has helped its     9300 Lee Highway
clients design, evaluate, and implement environmental    Fairfax, VA 22031-1207 USA
technology transfer projects and programs in the U.S.    Tel: 1.703.934.3603
and in all regions of the world.                         Fax: 1.703.934.3740
This chapter aims to promote environmentally sound       (110-819) 322-2, Buamdong,
development by encouraging dissemination of              Jongrogu, Seoul
environmental technology to all nations around the       Tel:82-2-394-7394 / Fax:82-2-
world. In particular, to support capacity-building and   394-7395
environmentally sound development of developing
TurboSonic Technologies Inc.designs and markets air       550 Parkside Drive
pollution control technologies and custom spray           Suite A-14
atomizing solutions to industrial customers worldwide.    Waterloo, ON, Canada
Our products improve performance, reduce operating        N2L 5V4
costs, reduce emissions, and recover valuable by-         Tel: (519) 885-5513
products.                                                 Fax: (519) 885-6992
Trojan Technologies is a high technology                  3020 Gore Rd, London,
environmental company that operates internationally. Ontario, Canada, N5V 4T7
Trojan specializes in ultraviolet (UV) light applications Tel: (519) 457-3400, Fax: (519)
for disinfecting residential and municipal drinking water 457-3030
and industrial process and product waters, and is the     Email:
world's largest supplier of ultraviolet disinfection
systems for municipal wastewater applications.

TCI has developed the most advanced system for the       P.O.Box 518
environmentally-safe disposal of PCB transformers,       Kirkland Lake
capacitors and all other PCB articles.                   ON P2N 3J5
                                                         tel:(705) 567-9997
                                                         fax:(705) 567-9979
Terrafix Geosynthetics Inc. is dedicated to providing    178 Bethridge Road
engineered, geosynthetic solutions to the designer,      Toronto, ON-M9W 1N3,
owner and contractor in the Civil, Industrial and        Canada
Environmental Industries.                                Tel. (416) 674-0363
                                                         Fax. (416) 674-1159
Regenesis develops, manufactures and markets             1011 Calle Sombra
innovative technologies to clean up and restore our      San Clemente, CA 92673
natural environment while conserving our customers'      Tel: 949-366-8000
time and money. Our current efforts are focused on       Fax: 949-366-8090
the degradation and removal of contaminants from         Email:
groundwater. Looking towards the future, Regenesis
plans to develop new technologies for a broad range
of environmental problems.
Eco Waste Solutions provides alternative solutions for  5195 Harvester Road, Unit 6
the destruction of hazardous and non-hazardous          Burlington, Ontario
waste for pharmaceutical, hospital, municipal and       CANADA L7L 6E9
other high cost waste streams.                          Tel: (905) 634-7022
                                                        Fax: (905) 634-0831
As environmental contractors and engineers, C3          Corporate Head Office
Environmental provides a solid practical approach to    350 Woolwich St. S.
the application of innovative environmental             Breslau, Ontario
technologies. The combination of active research,       Canada N0B 1M0
thorough engineering controls and years of solid        Phone: 1-519-648-2161
construction experience, means C3 Environmental has Fax: 1-519-648-3505
a unique ability to provide a comprehensive solution to
complex problems.
BCEIA is a non-profit business association comprised        730 - 999 Canada Place,
of engineering and environmental service companies,         Vancouver, BC, V6C 3E1
technology companies, research organizations and            Tel: (604) 844-1927
law firms. In 2003 / 2004 the association expertise is      Fax: (604) 633-2755
focused in the contaminated site management and   
hazardous waste markets.
Shred-Tech designs and manufactures reduction               295 Pinebush Road
systems and shredding machinery to cost-effectively         Cambridge, Ontario
solve the world's most difficult waste reduction and        Canada N1T 1B2
recycling problems. The company is recognized               tel: 519-621-3560
globally for its first class product as well as continual   fax: 519-621-4288
program of engineering innovation and quality.

Aquasol Envirotech Ltd. is based in Vancouver,              3160-21331 Gordon Way
Canada with subsidiaries in Alberta and China.              Richmond, B.C.
Aquasol was formed with the express view to help            Canada, V6W 1J9
resolve the world's growing water crisis while adding       Tel: (604) 273-3808
substantial value to its shareholders and employees.        Fax: (604)273-3807
Aquasol's patented technology and strong team are 
committed to realizing the mission of the Company.
Conestoga-Rovers & Associates (CRA) are dedicated 
to developing and providing innovative approaches to        tions.asp
site remediation. The Innovative Technology Group
offers expertise and database resources to identify,
and assess potential innovative technologies based on
site conditions, as well as develop conceptual
remedial strategies.
DynaMotive Energy Systems is commercializing a              Angus Corporate Centre
proprietary "fast pyrolysis" process that converts forest   1700 West 75th Avenue
and agricultural residue (including bark) into liquid       Suite 105
BioOil and char. BioOil is a clean burning, greenhouse      Vancouver BC
gas neutral fuel that will initially be used to replace     Canada V6P 6G2
fossil fuels to generate power and heat in stationary       (604) 267-6013 Telephone
gas turbines, diesel engines and boilers and to replace     (604) 267-6005 Facsimile
natural gas in the forest industry and to replace 
another product in the coal industry.
Westport is engaged in the research, development            1700 West 75th Avenue,
and marketing of high performance, low-emissions            Vancouver BC
engine fuel systems that use natural gas, propane,          Canada V6P 6G2
and other gaseous fuels such as hydrogen.                   Telephone (604) 718.2000
                                                            Facsimile (604) 718.2001
IANGV provides information to members. There is a           Dr Garth Harris
quarterly newsletter, a Yearbook and a Position Paper       PO Box 28-590
published in 1997 together with the International Gas       Auckland, New Zealand
Union. The Association has databases on NGV                 Phone - 64 9 524 0945
statistics. It is planning research projects on light and   Fax - 64 9 520 3122
heavy-duty vehicles.                              
...the nonprofit national association of companies that     1660 L Street, NW, Suite 1100
supply air pollution monitoring and control systems,        Washington, DC 20036
equipment, and services for stationary sources…             Telephone: 202-457-0911
                                                            Fax: 202-331-1388
The mission of CECS is to expand the use and               7010 Little River Turnpike,
acceptance of best technologies and approaches to          Suite 460
reduce energy costs, reduce greenhouse gas/criteria        Annandale, Virginia, 20003
pollutants, and promote productivity and clean             Phone: (703) 750-7880/7881
economic growth through projects, web tools and            Fax: (703) 750-6506
templates. We envision the creation of an
infrastructure of replicable projects and information to
expand the number of organizations using energy
efficiency and renewable energy approaches with
multiple benefits.
For the past 25 years, the National Center for             P.O. Box 3838
Appropriate Technology has been serving                    Butte, MT 59702
economically disadvantaged people by providing             tel:(406) 494-4572
information and access to appropriate technologies         fax:(406) 494-2905
that can help improve their lives.               
WestStart-CALSTART is dedicated to supporting and          2181 E. Foothill Blvd
accelerating the growth of the advanced transportation     Pasadena, California 91107
technologies industry and its related markets, with the    626/744-5600 (phone)
goals of: Cleaning the air; Improving energy efficiency;   626/744-5610 (fax)
and Creating high-quality jobs.                  

To become the world's largest solar pump                   PO Box 263, Port Elizabeth
manufacturer through intensive marketing and               6000 South Africa
expansion of our product range to cater for all            Tel +27 (0)41 451 3936
commercially viable applications and to achieve and        Fax+27 (0)41 453 2659
maintain the highest possible levels in manufacturing
and service excellence.
To enhance environmental management and                 PSB Science Park Annex
technology awareness, understanding and capability in   3 Science Park Drive #04-08
Asia and to promote international environmental         Singapore 118223
business partnerships and environmentally compatible    Tel : (65) 67772685
flow of trade and investment with Asia.                 Fax : (65) 67732800
The Technology Transfer team at NREL works with         Technology Transfer Team
industry to transform NREL expertise and technology NREL
into commercially available products. In addition, the  1617 Cole Blvd.,
Technology Transfer team provides expertise in          Mailstop 1635
business, marketing, engineering, program               Golden, CO 80401
management, and research and development to those Tel 303-275-3028
interested in renewable energy through our Incubator Fax 303-275-3040
Alliance program.                             
Sustainable Earth Technologies is a group of skilled    P.O. Box 461, Kotara, NSW,
professionals committed to making living sustainably    Australia, 2289
easy and affordable. Located in Newcastle NSW, we       Phone: 0249 432 128
are represented by a range of skilled people including
architects, professional engineers, builders,
horticulturists, planning consultants and environmental
scientists. We design, and are able to construct,
sustainable buildings and permaculture systems for
domestic and commercial clients throughout
Newcastle and surrounding areas.
Welcome to the world of SOLAR COOKING! The               GTZ/SOLCO
magical answer, environmentally friendly and             1090 Arcadia Street
universally beneficial. Find out how it works and what   Hatfield 0028, Pretoria
delicious meals can be prepared with it using just the   Republic of South Africa
energy from the sun. Discover how important this         Tel: +27 (11) 886 5417
technology will be for millions of households who face   email:
a daily struggle to find fuel for cooking, and the
scientific story behind the products. See who makes
them and where to buy them. And much more, ... for a
better life for all!
The CITET was established to strengthen capacities in    Boulevard de l'Environnement
environmental protection and the sustainable             1080 Tunis - Tunisie
management of natural resources in Tunisia, Africa,      Tel: +216 1 770.285
and the Arab and Mediterranean countries.                Fax: +216 1 772.255

Environmental Technologies, Inc. is a rapidly            6750 Bryan Dairy Rd.
expanding organization founded on engineering HVAC       Largo, FL 33777
comfort solutions for its customers. “Engineering for    Phone: 727-541-3531
Excellence” is a corporate philosophy reflected in the
products, processes, people and customers we
BP Solar is committed to bringing photovoltaics into     BP Solar Headquarters
the mainstream of everyday living. As demonstrated       989 Corporate Boulevard
through our long list of accomplishments,                Linthicum, Maryland 21090
technological innovation is one of BP Solar's core       USA
competencies. Constant innovation is essential to        Phone: +1-410-981-0240
making photovoltaics more affordable and more            Fax: +1-410-981-0278
widespread. BP Solar is continually bringing new
cutting-edge technology to the marketplace. Check
back regularly to see our latest developments.
AMEC's wind energy business has proven expertise         Bridge End, Hexham
and experience in managing a range of services           NE46 4NU UK
throughout the wind project life cycle, from site        Tel +44 1434 611300
identification and assessment through to repowering or   Fax +44 1434 601200
Eskom has an environmental management system             The Information Officer00
that supports continual improvement in the ways in       Eskom
which the organisation manages its impacts on the        PO Box 1091
wider environment. The organisation promotes open        Johannesburg 2001
communication about environmental issues and aims
to educate, train and motivate its employees about
environmental matters.
The Center for Combustion and Environmental              Dr. Huang Zhen
Technology (CCET) is an interdisciplinary group          1954 Huashan Road
established to be devoted to fundamental research on     Shanghai 200030
the field of engine combustion and environmental         P.R.China
protection. Experimental, analytical and computational   Tel: 86 (21) 64074085
research methods are used to deal with                   Fax: 86 (21)64078095
dynamical/material/environmental aspects of
combustion phenomena and air quality.
ET2 Limited designs and supplies complete waste          Pentagon House
processing solutions with its "revolution" compaction    Alfreton Road, Derby
technology and range of equipment. The company           Derbyshire, DE21 4AA
works with some of the world's largest groups in         Tel: +44 1332 297000
environmental and recycling markets.                     Fax: 44 1332 366081
SEI personnel have developed comprehensive               PO Box 715
education programs to transfer renewable energy          76 S. 2nd St.
technologies to less developed countries. Programs       Carbondale, CO 81623
stress in-country training of trainers, decision makers, tel: 1-970-963-8855
technicians and end-users.                               fax: 1-970-963-8866
Solar Water Technologies Inc. offers five different      11105 Shady Trail; Suite 114
Systems sized to a user's needs depending onwater        Dallas, Texas 75229
depth, required production, application and daily hours United States of America
of sunlight. SWT Pumps operate in surface water or a +1(972) 247-7517
4 inch [10.17 cm] well (borehole) casing size or larger. +1(786) 513-8479
The trusted Goulds Pumps name can be found on a          2881 East Bayard Street
full range of pump products. Goulds Pumps is a global Seneca Falls NY 13148
leader in producing pumps for the industrial sector,     Phone: (315) 568-7123
and a major player in the water
technologies market, producing the world's leading line
of residential water well pumps.
Solar PV generates electricity directly from light,      91-94 Lower Marsh
whatever the weather. The introduction of government Waterloo, London
incentives and the increasing value placed on            SE1 7AB
sustainability means that solar PV now provides          Tel: 020 7803 0100
financial as well as environmental benefits.             Fax: 020 7803 0101

Advanced technology is at the core of every                 300 Executive Drive
AstroPower product. Through a process of continuous         Newark, DE
innovation, AstroPower has developed a range of             19702 USA
solar electric power products that sets industry            tel: 1-302-366-0400
standards for quality and customer value. All of
AstroPower‟s products are based on crystalline silicon,
the material of choice for efficiency and reliability for
over 25 years.
The Clean Technology Centre (CTC) was formed in             Melbourne Business Park
January 1992, in response to the growing need for           Model Farm Road
better environmental performance in industry and            Cork, Ireland
society and the clear advantages of minimising waste        Tel: +353 21 4344864
at source over standard end-of-pipe methods of waste        Fax: +353 21 4344865
treatment and disposal.                                     email:
RAM Environmental Technologies, Inc. is an industry         5200 Cahaba River Rd
specialist in the field of petroleum hydrocarbon            Birmingham, AL 35243
contamination. We offer remediation services,               Tel: 1 (205) 969-0708
wastewater solutions, industrial strength absorbent         Fax: 1 (205) 263-1036
materials, aqueous parts washers, electronics     
recycling, water based cleaning fluids and degreasers,
oil filtration and recycling equipment, environmental
management systems, and assistance with
environmental risk transfer.
Starting its third decade as an international consulting     1820 North Fort Myer Drive,
firm, the International Science and Technology               Suite 600
Institute, Inc. (ISTI) is based in Rosslyn, Virginia, just   Arlington, Virginia 22209
across the Potomac from downtown Washington, D.C.            Tel:703-807-2080
Our projects provide assistance through transfer of          Fax: 703-807-1126
technology and management services to developing   
countries, both directly and through donor
Australian Water Technologies Pty Ltd (AWT) has              P.O. Box A239
been Sydney Water Corporation's trading arm and              Sydney South NSW 1235
Australia's premier specialist water company since           Australia
1992. We focus on providing our customers with the           Tel: 61 2 9350 4350
policy, strategy, science, environmental, engineering        Fax: 61 2 9350 4321
and administrative expertise to manage water and             Email:
wastewater systems.
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