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The TrekStor i.Beat sweez (Red) 4GB is a small, sleek and easy to use MP3 player. The i.Beat sweez
supports MP3, WMA, WAV file formats and WMA-DRM10 for music purchased/rented on the internet.
It is powered via the USB port using its long-life and powerful lithium-polymer battery. The i.Beat sweez
is loaded with features such as 15 programmable FM station presets, direct recording from the radio, 6
preset equalizers (Bass, Jazz, Classical, Normal, POP, and Rock), and 5 repeat functions. Additional
features include integrated voice recorder for taking audio notes, folder navigation, ID3 Tag display,
2-channel aptitude visualization, LC Display with blue backlight, delete function, shuffle function,
resume function, sleep timer, digital clock and alarm function and many more. TrekStor i.Beat sweez
has a high-speed USB 2.0 connection that enables fast and easy file transfer/back-up from your PC. In
addition to supporting Windows, it supports Mac as well as Linux OS. It is the ideal solution for those
who need both a player and a storage device. Accessories included: USB 2.0 cable, Sennheiser
earphones, neck strap, software CD, operating instructions.
Size doesn't matter--the i.Beat sweez is small, sleek, and ready to roll. Enjoy 4 GB of space for
approximately 80 of your favorite albums. The device supports MP3, WMA, and WAV file formats as
well as WMA-DRM10 compatible (Janus) for music purchased or rented on the Internet. Navigate your
music folders on the brilliant, backlit graphic LCD display--file names and ID3 tags are displayed, as
well as 2-channel amplitude and equalizer visualization. Enjoy handy features like the shuffle function,
the resume function (to continue listening where you last left off), six preset equalizers (Bass, Jazz,
Classical, Normal, Pop, and Rock), five repeat functions, and an adjustable play speed. The
Lithium-Polymer battery, charged via USB, will provide approximately 13 hours of glorious music, and
charges in 3 to 4 hours. A bounty of features, all in a stylish red package that weighs just over an
ounce.              Sweet simplicity: a small, sleek, and easy-to-use MP3 player.
Take your favorite music everywhere.                       Also available in silver.         Integrated
FM Radio / Alarm Clock
 Catch your favorite radio programs or tune into FM broadcasts at the gym with the stereo FM radio.
Store your favorite stations on one of the 15 user presets. Keep track of time with the fully featured
digital clock with sleep timer and alarm. Voice and Radio Recording
 Record meetings, lectures, or memos to yourself on the built-in voice recorder/microphone, and record
directly from the radio if you hear something you want to save for later. Mobile Data Storage
 The sweez also can be used as a USB storage device, so you can take your files with you along with
your music, eliminating the need for a separate USB stick device. Wide Compatibility
 The high-speed USB 2.0 connection ensures rapid data transfer, and is downward-compatible to USB
1.1. The sweez is suitable for Windows 98(SE), ME, 2000, XP, and Vista; Mac OS X; and Linux
machines. What's in the Box
 TrekStor i.Beat sweez 4 GB MP3 Player with FM Radio (Red), USB 2.0 cable, Sennheiser earphones,
neck strap, software CD, operating instructions
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