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Dynamic Datacenter

• Datacenter Management the path to Dynamic IT

• Microsoft Virtualization and Management
  • Unique value of Physical and Virtual Management from
    one common platform
  • Application (or in-guest) insight
  • Dynamic responses to changing workloads

• Coexistence
Microsoft Delivers Dynamic IT Through
Datacenter Systems Management

            Desktop                     Data Center
Requirements and Opportunities for
Datacenter Management

  • Service availability        • Operational budget is largest   • Virtualization remains
    driving IT investment         opportunity to reduce costs       driving force
  • Cloud computing and SaaS    • New infrastructure and          • Resource pooling increases
    increasing expectations       upgrades tax resources            reliability and performance
  • Heterogeneous environment   • Cost of compliance              • Back up and recovery
    adds complexity               continues to rise                 infrastructure remains expensive
Cost Reduction Via Systems Management is a
Real Opportunity in the Datacenter

        Data derived from Microsoft “Spotlight on Cost” Server Study 2009
           DYNAMIC IT

                  Elastic Infrastructure

   Datacenter                           Desktop
Dynamic Foundation                     Flexible Access

      Automation Optimization Simplification

Better Business          Increase             Improve
     Value              Availability       Business Agility
System Center Lowers the Cost of Delivering Datacenter Services
Each situation is different and you need the
tools to make it work
Managing The Server Lifecycle

                                Backup           Hardware
    Live host level virtual machine backup         Patch management and deployment
    In guest consistency                           OS and application configuration
    Rapid recovery                                         Virtual
                            Disaster               Software upgrades
                            Recovery                    Provisioning
    End to end service management                  Virtual machine management
    Server and application health                  Server consolidation and resource
    monitoring & management                        utilization
                                              OS / Software optimization
    Performance reporting and analysis           Deploy,
                                                   Conversions: P2V and V2V
                                   and Health Patching and
                                   Monitoring  State Mgmt
Addition of Opalis to System Center Enables
Process Automation

   • Helps meet strategic IT goals
     through improving service
     to business                         Data       Configuration
   • Replaces many manual,
                                     Protection &
                                                      (Physical &
     resource-intensive, and

     error-prone activities
   • Typically cross multiple IT       Server
     components, disciplines,
     and/or departments
Processes Within an IT Silo

                     Provision, verify, manage and retire

                     Provision, verify, manage and retire

                     Provision, verify, manage and retire
Processes Across IT Silos
Processes Across IT Silos

                           Remove from                                                                Add to
                           Ops Manager                                                              Ops Manager

               Monitor                       Create      Update      Update                                       Update
               Service                       incident    request     request                                      & close
               request                                                                                            request

                             Retire CI                                                                Create CI

                                                                     Test VM     Deploy         Verify
                                                                               Applications   Application

                         Stop VM         Clone new       Update
                                            VM          properties

                     Detach Storage

                  Detach Network Adapter

Virtual        Machines

 Cluster        Context

 Filters        Live

 Management   Information
                   Physical servers
                  data collected to                       Prioritized report of
                     converted to
                 machines retired
                        identify                             consolidation
                   virtual machines
                  or repurposed
                                        Performance data candidates
                                         Virtual Machine
                      candidates      Intelligent placement
                                        Manager agents
                                        collected from VM
                                          of each VM on
                                       deployed to virtual
                                        hosts for intelligent
                                            optimal host
                                         machine hosts
                                                           Virtual Machine
Administrative Provisioning

                     New VM created
                     from configured
                   template selected
                           new VM                         VM configuration
                                                          customized from

                                         Performance data
                                       Intelligent placement
  Centralized Library                    collected from VM
   of VM Templates                         of new VM on
                                        hosts for intelligent
                                            optimal host

                                                            Virtual Machine
Delegated Provisioning
                                  Based UI

                                                     Updated web UI for
                                                        Delegated user
                  VM created                              delegated
                                                      begins creating new
                     from                               provisioning
                                                        virtual machine
                                              VM automatically
Centralized Library                          placed on optimally
 of VM Templates                               designated host

                                                         Virtual Machine
Host Management
•   Automatic installation and configuration of
    virtualization software
    •   Wizard based experience for adding hosts
    •   Remotely adds Hyper-V role or Install Virtual Server 2005.

•   Easy management of Hyper-V host clusters
    •   Add entire Hyper-V host cluster in a single step
    •   Automatic detection of node additions/removals

•   Cluster reserve
    •   Specify the number of node failures to sustain while keeping all
        HA VMs running
    •   Intelligent Placement ensures that new HA VMs will not over
        commit the cluster
    •   Node failures automatically trigger over commit re-calculation
Library Management

• Repository for all VM building blocks
  •    VMs
  •    Templates
  •    VHDs
  •    ISOs
  •    PowerShell Scripts
  •    Sysprep Answer Files

• Use centralized or distributed
  Windows files servers as libraries

   •   Move/copy/delete/modify files directly in the file system
   •   SCVMM tracks changes and provides physical and logical view
   •   SCVMM stamps objects to track objects and identify copies
   •   Support for clustered library servers
Conversions: P2V And V2V

• Intuitive and easy to use tools provide
  •   Wizard based experience
  •   Reconfigure storage, memory, CPU, etc.
  •   Efficient disk copy
  •   Preserves network settings and MAC
  •   Automatable through PowerShell
  •   V2V – Offline convert of VMDK files
• Supported platforms
  •   Live Conversion - Windows XP, Windows Server 2003, Windows
      Vista, Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008\2008R2
  •   Offline Conversion - Windows 2000 Server
  •   SMP and x64 sources
Delegation And Self Service
•   Out of the Box User Roles:
•   Administrators
    •   control access through policies which designate capabilities

•   Delegated Administrators
    •   Manage a scoped

•   Self service user
    •   Web user interface
    •   Manage their own VMs
    •   Quota to limit VMs
    •   Scripting through
Intelligent Placement
•   Capacity planning technology ensures best resource utilization
•   Star rated results for easy decision making
•   Customizable algorithm to achieve your goals
Monitoring And Reporting
•   Operations Manager Management Packs
•   Discovery of Hosts, Virtual Machines and Virtual Machine Manager components
•   Performance and Health Monitoring, Reports, etc.
•   Application awareness
•   Performance and resource calibration and optimization
A Single Console to Manage Physical and Virtual
Across Hypervisors
Performance And Resource Optimization (PRO)

•   Workload and
    application aware
    resource optimization
•   Extensible through the
    Operations Manager
    2007 MP framework
•   Create policies that
    VMM acts upon tips
    automatically or
•   Minimize downtime
    and accelerating time
    to resolution.
•   Enables partners to
    deliver value add to
    our mutual customers
Performance and Resource Optimization
  PRO Pack Technologies
Virtual Machine Manager PRO Packs

Partner                    PRO Technology
Brocade                    Monitor IO performance from the server to the data in the SAN
Dell                       The “PRO-enabled” Dell Management Pack ensures that host machines operate under
                           normal power and temperature thresholds. Other PRO alerts include memory, storage
                           controller, and disk remediation.
Citrix                     Workflows can be initiated to automatically start or provision VMs based on an
                           entity’s health and automatically update NetScaler load balancing rules
Emulex                     Monitor I/O rates across the HBA relative to maximum available bandwidth
HP                         Monitor the following attributes of their servers: hard drive, array controller, power,
                           temperature, processor, memory, fans, and alert on degradation or critical errors
                           providing the appropriate recommended resolution
Quest Software             For non-Windows Operating Systems and non-Microsoft application technologies,
                           the solution enables intelligent virtual machine tuning
Secure Vantage             Extends the native capabilities of Security Management providing users the ability to
                           mitigate risk and remediate policy violations across virtual environments
For complete list, visit
How VMM Integrates with VMware
•   VMM is the “Manager of Managers”
    •   VMM can manage multiple VirtualCenters (Vcenter Servers)
    •   VMM proxies task requests to VMware
•   Controlling VMware through VirtualCenter
    •   VMware Infrastructure SDK Web Services APIs
    •   SFTP
        •   File operations on ESX
    •   HTTPS
        •   File operations ESXi
Vmware Integration Details
 Virtual Machine Manager manages multiple Virtual Center instances
 Co-exists with Virtual Center
  Updates made in Virtual Center reflected in VMM in real-time and vice-versa
 Available Virtual Machine Actions
                                                             OK         OK
          Power State (Start, Stop, Pause)               Yes          Yes
          VM Configuration (Properties, Remove)          Yes          Yes
          VMotion                                        Yes          Yes
          Checkpoint (New, Manage)                       Yes          Yes
          Saved State (Save, Discard)                    Yes          Yes
          Migrate (intra VC)                             Yes          Yes
          Migrate (to Library)                                        Yes
          Clone (intra VC, intra host)                                Yes
          Convert (V2V)                                               Yes
          New VM (from VMM template, new virtual disk)                Yes
Add Value to VMware
• Unified management experience
  • Hyper-V and VMware
• Full virtual machine management
  • VMotion, Resource Pools, VMware Templates
  • Network Diagram view and VMware HA VM Support
• Enhancing capabilities on VMware VI3
  • Intelligent Placement
  • Library
  • Integrated conversion
  • PowerShell automation
Intelligent Placement for VMware
•   Workload centric VM creation
    •   Intelligent Placement identifies the ideal host based on workload
    •   Leverages VMM's capacity planning models
•   VMotion guided by intelligent placement
VMM Scripting Through PowerShell
•   Microsoft’s command shell for scripting and development

•   Consistent scripting syntax
    •   Encapsulate platform differences

•   VMM PowerShell Snap-in
    •   170+ command-line functions
    •   Foundation for VMM administrator’s console and Self Service Portal
    •   All PowerShell operations are logged and audited
    •   Can Store and Execute Scripts from Library
Service Deployment
Migration Process

Targeted Workloads

         Introduce   Expand   Entrench   Remove
Solution Accelerators
Microsoft Assessment and Planning

Cheshire Fire and Rescue Service Case Study
Solution Accelerators
Dynamic Infrastructure Toolkit for System Center
           DYNAMIC IT

                  Elastic Infrastructure

   Datacenter                           Desktop
Dynamic Foundation                     Flexible Access

      Automation Optimization Simplification

Better Business          Increase             Improve
     Value              Availability       Business Agility
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