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A world recognized personality in business intelligence and corporate governance. Dedicated to building business systems,
models, and companies that work. Effective and renowned management—bridging the gap between business and technology.
Please Google “William Laurent” to fully understand global reputation and profile.

Executive Project Management, International/Asia Trade, Data Warehousing, Financial Analysis, Business Process
Reengineering (BPR), Data Modeling & UML, Governance, Change Management, Business Continuity, Japanese Intermediate

President – William Laurent Advisors                                  New York, NY 01/05- Present
Business Intelligence and Strategy Management: Emphasis on Data Warehousing, Financial Systems, Education

       Primary Client: Edison Schools                                 New York, NY                        07/07 - Present
            Architected data migration and integration strategy for international education projects.
            Evaluated governance policy and enterprise business processes in order to chart new policy, methods, and roadmaps
             for achieving Six Sigma states in business and technology processes and system architecture.

       Primary Client: RiverGlass Software Inc                        West Chicago, Ill                   05/07 - Present
            Member of advisory board that set policy and strategy for company.
            Interfacing with board of directors on regular basis which includes top senior and executive managers and senior
             intelligence officers (CIA and Homeland Security) to bring business intelligence product to market.

       Primary Client: Global Passage                                 New York, NY                        11/06 – Present
            Advised top level executives in various finance, manufacturing, and life-sciences companies to set corporate
             strategy in IT Governance, Business Continuity, and Business Intelligence.
            Formulated practice foundation: created all methodologies, whitepapers, Statement of Work (SOW), project plans
             and beyond for clients such as Genentech and Johnson and Johsnon in the USA, Asia, and Europe.

       Primary Client: Goldman Sachs                                   New York, NY                   11/05 – 11/06
            Spearheaded international team—Tokyo, London, Moscow, India, New York-- to develop technical and business
             architectures and methodologies that greatly reduced risk in the enterprise data supply chain.
            Created and managed corporate compliance and governance (business and technical) architectures for all major
             financial regulatory bodies—SEC, NASD, NYSE, and other international regional exchanges. Worked closely with
             Managing Directors to formulate and execute strategic data models, meta data strategies, data subscription
             architectures, and risk management best practices in order to support Goldman Sachs Compliance and Operations
             for firm-wide equity transactions with SOA architectures.

       Primary Client: Morgan Stanley                                        New York, NY             01/05 – 08/05
            Reporting to Morgan Managing Directors and head of Corporate Treasury Controllers, led data architecture and
             data modeling efforts for the Compass Debt Management Data Warehouse and ODS. Drove development and user
             requirements through iterative modeling of data, business processes, and architectural components.
            Oversaw and carried out complex integration strategies and practices so that Debt Management data was distributed
             to various user segments in a multitude of customizations and classifications.

Executive Vice President – Loyer TCG Inc. New York, NY                                                    6/03- 1/05
Business Intelligence Architecture Management: Emphasis on Data Warehousing, Financial Systems

       Client: Moody’s Investors Service                                                New York, NY
            Reporting to Structured Finance (SFG) and Technology Directors, captured and modeled requirements and business
             rules for Moody’s Electronic Document Management System (EDMS), implemented in Stellent and MDY
             repositories with Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) via web services/portlets, XML, and SOAP.

                                                      (347) 742-5544
           Help re-engineered business process by creating detailed Use Cases, Message Templates, and technical
            specifications throughout all aspects of the development cycle. Leading JAD meetings and sessions, ensured that
            EDMS continued to meet Moody’s core business needs and values by liasoning closely between business and
            technology, in project lead, business analyst, and senior systems analyst capacities.

       Client: Arch Insurance                                                           New York, NY
           Reporting to Senior Vice Presidents and Vice President of Development/CIO, responsible for normalized and
            dimensional modeling, as well as managing data consolidation and transformation for Executive Reporting
            Repository across multiple insurance business lines and profit centers.
           Reassessed and greatly improved current pricing model measures, dimensions, and associated member hierarchies
            for both Demographic (policies since inception) and Renewal data stores and OLAP/ROLAP cubes.

       Client: HypoVereinsBank – HBV                                                    New York, NY
           Reporting to CIO, participated in strategic technology planning, development, and quality assurance while
            managing and empowering employees in outsourcing, financial data modeling, and data warehouse technology
            initiatives. Modeled business and processes via UML and ERWIN. Created architectures and models for company
            financial systems and databases, data warehouses, and data structures to support trading desk initiatives and CRM.

       Client: Arch Insurance                                                            New York, NY
           Successfully managed and led two development teams (over one dozen people) on multiple and parallel enterprise
            data conversion projects. Interfaced and liaised with executive/senior management, vendors, Third Party Agents,
            and outsourced technical talent, satisfying most aggressive project deadlines in company history.
           Supervised Architecture, Design, Development, UAT, and versioning efforts while managing project risk and scope
            creep. Final approver of technical specifications, business analysis, and resource allocations. Unified WINS system
            with TPA and Producer claims and policy processing across all business lines: Property, Casualty, Workers Comp,
            Inland Marine, and more. Reconciled over one dozen external disparate claims systems.

President - National Information Management Inc. NY, NY 5/95 – 6/03
Business Intelligence Architecture Management: Emphasis on Data Warehousing, Financial Systems, Proj. Mgt.

       Client: American International Underwriters (AIG)                                 Parsippany, NJ
           Reporting to CIO, VPs, and global management: Devised complete architecture of Data Warehouse that
            implemented a consolidated and futuristic approach (dynamic ODS, XML, Process Control, Backup, Meta Data,
            Snowflakes, etc.) to conclusively integrate systems from over 30 countries.
           Liaised between global offices, outsourced labor, developers and business users, responsively attending to needs
            and concerns of all. Synergized management interviews, information gathering, and design meetings.

       Client: Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce                                          New York, NY
           Reporting to Director of Global Wealth Technologies: Created and implemented business and data models for all
            warehouse functional areas—Security Master, Name and Address, Positions and Balances, Holdings, Transaction
            History, etc.—including new T+1 initiatives. Performed detailed and extensive analysis of conceptual and existing
            CIBC architectures, greatly helping consolidate brokerage and technologies on logistical, transitional and
            compatibility issues.
           Co-headed partnership with Computer Associates to steer development of CA’s Decision Based Transformer
            product so that it satisfied CIBC requirements, and advantageously positioned itself in the market place for ETL
            tools by offering best of class functionality in CRM initiatives.

     Client: American Express                                                            New York, NY
           Reporting to IT Director of Corporate Finance Division: Led QA, Configuration Management, Data Warehouse,
            Tagging and Remittance, and ETL initiatives. Liaised between outsourced/offshore developers and Corporate
            Finance staff to solve sensitive issues and transitions in an expedient and friendly fashion. Administered and created
            databases, IT architecture, data movement and migration strategies, incorporating star/ snowflake schemas and
            matrix hierarchies into existing database designs to better facilitate true DSS and EIS ad hoc analysis.
            Created standards for error handling, version control, migration, performance, transaction management, and naming
            conventions, and ETL processing. Established a code base and documented components and process dependencies
             to modularize/compartmentalize enterprise warehouse, enabling compliance with SLA standards and speeding
             processing of financial and “tagging” data.

       Client: American International Credit (AIG)                                        New York, NY
            Reporting to CIO: Primary managing resource and lead for Premium Finance Leasing System data modeling,
             archiving, data warehouse design and implementation. Liaised between technologists and business users, fostering
             enhanced communication and sharpened functionality. Responsible for interviewing, screening, and technically
             scoring prospective AIC employees and consultants for development team. Improved migration, code
             loss/duplication and deliverable schedules by creating an enterprise code base as well as trigger templates, and
             standards for databases, models, and more.

       Client: Union Bank of Switzerland                                                  New York, NY
            Reporting to Director of Technology: Supervised JAD sessions and guided users in establishing coherent business
             rules that were fed into UBS MODELER metadata layers to create DACFA II. Upon this foundational data
             warehouse, established federated standards using hybrid architectures, table structures, linear programming logic,
             and snowflake structures, instituting true distributed and enterprise business intelligence.
            Led construction of dynamic Decision Support (DSS) data warehouse semantic layers for multi-dimensional data
             repositories, virtual star-schema data marts, and operational data stores (ODS) using UBS’ MODELER tool.
             Inventory of key financial and business elements metadata were modeled with these Universal and Uniform
             Semantic Layers, reducing time- constrained analysis and intelligence gaps, while speeding extra-departmental
             knowledge transfer.

       Client: American International Group (AIG)                                        New York, NY
            Reported to CIO: Consulted with, and advised top AIC management—Accounting, Finance, Portfolio
             Management—on data warehousing, batch logistics, business process reengineering, OLTP best processes,
             performance tuning, and interoperability/scalability issues. Streamlined business process by putting more
             information in the hands of customers and clients.
            Managed, developed, and implemented numerous version control and migration standards for AIC Systems.
             Identified and eliminated duplication of business user labor and redundant coding/analysis efforts, drastically
             improving ROI on mission critical technology efforts. Destructive and flawed business processes were eradicated.

       Client: Department of Employment                                                   New York, NY
            Reporting to Commissioner and IT Director: Oversaw reengineering of DOE systems, putting a quick stop to
             duplicate benefit and training distributions and disbursements, protecting NYC taxpayers by reducing numerous
             instances of waste and fraud.
            Responsible for managing a wide range of duties—user interviews, business analysis/reengineering, project
             management, for Budget and Fiscal interests of agency. Designed, architected, and reengineered huge components
             and sections of applications, allowing for future enterprise-wide distributed objects.

       Client: Department for the Aging                                                  New York, NY
            Reporting to Commissioner: Using a three-tiered architecture methodology, transitioned legacy data from the city’s
             mainframe systems to the user-desktop. Commissioner and city employees became empowered with customized,
             site specific data access and control. Now able to spot corruption, cost over-runs, and code violations, saving City
             of New York millions annually. By encouraging and working with vendors and staff to identify real up-front
             business needs—not perceived technology ones—eased project software, labor costs, and projected maintenance.

Senior Analyst - Gartner Group, Inc.              Stamford, CT                                                5/94 - 5/95
Reporting to CIO and Senior Vice Presidents of Research and Technology:
            Managed, supervised, and developed entire project life-cycle for mission critical projects including Gartner Core
            Topics@Vantage online service and key initiative data-conversions and application efforts. The Core Topics
            System along with the GRADS (Gartner Research and Discovery System) rollout centralized all Gartner Research
            in Lotus Notes/Oracle databases.

Senior Analyst - Smart Systems Philadelphia, PA / New York, NY                                              10/90 - 5/94
Reporting to CIO, supervised and executed the perfection custom software for health care and insurance industry.
     Managed customer service and business processes company wide by documenting business practices and creating
        service oriented functional specifications/models based on interviews with healthcare and insurance professionals
        nationwide. A rule based program engine resulted that conformed to customer’s business models and practices.
    COLUMBIA UNIVERSITY - Relational Database and Structured Design. GPA: 3. 5.   NY, NY
    WEST CHESTER UNIVERSITY M.F.A. GPA: 3.9. Summa cum laude.            West Chester, PA
    TEMPLE UNIVERSITY B.A. GPA: 3. 5. Lifetime Dean’s List               Philadelphia, PA

 Columnist  Data Management Review Magazine                               2001-Present
 Columnist  Dashboard Insight Magazine                                    2007-Present
 Faculty    Baruch University New York, NY                                2005-Present
 Patron     Japan Society New York, NY                                    1999- Present

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