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As well as playing music in Sony's ATRAC3plus format, the Sony NW-HD3 is also an MP3 player. The
Sony NW-DH3 has a 30 hour battery life.The Sony NW-HD3 comes with a range of features designed
to deliver quality, choice and convenience for every fan of portable music.The built-in 20 GB hard disc
can hold the equivalent of 13, 000 tracks or 900 CDs worth of music when using high quality
ATRAC3plus audio compression technology. It offers 30 hours of uninterrupted playtime from a single
battery charge and withstands almost all kinds of movement to deliver a skip-free
performance.Specially developed G-Sensor technology enables the hard disc to resist impact to
protect your valuable music or other data. Its aluminum body makes it light to carry.

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