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Plays back mp3 & Windows Media Audio (WMA) files. Also, compatible with most secure music
downloads from WMA-compliant services that support DRM. Stores up to 16 hours of WMA music or
320 songs encoded @64 kbps as well as being a data storage device. No moving parts for skipless
audio playback.
Take your favorite music with you wherever you roam with the tiny and amazingly lightweight RCA Lyra
M100512 digital audio player, which is about the size of a pack of chewing gum. It will fit easily in any
pocket or can be worn around your neck as you work out at the gym or surf through the waves of urban
commuters. The M100512 features 512 MB of integrated flash memory, includes an LCD player for
viewing song and playlist information, and is compatible with MP3 and WMA digital files (including
DRM protected WMA downloaded from online stores and subscriber services, including
content). The 512 MB capacity can hold approximately 16 hours (640 songs) of WMA music encoded
at 64 kpbs. The M100512 has an integrated lithium polymer rechargable battery, which is charged by
simply connecting the player to your PC via the included USB 2.0 cable. This player is compatible with
both Windows and Mac operating systems. The LCD displays song title and artist name, battery level,
track time, track number (and total tracks loaded onto player, play mode, and whether hold (player
lock) has been activated. You can easily skip forward and backward to songs as well as create your
own playlists directly on the player. Play modes include repeat one, repeat all, and shuffle. Other
features include several sound profiles (including bass, pop, rock, jazz, and user EQ) and a copy of
MusicMatch Jukebox software for managing and creating digital files on your PC. You can also use this
player as a USB mass storage device, enabling you to drag and drop files (such as spreadsheets and
PowerPoint presentations) from your PC to the player for transfer to another PC. What's in the Box
 M100512 player, earphones, neck strap, USB cable, CD-ROM with MusicMatch Jukebox software
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