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Enjoy an assortment of your favorite tunes with this RCA Lyra Personal Digital Player. Compact
enough to fit in your pocket and mighty enough to handle up to 2 hours of mp3PRO encoded music at
64 kbps (mp3PRO compatibility available in a future software download). If 64 MB of internal memory
doesn't satisfy your music appetite, use the external SD/MMC slot to expand your music capacity. With
the 2-Line LCD display, you can quickly locate the song name, artist name, elapsed time, volume level
and battery level indicator while in playback mode. This jamming Lyra also includes a full accessory kit
- Sports Armband, e.clipz Clip-On Headphones, USB cable, CD-ROM Music Management Software
and 1 "AAA" Alkaline battery. Personalize your music entertainment with this RCA Lyra Personal
Digital Player.

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