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Coby TF-DVD5010 Portable DVD Player with 5-Inch LCD by zybestsale


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Incorporating anti-skip circuitry and compatible with NTSC/PAL Systems, this compact Coby
TF-DVD5010 Portable DVD Player allows you to enjoy music and movies wherever you go. A 5" TFT
LCD display, easy-to-use navigation controls, and built-in headphone jack offer a convenient, private
viewing experience.
 Coby's affordable TF-DVD5010 portable DVD player features compatibility with DVD-Video (both
NTSC- and PAL-formatted region-1 and all-region discs), audio CD, CD-R, CD-RW, and MP3-encoded
discs. Take your favorite movies and music on the road or on the water--a supplied adapter lets you
power the unit right from your dashboard cigarette lighter, and built-in anti-skip technology minimizes
viewing and listening interruptions during active use. The player also includes a slim remote control for
hassle-free operation in tight quarters. Listen through the unit's stereo speakers or enjoy your
programs in private using the supplied headphones. An onscreen display simplifies setup and
operation. Playback options include frame-by -frame slow motion and multiple-angle viewing (with
applicable discs). What's in the Box
 Portable DVD player, a composite-video cable/stereo analog-audio interconnect, a remote control, a
remote battery, a car/boat DC power adapter, an AC/DC power adapter, stereo headphones, a
lithium-ion rechargeable battery, and a user's manual.
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