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					              You get $25 and your friend gets $25 with
              our Auto Loan Refer-A-Friend program!
              Complete the “Referred By” section below by writing your name, city and
              state into the coupon. Give the coupon to your friend or family member. Once
              your friend takes out an auto loan, cashes the check and presents us with
              the coupon, we’ll deposit $25 into your Direct Savings Account as well as into
              your friend or family member’s Direct Savings Account. Friends must live,
              work, worship or go to school in Norfolk County to be eligible.

              Apply today. Drive tomorrow
              It only takes minutes to apply online and you’ll be approved in seconds. We’ll send
              you a check valid up to your approved amount—the same day you’re approved. Your
              “cash-in-hand” shows dealers you’re a serious buyer. Best of all, it gives you the power
              to negotiate the best deal possible.

              With an Auto Loan through Direct Federal you’ll enjoy:
          • Low rates
          • Financing up to $75,000
          • Terms up to 84 months
          • 105% financing (full purchase price and sales tax)
          • New and Used Auto Loans

              Auto Loan Referral Coupon

              Submit this coupon with your application and when you cash your
              auto check, we’ll give you and your friend each a $25 referral bonus!


Referred By
              Name                                                             City                State

              The member listed above is participating in our Refer-a-Friend Program. Once the auto loan
              check is cashed both you and the member listed above will each receive a $25 referral bonus.
              The borrower must present this coupon to Direct Federal with application.This offer may
              expire without notice.

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