How To Make Candles At Home by aihaozhe2


									Candles convey the much-needed light in dimness. But gone are the days when a
candle was only predestined to dispel the darkness. Today with the mounting
importance of candle as an art it has taken off from the altar to the platform where it
sits to be admired.

 Sweet-smelling candles are making its blotch with a variety of soothing scents.
These candles are now finding it on bathroom sills, and as attractive items dressing up
a home. Also there are innovative methods being tried, to fade out the obnoxious
combustion of a candle. Smokeless candles, aromatic candles, designer candles are
the vagaries that show up on shelves for sale. And of course the sale is brilliant.

 So if you are the type that likes to work with your hands then candle making is a
lucrative profession you can take up to go on the entrepreneurship track. Many have
made their names in this business and the market seems ever welcome to newer ideas
and innovation.

 Making a candle needs a lot of patience and a trained mind. Training is available at a
number of places from the basic to designer styles. To begin with you have to double
boil your wax. If you do not have a double boiler then put some water in a wide vessel
on a low flame. Put your wax chunks in a can and then put the can in the vessel filled
with water. Once the wax begins to melt add some more chunks of wax.

 Once the wax melts add the dye. Wax dyes are available in liquid, solid and the
powdered form, available at any craft store. Some even melt crayons alongside wax to
add the color to it.

  After the wax is melted and colored the next step depends on what is it that you want
to achieve? If you are going to dip the candles then 150-180 degrees of wax heating is
required. You have to keep repeating the process of dipping the wicks into the wax,
removing excess moisture then letting it dry on wax paper for around 30seconds. As
the wicks get thicker with the process you can roll them around on waxed paper, then
straighten them. For around one inch thickness you will have to dip the candles 40-50
times. Once completed then make the candle bottom flat by cutting it.

 Keeping the melting process same slight variations are required for achieving
molded, fragrant and other styled candles. Once you learn the basics of how to make
candles all you need then is your imagination with a dash of creativity. Then see your
small set-up flourish.

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