How To Make A Beaded Necklace Through Simple Steps by aihaozhe2


									If you are into the bead craft at all, you will certainly need to have knowledge of how
to create a beaded necklace. Whether for yourself to wear, for your friends, your
daughters, or for your customers, you will want to know how to make a necklace
especially since they are the most fashionable beading pieces that people put on and
will spend their money on.

Following is a list of the materials that you will require. These are fairly standard bead
craft materials, so you may as well get them now! You will need flat nose pliers,
jewelry string, a beading needle, beading threads, spacer beads, the beads of your
choice, scissors, and craft gum. Now that you have all of the stuff you will adhere to
these easy steps to create your necklace.

1. Now that you have the materials you will need, you will get your beading thread
and determine how long you will prefer your necklace to be. Once you have decided
on a length you will need to add about 3-4 extra inches so that as you add the clasps
you will still have the desired length.

2. You can now start adding the beads that you like and can try many things until you
are convinced with the look of your beads. Now you can have the space beads in the
middle of your other beads to provide spacing in between each bead. You will
additionally need a clasp and two bead tips, which usually are used to secure the ends
of your necklace so that the clasp can be attached.

3. Once you have identified the look of your beads you can put a loop on the end of
the string and use the scissors to trim off any excess thread that you might have. Be
sure to make a string knot so that it does not release itself and becomes unfastened.
Then you will add the craft glue to the knot so that it is tied and in place.

4. Now you will utilize the pliers to secure the clip into a beaded hook so that the
loops at the end of each one are connected. You will then use the pliers to secure one
ring over the other and will keep doing this until you have completed all of the clasps.

Now that you have an easy step on how to make a beaded chain, you will be able to
do this for yourself or for business purposes. There are lots of people that are
interested in bead craft jewelry and are ready to pay for a nice piece of jewelry, so
whether or not you are crafting it for yourself or not, it is a hobby that you can turn
into a nice business opportunity.

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