How To Draw A Portrait by aihaozhe2


									Portrait drawing is a great way to develop your observation skills and a great hobby
for people who likes drawing things.

Here is a great eBook on portrait drawing which teaches how to draw a portrait in a
step by step manner. The name of this eBook is 8 Easy Steps to Drawing A Portrait by
Christopher Sia.

Best Portrait Drawing Tutorial
With the help of this portrait drawing tutorial you can start drawing in a very short
time. There is no need for prior experience. No matter what your level is this tutorial
guides you step-by-step through the details of pencil portrait drawing with simple and
easy steps. And guarantees that you learn how to draw a portrait in just a week,
without the need for expensive drawing materials.

Discover The Pencil Portrait Drawing Tips
This downloadable book has 60 pages full of practical pencil portrait drawing tips.
The portrait drawing tips are given in a very practical way to make it easy to learn the
minute you read it. Pencil portrait drawing will no more be a struggle for you after
you follow the step-by-step instructions.

Step-By-Step Portrait Drawing Lessons
This eBook starts from scratch; from a blank paper and shows and guides you in
every step to complete a portrait. The step-by-step portrait drawing lessons cover the
following process:

           Choosing an appropriate reference picture: details how to choose a fitting
reference picture that is right for you.
           Organizing the position, outline and proportions: details how to organize the
features with the correct proportions
           Eye Drawing: instructions on how to draw the details of the eyes such as
eyelids, iris, pupils,eyelashes, eyebrows and the surrounding shadows.
           Nose Drawing: details the important aspects of drawing the nose, nose
bridge and the nostrils with illustrations and shading techniques.
           Mouth Drawing: instructions on how to draw the details of the mouth, tips
on perfectly formed lips and lip line.
           Ear Drawing: teaches how to draw the details of the ear with 14 step by step
           Hair Drawing: shading techniques and simple tips for highlighting portions
of the hair to make it realistic.
           Face Drawing: provides finishing touches to shading the forehead, cheek
and jaw. Tips on completing the details of the face and adding shading on the neck.

Free Portrait Drawing Tutorials
Christopher Sia delivers a free portrait drawing tutorial which reveals his own secret
shading technique that he has been using. You can get this free tutorial by email once
you request for free. Just enter your email address and get the free tutorial right to
your email for free.

There are also 3 free resources you can learn from:
          Sample of Facial Features in Details: detailed drawings of facial features
and instructions for drawing hands and legs.
          Samples of 30 Reference Pictures: Pictures to help you practice which
increase in difficulty from beginners with little shading to more advanced pictures.
          Quick Reference Guide on Human Body: guides on drawing realistic whole
body pictures and provides basic information on human anatomy.

Learn How To Draw A Portrait With Step-By-Instructions
You can order this tutorial guide here to learn and improve your pencil portrait
drawing skills. If you are looking for a faster and easier way to drawing pencil
portraits without struggle, then this amazing portrait drawing tutorial is just for you.
This is a great way to learn how to draw a portrait in a week or even less.

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