How To Dance Salsa As A Workout by aihaozhe2


									Knowing how to dance salsa as a workout is one good way to stay fit. Before you start
any workout or dance, you should do some stretching. Stretching is the most basic
salsa dance workout. To stretch, a 15 minute walking and then stretching of legs and
arms will suffice. This will warm your muscles and prepare you for the rigorous salsa
routine. Stretching will allow you to enjoy dancing salsa because your muscles are
more responsive.

Begin with the most fundamental salsa moves after the workout. This is the easiest
part of salsa dancing. This will form the basis for your salsa workouts.

After doing the basic steps, you are now ready for the more complicated moves. Tap
the left foot as the first beat is heard. Then move forward with your left foot. Then
step forward with your right foot and step back with the left. This is will close the
basic dance sequence.

The back basic is just the opposite of the basic steps. You step back to right, forward
with your left foot and close it to the right. The lead often the men will do the basic
steps and the follow, mostly the women, will do the back basic steps. In a salsa
workout, the forward basic steps can be done by
everyone not just the men.

Use arm bands to do the salsa dance workout. The arm bands will make the routine
even more exciting and fun. The arm bands will also help you burn more calories.
This will stretch and exercise your arms during the workout. In dancing the basic
front or back salsa movements, you can embellish the moves with kicking, leg lifting
and punching. You may also use the arm weights so you will lose even more calories.

The good thing with salsa workout is you can do this at home by using a dance DVD.
You also have the option of going to the local gym to do the workouts there. There are
a number of gyms that do provide salsa workout classes. You can sign up for the next
class schedule. Going to the gym may be a bit time consuming but you will be able to
meet new friends.

If you do not like hanging out in gyms then a salsa club will be a good alternative.
You will actually do a lot of salsa dancing in the club. This will make the workout
even more fun.

Doing salsa exercises is truly a great way to lose the bulge. It will not only make you
trimmer but healthier too. You will also build core strength.

Learning how to dance the salsa workouts will enable you to combine your love for
salsa dancing and exercise. You can do salsa workouts with or without a partner. The
main goal of a salsa workout is to keep moving and expend that excess energy. This
way you will reap numerous benefits from the exercise.
Mastering the steps right away is not important. You can always learn the steps later.
The most important thing to remember in salsa dance workout is the movement must
begin in the hips. Move your body to the beat during the workout. Listen to the music
and let your body sway naturally. Do not
focus too much on the steps and posture. This will come later. The salsa workouts
after all are intended to be fun not intimidating.

You can progress from the basic salsa workout steps to the more complicated ones as
you master the moves. Stretch again at the end of the class to cool down. These are
basically the ways on how to dance salsa as a workout.

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