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Number      Media Type Source                   Author (if Location identified in Relevant climate/weather condition
                                   Title of article/item noted)                      item
                                                                         Commodity implicated   Keywords
 01 01 03                AgNet             Swaminathan, Int                      Risks, Vulnerability,Impact, Adaptation
                       Shaping Our Agricultural FutureM.S. India Generic limate change
01 01 05               The Globe and Weather, Eh? Canada - Central
                                   Weird                                 Generic
            Newspaper, News ReleaseMail, Reuters, Associated Press, AgNet Global warming        Impact
01 01 22               The Globe and
                                   Temperatures Rising ConsiderablyGeneric Than ExpectedRisks,
                                                            Int China - Shanghai
            Newspaper, News ReleaseMail, Reuters, Associated Press, AgNet Global warming Vulnerability
01 01 29                           Agri-Environmental Policy USA Crossroads:Climate Mark, et. January 2001, AgNet
                                                Claassen, Roger; The Generic
                                                            Int At Hansen, LeRoy; Peters, change Changing Landscape
                                                                                       Report No. 794.
            Magazine USDA Economic Research Service, Agricultural EconomicGuideposts On Aal.    Vulnerability, Adaptation
01 02 03               New York Times, Warming To Cost $300 Billion A Year Global warming
                                   Global                   Int Kenya - Nairobi
            Newspaper, News Release Associated Press, Reuters, AgNet     Generic                Impact
01 02 07               Stanford University, AgNet
            News release                                    Int USA      Generic     Warming - Ordinary Soot
                                   New Study Reveals A Major Cause Of Global Global warming Impact
01 02 10                           As Journal, AgNet
            NewspaperThe EdmontonEarth Heats Up, Bugs Will Proliferate   Generic                Impact, Vulnerability
                                                                                     Global warming
01 02 12                            Morning Leader Talking AustraliaGeneric
                                                            Int                      Warming Risk,
            NewspaperThe SidneyFarmers' Herald, AgNet Hot Air About Global Global warming Impact
01 02 13               Associated UN-ClimateLederer, Edith M.
            News release           Press, AgNet  Conference              Generic                Mitigation
                                                                                     Global warming
01 02 19               New York Times, Warming's Likely National Generic
            Newspaper, News Release Associated Press, Victims Post, AgNetGlobal warming         Impact
01 02 20               AgNet                    Blum, A.                 Plants
                                   Plant Environmental Stress In Agriculture Website
01 02 21               CSIRO Australia Media Release Ref 2001/46, AgNet- Chickpea and Lupin
            News release                                    Int AustraliaCrops
                                   Chickpea, Lupin Yield Boost In Drought            Drought    Adaptation
01 02 23                           Climate Change: It's Andrew Action
            NewspaperThe Toronto Star, AgNet    Weaver, Time For         Generic                Monitoring, Mitigation
                                                                                     Climate change
01 03 06                           Spreading Misinformation On Climate ChangeGlobal warming, Extreme weather events
            NewspaperThe Toronto Star, AgNet                Canada       Generic                Impact
01 03 19                           Thoughts On  Nielsen, R. Int(Bob)
                                                            L USA
                       Purdue University, AgNetCorn Planting Dates Crops - Corn
01 03 27               Ag          Farmers Leer, S.         Int USA - OhioWith - no Mild
            News release Answers, AgNet Could Be In For 'Slug'festCropsSlimytill summer         Impact
01 04 05               Lethbridge ResearchStudy Shows Canada - Alberta Does Global warming Yield
            News release           Irrigation Center, AgNet              Crops
                                                            Minimum Tillage                     Mitigation
                                                                                     Not Reduce Crop
01 04 06               National Academies: Spotlight on Health, Ecosystems, And Infectious AgNetRisk, Vulnerability
                                                            Int USA      Generic     Climate change
            Peer reviewed journal Under The Weather: Climate, Science and Policy Issue 35,Disease
01 04 12               AgWeb, AgNet Populations High InUSA - Texas
            News release           Insect                   Int Texas
                                                Danley-Greiner, Kristin Insects                 Impact
                                                                                     Warm, humid weather
01 04 12               University of Minnesota, AgNet Agriculturally Driven Global Environmental Change, Liken Its Magnitude
            News release           Scientists Forecast      Int USA      Generic                Impact, Risks
01 04 13               Science Magazine, Volume 292, Number 5515, Joseph, et. al.
                                                 Agriculturally Fargione, pp. 281-284, AgNet Monitoring, Mitigation
                                                            Int USA      Generic
            Peer reviewed journal ForecastingTiman, David; Driven Global Environmental Change
01 04 17               Canadian Cattlemen'sCattle Producers Promote Practical GHG Mitigation
            News release                                    Canada
                                   Canadian Association, AgNet                                  Mitigation
                                                                         Livestock Ways To Conserve Soil, Reduce Greenhouse
01 04 17               CSIRO Ref Worms On The Web - Int AustraliaCrop Pests Wet conditions
            News release            2001/83, AgNet          And In The Mud           - worms Impact
01 04 20                           Early-Season Insect Pests Of Corn Bulletin, AgNet
                                                and Crop Development
            Magazine The Pest ManagementSteffey, Kevin USA  Int          Insects                Monitoring
01 04 20                           Winter Wheat Disease--Good NewsBulletin, AgNet
                                                and Crop Development Update
                                                            Int USA
            Magazine The Pest ManagementBissonnette, Suzanne Crops - Wheat                      Monitoring
01 04 27                           You 6, AgNet Obermeyer,Int ForEdwards, Pests
                                                              John; - Indiana Rich
            Magazine Pest & Crop No.Can Track Heat UnitsUSA Black Cutworm In Your Area          Monitoring
01 04 27                           Foliage Diseases Of Winter Wheat And Their Management
                                                 Management USA
                                                            Int          Crops - Wheat          Monitoring
            Newsletter Integrated Pest & CropSweets, LauraNewsletter, University of Missouri-Columbia, Vol. 11, No. 7, Article
01 04 27                           High 6, AgNet Weevil Numbers And DamageAlfalfa
                                                              John; Edwards, - Noted
                                                                         Crops       Bledsoe, Larry
            Magazine Pest & Crop No. AlfalfaObermeyer,Int USA - Indiana Rich; Warm weather      Monitoring
01 04 30               AgWeb, AgNet Alfalfa To Protect Against Potato Leafhoppers weather
            News release           Scout        Maulsby, Darcy
                                                            Int USA                  Warm
                                                                         Crops - Alfalfa        Monitoring
01 05 02                           Ontario: Wheat           Canada - Ontario - Wheat
                                                                         Crops        Snow Mould
            NewspaperThe National Post, AgNet Crops Hit With Worst Case OfHeavy snow In 20 YearsImpact
01 05 04                                        Stewart’s Wilt Risk?
                                   What’s OurTenuta, Albert;AgNet Crops - Corn
                                                             3, Griffiths, Heather
            Magazine Crop Pest Ontario Volume 6 Issue Canada - Southwestern Ontario Monitoring
01 05 04                           Grape Colaspis In Wayne USA - Missouri- Corn
                                                 Management Int          Crops                  Monitoring
            Newsletter Integrated Pest & CropBailey, Corn Newsletter, University of Missouri-Columbia, Vol. 11, No. 8, AgNet
01 05 10                            Research Service, USDA,USA
                                                            Int AgNet Crops - Cotton
            Magazine Agricultural Have You Taken Your Plant's Temperature Lately?               Monitoring
01 05 10               Lethbridge Research Center, AgNet
            News release                                    Canada       Crops
                                   LRC Report - Wheat Disease Resistance- Wheat                 Adaptation
01 05 11                           Timeliness Is Everything
                                                11 Issue 4 Canada - Ontario - Corn
            Magazine Corn Pest Ontario MayHartzler, Bob     OMAFRA, AgNetCrops                  Monitoring
01 05 11               Ag          Ohio Wheat Is Mildewy; Indiana's Dry And Wheat
            News release Answers, AgNet                                  Crops - Short
                                                            Int USA - Ohio, Indiana             Monitoring
01 05 14                           Global Warming Effects Seen With Spring Planting change
            NewspaperGuelph Mercury, AgNet                  Canada - Ontario
                                                Roberts, Owen            Crops       Climate    Impact, Adaptation
01 05 15               Ag          Spring Planting: East Leads West,Crops - Corn, Soybeans
            News release Answers, AgNet                                   But Will Climate      Impact, Adaptation
                                                            Int USA - Corn Belt It Matter? change, Wet weather
01 05 15               AgNet
            News release                                    Int AustraliaGeneric     Global warming
                                   Warming Australia: More Droughts, More Flooding Rains Impact
01 05 23               Earth Policy Institute, AgNet Lester R. Future
            News release                        Brown,       China's
                                   Dust Bowl Threatening Int China Generic           Dust storm Impact
01 05 24                                        Lee, Field Int USA       Crops - Alert, Vol.
                                   Wet Soils and Soil-Applied Advisory TeamSoybeans 16, Impact  No.
            Magazine Michigan State University’s, Chad Crop Herbicides in Soybeans rainfall 7, AgNet
01 05 24                           Adjusting AgNet
                                                Nesmith, William
                                                            Int Bactericide/Fungicide Sprays Critical In Commercial
                                                                         Crops -     Weather Impact,
            Magazine Kentucky Pest News, And MaintainingUSA - Kentucky Vegetables conditions Adaptation Vegetables P
01 05 24                           Wheat Scab Update Int USA - Michigan Alert
            Magazine Michigan State University’s, Field Crop Advisory TeamWheatVol. 16, No. 7, AgNet
                                                Hart, Pat                Crops -     Rain       Impact, Mitigation
01 05 25               Ag          Head Scab Risk May Be High In Ohio
            News release Answers, AgNet                                  Crops - Wheat
                                                            Int USA - Northern Ohio Wheat Impact, Monitoring
01 05 25                           An Early Warning About Twospotted Development, AgNet
                                                Steffey, Kevin USA Illinois pests Dry
                                                            Int          Crop
            Magazine University of Illinois, Pest Management and- CropSpider Mites weathermpact I
01 05 25                           Will 2001 Be Management and Illinois Pests
                                                Steffey, Kevin Lepidoptera?
                                                             Of          Crop
            Magazine University of Illinois, PestThe Year Int USA - Crop Development, AgNet     Monitoring
01 05 25                           What's Causing Spots OnLorettaIllinois - Corn weather
                                                Ortiz-Ribbing, USA
                                                            Int My Corn? Crops       Wet
            Magazine University of Illinois, Pest Management and- Crop Development, AgNet       Impact, Monitoring
01 05 28                           Weather College, AgNet   Canada - On Top Wheat
            Magazine AgriLink - RidgetownNetwork Improvements Ontario -Of Wheat Disease         Monitoring
01 05 31               AgWeb, AgNet Joaquin Valley CottonUSA - California Cotton weather onitoring
            News release           San                      Int Kristin Crops -      See        M
                                                Danley-Greiner,Growers Shouldn't Dry Too Many Lygus
01 05 31               AgWeb, AgNet
            News release                        Danley-Greiner, Kristin Crop
                                                            Int USA - Texas          - Grasshoppers
                                   Texans Panicking Over Grasshoppers pests Warm, dry weather   Monitoring
01 05 31              Ag          Slow-Growing Crops Vulnerable To SlugsOhioRain, cool weather Vulnerability
           News release Answers, AgNet                                Crop pests - Slugs
                                                          Int USA - Indiana,                  Impact,
01 06 01                          Hoppers May Be Bad: Canada - SaskatchewanGrasshoppers
                                              Lang, Michelle          Crop Be Worse Than Risk
           NewspaperThe Leader-Post (Regina), AgNet Some Areas Will pests Drought Others
01 06 06                          Rose Chafers             Up In Michigan pests Warm weather Monitoring
           Magazine Ontario Farmer, AgNet ShowingInt USA - Michigan   Crop                    Risk,
                                                                                   - Rose chafers
01 06 07              Lethbridge Research Center Report, AgNet- Threaten CanolaCanola Risk, Monitoring
           News release                                   Canada      Crops        Hot,
                                  Rising Lygus Bug Numbers May Western- Prairie dry conditionsAcreage
01 06 07                          Update On Hart, Pat Int AdvisoryCrops - Wheat
                                              Wheat Scab                Team
           Magazine Michigan State University, Field Crop USA - Michigan Alert Vol. 16, No 9  Mitigation
01 06 08              Ag          Fusarium                Int USA - Ohio
                                                                      Crops - Wheat weather
           News release Answers, AgNet Head Scab Stopped Cold By Cool Weather      Cool       Impact
01 06 08                          Blue Mold AgNet         Canada - Ontario - Tobacco
           Magazine Ontario Farmer Dairy, Threat Passes, For Now      Crops                   I
                                                                                   Dry weathermpact
01 06 08                          Early SeasonThomison, Peter - Crops
           Magazine Crop Pest Ontario, AgNetDefoliation In Corn Ontario - Corn                Impact
01 06 08                          Second Pest Management and- Way Development, AgNet
                                              Gray, Mike Int USA Illinois Southern Illinois Impact,
                                                                      Crop         - True armyworm
           Magazine University of Illinois,Armyworm Flight Under Crop In pests Cool, wet weather Risk
01 06 08                          Burrower Bugs PerplexInt USA Illinois pests - Burrower bugs
                                              Gray, Mike Producers CropIn Development, AgNet
           Magazine University of Illinois, Pest Management and- CropSouthern Illinois        Impact
01 06 14                          High Temperatures And Post-Emergence Herbicides
                                              Lee, Field Int USA
                                                          Kells, Jim Crops         High temperatures
                                                                                              Risk, Adaptation
           Magazine Michigan State University's, Chad;Crop Advisory Team Alert Vol. 16, No. 10, AgNet
01 06 14                          Fields Too Wet Field Crop Advisory  Crops - Alert, Vol.
           Magazine Michigan State University’s And Weeds Too Big Team Soybeans 16, No. 10, AgNet
                                              Lee, Chad Int USA                    Wet weatherImpact
01 06 22                          Diagnosing Thomison,Corn" AgNet
                                              "Rootless Peter - Ontario
                                                          Canada      Crops
           Magazine Crop Pest Ontario, Volume 6 Issue Ten,Problems - Corn                     Vulnerability
01 06 22                          Striped Volume 6 Issue Ten, AgNet
                                              Tenuta, Albert          Crops
           Magazine Crop Pest Ontario, Rust In Wheat Canada - Ontario - Wheat                 Risk
01 07 27                          Sudden DeathTenuta, Albert
                                                          Canada - Ontario
           Magazine Crop Pest Ontario, AgNet Syndrome In Soybeans? pests                      Risk, Monitoring
01 07 27              Ag          Water, Water Everywhere But - Ohio   A Drop Soybeans
           News release Answers, AgNet Leer, SteveInt USANot Crops - On Drought    Ohio Beans Impact, Vulnerability
01 08 02              AgWeb, AgNet Mexico State Develops Drought-Resistant, Native Grasses
           News release           New                     Int USA - New Mexico Drought
                                              Maulsby, Darcy          Crops                   Adaptation
01 08 03                          Scab Disease Takes
                                              Bailey, AnnInt USA - Grand Forks, N.D.-Area Impact Crop
                                                                      Crops - Wheat
           NewspaperGrand Forks Herald, ND, AgNet Big Bite Of North DakotaWet weather          Wheat
01 08 03                          Concerns About Soybean USA - Illinois - Soybeans conditions
                                              Steffey, Kevin Aphids Escalate
                                                          Int         Crops        Hot, dry
           Magazine University of Illinois: Pest Management & Crop Development, AgNet Impact
01 08 08                                                               Globalization, Contaminated Foods, Rolling Blackouts Isn
                                  Climate Change, Polluted Waters, Generic
           Magazine Beyond Organic Communications, Int USA AgNet                              Adaptation, Mitigation
                                                                                   Climate change
01 08 13              Ridgetown College, AgNet
           News release                                   Canada      Crops - Corn Drought    Impact, Adaptation
                                  Extreme Measures Require Extreme Caution For Harvesting Drought Stressed Corn Silage
01 08 13                                      Gross, StressUSA - Michigan Alert,
                                  Assessing DroughtPaul; Thelen, Kurt TeamCorn                 No. 16,
           Magazine Michigan State University’s: Field Crop Advisory Corn Yield Vol. 16, Impact AgNet
                                                                      Crops -
                                                          Int Effect On            Drought
01 08 13                          Insects AndDiFonzo, Christina - Michigan
                                               Drought Int USA        Crop pests Drought      Impact
           Magazine Michigan State University¹s: Field Crop Advisory Team Alert Vol. 16, No. 16, AgNet
01 08 19                          Assessing Potential For Nitrate - Ohio
                                              Thomison, Peter
                                                          Int USA Problems-In Corn
           Magazine Ohio State University: CORN Questions, AgNet      Crops Corn   Drought    Impact, Risk
01 08 21              AgWeb, AgNet
           News release           Recent Rains Revive Corn Diseases
                                              Johnston, Julianne - Ohio
                                                          Int USA     Crops - Corn Rain       Impact
01 08 21              Ag          Search      Leer, Bean Pod Mottle-Resistant Soybean Risk, Monitoring
           News release Answers, AgNetIs On ForSteveInt USA - Ohio    Crops - Soybeans
01 08 21              Ag          Cause And Infect: Recent Rains Revive Corn Rain
                                                                      Crops - Corn
           News release Answers, AgNet Leer, SteveInt USA - Ohio, IndianaDiseases Impact, Risk
01 08 23                          Drought-Proof CropAgNet
                                              Lyons, Research Takes To Field Drought
           NewspaperThe StarPhoenix (Saskatoon),Murray    Canada      Crops                   Mitigation, Adaptation
01 08 27              USDA ARSSpying Service, AgNet Int USA - New Mexico Global warming, Climate change
           News release            News Global Warming In The Desert? Crops                   Monitoring
01 09 03                          Drought Stressed CornInt USA - Ohio
                                              Watson, Maurice
                                                           For Nitrate-Nitrogen Drought
           Magazine Ohio State University: CORN Questions, AgNet      Crops - Corn            Risk
01 09 04                          Future 109, AgNet William F. Fate For
           Magazine HMS Beagle IssueShock: Forecasting A Grim Generic The Earth Risk, Vulnerability
01 09 06                          Global Warming Katherine Q Generic
                                              Seelye,     Int USA                  Global warming
           NewspaperThe New York Times, AgNetMay Bring New Variety Of Class Action GHG Mitigation
01 09 25              Proc. Natl. Drought- USA, Vol. Roberto A; Li, 11444-11449,
                                              Gaxiola, 98, Issue 20, Result et.Drought
                                                          Int USA      Jisheng,      Overexpression Of The Avp1h+-Pump
           Peer reviewed journal Acad. Sci.And Salt-Tolerant Plants Crops From al.AgNet Adaptation
01 10 05              Science Volume 294, To AdaptiveInt USA In Response To Global Warming
                                              Etterson, Julie R.; Shaw, Ruth G.
                                                           Evolution Crops
           Peer reviewed journal Constraint Number 5540, pp. 151-154, AgNet Climate change    Impact, Adaptation
01 10 09                          No-Till Planting Remains Sow-Sow in 2001, Survey Shows HG Mitigation, Adaptation
           Magazine Ag Answers, AgNet                                 Crops
                                                          Int USA - Indiana - Corn, Soybeans  G
01 10 15                          Drought AgNet           Canada      Generic
           NewspaperThe Globe and Mail,Cost Canada $5-Billion, Economist Says      Drought    Impact
01 11                 ISB         Engineering A           Int USA
           News release News Report, AgNet Shared Pathway ToCrops                  Drought    Adaptation
                                                                        Salt And Drought Tolerance In Plants
01 11 07              Western Grains Research Foundation, AgNet Crops - Wheat weather
           News release                                   Canada Saskatchewan      Cold         Winter Wheat
                                  New Study Attempts To Shatter-Cold Hardiness Barrier InAdaptation
01 11 28                          Welcome to the
                                              Mittelstaedt, Martin
           NewspaperThe Globe and Mail, AgNet Great Warm North        Generic                 Impact
                                                                                   Global warming
01 12 01                          Weather To Spray CarrotsCanada      Crops - carrots
           NewspaperJournal Pioneer (Summerside), AgNet For Disease Protection Or NotMitigation, Adaptation
01 12 01                          Potato Inspections May Be
                                              Arsenault, Lisa
                                                          Canada - Prince EdwardSeason Risk, Monitoring
                                                                      Crops - Dry Island
           NewspaperJournal Pioneer (Summerside), AgNet Extended After potatoes
01 12 04              Proc. Natl. Genetic Shift In Vol. 98, Issue 25,Holzapfel, Christinawarming
                                              Bradshaw, William E; Generic
                                                          Int USA     14509-14511, AgNet Global Adaptation
                                                                                   Global M.
           Peer reviewed journal Acad. Sci. USA, Photoperiodic Response Correlated With Impact,Warming
01 12 04              Ag          Winter Wheat Can't StandUSA - Ohio Soils Rain
           News release Answers, AgNet                                Crops
                                                          Int Ohio's Soggy - Wheat            Impact
01 12 07                           Episode 838, AgNet Canada          Crops         For Increased Mycotoxin Contamination
           Magazine Farmscape Erratic Weather And Increased Trade BlamedWeather conditions    Impact
01 12 13              National Center for Atmospheric Research, AgNet - Cotton
           News Release                                    Boost Cotton Yields Global warming
                                  Climate Change Could Int USA        Crops                   Impact, Adaptation
01 12 13              Associated Scientists Unsure OfAndrew
           News release           Press                   Int USA
                                              Bridges, Absorption Generic                     Impact, GHG Mitigation
                                                                                   Global warming
01 12 14              Reuters, Planet Ark, AgNet AndrewUSA World Climate Change Risk, Impact
           News release                       Quinn,      Int
                                  Scientists See Threat Of Abrupt Generic          Climate change
01 12 18                          Climate Change: The Signs
                                                          Int USA
           NewspaperThe New York Times Epstein, Paul R. Are There     Generic                 Impact, Monitoring, Vulnerability
                                                                                   Climate change
01 12 19              Associated Earth's 2001 Temperatures To Be Generic
           News release           Press       Fowler, Jonathan
                                                          Int Switzerland
                                                                       High                   Impact
                                                                                   Climate change
01 12 19                          Warm, Warmer,
           NewspaperThe Globe and Mail, AgNet Warmest…    Canada
                                              Mittelstaedt, Martin    Generic                 Impact
                                                                                   Global warming
01 12 21              Science Volume 294, Number 5551, pp. Schneider,
                                              McCarl, Bruce USA
                                                          Int A.; Gas Generic In U.S. warming And Forestry
                                                                       Mitigation A.          GHG
           Peer reviewed journal Climate Change:Greenhouse2481-2482 Uwe GlobalAgricultureMitigation
01 12 21              Science Volume 294, Number 5551, pp. 2481-2483, AgNet
                                              McCarl, Bruce USAU.S. AgricultureA. Forestry
                                                          Int A.;     Generic        And      GHG
           Peer reviewed journal Greenhouse Gas Mitigation InSchneider, Uwe Global warming Mitigation
01 12 31   News release                                    Water-Efficient Cotton
                                 Study Paves Way To Int USA, Crops - Cotton
                     University of Georgia, AgWeb News, AgNetIsrael                Drought     Adaptation
02 01 09                          Post (Regina) Michelle
                                              Lang,       Saskatchewan  Generic     Ominous Risk, Vulnerability
           NewspaperThe LeaderDrought, Soil Erosion Big Fears: Warm WinterDrought For Farmers
02 01 10                         Arid Winter Spells Doom for Farms
           NewspaperThe Globe and Mail Oziewicz, Estanislao Generic                            Vulnerability
                                                                                   Warmer temperatures
02 02 04             University of California - Davis Via Int Nitrate IncorporationGlobal climate change
           News release                                   EurekAlert Crops
                                 High Co2 Levels Hamper USA                         By Plants Impact, Vulnerability
02 02 11   
           News release                       Danley-Greiner, Kristin Crops
                                                           Cause                   Global climate change
                                 Global Warming Could Int USAShift In Growing Regions Impact
02 02 12                         Drought's Strauss, Stephen - the Prairies Drought
           NewspaperThe Globe and Mail Impact Slight, Study Shows       Crops, Livestock       Impact
02 02 14    Peanuts? It CouldInt USA - If Temps Keep Rising Impact, Vulnerability
           News release          Ohio                                   Crops      Global
                                                           Happen Great Lakes Region warming
02 02 16                         Hubley Says Climate Change Hurting Agriculture
                                              Brown,                    Crops, Livestock climate change
                                                                                   Global      Risk, Blames U.S.
           NewspaperJournal Pioneer (Summerside)Jim Canada - The Maritimes Industry: Also Vulnerability And European
02 02 18                         Another                  Canada - Western
                                                                         Western El Nino
           NewspaperThe Globe and Mail El Nino Expected to AffectGeneric Canada                Risk, Impact
02 02 19                         Pollution                 Rainfall
           NewspaperOntario Farmer DailyAffects World Global Patterns   Generic    Pollution Impact
02 02 20                         Western Foss, FateCanada - Western
           NewspaperThe Globe and Mail Farmers'Krista Tied to El Nino   Generic    El Nino     Risk, Vulnerability
02 02 20                         Sticky Business: WarmInt USA
                                                           Winters Crops, Maple trees temperatures
                                                                                   Warmer Impact, Vulnerability
           NewspaperThe Washington Post Martinez, Barbara E. Make It Tough To Keep The Maple Syrup Pouring
02 02 22                         Prairie      Pratt, SeanCanada
           NewspaperWestern Producer Precipitation Improves WithGeneric  El Nino Precipitation Impact
02 02 22                         Prairie Farmers Brace forCanada        Crops
           NewspaperThe Globe and Mail Walton, Dawn Bugs - the Prairies Drought                Risk, Vulnerability
02 02 22                         Maritime Cox, Kevin Canada - The Maritimes
           NewspaperThe Globe and Mail Drought Threatens Water Table, Crops        Drought     Impact, Vulnerability
02 02 22                         Warm Weather MeansCanada - SaskatchewanGeneric
           NewspaperThe Globe and Mail Foss, Krista Prairie Gopher Derby Drought               Impact
02 02 26             Reuters
           News release                       Brough, David Asia
                                                          Int           Crops,
                                 El Nino Worries Asian Rice Farmers-FAORiceDrought             Impact, Vulnerability
02 02 27                         The Dirt      Dry Land Farming: - Alberta Snow Drought
           NewspaperSt. Albert Gazette OnJones, Susan     Canada Lack OfCrops                  Impact, Adaptation
                                                                                   Has Forced Farmers To Explore New Method
02 02 28                         Arid, Post Ruane, MichaelNature's Out Of Sync
                                                          Int E.        Generic
           NewspaperThe Washington Arid, All Around, AndUSA - Mid Atlantic Drought             Impact, Vulnerability
02 02 28                         Droughts Could Cut Kimanada Saskatchewan
                                                          C             Generic    Global climate change, Drought
           NewspaperThe Edmonton JournalMcNairn,Back Sask.- Flowing Wheat Fields Impact
02 03                            Mild Agri-News
                                              Thompson, Early Sap Run
                                                           Catherine Crops,        Warmer Impact
           Magazine Eastern Ontario Weather Triggers Canada - Ontario Maple trees temperatures
02 03 01   Radio     CBC                                  Canada        Generic    Global      Impact, Vulnerability
                                 Environment Minister Gives Farmers Kyoto Pep Talk climate change, GHG Mitigation
02 03 01             Cornell University NewswiseThreatens Northeast
           News release          Severe Drought                         Generic
                                                          Int USA - Northeast Drought          Vulnerability
02 03 01                         Grain Bin White, Ed Canada             Crops
           NewspaperWestern Producer Pests Frolic Through Warm Winter Warmer temperatures      Impact, Vulnerability
02 03 05                         Global       Thompson, Canada
                                                           Kerry        Generic     Topic It Should Be, Workshop Told
           NewspaperGuelph Mercury Warming's Impact On Farming Not HotGlobal climate change    Impact, Adaptation
02 03 11                                                  Canada - Ontario Corn
           Magazine AgriLink Mild Winter Blamed For Corn Disease Alert Warmer temperatures     Impact, Vulnerability
02 03 12             Associated Lettuce Shortage Sends Prices -UpCrops, Lettuce
           News release          Press                    Int
                                              Brice, Jessica USA California                    Impact
                                                                                   Adverse weather conditions
02 03 12             Reuters
           News release                       Aglay, DollyInt Philippines
                                                                        Crops, RiceDrought, El Impact
                                 El Nino Threat Delays Manila's Rice Import Plans               Nino
02 03 14   NewspaperTulsa World               Nascenzi, Nicole
                                                          Int Wheat Crop In- Oklahoma
                                                                        Crops Wheat
                                 Drought, Insects ThreatenUSA - Oklahoma Drought, Insects      Impact
02 03 14                         Kyoto Treaty's Aim Is Canada
           NewspaperThe Kitchener-Waterloo Record To Ease Global WarmingGeneric                Impact, Vulnerability
                                                                                   Global climate change
02 03 15                         Expert       Wilson, Barry
                                                          Canada - the Prairies Global climate change
           NewspaperWestern Producer Questions Minister's PrairieGeneric Explanation Impact, Vulnerability
02 03 22   Magazine AgNet                                 Int Being Green Wheat
                                 Wheat Finds It's Not EasyUSA - Ohio This Early                temperatures
                                                                                   Fluctuating Impact, Vulnerability
02 04 02                         Weather worries hurt cornUSA Great Plains drought
           NewspaperGlobe and Mail                        Int prices corn                      impact, risk

02 04 02             Lethbridge Research Centre to fuel expanding Prairie acerage
           News release         New bean varieties      Prairies   beans       drought     adaptation
02 04 04             Pioneer Hi-bred Limited
           News release                                 Canada     generic     prevalent: Pioneer agriculture specialists sugg
                                Mild/dry weather means insects may be more heat, drought   adaptation, pests
02 04 08             Agrilink
           News release                                 southwestern Ontario drought, soil moisture
                                Soil moisture back to normal       generic                 risk, impact
02 04 09             Agweb
           News release                     Johnston, Julianne Mid-West
                                                        Int USA    generic
                                Warm winter puts fall-applied nitrogen at risk heat        risk, impact
02 04 09                        Minnesota, Dakotas experience decline in honey drought
                                                         W.        honey       heat,       risk,
           NewspaperKnight-Ridder Tribune Kram, JerryInt USA Mid-North West, production impact
02 04 10                        Snow not enough, says agrologist field
                                            Walter, Ron
           NewspaperThe Times-Herald (Moose Jaw) Saskatchewan crops drought, soil moisture risk, impact
02 04 11             Agweb
           News release         Rains reduce pest population inMissouri Missouri
                                            Johnston, Julianne southern
                                                        Int USA    generic                 risk, impact
                                                                               precipitation, soil moisture
02 04 12                        Beliefs      on climate Priaries
           NewspaperWestern Producer varyMorrison, Karensolutions generic                  mitigation, adaptation
                                                                               climate change
02 04 12                        Alberta     MacArthur, Alberta
           NewspaperWestern Producer extends drought programs generic          drought     monitoring
02 04 12                         Post (Regina) Michelle
                                            Lang,       Saskatchewan
           NewspaperThe LeaderDrought Threat Influences Planting   Crops       Drought     Impact, Adaptation
02 04 15                        Survival Of Overwintering Borers Generic
                                             and Crop Development Bulletin Mild winter weather
           Magazine The Pest ManagementSteffey, Kevin USA                                  Impact
02 04 19                        U.S. Could begin        Int USA    El Nino     El Nino
           NewspaperOntario Farmer Daily News seeing impact of generic by midsummerrisk, impact

02 04 19             Ag
           News release Answers                       Int USA    generic    winter     impacts
                               Slugs hatching, gorging themselves on Ohio fields weather
02 04 21             Canadian Press
           News release                               Alberta     issues-who gets what risk, impact wanes
                               Albertans grapple with tough watergeneric    drought    when supply
02 04 22                       Ontario: unseasonably Ontario
           NewspaperNational Post                                maple syrupheat       risk,
                                                      warm weather hurts maple syrup crops impact
02 04 22             Agweb
           News release                   Johnston, Julianne
                                                        patterns generic    seasonal impact
                               Climatologist: seasonalInt USA established in mid-Aprilweather patterns
02 04 22                       Some       Dunfield, Allison
                                                      Priaries   generic    drought, heat
           NewspaperGlobe and Mail drought relief expected for western Canada          vulnerability
02 04 23             Reuters
           News release                              Int importsrice
                                                                  due        El Nino, drought, flooding
                              Philippines eyes more ricePhilippines to El Nino           risk, impact, adaptation
02 04 24                                  Habib, Lucas
           Magazine @ Guelph Weather it Will or Weather it Won't Generic                 Impact
                                                                             Localized weather patterns
02 04 26                      Scientists             Int UK      Generic                 monitoring
           NewspaperThe Calgary Herald Say 2002 Hottest Year on Record Warm global temperatures
02 04 26                      Government             Ontario     vegetables technologyadaptation
           NewspaperThe Lindsay Daily Post encouraging use of drip irrigationdrought

02 04 30             Ag
           News release Answers                        Then play corn       precipitation
                                Too wet to plant corn? Int USA by the "rules"           adaptation
02 05                Better Farmer
           News release         2002's warm winter- A precursorAmerica to come
                                           Hengeveld, Int North of more
                                                        Henry    generic    heat        climate change trends

02 05                            Research threatens U.S. USA
                                           McGraw, Int          Soybeans temperature
           Magazine Agricultural New aphid Magazine Lindasoybeans                  impact

02 05                         Future Extremes Steven
                                         Fick,     Canada
           Magazine Canadian Geographic May/June 2002               Generic     Climate    Monitoring, Vulnerability

02 05                           GrasshopperSavage, Candace - The Prairies Insects, Grasshoppers
           Magazine Canadian Geographic May/June 2002;           Generic             Monitoring
02 05 02             Asia       More Thai Komolkul, Jittanan
                                                     Int ThailandSoybeans drought
           News release Intelligence wire farmers growing drought-resistant soy      adaptation

02 05 02             Ag
           News release Answers                       Int USA      corn        precipitation
                               Previous years prove late-planted corn isn't history        adaptation
02 05 03                       Dry High Plains are blowing away, field crops drought
           NewspaperNew York Times                    Int          again
                                           Egan, TimothyUSA Great Plains                   risk, impact
02 05 07             Agence French Pressemakes contingency plans to mitigate El Nino dry spell
           News release        Philippines                         generic
                                                      Int Philippines          drought     adaptation
02 05 07                       A                      Int Southern Africa
                                                                   generic     El Nino       groups fear worst
           NewspaperNational Post new El Nino could devastate southern Africa: food relieffood shortage, famine
02 05 09                       U.S.        Fabi, Randyworld        generic     El devastating than 1997-1998
           NewspaperNational Post forecasters estimate impact of El Nino: lessNino         food shortage
02 05 10             Pest      Chances of Crop Malvick USA
                                           Stewart's Wilt of corn corn
                                                      Int                      temperature
           News release Management and Dean Development increased after warm winter        impact
02 05 13             Canadian Press braces for grasshopper infestation after mild winter and drought
           News release        Alberta                Alberta                              impacts
                                                                   field crops drought, heat

02 05 13                         Wheat disease and 6-13, USA Ohio Ohio
                                            Lipps, Pat Int 2002, Thewheat       cool nightime
           Newsletter Ohio C.O.R.N. Newsletter, May growth stage update State University temperature
02 05 13   News release
                      Integrated Pest Managementslow Gary major disease problems
                                 Corn emergence
                                            Munkvold, but USA Iowa
                                                         Int no     corn                    impact
                                                                                cool temperature
02 05 16              NASA
           News release                                  Int USA    generic      carbon in opportunties,patterns
                                                                                            precipitation sequestration
                                 Changes in rainfall patterns spur plant growth,changesabsorption across U.S.
02 05 16              Canadian Press
           News release                                  Nova for declining number of N.S.impacts
                                 Drought, high costs to blameScotia generic     drought      farms

02 05 17              Science, Volume 296, NumberAnne Simon generic
                                            Moffat, 5571, pp. 1226-1229
                                                       world                   drought
           Peer-reviewed journal Finding new ways to protect drought striken plants       risk, impact
02 05 17              BioMedNet Invasive species head "unwanted" generic
           News release          News       Perks, Bea world      list         heat       impact
02 05 20                                    Petit, blame it USA
                                                       Int on     generic      El prehaps risk,
                                                                                           on global warming
           NewspaperU.S. News The great drying: Charles W. distant oceans-and Nino, drought impact

02 05 20              Agweb
           News release           Researchers sees increased risk of Stewart's disease
                                               Johnston, Julianne Iowa
                                                           Int USA      corn       heat          impact
02 05 21   Press release                                    territorial generic    climate changemitigation, adaptation
                                  Federal, provincial and Canada ministers of energy and environment discuss climate chang
02 05 22                          Water heating              salmon trout, salmon                 temperatures
           NewspaperThe Vancouver Province for trout,Int Pacific North-West heat, water impact, risk
02 05 22                          Rain in Illinois helps control rootworm
           NewspaperKnight-Ridder Tribune Cook, AnneInt USA Illinois population    precipitation risk, impact
02 05 23              Associated Reserve land opened for grazing generic
           News release           Press                    Int USA                 drought       adaptation
02 05 23              Michigan State UniversityinsectBeth and Pet, Walter
           News release           Weather and              Int USA Michigan
                                               Bishop, development generic                       impact
                                                                                   temperature and precipitation
02 05 23              Crop        Wheat        Tenuta, Albert
           News release Pest Ontario Foliar diseases Ontario            wheat                    impact,
                                                                                   cool temperature adaptation
02 05 23              Crop        Strange
           News release Pest Ontario spring/strange Ontario
                                                             Art        generic                  impact
                                                                                   cool temperatures and precipitation
02 05 24              Ag
           News release Answers                            Int USA Mid-West
                                                                         for the
                                  After rain, cold, wheat may worsenwheat wear     precipitation impact
02 05 25                           Citizen     Jaimet, Kate anada
                                                           C            generic    heat          risk, impact
           NewspaperThe OttawaScientists warn disease could follow climate change: Malaria, Encephalitis possible outcome
02 05 25                          Stinging Jaimet, Kate anada
                                                           C            generic    heat          risk, impact
           NewspaperNorthern Daily NewsReality: mosquitoes and microbes could carry disease to Canada
02 05 27              Canadian Press weather hurts crops
           News release           Cold                                  Asparagus frost
                                                           southern Ontario                      impacts
02 05 28              Agence France Pressebraces for newPhilippines
           News release           Philippines                            drought drought
                                                           Int El Nino generic                   adaptation
02 05 29                           Post (Regina) Michelle
                                               Lang,       Saskatchewan
           NewspaperThe LeaderDrought forces major cattle sell offcattle           drought       risks, impacts
02 05 29                           Mercury                 southwestern grain crops, fruits, vegetables
           NewspaperThe GuelphNature not giving farmers any breaksOntario precipitation, winds   impacts
02 05 29              Journal of Warming temperaturesworld freeze North American timber industry
           Peer-reviewed journal Agricultural and Resource Economics    timber     climate changeimpacts
02 05 29                          Patterns rain make drought
                                                           world        generic
           NewspaperWashington Post of Ruane, Michael E. a complex picture                       impacts
                                                                                   drought, precipitation
02 05 29              Associated Vidalia disaster ElliotInt USA Georgia
           News release           Press        Minor,                   Generic                  impacts, adaptation
                                                                                   drought, disease
02 05 29              Reuters
           News release                                    Int Ukraine crops so far
                                  Ukraine's drought kills 45,000ha ofgrain crops drought         impacts
02 05 29              Canadian Press not giving southwestern Ontario crops, precipitation, frost spring
           News release           Nature                                field farmers any
                                                           southwestern Ontario fruit breaks thisimpact
02 05 29                         Farms Chalk Up Krista    Canada
           NewspaperThe Globe and Mail Foss,Record Earnings Crops, Livestock      Drought     Impact
02 05 30              Associated Colorado wheat
           News release          Press       Kohler, Judith USA Colorado wheat
                                                          Int          Winter                 impacts
                                                                                  drought, frost
02 05 30              Associated Warming climate causes earlier bloom
           News release          Press                                 generic
                                                          Int United Kingdom      heat        impacts
02 05 30                         $150 million needed for cattle: APAS
           NewspaperWestern Producer         Briere, KarenSaskatchewan Cattle                 adaptation
02 05 30                         Study shows warming Int United Kingdom
                                             Recer, Paul               generic
           NewspaperThe Kitchener-Waterloo Record climate causing flowersheat                 adaptation
                                                                                   to bloom earlier in spring
02 05 30              Canadian Press
           News release                                   Ontario      ginseng    frost        help with
                                 Ontario ginseng growers are appealing to government for impact frost-bitten crops
02 05 31              Science                Fitter, flowering time Kingdom
                                                           and Fitter, generic
           Peer-reviewed journal Rapid changes in A. H.Int UnitedinR. S. R.Plants heat        impacts
02 05 31              Associated Colo. Counties are disaster areas livestock, crops
           News release          Press                    Int USA Colorado        drought     adaptation
02 05 31   NewspaperNational Post            Recer, PaulI with biology scientists heat
                                 Global Warming fiddles nt United Kingdom          report     adaptation
02 05 31              Agence France Presse
           News release                                   Int El Nino,generic     El Nino     risks, impacts
                                 Malaysia ready for weakerEast AsiaBorneo expected to be worst hit
02 05 31                         Corn        Suderman, Int USA
           NewspaperWallaces Farmeroff to poorest start on record corn                        impacts
                                                                                  temperature, precipitation

02 05 31                         Soybean foliage diseases USA begin to
                                            Sweets, Laura may
                                                       Int       Soybeans precipitation
           Newsletter Integrated Pest and Crop Management Newsletter show up          impact

02 06                           How June MacRae, Rod
                                            2000       Canada      Generic      Climate
           Magazine The Rural Voice,Will Your Farm Cope with a Changing Climate? change Monitoring, Vulnerability, Adaptatio
02 06 01   Radio      CBC       Drought may have seriousNorth America for fish shortage impacts
                                            Cohen, Nancy consequences
                                                       Int         fish         water   risks,
02 06 01                        Plant buds give climateCanada
           NewspaperThe Delta Optimist                  clues      generic      heat    adaptation
02 06 03              Agweb
           News release         USDA declares counties in Nebraska, Texas and Wyoming disaster areas
                                            Johnston, Julianne
                                                       Int USA     generic      drought adaptation
02 06 03                        Rising      Graham, Sarah
                                                       Int United Kingdom
                                                                   generic      heat
           Magazine Scientific America temperatures tied to flowers' earlier bloom      adaptation
02 06 03   Television CBC                              Priaries    pasture, cattle
                                Prairie farmers face expanding drought conditions       impacts

02 06 03                        Climate   Revkin, Andrew C.
                                                      says in
           NewspaperNew York Times changing U.S. Int USAreport generic                impacts
                                                                           climate change
02 06 04             Associated Dry Nebraska
           News release         Press     Bauer, Scott USA Nebraska
                                                     Int       generic     drought    adaptation
02 06 04             Associated Pennyslvania vineyards USA Pennyslvania frosts
           News release         Press                Int       grapes                 risks, impacts
02 06 04             Reuters
           News release                              Int USA   field crops global warming
                                Global warming would help many US crops - EPA report impacts

02 06 04             University of Minnesota
           News release                                world      cracking              communities
                                 Invading species have harder timegeneric diverse plant adaptations

02 06 04             Ag
           News release Answers                       Int USA     corn
                               Rootworms less likely to pester farmers this year      impacts
02 06 07                       Livestock Bell, Ian     in short livestock, crops temperature, limited precipitation
           NewspaperWestern Producer feed, pasturePriaries supply            Cool     risks, impacts

02 06 07                       Warmer, wetter weather could Canada
                                           Brown,                 potatoes temperature, precipitation
           NewspaperJournal Pioneer (Summerside)Jim Atlantic lead to more blight and sprays impacts
02 06 12             Yahoo
           Canadian Press news             Weber, Bob  Priaries   field toll on drought, floods, fire,
                               Drought, floods, fires and snow to take crops harvest: wheat boardsnow
02 06 13             Reuters
           News release        Southwest drought to ignite more fires
                                           Fabi, Randy USA south west
                                                       Int        generic       drought     impacts
02 06 14             Canadian Press drought leads to deeper quarterly loss drought
           News release        Severe                             wheat
                                                       Saskatchewan                         impacts
                                                                                at Saskatchewan Wheat Pool
02 06 17                       Late-planted crops face a host of threatssoybeans
           NewspaperOntario Farmer                     world      corn,         heat        risk, impact
02 06 17             Reuters
           News release                    Ingerwersen, USA acres of farmland
                                                        300,000 field crops flooding
                               Minnesota floods claimIntJulie Minnesota                     impacts

02 06 17             Virginia Tech
           News release                                  growing corn possible, study shows
                                 Improving water use in Int USA mid-Atlantic precipitationadaptation

02 06 19             OMAF
           News release                     Tenuta, Albert
                                                       Ontario   it on the precipitation
                                  Fusarium maps confusing? Blame generic weather       adaptation

02 06 19             OMAF
           News release           Flooded corn and soybeans:and Tenuta,affect?
                                            Verhallen, Anne what's the soybeans
                                                       Eastern Ontario Albert
                                                                 corn,       precipitation, flooding

02 06 20             Agnet
           News release                                 world       generic
                                  Warmer world will be sicker, say scientists              impacts
                                                                                climate change

02 06 20             agriculture research service
           News release                                   moisture detection experiment adaptation
                                                                    corn, soybeans
                                 Iowa fields are focus ofInt USA Iowa          precipitation, soil moisture

02 06 21                         "Black" Wheat
                                             Sweets, Laura
                                                        world  wheat
           Newsletter Integrated Pest and Crop Management Newsletter                weather
                                                                         wet, humid impacts
02 06 23                         Waiting to fight
                                             Suzuki, David
                                                        change  a viable climate change
           NewspaperCowichan Valley Citizen climate world notgeneric option         mitigation, adaptation

02 06 24             Agrilink
           News release                                   with Ontario Farmers current weather conditions
                                  Fusarium web site a hitOntario     Generic              adaptation
02 06 25             Reuters
           News release                                of Philippines
                                Philippines sees onset Int El Nino in July   El Nino   risk, impacts
02 06 25             National Centre for Atmospheric Stephanie Northern Plains
           News release                     Kenitzer, Research Generic
                                                       Int USA               Thunderstorms
                                Summer Thunderstorms May Become More Predictable impact, risk, extremes
02 06 26             NASA
           News release                     O'Carroll, Make Some Areas
                                                       Int USA Rocky Mountain States climate model
                                                                             temperature, precipitation
                                Mixed Croplands MayCynthia M. genericCooler, Wetter in Summer
02 06 26                        Frost                  Int USA Michigan
           NewspaperOntario Farmer takes toll on Michigan fruit crops        frost     risk, impact

02 06 27             CSIRO
           News release       Climate in a computer Int Australiageneric                climate model
                                                                             climate change
02 06 28             The                              Canada
           News release Daily Principal field crop areas 2002                           impacts
                                                                 field crops weather conditions

02 06 28             Agricultural Scientists gear up to counter soybean rust disease change
           News release           Research Service        Int USA   Soybeans climate    impacts

02 06 31              Illinois Pest Odd plant diseases due Development
           News release                         Bissonnette, Suzanne Generic
                                                             Int odd
                                     Management and Crop toUSA season                  climate     impacts
02 07 02                             Research stays on Int USA Northern Plains helps farmers fight drought
                                                                          field crops CD           adaptation
           Magazine Agricultural So the rainMagazinethe plain: Crop sequence temperature, precipitation
02 07 05                            Hot
           NewspaperOntario Farmer Cattle Grow more slowly   Int USA      cattle       Heat        risk, impact
02 07 08                            U of C      Mark, Michelle
           NewspaperThe Calgary Sun to study climate Calgary  changes generic                      risks
                                                                                       climate change
02 07 08              Reuters
           News release                                      Manitoba field crops climate and weather conditions
                                    High temperatures hasten Manitoba crop development risks, impacts
02 07 10   News release
                      Agricultural Tips for keeping cattle cool this summer
                                     Research Service David North America
                                                Elstein,     Int          Cattle       Heat        adaptation
02 07 10   Television CBC                                    Int Africa
                                    UN warns of new Africa Drought generic             drought     food shortage, famine
02 07 10                            Australia needs
           NewspaperSyndney Morning Herald drought mangement                           El Nino, drought
                                                             Int Australiawheat, sheep and cattle  adaptation, management
02 07 11                            Crops die Unruh, Tim lose their appitite in drought-ridden Kanas
           NewspaperKnight-Ridder Tribuneand livestockInt USA Kanas       generic      drought     impacts
02 07 11              Agweb
           News release                                      Int conditions expanded the past week
                                    Drought monitor: Drought USA          generic                  risks
                                                                                       drought monitoring
02 07 11                            Dry doom of Stevenson, Int Australiacrops
                                                               El Nino
           NewspaperSyndney Morning Heraldfarmers asAndrew returns                     drought     impacts
02 07 11              Reuters
           News release                                      Int USA      generic
                                    US voters want strict greenhouse gas cuts-survey               ghg mitigation
                                                                                       temperature, precipitation
02 07 15              Reuters
           News release                                      Int USA      cattle, in 18 states
                                    USDA allows emergency haying, grazing hay drought              adaptation
02 07 15              Associated Southern drought JefferySouthern USA
           News release             Press       Collins,     Int          generic      drought     impacts
02 07 15              Agrilink
           News release                                      southwestern Ontario
                                                                          field crops
                                    Dry weather getting to growers and to marketsdrought, heat     impacts
02 07 16                            Now that's hot Cindy Canada
           NewspaperThe Evening News (New Glasgow)                        generic                  impacts, risks
                                                                                       drought, heat
02 07 17              Reuters
           News release                                      Alberta      generic      drought
                                    Alberta gives farmers C$324 million to cope with drought adaptation
02 07 17              Associated One-third of U.S. facing drought generic
           News release             Press                    Int USA
                                                Schmid, Randolph E.                    drought     risks
02 07 18   Television CBC                                     for Alberta cattle
                                    Drought relief package Alberta                     drought     drought, government aid
02 07 18   Television CBC                                    Prairies     generic
                                    Ontario farmers offer hay to drought-stricken West drought     drought, government aid
02 07 18                            Spring                   Prairies     Spring wheat drought
           NewspaperSaskatoon Star wheat downgraded because of widespread drought on Prairies      impact, risk
02 07 18   NewspaperGlobe and Mail              Mahoney, JillPrairies
                                    Drought wounds Prairie Farmers generic                         risk,
                                                                                       drought, heat impact
02 07 19              Reuters
           News release                                      Canada       generic
                                    Drought, lower prices to hurt Canada's farm income drought     risk, impact
02 07 19                            Beekeepers feel the sting of
                                                             Prairies     honey
           NewspaperThe Edmonton JournalCockburn, Neco drought, despite aid            drought     impacts, adaptation
02 07 19              Ag
           News release Answers                              Int USA      field crops drought
                                    Against the grain:consumption now tops production              risks, impacts
02 07 19                            Service     Comis, DonInt USA Northern PlainsSunflowersadaptation, change in crop choices
                                                                          fruit, flowers
           Television ARS News Drought Makes Farmers Mind Their Peas anddrought
02 07 20   Television CBC                                     to plunge generic
                                    Farm income expectedPrairies                       drought     impacts
02 07 21   Radio      CBC           Saskatchewan droughtSaskatchewan to steal
                                                Woloski, Rosalee farmers
                                                              driving     cattle       drought     impact
02 07 21              The                                    Int
           News release Age El Nino: All together now Australiageneric                             impacts, adaptation
                                                                                       precipitation, drought
02 07 23              Yahoo
           Canadian Press news                               Western Canada
                                                                          cattle       drought
                                    Prairie drought means Alberta producers dumping beef inimpacts  B.C., official says
02 07 24              Associated Government mulls emergency measures as drought worsens in much of India aid
           News release             Press       Nirmala George
                                                             Int India    generic      drought     drought, government
02 07 24                            Grasshoppers Plague Province Crops, KimDrought
           NewspaperThe Globe and Mail Dunfield, Allison and Lunman, Livestock                     Impact
02 07 25              Yahoo
           Canadian Press news                               Canada
                                    Campaign to help western farmershay                drought     adaptation
                                                                           delayed due to possible hay infestation
02 07 25   Television CBC                                    Prairies
                                    Can cloud seeding beat the drought?   generic      drought     adaptation
02 07 26              Agricultural New blueberry blooms Int USA
           News release                         Core, Jim late, ripens blueberries frost
                                     Research Service                     early                    adaptation
02 07 26              Yahoo
           Canadian Press news                               Alberta      cattle       drought     impacts
                                    Alberta beef prices could rise could rise if shortage felt because of drought
02 07 30   Television CBC                                    Saskatchewan generic
                                    Saskatchewan to aid drought-affected farmersdrought            drought, government aid
02 07 31                            Can't Stand the Heat? It's No
           NewspaperThe Globe and Mail Smith, Graeme Wonder  Ontario      generic                  Impact
                                                                                       Warmer temperatures
02 08                               Irrigation Originated with
                                                  August     Global
           Magazine Country Guide Ontario,Ball, Tim2002Global Warming     Crops                    Impact, Adaptation
                                                                                       Global warming

02 08 02                     Des Conditions De Croissance Difficiles
           Magazine Grandes Cultures
02 08 02              Science, Volume 297, NumberCrispinSouth Generic
                                             Tickell, 5582, p. 737.
           Peer-reviewed journal Communicating Climate ChangeAfrica                       Impact
                                                                              Climate change
02 08 02              Reuters
           News release                                 Int Global Yet - UK Global climate change, warming
                                 World Heading For Warmest Year Generic Met. Office Impact
02 08 02                         Diversity               Can Affect Regional and Rocky Mountain States
                                                                    Diverse Vegetation Effects
                                                                              Climate     Impact
           Magazine University of Arizona of Vegetation Int USA Great Plains Temperatures And Rainfall

02 08 05                      If You're Still Dry, Watch 963 - Kentucky In Soybeans Vulnerability, Risk, Adaptation
                                           Johnson, Doug
                                                       Int USA  Crops,      Insects,
           Magazine AgNet, Kentucky Pest News NumberFor Spider Mites Soybeans Spider mites

02 08 05                      Drought-Stressed Bill For Silage Crops, Corn
           Magazine AgNet and C.O.R.N. 2002-24 CornInt USA - Ohio        Drought          Adaptation

02 08 05                        Assessing The Impact Peter
           Magazine C.O.R.N. 2002-24                                On Corn Pollination Impact
                                           Thomison, Of Drought Crops, Corn    Drought
02 08 06   
           News release                                Production Crops, Canola
                                                                    Expected ToDrought   Impact
                                Saskatchewan Canola Canada - Saskatchewan Hit 20-Year Low Because Of Drought
02 08 07    Tells SouthernCanada - Alberta,Stop Gouging ProducersVulnerability
           News release         Premier                 Alta        Crops, HayDrought
                                           Henton, Darcy Farmers To Southern             Impact, Hit By Drought
02 08 08                        Prairie Food Banks DawnCanada - The Generic
           NewspaperThe Globe and Mail Walton, Brace for Worst Prairies Drought          Impact
02 08 08                        Grim Harvest Seen ForCanada - Wheat Farms
                                                                    Crops, Wheat
           NewspaperThe Globe and Mail Foss, Krista Parched The Prairies Drought         Impact
02 08 08                        Droughts might         The Prairies Generic    Drought   Vulnerability
           NewspaperDaily Herald (Prince Albert) happen more frequently due to global warming: experts
                                Offers No
02 08 08                        Aid
           newspaper Ontario Farmer                                 Wheat,     Drought
                                                       Western Canada Other grains Impact
02 08 08                                               Int Australia, SouthEast Asia
                                                                    Crops - Drought
           Magazine Planet Ark El Nino Hits Australia, SE Asia Braces For Grain          Impact
                                                                               Drought, Monsoon
02 08 08                        Reuters                 For Disaster Aid - US Growers Heavy Rains, Hot, dry weather
           Magazine Planet Ark, Don't Tap Farm Funds Int USA                   Drought, Impact, Vulnerability
                                                                    Crops, Livestock
02 08 09    Drought-Stricken Western Farmers Brings Canadians Together
           News release         Plight Of                           Crops, HayDrought
                                                       Canada - The Prairies             Impact
02 08 09    Kinder To Nova Scotia- Farmers, Most Crops In Good Shape
           News release         Weather                             Crops
                                                       Canada Nova Scotia Rainfall       Impact
02 08 10   Radio     CBC                               Canada       projects   Drought   Impact, Mitigation
                                Ottawa releases millions for water Water in drought-affected areas
02 08 12             Reuters
           News release         DevastatingGillam, Carey USA
                                            Drought Brings Despair To Much Drought
                                                       Int          Water      Of US     Impact, Vulnerability
02 08 12   Radio     CBC                               To Send Crops, To West
                                Ottawa's Help Needed Canada More HayHayDrought           Impact
02 08 12                        Drought, grasshoppersAlberta, SaskatchewanDrought
           Magazine Report Newsmagazine                             Crops, Livestock
                                                        and sheer grit                   Impact, Vulnerability

02 08 12             University of Purdue Hendrix, Kern; Johnson, Keith-Corn
           News release                              Indiana   Crops
                                 Drought-Damaged Corn As Livestock Feed Drought Impact
02 08 13                         Lean, Mean Growing Machine Under Siege
                                                     Canada    Crops, Livestock Impact, Vulnerability
           NewspaperThe Globe and Mail Foss, Krista and Walton, Dawn Adverse Weather Conditions

02 08 13                        Potato Crops Plowed Under: - Prince Edward Island
                                            Sharratt, Canada        Crops, Potatoes
           NewspaperThe Guardian (Charlottetown) Steve Some Farmers Have Taken Impact, Risk  Remedial Action To Stop Washou
02 08 13                         Leader-Post             Canada - Saskatchewan
                                                                    Crops, Livestock
                                                                               Adverse Weather Conditions
                                                                                            Aid Payment Formula
           NewspaperThe ReginaOttawa Considering Changing $600 Million Federal Farm Mitigation
02 08 13   Radio     CBC                    Ramp, WilliamCanada - Western
                                Western Farmers Need More thanCrops, HayDrought             Impact
02 08 13                        Drought Increases Chance Of Pasture Poisoning
           Magazine Ontario Daily                                   Livestock Drought       Impact, Vulnerability, Mitigation
02 08 13                        'Heat       Brooke, JamesInt Japan Tokyo
                                                                    Generic    Climate
           NewspaperNew York Times Island' Tokyo Is in Global Warming's Vanguard change     Impact, Mitigation
02 08 13                        Canada'S Freshwater May Be At Risk From Global Warming: Report warming
           NewspaperStratford Beacon-Herald              Canada                Climate change - Global
                                                                    Water, fresh            Impact, Vulnerability
02 08 14                        Some                                Livestock
           newspaper Ontario Farmer Tips To Reduce Livestock Heat Stress Drought            Impact, Vulnerability, Mitigation
02 08 14             Reuters
           News release                     Treadgold, Tim Turn To - Western Drought
                                                         Int          Dust Grapes
                                Grape Expectations CouldAustraliaCrops,In Australia         Impact, Vulnerability
02 08 14                        Bins Emptied, Herds Culled, Safety Dawn
                                                         Canada - Alberta
                                                                    Livestock Drought Impact
           NewspaperThe Globe and Mail Foss, Krista and Walton,Net Gone,Drought Causes Prairie Farmers To Sell Inve
02 08 15             Canadian Press Drought ForcesCanadaPrices Down, But Steak Prices Rankle Consumers
           News release         Alberta     Henton, Darcy           Livestock Drought
                                                          Cattle - Alberta                  Impact
02 08 15                        Support     Wilson, Barry
           Magazine Western Producer Kyoto, farmersCanada told                 Climate      Impact,
                                                                    Crops, Livestock Change Vulnerability, Mitigation
02 08 15                        More Farm Aid: Is it Salvation or a Crops, Livestock
                                                         Canada      Band-Aid
           NewspaperThe Globe and Mail Foss, Krista and Walton, Dawn Drought                Impact
02 08 15   Radio     CBC        Canada's western drought            Crops,     Drought
                                                         Western Canada Livestock           Impact
02 08 16             Reuters
           News release                     McInerney, Int AustraliaGeneric
                                                         Marie                 Drought
                                Famished Australian Emus Invade Drought - Hit Farms Impact, Vulnerability
02 08 16                        Severe Drought Anthony Paths GenericNation
                                            Wood,        Int USA
           NewspaperThe Philadelphia Inquirer Cuts CostlyR.          across    Drought      Impact
02 08 17                        Aberdeen, S.D., Politicians DebateGeneric Relief after Bush VisitMitigation
           NewspaperAmerican News                        Int USA South Dakota Drought
                                            Waltman, Scott            Drought               Impact,
02 08 17                        Desperate Woodford, James sign of a serious drought Impact
                                                         Int the
           NewspaperSidney Morning Heraldroos and emusAustraliaEmus, Kangaroos Drought
02 08 17                        Alberta drought increases food      Generic
           NewspaperThe Times-Herald (Moose Jaw) Alberta bank demand Drought                Impact
02 08 17                        Cattle, grain farmers gear up for rebuilding: No 'national cow kill' Mitigation
           NewspaperNational Post                                   Crops, Livestock
                                            Farrell, Jim The Prairies          Drought      Impact,
02 08 18             Agence France Presse
           News release                                  Canada     Livestock               Impact, Mitigation
                                To fight drought, Canada sends hay westwardDrought, Grasshoppers
02 08 18             Agence France Presse
           News release                               Int Germany flood-hit Floods
                               Germany pledges 20 million euros Generic       farmers    Impact, Mitigation
02 08 18                       Though                 Canada, IntGeneric
           NewspaperThe Toronto Star small, the lowly leech couldUSA big risk            flora and
                                                                             Non-native Impact fauna
02 08 18                       Prairie Farmers Try To The Prairies
           NewspaperThe London Free Press                         Livestock, Crops
                                                                             Drought     Impact, Mitigation
                                                       Outlast Drought; They're Cutting Back Their Herds But The Question
02 08 19             Reuters
           News release                               Int USA     Livestock
                               USDA Extends Emergency Haying, Grazing Drought            Impact, Adaptation
02 08 19                       Global Warming Not a Canada
                                                      Hot         Generic
           NewspaperThe Globe and Mail Chase, Steven Topic, Polls Show Global warming    Vulnerability
02 08 19                       Tallgrass King, Barry Canada, Int USA
           NewspaperCobourg Daily Star pastures may rise again Crops, Forage Drought     Impact, Mitigation
02 08 19                       Heat                    Livestock Livestock Heat
           NewspaperOntario Farmer Stress Costly For Int USA Farmers                     Impact, Mitigation
02 08 20             Canadian Press Reveals More Than Half Of Saskatchewan
           News release        Map                                Livestock Drought      Impact, Adaptation
                                                      Canada - Province'S Regions Qualify For Drought Aid

02 08 20                        Research Shows Sprinkler ) - SouthernWheat
                                                        Canada      Crops, Manitoba
                                                                                Disease     Risk
           Magazine AgNet and Farmscape (Episode 1050) Irrigation Heightens Fusarium Adaptation
02 08 20    Alta Farmers CanadaHail, Rain Southern Corn Shortage
           News release                                  Blame      Crops, Taber Corn Hail, Cold temperatures
                                Southern Harrington, Carol - Alberta For Taber  Rainfall, Impact
02 08 20                        Rainfall hampers harvest
                                            McNairn, C              Crops
           NewspaperThe StarPhoenix (Saskatoon) Kimanada - Saskatoon Rainfall               Impact
02 08 20                        Lakeland's agricultural Canada - programs College by drought
           NewspaperLac La Biche Post                    sciences Lakeland hard hit
                                            Priest, Collen          Livestock Drought       Impact
02 08 21             Agence France Presse
           News release                                 Int India   Crops, Livestock
                                Drought in India easing: agricultural minister Rainfall     Impact
02 08 21                        Rising Temperatures &World
                                            Brown, Lester R.
                                                          Update Crops, Grainemperatures, Water tables, Grain prices
                                                                                T           Impact
           Magazine Earth Policy Institute Eco-EconomyFalling Water Tables Raising Food Prices: Record World Grain Harv
02 08 21                        Munster, Ind.
                                            O'Shaughnessy, Brendan
                                                         Appoint Crops, CornForce
           NewspaperThe Times, National Corn GrowersInt USA Disaster Task Drought           Impact
02 08 22                        Suffolk, Va., Council Jessie
                                            Halladay, Int USA Virginia
           NewspaperDaily Press, Newport News, Va. Members AskCrops             Drought     Impact
                                                                     Governor to Declare Drought Disaster Area
02 08 22   News release                                 Int Germany rops, Grain ainfall, Floods
                                German farmers seek more aid after rains, floodsR           Impact
02 08 22             Reuters
           News release         U.S. Southeast sees Kristin pressuring economy
                                            Roberts, drought Southeastern USA
                                                        Int USA     Generic     Drought     Impact, Mitigation
02 08 22   Magazine               Johnston, Julianne
                                                        Int in Midwest
                                USDA: Localized FloodingUSA                     Rainfall    Impact
                                                                    Crops, Corn, Soybeans, Small grains
02 08 22                        Transporting            Canada - SouthernHayDrought
                                                                    Crops, Alberta           Sense: Analysts
           NewspaperThe Edmonton Journal Hay To Drought Areas Makes No Economic Impact, Adaptation
02 08 22             Reuters
           News release                     Holmes, Conjure - Western
                                                        Canada      Crops       Drought, Impact
                                Canada Crop Yields Kanina Memories Of Depression Insects, Frost, Rainfall, Heat
02 08 23                        Lack of Rain Kills Chances
                                            Berkman, Leslie
                                                        Int USA California - Riverside County
                                                                    Crops, WheatCrops in Impact
           NewspaperThe Press-Enterprise, Riverside, Calif. of Growing Wheat Drought Riverside, Calif., Area

02 08 23   Magazine AgNet                               Int Cloud Wheat Wheat
                                Weather Fears Shouldn'T USA - Ohio Decisions    Drought    Adaptation
02 08 23                        Cattle producers anxiously watchPrince Edward Island Impact, Mitigation, Vulnerability
                                            King, Natalie anada - how Prairie Cattle affects industry
           NewspaperThe Guardian (Charlottetown)        C                       Drought
                                                                     Livestock, crisis
02 08 23             Reuters
           News release         Harvest of tears in drought-ravaged Canadian Drought
                                            Holmes, Kanina
                                                        Canada - Western Livestock
                                                                     Crops,      west      Impact
02 08 23             Reuters
           News release                                 Canada - By Low Fruit, And Weather
                                                                     Crops,     Weather conditions - poor
                                Fruit And Vegetable Growers Hit Ontario Prices Vegetables  Impact
02 08 23   Radio     CBC                                Canada - Alberta
                                                                     Livestock Drought     Impact, Mitigation
                                Alberta Farmers Say Only Ottawa Has Resources To Help Them Avoid Disaster
02 08 23                        Food Banks Feel The Pressures The Prairies Drought OnImpact
           NewspaperRegina Leader-Post                               Generic
                                                        Canada - Of Crippling Drought       The Prairies
02 08 24                        Bitter                  Canada       Crops,     Drought    Impact
           NewspaperThe Toronto Star harvest due to drought - Western Wheat, Field crops, Livestock
02 08 26                        On Farms, Lydersen, Kari on Global Warming
           NewspaperThe Washington Post a No-Till TacticUSA          Crops                 Mitigation
                                                                                Drought, Global warming
02 08 26                        Irrigation moves rain: Ditches shift Generic Texas
                                                        Int          storms     Rainfall    Texas
           Magazine Nature Science UpdateClarke, Tom USA - Northeaston the parched Impact High Plains
02 08 26                        Drought is a            Canada
           NewspaperThe Edmonton Journal warning for future - AlbertaGeneric    Drought    Mitigation
02 08 26             Reuters
           News release                                  of floods are
                                Cambodia hopes worstInt Cambodia over -- for nowFloods     Impact
02 08 26    Edmonds, Scott As Farmers Face Impact Of Impact In 2001
           News release                                  Falls
                                Farm Income For 2002Canada                      Drought
                                                                     Crops, Livestock       Drought
02 08 26             Associated Drought Hurts Montana Ranchers Livestock Drought
           News release                      York Times USA Montana
                                Press, NewBohrer, BeackyInt                                Impact, Mitigation
02 08 27             Agence France Presse English
           News release                                 Int AustraliaCrops      Drought    Impact
                                Drought A Major Threat To Australian Economy Says Government
02 08 27                        Drought sends grainTony soaring: Brewers concerned Impact
           NewspaperNational Post                       Canada
                                            Seskus, prices           Crops      Drought
02 08 27                        Farmers are hurting: Statscan; 'People aren't going to be able to hold on to their farms unles
           NewspaperThe Spectator                       Canada
                                            Edmonds, Scott           Generic    Drought    Impact
02 08 27             Agence France PresseSy, Tidiane Int SenegalGeneric
           News release                      English
                                Drought, Poverty and Misery in Central Senegal  Drought    Impact

02 08 27             LethebridgeCover Crops Can Prevent Erosion SoilDrought-Stricken Fields
           News release          Research Center                   Of
                                                       Canada - The Prairies Drought    Mitigation
02 08 27   Radio     CBC                               Canada - Alberta, Saskatchewan Impact, Mitigation
                                                                   Livestock Drought
                                Alberta Farmers Buying Saskatchewan Pastures
02 08 28             Reuters
           News release         Interview - Earth Summit Can't Avoid Climate - Former UN ExpertVulnerability, Risk
                                            Pomeroy, Robin
                                                       Int South Africa
                                                                   Generic              Impact,
                                                                             Global warming
02 08 28                        Saving      Jehl, Douglas USA - Worried
                                                       Int         Water     Drought
           NewspaperNew York Times Water, U.S. Farmers Are Texas They'll Go Dry Vulnerability, Mitigation
02 08 28             Associated -Global Warming Threatens Tuvalu
           News release         Press                  Int Tuvalu Generic
                                            Nessman, Ravi                               Impact, Vulnerability
                                                                             Global climate change, warming
02 08 28             Associated Europe-Floods
           News release         Press                              Generic
                                            Ames, PaulInt Central Europe     Floods     Impact, Mitigation
                                 ce Urges
                                 tions    In
02 08 28   Radio                 Debate                 Int
                     Australian Broadcasting Corporation AustraliaCrops                    I
                                                                                Dust Stormsmpact, Risk, Vulnerability
02 08 28             Agence France Presse English, Reutersharvest but exports unaffected: FAO
           News release                                 Int Asia
                                 Weather threatens Asia rice                               Impact
                                                                    Crops, RiceAdverse Weather Conditions
02 08 28             Reuters
           News release                                 Int Asia    Crops, RiceAdverse Impact
                                 Weather Makes Asian Rice Harvest Uncertain - FAO Weather Conditions
02 08 28                         Forecast for Future:Andrew C. Drought
           NewspaperNew York Times                      Global
                                             Revkin, Deluge and Generic                    Impact
                                                                                Global climate change, warming
02 08 28             CBC
           News release                                 Canada ManitobaGrain rought
                                                                    Crops,      D
                                 Some Manitoba Farmers Could-Cash In With Harvest          Impact
02 08 29             Reuters
           News release                      Noe, Eric US Grain Crops, Corn, Wheat, Impact
                                 Drought Impact CloudsInt USA Processors' Drought Soybean
02 08 29                         Mother Nature
                                             Bailey, Ann Yet Another Snag for North Dakota hail, wind beets, soybeans.
                                                                    Crops, small grains, potatoes, sugar
                                                                                Minnesota Impact
           NewspaperGrand Forks Herald, N.D. Throws Int USA North Dakota, Heavy rains, Farmers
02 08 29                         New Brunswick potato Canada faceTelegraph-Journal
                                                         farmers - New Brunswick
                                                                      poor crop without
           Newpaper The Globe and Mail, CP Wire, New BrunswickPotatoes Drought rain        Impact
02 08 29                         Agriculture faces Kevin season Generic
                                             Hursh,     C
           NewspaperThe Leader-Post (Regina) dismal anada - Saskatchewan                   Impact
                                                                                Drought, Insects, Frost, Wet weather
02 08 29                         Ranchers               Canada - British Columbia
                                                                     shortage Drought        River
           NewspaperThe Globe and Mail worry about looming hayCrops, Forage - PeaceImpactDistrict
02 08 29                         Drought Triggers Wheat Export Free-For-All Drought
           NewspaperOntario Farmer                      Int Asia    Crops, Wheat           Impact
02 09      News release
                     Pulse Canada                                    production Adverseturn for the worse…
                                 Canadian pea, lentil, and chickpeaCrops, Pea,takes aChickpea Conditions
                                                        Canada                             Impact
                                                                                 Lentil, Weather
02 09 01                         Drought Takes Its Jody
                                             Spark,     Canada - The Businesses
                                                                    Crops, Livestock
           NewspaperLloydminster Meridian BoosterToll On Ag-RelatedPrairies Drought        Impact
02 09 01                         StatsCan numbers show  Canada - Alberta
                                                                    Livestock Drought
           Magazine Central Alberta AdviserHilstrom, Lea cattle inventory down             Impact

02 09 04                        Colorado State Researchers Create Droughtlab, Take Leadership Role In Providing Drought
           Magazine AgNet, Colorado State University Int USA, Colorado         Drought    Mitigation, Adaptation
02 09 04                        Growing Burns, Siobhan  Canada - British Columbia - Port Alberni
                                                                    Crops, Livestock
                                                                               Drought    Impact, healthy thanks to irrigation
           NewspaperAlberni Valley Timesseason lacked water: Farmer Bill's corn maze strong andMitigation
02 09 04                        First drought, now - Niagara), The North Bay Nugget, Regina Leader-Post weather
                                            Lang, rain Canada - Saskatchewan
           NewspaperThe Standard (St. CatharinesMichelle            Crops
                                                        hampering farmers                 Impact
                                                                               Drought, Insects, Frost, Wet
02 09 04   Magazine               Johnston, Julianne Midwest
                                                        Int USA     Crops      Dry, warm weather
                                USDA: Dry/Warm Midwest Weather Accelerating MaturityImpact
02 09 04             Agence France Presse homeless in North Korea from Typhoon: aid Floods
           News release         Thousands                           Generic
                                                        Int North Korea                   Impact
                                                                               Typhoon, agencies

02 09 04                        Premature Plant DeathPeter
                                             Thomison, Int Corn Ohio
                                                           In          Crops, Corn
           Magazine AgNet, Ohio State CORN Newsletter USA -And Effects On Yield   Drought    Impact
02 09 05   Radio     CBC                                  Canada - Harvest Lentils, Beans, Impact
                                                                       Crops,     Insects, Grasshoppers
                                Grasshopper Parts Contaminate Alberta, Saskatchewan Peas
02 09 05                        Drought      Mackinnon,Canada
                                                            to buy     Crops, Grain
           NewspaperThe Globe and Mail forces Canada Mark Russian grain Drought              Impact
02 09 05             Reuters
           News release                                   Int Britain Generic
                                Warmer Climate Blurring British Seasons - Report             Impact
                                                                                  Climate change
02 09 06                        Help sought by alfalfa processors Crops, Alfalfa
           Magazine Western Producer         Pratt, SeanCanada - Western          Drought    Impact
02 09 06                        Dry Summer Will Hurt Canada - Ontario
           NewspaperStandard-Freeholder Labrecque,Crop Yields Crops               Drought    Impact
02 09 06                        Drought Hastens Exit of Norfolk, Va.-Area Farmers
                                             McNatt,      Int          Crops,
           NewspaperThe Virginian-Pilot, Norfolk, Va.Linda USA Virginia Livestock Drought    Impact
02 09 06                        Hard-hit     Reid, Mark Canada - Alberta
           NewspaperThe Calgary Herald farms turn sawdust to cattle fodder Drought           Impact, Mitigation
02 09 06                        Bill to insure crops
                                             Lang, Michelle
                                                          Canada - Saskatchewan harvest could put Crown in deficit
                                                                        Drought, wet
           NewspaperThe StarPhoenix (Saskatoon) nears $1 billion:Crops, Livestock            Impact
                                                                                  Drought, Rain
02 09 06                        Wheat Board Pulls Back From Market
           NewspaperThe Globe and Mail                    Canada                  Drought
                                                                       Crops, Wheat          Impact
02 09 07                         Times-Journal
                                             Brennan, Patrick - Ontario - Kettle Creek Mitigation
                                                          Canada       Water
           NewspaperSt. ThomasConsider Water Source, Says KCCA ManagerDrought
02 09 07                         Sun         Van Dusen,South Nation Watershed
                                                           Tom         Water      Drought
           NewspaperThe OttawaDrought Descends On Canada - Ontario - South Nation Adaptation
02 09 08                        Scientist Thompson, Wendy-Anne
                                                            warning: Predicts
                                                                       Generic    Global climate change,
           NewspaperThe Calgary Herald has dire waterCanada - Alberta big trouble in two decades warming
02 09 08                         Sun         O'Connor, Kevin
                                                          Canada - Saskatchewan - Regina Impact
           NewspaperThe ReginaDED Claims 12 More Regina ElmsTrees                 Disease
02 09 08                        Harvest Delayed AgainCanada - Saskatchewan
                                             Smith,                    Crops
           NewspaperLloydminster Meridian BoosterDanaBy Inclement WeatherDrought, Rainfall   Impact
02 09 09                        Local        McCarthy, Terry
                                                          Int USA Southwestern Colorado In Memory. So Why Is The Golf C
                                                                       Generic    Drought
           Magazine Time Magazine Farmers Are Suffering Through The Worst Drought Impact
02 09 09   News release
                     Canadian Press, summer of droughtanada - Saskatchewan slows Prairie harvest
                                             Wong, Craig and bugs, too much rain
                                                          C            Crops                 Impact
                                                                                  Drought, Rainfall
02 09 09                        Surviving drought, till the cows - Alberta
                                                          Canada       Livestock Drought     Impact, Adaptation
           NewspaperThe Edmonton JournalD'Aliesio, Renata come home: Farm family ships part of herd to B.C. to wait ou
02 09 09                        Iowa, Nebraska Bill Int USA Nebraska,Corn
                                             Hord,                     Crops, IowaDrought    Impact, Adaptation
           NewspaperOmaha World-Herald, Neb. Farmers Get Early Start on Drought-Ridden Harvest
02 09 10                        The          Seiger, Magie             Crops, Livestock
           Magazine Time Magazine New Dust Bowl Int USA Western USA Drought                  Impact
02 09 10   Magazine                Johnston, Julianne
                                                          Int Winter Crops
                                ABARE: Drought RavagesAustraliaCrops, Grain roughtD          Impact
02 09 10             Associated Senate Seems Ready on Drought Aid
           News release         Press        Fram, Alan Int USA                   Drought
                                                                       Crops, Livestock      Impact
02 09 10                        Environmentalists Hail Int USA
           NewspaperNew York Times                        the Ranchers: Howdy, Pardners! Adaptation
                                             Christensen, Jon          Livestock Drought
02 09 10             Reuters
           News release                      Byrnes, Michael
                                                          Int AustraliaCrops
                                Australia Crop F'casts Slashed By Drought Drought            Impact
02 09 10                       Drought to Horne, Terry USA Indiana
                                                     Int          Crop      Drought    Impact
           NewspaperThe Indianapolis Star Lower Indiana Farmers'Crops Yields, Projections Show
02 09 11             Reuters
           News release                              Int France -Crops - Grapes
                               Floods submerge French vineyards, ruin crops France Impact

02 09 11                       Gene research could make plants Cropsdrought-tolerant Adaptation
                                                      Int USA
           NewspaperThe Ontario Farmer, September 11, 2002       more       Drought
02 09 11                       Senate Defies Bush On Drought Crops, Livestock
                                                      Int                   Drought   Adaptation
           NewspaperThe Washington Post Dewar, Helen USA Aid: Huge Bipartisan Majority Approves $6 Billion In Relief F
02 09 11                       Crops hit hard by dry weather
                                                      Julian     Crops
           NewspaperThe Gazette (Montreal)Armstrong, Canada - Quebec                  Impact
                                                                            Dry weather, Excessive heat
02 09 12   Magazine             Johnston, Julianne
                                                       Book Highlights Drought
                               Federal Reserve BeigeInt USA                 Drought
                                                                 Crops, Livestock     Impact
02 09 12                       As Many Area Wells Run USA Maryland, in Demand
                                                      Int        Generic    Drought
           NewspaperThe Washington Post Shapira, Ian Dry, Drillers Are Virginia       Impact, Adaptation

02 09 12                      Corn Stalk Rots! Three 2002 In Ontario
                                          Tenuta, Albert
                                                      Years     Row!
           Magazine Crop-Pest Ontario, September 12, Canada - A Crops, CornDrought   Impact
02 09 12             Reuters
           News release       Drought-hit Abbott, Charlessmallest since 1995
                                          U.S. corn cropUSA
                                                     Int        Crops      Drought   Impact
02 09 13   Magazine             Johnston, to Avoid
                                                     Int USA    Crops      Drought, Rainfall
                              USDA: Rains Needed Julianne "Dusting In" Midwest Wheat Impact
02 09 16             Reuters
           News release                   Fabi, Randy USA
                                                     Int        Generic    Drought
                              US Summer Of 2002 Is Hottest Since 1930s Dust Bowl Impact
02 09 16             Reuters
           News release                               Cut Chinese Harvests Global warming
                              Global Warming Could Int China Crops         - Paper   Impact, Vulnerability

02 09 17   Magazine AgNet                                  Int USA Indiana Soybeans
                                  If All Else Fails, Turn Soybeans-Into Forage Drought       Impact, Adaptation

02 09 17   Magazine AgNet                             Int USA    Crops, Corn
                               Harvesting Wetter Is Better For Fragile Crops Drought   Impact, Risk, Adaptation
02 09 17   Radio    CBC                               Canada - Saskatchewan
                               Saskatchewan Wheat Pool Cutting 200 Jobs Drought        Impact
02 09 18                       Grand Forks,
                                          Bailey, Ann Int USA North Dakota, Excessive rainfall
                                                                 Crops, Potatoes
                                                                             Minnesota Impact
           NewspaperGrand Forks Herald, N.D.N.D.-Area Farmers Find Excessive Rains Take Toll on Potato Crop
02 09 18                       Rain May Have
                                          Lackeos, Nick USA for Central Alabama Cotton Farmers
                                                      Int        Crops, Cotton
           NewspaperMontgomery Advertiser, AlaCome Too LateCentral Alabama   Rainfall  Impact
02 09 18                       Drought-Stressed CornInt USA Leaf Diseases Drought
           NewspaperOntario Farmer                               Crops, Corn
                                                       Facing Ohio                     Impact

02 09 19   Radio                  Drought Tolerant GrainInt The Horizon
                                                         On                  Drought
                      Australian Broadcasting Corporation AustraliaCrops, Corn, Wheat        Adaptation

02 09 19                          Will Global Warming Improve Crop Production?
           Magazine Science Daily, September 19, 2002      Canada      Crops                 Impact, Vulnerability
                                                                                  Global warming
02 09 20             Reuters
           News release                                    Int USA     Livestock Drought
                                  USDA To Unveil $700 Mln. Drought Aid Today - Reports Impact, Adaptation
02 09 20                           Post       Raabe, Steve USA Colorado
                                                           Int         Livestock Drought     Impact
           NewspaperThe DenverDrought-Stricken Colorado Ranchers Eye Federal Emergency Aid Package
02 09 20             Associated Drought-Dairy
           News release           Press       Lewerenz, Dan            Livestock, Drought
                                                           Int USA Pennsylvania Dairy        Impact
02 09 20                          Climate     Morris, Chris flora:
                                                           C           Flora      Climate change
                                                                                             Impact, Adaptation
           NewspaperThe Globe and Mail change affectinganada Government asks gardeners for data
02 09 20                          Western Drought
           Magazine Western Farmer - Stockmen Drags On                 Water
                                                           Int USA Western USA Drought       Impact
02 09 22                          Toledo, OhioSchmucker, Jane Drought Conditions in 2002
                                                           Int USA
           NewspaperThe Blade, Ohio Farmers Hurt Severely by Ohio                 Drought, Rainfall
                                                                       Crops, Corn, Soybeans Impact
02 09 23   Radio     CBC                                   Canada - Crops
                                  Prairie Harvest Delayed By Rain The Prairies Rainfall      Impact
02 09 23             Agricultural SALSA Science Helps Water-Scarce Southwest
           News release           Research Service                     Water
                                                           Int USA Arizona        Drought    Adaptation
02 09 24   NewspaperNew York Times            Jehl, Douglas Farms' Water
                                                           Int         Full Glass
                                  Dry California Cities CovetUSA Southern California         Adaptation
02 09 24                                      Leer, likely to USA      in 2003    Drought    Impact
           Magazine AgAnswersFarm input costs SteveIntincrease Crops, Forage, Grain, Farm inputs
02 09 25             Reuters
           News release                                    In AustraliaLivestock Government
                                  Australia Beef Exports IntDrought Feed Peril - Drought     Impact, Vulnerability
02 09 30             Reuters
           News release                                    Int Central America
                                                                        Hunger Drought
                                  Central America Drought WorsensGeneric UN Says             Impact
02 09 30                                                    Under - Ontario Seed corn
           Magazine AgriLink "Seed Corn Yields JustCanada'Norm'        Crops,     Drought    Impact
02 09 30   Radio     CBC                                   Canada - Central and Eastern
                                  Hot Weather Blamed For Bad Apple CropApple      Drought    Impact
02 10 01                          Elements combine against
                                              Lang,        Canada - Saskatchewan
           NewspaperThe Leader-Post (Regina) Michelle farmers                     Drought, Wet weather, Frost
                                                                       Crops, Wheat          Impact
02 10 02                          Late Frost, Lack
                                              Tunkieicz, Jennie Wisconsin
                                                           Int USA     Wisconsin'sDrought, Frost
           NewspaperMilwaukee Journal Sentinel of Rainfall Bruise Crops, AppleApple Harvest  Impact
02 10 02                          Saline County,
                                              Unruh, Tim Int USA Kansas Wheat Varieties
           NewspaperThe Salina Journal, Kan. Kan., Farmers TestCrops, Wheat       Drought    Adaptation
02 10 02                          USDA Pa. Neff, Barbara C.Int USA Pennsylvania Drought
                                                                       Livestock             Impact
           NewspaperYork Daily Record,to Help Livestock Farms, Including Many in York County, Pa.
02 10 02                       Monsanto teams up with UAS - Bangalore Drought
           Magazine Business Line                      Int India    Crops                    Adaptation
02 10 02                       Blowing      and cold Lee Nino; It Generic on where youImpactConditions
           NewspaperThe Windsor Star hotBowman, on ElNorth America  depends Adverse Weather   live, say experts
02 10 02                       Saskatchewan Upbeat Canada - SouthernDry beans Frost, Wet weather
           NewspaperOntario Farmer                                  Crops,      Drought,
                                                       About Dry Beans SaskatchewanImpact
02 10 03                       White House Urges Patty and Pinkerton, James United States
           NewspaperHouston Chronicle                  Int USA, Mexico
                                           Reinert, Mexico to Share Water with  Drought      Impact
02 10 03             Reuters
           News release        El Nino spreads through Pacific, Pacific mixed
                                           Christie, Michael
                                                       Int South outlook
                                                                    Generic                  Impact, Vulnerability
                                                                                Adverse Weather Conditions
02 10 03   Radio     CBC                               Canada The Prairies Aprairies Impact, Adaptation
                                                                    Crops, Grain
                               Fields of drought, exploration of-situation in the dverse Weather Conditions
02 10 03                       Wheat                   Global       Crops,      Wet
           NewspaperOntario Farmer Not Hampered By Droughty Soils Wheat conditions           Impact, Vulnerability
02 10 04                       Apples News McGregor, Chris
                                                       Canada - crop reduced by up toFrost
                                                                    Crops, AppleDrought, Impact
           NewspaperThe Chatham Dailyhit by frost, drought: 2002Ontario, Chatham-Kent75 per cent
02 10 04                       Prairies heading for water
                                           Lorge,      Canada - Saskatchewan
                                                                    Water                    Impact,
           NewspaperThe StarPhoenix (Saskatoon) Ryan disaster: ecologist Climate warming Vulnerability, Mitigation
02 10 04                       Water Service
                                           Fischer, affectUSA - crop selection
           Magazine Crop Watch Newsconcerns canAndrea2003 Nebraska  Crops       Drought      Vulnerability, Adaptation
02 10 04                       Assessing irrigation problems fromCrops
           Magazine Crop Watch News Service            Int USA - Nebraska
                                                                     the Payero, window Vulnerability, Adaptation
                                           Yonts, C. Dean; Kranz, Bill; combineJose
02 10 04                       Consider benefits
                                           Wortmann, Int crops this year
                                                        Charles Crops
           Magazine Crop Watch News Service of coverUSA - Nebraska              Drought      Vulnerability, Adaptation
02 10 04                       U.S.                    Int Deal Crops, Livestock
           NewspaperOntario Farmer Drought Aid No DoneUSA                       Drought      Impact
02 10 05             NewsWise Ball State Climatologist: ElUSA Difficult To Predict
           News release                                Int Nino Generic         Climate      Impact, Vulnerability
02 10 05             NewsWise Increased CO2 Levels Int USA Blessing for Climate change
           News release                                Are Mixed Crops           Agriculture Impact, Vulnerability

02 10 08                      Is Ear DropThomison, Peter
                                         In Corn More Common October 6,Drought
                                                   Int USA     This Corn
           Magazine AgNet and C.O.R.N. 2002-33, September 30 -Crops,Year?2002                 Impact

02 10 09             Environment Canada News Release, October Generic
           News release                                Milder Winter 2002
                               El Nino Likely To Bring Canada               El
                                                                  9, To CanadaNino            Impact

02 10 09              Reuters
           News release                                   Global       Crops        - Study
                                 Global Warming Boosts Crops, Cuts NutrientsGlobal warming    Impact, Vulnerability
02 10 09                         El Nino     Canadian Press
           NewspaperThe Globe and Mailmay mean mildCanada  winter      Generic     El Nino    Impact, Vulnerability
02 10 09              Reuters
           News release                                   Int AustraliaGeneric     Floods
                                 Years Of Floods May Follow Australian Drought - Study Vulnerability, Risk
02 10 09                         Hudson      Moskin, Julia USA New With -Slim Hudson Valley
                                                          Int          Crops, LowerDrought, Hailstorms,
           NewspaperNew York Times Valley Apple Farms Wrestle York ApplePickings Impact Frost
02 10 09   Magazine Cotton World Sydney or the bush… Int AustraliaGeneric          Rainfall   Adaptation
02 10 10                         Service     Spillman, Amy USA Montana
                                                          Int          Livestock, Crops, Forage Independence Day
           Magazine ARS News Dealing With Drought: What Ranchers ShouldDrought                Adaptation
                                                                                    Know Before
02 10 10              United Nations Environment Program (UNEP)Generic
           News release                                   Global                   Climate change
                                                                                               Climate Change
                                 Financial Sector, Governments and Business Must Act onRisk, Adaptation or Face the Cons
02 10 10                         Return of El AgNet Wallace
                                             Immen,       Canada
           NewspaperThe Globe and Mail andNino bodes ill for farmers               El Nino
                                                                       Crops, Livestock       Vulnerability
02 10 11                         Supply management Mairi  Canada - Alberta
                                                                       Livestock, Dairy
                                                                                   Drought    Adaptation
           NewspaperThe Edmonton JournalMacLean provides buffer against ravages of drought: Dairy Farming
02 10 11              Associated EnvironmentalistsDanya drought is result of climate change
           News release          Press       Levy, warnInt AustraliaGeneric                   Impact, Vulnerability, GHG Mitigati
                                                                                   Climate change
02 10 13                         Forecasters Expect Reduced Florida Citrus Fruitfruits
                                             Jackson, JerryUSA Florida
           NewspaperThe Orlando Sentinel, Fla.            Int W.                   Dry weather, Frost
                                                                       Crops, Citrus Harvest Impact, Adaptation
02 10 15                         Drought     MacKay, Todd              Livestock, Pigs
           NewspaperThe St. Paul Journalforcing farmers to make tough decisions    Drought    Impact, Vulnerability
02 10 15                         African Ice              Int Africa Generic        Droughts, Shrinking Ice Fields And Civilization
           Magazine Ohio State University Core Analyis Reveals CatastrophicGlobal warming     Impact
02 10 17              Agence France Presse English
           News release                                    have to import feed grain due Livestock,
                                                                                   Drought    Impact
                                 Warning Australia may Int AustraliaCrops, Feed grain, to drought Poultry and Pig
02 10 17                          Times-Journal           Canada - Ontario Soybeans
           NewspaperSt. ThomasAGRICORP 'Dancing' On Soybeans: MPP      Crops,      Drought    Impact
02 10 18              Science Volume 298, Number 5593, Africa Generic
                                              Ice Core Records: Evidence
                                                           Lonnie G., et.          Climate change
           Peer-reviewed journal Kilimanjaro Thompson, Intpp. 589-593 al. of Holocene Climate Change in Tropical Africa
02 10 18                         Farmers' plight
                                             Silverthorn, Canada Saskatchewan
                                                           Colleen Generic
           NewspaperThe Leader-Post (Regina) hurts equipment- suppliers                       Impact
                                                                                   Drought, Rainfall, Insects
02 10 18                         Drought     Raine, breeding
                                                          Canada - The Prairies Drought, Insects, Frost
           Magazine Western Producer sets back Michael programs        Crops, Breeding        Impact
02 10 18                         El Nino     Houlden, Michelle - The Prairies Drought, El Impact
                                                          Canada       Crops
           Magazine Western Producer offers little relief for dry Prairies                     Nino
02 10 18              Associated U.N. Says Cereal Output to Plummet
           News release          Press                                 Crops
                                                          Int South Africa                    Impact, Vulnerability
                                                                                   Climate Effects
02 10 20              Canadian Press
           News release                                   Canada - Ontario, WellingtonFactor In Harvests This Year As Sparse
                                                                        Luck       A Big County
                                 For Farmers In Wellington County,Crops Was Rainfall          Impact

02 10 21                       Hailed-out soybean fields E.
                                           Sawyer, John USA Iowa
                                                      Int      Crops, University
                                                                         Hailstorm Impact
           Magazine Integrated Crop Management IC-488(22), Iowa State Soybeans

02 10 21                      Drought, Nutrient Availability - Soil Indiana, Michigan Impact, Adaptation
                                         Watson, Maurice
                                                     Int USA    Crops      Drought
           Magazine C.O.R.N. 2002-36, Ohio State UniversityandOhio,Testing Considerations
02 10 22   Radio    CBC                              Canada     Shipments DDue To     Impact
                              CN Profits Up Despite Slack GrainCrops, Grain rought Drought

02 10 22                       New                    Int AustraliaCrops, Drought
           Magazine CSIRO, AgNet Wheat Gives Bigger Yields - Even InWheat     Drought    Adaptation
02 10 23             Reuters
           News release                    Byrnes, Michael
                                                      Int AustraliaCrops
                               Australia Drought Further Cuts Crops - ABARE   Drought    Impact
02 10 23                       Utah Farmers Devastated USA - Utah
                                                      Int          Crops       In 2002 Impact
           NewspaperThe Salt Lake Tribune Mitchell, LesleyBy Drought, InsectsDrought, Insects, Frost
02 10 23   Radio     CBC                              Canada
                               Canadian Farmers Face Dangers, Crops           Climate Climate Change
                                                                                         Impact, Adaptation
                                                                   Opportunities Fromchange, Global warming
02 10 23                       Harsher weather
                                           Ehrkamp, Andrew - Western
           NewspaperThe Leader-Post (Regina) expected Canada       Generic               Impact, Vulnerability,
                                                                              Climate change, Global warming Risk
02 10 23                         Farm Future Cloudy With Climate Change
           NewspaperDaily Herald (Prince Albert)                    Generic
                                                        Canada - Western                   Impact, Vulnerability,
                                                                                Climate change, Global warming Risk
02 10 23                         Atlantic and Times
                                            Auld, AlisonCanada - Atlantic
                                                                     From       Hot,
           NewspaperBrockville RecorderCanada Farmers ReboundCrops Drought wet weather     Impact
02 10 24                         Alliance    declares Kyoto
           Magazine Western Producer MPWilson, Barry a farmGeneric                         Impact, Vulnerability, GHG
                                                                     disaster Climate change, Global warming Risk
02 10 24                         Weather Duckworth, Canada
                                                         harvest Crops,         Floods,
           Magazine Western Producer unkind to beetBarbara- Alberta Sugar beet Cold weatherImpact
02 10 24                         Researchers plan for heat waves Crops
           NewspaperThe Windsor Star        Hill, SharonCanada                             Impact, Vulnerability, Risk
                                                                                Climate change
02 10 24                         Fredericksburg, Va.-Area USA Virginia
                                                        Int          Farmers Reap Puny Profits Due to Drought
           NewspaperThe Free Lance-Star Allen, Jessica PumpkinCrops, Pumpkins   Drought    Impact
02 10 24                         Sciences meets tradition in university crop study
           NewspaperGuelph Mercury                      Int         Livestock Drought
                                            Caines, Lisa Central West Asia, North AfricaImpact, Adaptation
02 10 26             University of Arkansas
           News release                                 Int USA - Western States, Mexico Impact
                                                                    Generic     Drought
                                 Eighth Century Megadrought Impacted Much Of North America
02 10 27                         Farmers to Get Paul Int USA IndianaCrops       Drought    Impact
           NewspaperThe Indianapolis Star Bird,Aid in Wake of Drought; Two Indiana Counties Eligible

02 10 28                      Manitoba researcher finds crop -methods play role in climate change
           NewspaperBrandon Sun                                 Crops
                                                    Canada Manitoba                     Adaptation
                                                                           Climate change

02 10 29             LSN       Release                Int AustraliaCrops
           News release Media Biotechnology could lessen effects of drought Drought       Adaptation, Mitigation
02 10 29             Agence France PresseTaylor, tipped to halve grain crop and slash growth
           News release                    English    Int                     D
                               Australian drought Jack AustraliaCrops, Grain rought       Impact
02 10 29             Reuters
           News release                               Int AustraliaLivestock Drought
                               Australia Cattle Sent To Graze Under Malaysia Palms        Impact, Adaptation
02 10 30                       Food pricesWade, as drought bites Michael Drought
                                            to rise    and Bradley,
           NewspaperThe Sydney Morning Herald MattInt AustraliaGeneric                    Impact
02 10 30             Reuters
           News release                    Byrnes, Michael
                                                      Int AustraliaCrops      Drought
                               Drought Further Cuts Australia Crop F'csts - ABARE         Impact
02 10 31                       Farmers Morrison, Karen climate     Crops
           Magazine Western Producer must adapt to Canada - The Prairies Climate change   Adaptation
02 10 31                       Weather Ewins, Adrian  Canada       Crops, Grain, Oilseed, Impact
           Magazine Western Producer leaves crops stranded - The Prairies Drought         Pulses
02 10 31                       Weather Pratt, SeanCanada - The project
           Magazine Western Producer puts brakes on winter wheatPrairies Rainfall         Impact, Adaptation
02 11 01             ARS       Service     Core, Jim Int Freeze On Seed Yield (To AClimate Risk, Adaptation
           News release News Global Warming Puts TheUSA            Crops                  Impact,
                                                                              Warmer Degree)

02 11 01                        Washington Genes Tuned To Resist Cold And Drought Adaptation
                                          Kaufman, Marc
           Magazine AgNet, TheSuper Crops:Post       Global     Crops     Adverse Weather Conditions
02 11 02                       Researchers Warn Stephen - The On Prairies: Periodic And Decades-Long Dry Condition
           NewspaperThe Globe and Mail Strauss,Of ‘Megadrought' Prairies Drought
                                                     Canada     Generic            Risk
02 11 02                       Cash, Consistency MustTom
           Magazine AgriNews Interactive Van Dusen,CanadaBill 81Generic   Water    Risk, Adaptation
02 11 02                       Hay West
           Magazine AgriNews Interactive Draws To Close With Hallowe’en Send-Off
                                                     Canada     Crops, HayDrought  Impact, Adaptation
02 11 02                       Growers Van Program Cuts
                                                      Tom       Generic
           Magazine AgriNews InteractiveProtestDusen,Canada - Ontario              Impact
02 11 03                       Farmers reaping bumper crop, butCrops hampers harvest
           NewspaperStar Tribune                                weather Rainfall
                                          Powell, JoyInt USA Minnesota             Impact

02 11 05                        No rain knocks out crops -- farmers can
                                                                   Crops        Rainfall    Impact, Adaptation
           NewspaperThe St. Paul Journal Heller, RonCanada - Alberta soften the blow with a winter wheat crop
02 11 08                        Summer Strauss, Marina consumers at SupermarketsImpact
                                                         to hit
           NewspaperThe Globe and Mail drought startsCanada        Generic      Drought
02 11 09             Associated Drought Relief
           News release         Press       Gersema, Emily
                                                        Int USA    Crops        Drought     Impact
02 11 12    Concerts In Alberta RaiseCrops, HayDrought
           News release         Say Hay                 Canada                              Impact, Adaptation
                                                                    $1.5 Million For Drought-Stricken Farmers
02 11 13                        Farmers Lang, crops off Canada - Alberta
                                                                   Crops        Wet conditions, Cold
           NewspaperThe Calgary Herald can't get Michelle fields: Up to 25% of harvest left until spring
02 11 13             Reuters
           News release                     Byrnes, Michael
                                                         Halving 02/03 Cotton Crop
                                Australia Drought SeenInt AustraliaCrops, CottonDrought     Impact
02 11 13                        Drought                 Int New South Wales Drought
           NewspaperThe Globe and Mail Worst in Century,AustraliaGeneric Says               Impact
02 11 13                        Benoit Says Kyoto Will Canada
                                            Spark,                 Generic
           NewspaperLloydminster Meridian BoosterJodyHurt The Ag. Community                 Vulnerability, Risk
                                                                                Climate change
02 11 13                        Climatologist predicts warm, dry Prairie winter El Nino
                                            Robinson, Art
           NewspaperThe StarPhoenix (Saskatoon)                    Crops, Livestock
                                                        Canada - The Prairies               Impact, Vulnerability
02 11 14                        Alta. bean crop delayedBarbara- Alberta Beans
           Magazine Western Producer        Duckworth, Canada      Crops,                   Impact
                                                                                Rainfall, Snow, Cold weather
02 11 15                                                Canada
           Magazine The Daily Honey And Maple Products 2002 Generic                         Impact
                                                                                Weather conditions
02 11 15             Reuters
           News release                     Tadesse, Tsegaye - Ethiopia
                                                        Int Africa Crops
                                Parched crops leave Ethiopia desperate for food Drought     Impact
02 11 16   Radio     CBC                                 Up Grain Prices Grain, Wheat Impact
                                Global Shortage DrivesCanada - The Prairies Drought

02 11 18                      New Crop Withstands Heat, Pests Crops
                                        Miner, JohnCanada
           NewspaperThe London Free Press                                      Drought     Adaptation
02 11 19             ARS     Service, USDA
                                        Durham, Sharon
                                                  Easier     Tape                  Adaptation
           News release News New Equipment AllowsInt USADripCrops Installation And Removal

02 11 19             AgNet
           News release                                Canada     Crops, Wheat          Adaptation
                                AAFC: Canadian Scientists Develop First-Ever Fusarium-Tolerant Pastry Wheat
02 11 20                        After Surviving Drought, South - South Cotton
                                                       Int        Crops, Cotton
                                                                             Rainfall   Impact
           NewspaperThe Augusta ChronicleDickson, TerryUSA Georgia GeorgiaCrops Droop from Rain
02 11 20                        Ontario     Mackie, Richard
                                                       Canada - Ontario
                                                                  Generic    Global
           NewspaperThe Globe and Mailurged to prepare for global-warming shocks warmingImpact, Vulnerability
02 11 21             CNWire
           News release                                Canada     Generic    Climate change
                                Government of Canada Releases Climate Change Plan for Canada
02 11 21             Associated Study: Warming Will Depleat Water
           News release         Press                             Generic    Global warming
                                                       Int USA - Western States         Vulnerability

02 11 22             AgNet
           News release                 Wood, Marcia Rubisco Crops
                              Robust Plants' Secret?Int USA Activase!               Vulnerability, Adaptation
                                                                          Global warming
02 11 22                      Saskatchewan, AlbertaCanada - Saskatchewan, Alberta Impact
                                                     farm      Crops, Livestock
           NewspaperThe Globe and Mail Canadian Press production drops Drought
02 11 24                      As Andean Forero, Juan Bolivia Water Grow
           NewspaperNew York Times                  Int                             Impact, Vulnerability
                                         Glaciers Shrink, Water Worries Global warming

02 11 25             AgNet, Associated Press
           News release                    Recer, PaulInt USA
                               Scientists Create Tough Rice Strain                    Adaptation
                                                                  Crops, RiceAdverse Weather Conditions
02 11 25             Reuters
           News release        Weather Could Heat Up Southern Crops FoodDrought
                                           Reynolds, Toby
                                                      Int South Africa
                                                                  Africa      Crisis  Impact, Vulnerability

02 11 26             National Science Foundation, PressFound In High-Heat Extreme AgNet
           News release                                Int USA      Crops       High temperatures
                                Plant-Fungal Symbiosis Release NSF PR 02-95 and Environment
02 11 26             Reuters
           News release                                Int AustraliaGeneric     Drought
                                Sharks latest woe for drought-hit rural Australia         Impact

02 11 27             AgNet
           News release                                Canada - Western
                                                                   Generic     Climate change, Global warming
                                                                                          Impact, Canada
                                University Of Toronto Study Reveals Climate Change In Western Risk, Vulnerability
02 11 27             Canadian Press Task Force Urges Quick Action To Address Needs Of Farmers
           News release         Liberal     Edmonds, Scott
                                                       Canada      Generic                Adaptation
                                                                               Adverse Weather Conditions
02 11 27             Reuters
           News release                                Int USA     Crops, salt water      Adaptation
                                Gene-engineered rice withstands drought,RiceAdverse Weather Conditions
02 11 27                         Citizen    Beauchesne, Canadian farmers' incomes
           NewspaperThe OttawaSummer drought shrivels Eric                     Drought
                                                                   Crops, Livestock       Impact
02 11 27   Magazine               Johnston, Stressing Western
                                                       Int USA     Livestock Cold
                                USDA: Cold Weather Julianne -Livestock States weather     Impact
02 11 27                        Drought Affects
                                            Brubaker, ForUSA
                                                       Int U.S. Generic
           NewspaperThe Philadelphia Inquirer CostsHarold Commercial Bakeries  Drought    Impact
02 11 28             Reuters
           News release                                 Help For Drought-Hit Drought
                                Australia PM Promises Int AustraliaGeneric Farmers        Impact, Adaptation
02 11 28             Reuters
           News release                                Int Grazing,Crops, Forage, Livestock
                                Allow Longer Crp Haying, USA                   USDA
                                                                    NFU Asks Drought      Impact, Adaptation
02 11 28                         Citizen    Spears, TomCanada - The Prairies Fields: Study: Temperatures Began To Rise S
                                                                   Generic                Impact,
           NewspaperThe OttawaWarming Trend Threatens To 'Bake' Western Warmer Climate Vulnerability
02 11 29                        Reduced Duckworth, Alberta
           Magazine Western Producer tillage saves farmsBarbara Crops          Drought    Adaptation
02 11 29                        Drought     Holladay, Shane
                                                       Alberta     Livestock, Crops
           NewspaperThe Calgary Sun Dangers; Farmers Fear For Next Year'S Crops Vulnerability
02 11 30                        Third       Lang, Michelle
                                                       Alberta     Crops       Drought     90% Of Land Too Dry
           NewspaperCalgary Herald Year Of Drought Forecast For Alberta: Report Says Impact, Vulnerability to Plant
02 12 03             Associated Poultry Feed iemer, John USA - Delaware, Maryland, Virginia
           News release         Press       B          Int                     Drought
                                                                   Livestock - Poultry    Impact
02 12 04             Agence France Presse English all for break Generic State
           News release                                             - Victoria Drought
                                Bush busload to bare Int Australiain the drought          Impact, Adaptation
02 12 04             Canadian Press, Yahoo News Top Of Agenda As Federal-Provincial Farm Ministers Meet
           News release         Managing Farm Risk Canada                      Adverse Weather Conditions
                                                                   Crops, Livestock       Adaptation
02 12 05             StatsCan Ottawa--- Statistics Canada SaysSaskatchewan Insects and Frost Combines to Reduce C
           News release                                            Crops
                                                       Canada - Severe Drought,           Impact
                                                                               Adverse Weather Conditions, Insects

02 12 05   News release
                      Stanford University, Change Surprise: USA -Carbon Dioxide Levels Can Retard Plant Growth, Study Rev
                                 Climate AgNet
                                             Schwartz, Mark
                                                         Int High California
                                                                     Crops                  Impact
                                                                                 Global climate change
02 12 05              StatsCan ConsumersEdmonds, Scott For TerribleLivestock Year, Says Statscan
           News release                                  Canada
                                              To Pay The Price                   Adverse Impact
                                                                     Crops, 2002 Crop Weather Conditions
02 12 06              Science                Shaw, M.R., Zavaleta, E. S., Global climate change By Elevated Co2
                                                         Int Global Crops
           Peer-reviewed journal Grassland Responses To USA Environmental ChangesImpact      Suppressed
02 12 06              Associated Study: Elements Can Stunt Plant Growth
           News release          Press       Recer, PaulInt USA      Crops                  Impact
                                                                                 Global climate change
02 12 06                         Drought     Beauchesne, Eric
                                                         Canada      Prices:     Drought    Impact
           NewspaperThe National Post Will Lead To Higher FoodCrops Statistics Canada Report: Canadian Farmers Imp
02 12 07                         Doubts      Mitchell, Alanna
                                                         Int 'green' Crops
           NewspaperThe Globe and Mailcast on warming's USA lining                          Impact
                                                                                 Global climate change
02 12 09   Radio      CBC                                Canada      Crops
                                 Federal Money For Drought-Affected FarmersDrought          Impact, Adaptation
02 12 09                       Drought Whacks at Philadelphia Philadelphia Drought Christmas Trees
                                           Urgo, Jacqueline L. - Area's Supply of Future Impact
           NewspaperThe Philadelphia Inquirer        Int USA      Crops - Christmas trees

02 12 10             ARS     Service, AgNet       Int USA    Crops
           News release News Computers Predict Harvest Readiness For Major Crops Adaptation

02 12 12             National Science Foundation, AgNet USA
           News release                                  Int          Crops       Adverse Weather Conditions
                                 Increase In Rainfall Variability Related To Global Climate Impact, Adaptation
02 12 13             Kansas State University
           News release                                  Int USA - Kansas
                                                                      Generic     Climate change
                                                                                              Impact, Vulnerability
                                 K-State Researchers Study Response Of Prairie Ecosystem In Face Of Changes In Precipita
02 12 16                         A family farm strugglesCanada enough
                                                          to          Livestock Drought        better Vulnerability
           NewspaperThe Edmonton JournalJeffs, Allyson save - Aberta cattle to rebuild inImpact,times
02 12 17                         Farmers                  For Drought
           NewspaperThe Canberra TimesTo Pay DearlyInt AustraliaGeneric           Drought     Impact
02 12 18             Australian Biotechnology NewsGraeme To Raise Anti-GM Hackles Impact, Adaptation
           News release                      O'Neill,    Int AustraliaLivestock Drought
                                 US Maize Shipments Tipped
02 12 19                         Pulse Crops Defended Against         Crops - Pulses
           Magazine The Western ProducerPratt, SeanCanada Pollution Charge                    Impact, GHG Mitigation
                                                                                  Climate change
02 12 19             Reuters
           News release                                  Int Sees Hottest Year Global
                                 Drought-Racked Australia AustraliaGeneric Ever warming       Impact
02 12 20             Associated Montana Farmers Fight toUSA - Montana
           News release          Press                   Int          Drought Drought
                                             Bohrer, Becky Survive Generic                    Impact, Adaptation
02 12 22                         Scientists Leavenworth, Stuart- California
                                                         Int USA      Generic     Drought      in California
           NewspaperThe Sacramento Bee Say Century-Long Droughts Could Strike AgainImpact, Vulnerability
02 12 27             Associated Eastern Drought
           News release          Press                   Bill         Generic
                                             Bergstrom, Int USA East Coast Snow, rainfall     Impact
02 12 27                         Year-round Prairie Tom  Canada - The Prairies Drought, Adverse weather conditions let farm
           NewspaperThe Edmonton JournalSpears,droughts worseGeneric                          Impact
                                                                       than parched 1930s: Winters with little snow don't
02 12 28                           (Kitchener, Cambridge, Waterloo)will follow Adverse weather conditions
           NewspaperThe RecordWeather experts predict odd 2003 Generic weird 2002 Impact, Vulnerability
02 12 29                         Lots Of News In 2002; Canada - Saskatchewan Prairie Drought And Kyoto
           NewspaperLloydminster Meridian Booster                     Generic
                                                         Major Stories Surrounded Drought     Impact
02 12 31   NewspaperSoutham News             Mofina, Rick government aid for Western farmers
                                 Vanclief defends Liberal anada       Generic     Drought     Impact
03 01 01                                                 Int AustraliaGeneric
           Magazine MSN Nine Rain Brings Bright Start To 2003                                 Impact
                                                                                  Rain, Drought
03 01 02                         Prairies Adapt To Weather Changes
           NewspaperThe Windsor Star, Canadian Press     The Prairies Generic     Drought     Adaptation
03 01 02                         Global Warming-Species  Global
           NewspaperThe New York Times, Associated Press, AgNet                   Global
                                                                      Crops, Animals warming  Impact
03 01 02                         Drought Increases HallSaskatchewanThe U.S.Cattle
           NewspaperThe Leader-Post (Regina) Angela Cattle Exports To Livestock - Drought     Impact
03 01 02                         It's Beginning To Look A Little Brighter
                                             Kevin Hursh
           NewspaperThe StarPhoenix (Saskatoon)          Saskatchewan             Drought
                                                                      Livestock - Cattle      Impact
03 01 02                         Top 10 Weather Stories Of 2002 Generic
           NewspaperThe Colborne Chronicle               Canada
                                             Dave Phillips                                    Impacts
                                                                                  Drought, Floods, Frost, Heat
03 01 02                         New Research Backs Fears Of Global Warming: Spring Coming Earlier, Wildlife Shifting Nor
           NewspaperThe National Post                    Int-
                                             Rick Callahan UN         Generic                 Impact
                                                                                  Global warming
03 01 03                         August Was and Times ntario
                                             Megan GillisO
           NewspaperThe Brockville Recorder All About Drought         Generic     Drought     Impact
03 01 04                         Holes
           NewspaperThe Toronto Star In Kyoto
03 01 04                         Global Warming
           NewspaperThe Review (Niagara Falls) Still A Cause For Concern
03 01 04                         Global
           NewspaperThe Toronto Star Warming Important News
03 01 04                         Cynical Games Demean Kyoto
           NewspaperThe StarPhoenix (Saskatoon)
03 01 04             Associated Scientists See Wide Impact Of Global Warming On Planet
                                 Press, Guelph Mercury
           Newspaper; Press release          Rick Callahan
03 01 04                         Sign Of
           NewspaperLos Angeles Times Global Warming Found In Atmosphere
03 01 04                         Go Mail
           NewspaperThe Globe and Kyoto On Them, Not On Us
03 01 05             CBC         Canadian Rex Murphy     The Prairies Foreign
           News release NEWS ONLINE Farmers Forced To Cut Crops AidDrought                    Impact
03 01 06                         For Sun Pamela Fayerman The Prairies Livestock VaccinationsImpact Be Delayed In Alberta And
           NewspaperThe Vancouver Farmers To Bulk Up Their Cattle Means - Cattle  Drought      Had To
03 01 06                         Evidence For Kyoto
           NewspaperThe Cambridge, Kitchener, Waterloo Record
03 01 06                         Warm-Up
           NewspaperThe Washington Post For Climate Debate
03 01 06                         Warming Planet Shifts Global
                                                         Life         Crops, Animals
           Magazine Nature Science UpdateKendall Powell North And Early Global warming        Impact
03 01 07                         Bizarre Weather Ravages -Africans' Crops: Some See Link To Worldwide Warming Trend
           NewspaperThe Washington Post Michael Grunwald Int Africa Crops                     Impact, Risk, Vulnerability
                                                                                  Drought, Hail
03 01 07             CBC         Grasshopper Infestation ToPrairies In 2003 Drought
           News release NEWS ONLINE                      The Worsen   Crops                   Impact
03 01 07                         Editorial: Embracing A Son Of Kyoto
           NewspaperMilwaukee Journal Sentinel
03 01 07                         Chinook Dawn Walton Prairies rops, Livestock
                                                           Of         C           Drought
           NewspaperThe Globe and Mail Stirs Up Fears TheThird Year Of Prairie Drought Impact
03 01 08                         Third Drought CouldLang Prairies Winter Has FarmersImpact, Risk, Their Futures
           NewspaperThe Calgary Herald                   The
                                             Michelle Be Deadly: Mild             Drought
                                                                      Crops, Livestock          Worried For Vulnerability
03 01 08                         A Severe Drought, Frost, Grasshoppers And A Wet Harvest Are Taking A Toll On The Saska
           Magazine Broadcast News                       Saskatchewan Crops                   Impact
                                                                                  Adverse weather conditions
03 01 08             Agence France Presse English
           News release                                   To Feed Drought-Starved Aussie Livestock
                                 Imported Grain Arrives Int AustraliaCrops, Livestock         Impact, Adaptation
03 01 09                         Reductions Sought In
           NewspaperThe Washington Post Eric PianinGreenhouse Gases: Criticizing Bush, Senators Would Set Deadlines
03 01 09                         On With Kyoto --Kamenz
           NewspaperGuelph Mercury           Geri But Watch Its Impact
03 01 09                         Farmers
           NewspaperNorthern Daily NewsWant Compensation To Mitigate Impact Of Kyoto
03 01 09                         El Nino May Be Good For Prairies
                                             Murray      The          Generic
           NewspaperThe StarPhoenix (Saskatoon) Lyons Farmers, Expert Says Nino   El          Impact
03 01 10                          Tribune, Rain, C. Hammett - Florida - Strawberry
                                             Yvette      Int USA      Crops       Rain, Frost Impact
           NewspaperThe TampaSeason's Fla. Cold Put Big Chill On Tampa, Fla-Area Strawberry Crop
03 01 10             CBC                                 The Prairies Livestock - Cattle
           News release News Farmers Fear Mild Winter Could Mean Drought By SpringImpact
03 01 10   Radio                                         The Wet Winter/Farmers Fear Mild Winter Could Mean Drought By S
                     CBC News Prairie Farmers Hoping For Prairies     Generic     Drought     Impact
03 01 10              Associated El Niño Effects May Continue Through Spring El Nino
           News release          Press                    Int USA      Generic                Impact
03 01 10                         A Silly      Finn Poschmann
           NewspaperThe National Post Kyoto Policy Idea
03 01 10                         Biologists See Signs Of New Climate Cycle
           NewspaperSan Jose Mercury News, Calif. Chui
03 01 10                         Impacts Of Warming Apparent
           NewspaperFort McMurray Today Rick Callahan
03 01 10                         Small Crop Squeezes Checkoff Crops - Wheat, Barley Impact, Adaptation
           Magazine The Western ProducerAdrian Edwins     Canada
03 01 11                                       Dries Up In AustraliaGeneric
           Magazine The Age Farm TradeJosh GordonDrought  Int                      Drought    Impact
03 01 11                           (Kitchener, Cambridge and Waterloo)
           NewspaperThe RecordKyoto Well-Intentioned, But Misguided, Profs Say
03 01 11                          Times-Journal
                                              Dawson Winchester
           NewspaperSt. ThomasCould Kyoto Become Yet Another Gun Registry Farce?
03 01 11                           Alberta Adviser, AgNet Alberta      Crops - Berry currant
           Magazine The CentralDrought Conditions Further Research Into Black Farming Adaptation
03 01 12                         Global Warming: All That Hot
           NewspaperThe New York Times Andrew C. Revkin Air Must Be Having An Effect
03 01 12                         Drought Proves Damaging To - Virginia - Apple Nelson County, Va.
                                                          Int          Crops        In
           NewspaperKnight-Ridder Tribune Rachel Clarke USAApple OrchardsDrought, Frost       Impact, Adaptation
03 01 13              Canada Newswire Forum To Discuss The Need For Proper Implementation Of The Kyoto Protocol
           Press release         A Public
03 01 13              Agence France Presse English
           News release                                   Aussie Wheat Harvest Drought
                                                                                   As          Impact
                                 More Downgrades For Int AustraliaCrops - Wheat DroughtImpact Deepens
03 01 14                                      Martin Halfpenny
                      PA News 5m Study To Probe UKInt-UK Change Fears
03 01 15                         New Players On Global Warming
           NewspaperThe New York Times
03 01 15                         If Global Deborah Greaves
                      Westside Weekly Warming Doesn't Stop, We'll Soon Live In The One-Season Playground
03 01 15              Planet Ark Global Warming Aggravates Australia Drought - Study Vulnerability
           News release                                   Int AustraliaGeneric
                                              Michael Christie                     Global warming
03 01 16                         Time For Specifics On C
           Magazine The Western ProducerBarry Wilson anadaKyoto: CFAGeneric                   Mitigation, Adaptation
                                                                                   Global warming
03 01 16              Agence France Presse English NinoVietnamGeneric To Vietnam Impact
           News release          Forecasters Warn El Int Bringing Drought El Nino, Drought
03 01 17                                       Comes In A Mere Dribble
           Magazine The Age Drought AidDarren Graynt AustraliaGeneric              Drought    Impact
03 01 17              Science Volume 299, Drought Kennedy
                                              Donald On Climate Change
           Peer-reviewed Journal The PolicyNumber 5605
03 01 17              Associated Drought - Cattle Kohler USA
           News release          Press        Judith      Int                      Drought
                                                                       Livestock - Cattle     Impact
03 01 18                         Kyoto Will Eric Best On
           NewspaperThe Globe and Mail WorkReguly Market Rules
03 01 19                         Kyoto
           NewspaperThe Calgary Sun Will End Up Costing Us Dearly
03 01 19                         Give         Jay Ingram
           NewspaperThe Toronto StarUs Straight Goods In Kyoto Debate
03 01 20              Associated Parched Earth
           News release          Press        Joydeep Ray India
                                                          Int          Generic     Drought    Impact, Adaptation
03 01 21                         Low Water Levels Affect USA - Illinois
                                                          I            Crops
           NewspaperJournal Star, Peoria Steve TarterntGrain Shipments In Illinois Drought    Impact, Adaptation
03 01 21                         Global Warming Claims Challenged; Environmental Consultant Says Scientific Evidence Doe
           NewspaperThe Stratford Beacon-Herald Pearce
03 01 22              CSIRO Media ReleaseMonitor Southern Ocean And Climate
           Press release         Robots To
03 01 22              Banff Pork Seminar
           News release                                   Canada       Livestock - Pork warming
                                                                                   Global     Mitigation,
                                 Swine Sector Targets Emissions Strategies For Post-Kyoto World Adaptation
03 01 23                         Inflation In SafetyGarnaut AustraliaGeneric Jumps
           NewspaperSydney Morning Herald     John ZoneInt  Despite Food Price Drought        Impact
03 01 23              Associated Senate-Drought
           News release          Press                    Int USA      Generic     Drought    Adaptation
03 01 23                         Global Warming Inevitable:
           Magazine The Western ProducerD'Arce McMillan ExpertGeneric                         Impact, Adaptation
                                                                                   Global warming
03 01 23                         Service      Sharon Durham
                                                          Int USA      Crops
           Magazine ARS News High Carbon Dioxide Levels Cause Stress In Barley     High CO2 Impact
03 01 24                         Don't        Elizabeth Kyoto
           NewspaperGuelph Mercury Get Lazy AboutE. May
03 01 24                         Warming
           NewspaperLos Angeles Times The Earth: Where Does It All End?
03 01 24                         Drought      Michelle Lang
                                                          Alberta      Crops, Livestock - Cattle
           NewspaperThe Calgary Herald Threatens Food Production: Irrigated Drought            The Pinch Of Dry Summers
                                                                                   Farms FeelImpact
03 01 25              The Age Howard Must Sign Kyoto Protocol
03 01 27                         Arizona Starts To Feel Int USA - Long Drought
           NewspaperThe New York Times Michael Janofsky OfArizona                  Drought    Impact, Adaptation
03 01 27                         Ontario Veggie Growers Are California-Bound Drought
           Magazine Ontario Farmer                        Canada - Ontario - Vegetables
                                              Jeffrey Carter           Crops                  Adaptation
03 01 28   Magazine AgWeb                     Julianne Johnston African Drought
                                                          Int Amid Generic
                                 UN: Food Crisis Worsens - Western Sahel           Drought    Impact, Adaptation
03 01 29                         Drought Defeats Hutterites:
                                                          Alberta      Generic     Drought    Impact
           NewspaperThe Edmonton JournalJeff Holubitsky Dry, Sandy Soil Forces Hardisty Colony To Declare Bankruptcy,
03 01 29                         Service, AgNet
           Magazine ARS News New, Salt-Tolerant Plants USAInt DevelopedCrops       Drought    Adaptation
03 01 30                         Hutterite Colony Gives Canada - Alberta
                                                          Up           Generic     Drought
           NewspaperThe Recorder (Kitchener, Cambridge and Waterloo), Canadian Press          Impact
03 01 30                          Sun-News,Marvin 25-Year Low New Mexico Drought
                                               N.M.       Int USA
           NewspaperLas CrucesIrrigation Water At Tessneer - In GenericLas Cruces, N.M, AreaImpact, Adaptation
03 01 30                                      Pellegrineschi AfricaPromising Future
                                                          Crops: A Crops
           Magazine SciDevNet Drought-Resistant GM Int-Alessandro                  Drought    Adaptation
03 01 30              Agence France Presse EnglishLivelihood Of 300,000 N. China Farmers
           Press release         Drought Threatens        Int China Generic        Drought    Impact, Adaptation
03 01 31                                      Michael Byrnes
                                                          Int AustraliaGeneric
           Magazine Planet Ark Australia Scientist Warns Drought Could Blight 2003 Drought    Impact, Risk, Vulnerability
03 01 31                         Drought Due To Warmer Tropical Oceans Jet-Stream Shift May Have Caused 1998 To 2002
           Magazine Nature Daily Science Update Kendall   Global       Generic     Drought    Impact
03 01 31              Science, Volume 299 Number 5607
                                               Ocean ForGlobal
                                                            Drought Generic
           Peer-reviewed Journal The PerfectMartin Hoerling, Ann Kumar             Drought    Impact
03 01 31                          Journal-Constitution
                                              Mike TonerGlobal         Generic
           NewspaperThe AtlantaDrought May Signal World Warming Trend Drought                 Impact
03 02                            Let's        Peter Quail
                      Better Farming Hear The Other Side Of The Kyoto Debate
03 02 01              The Lancet, Volume 361, Number 9355   Southern Africa
           Peer-reviewed Journal El Niño And Drought InInt Southern Africa                       Nino
                                                                                    Drought, El Impact
03 02 01                         A Risky
           NewspaperLos Angeles Times Game On Climate
03 02 01                         How To Slow Down
                                              Sue Yanagisawa
           NewspaperThe Kingston Whig-Standard Climate Change: Organic Solutions Best For Capping Gases, Plant Phy
03 02 01                         Farmers Being Set Up To
           NewspaperThe Edmonton JournalAllyson Jeffs Pay For Kyoto -- Critic: FarmTech 2003
03 02 01                         Cold WinterJim Brown PEI
                                               Could Reduce             Crops       Snow, Frostmpact
           NewspaperJournal Pioneer (Summerside), AgNet Harmful Insect Populations:Growers Could Benefit: Integrated Pe
03 02 05              European Commission—Press Release Monitoring Of Greenhouse Gas Emissions
           Press release         Commission Acts To Improve
03 02 05              Australia CSIRO Press Release, Ref. #2003/14
           Press release         Planning For Zero Greenhouse Emissions
03 02 06              CSIRO Ref Drought Takes Toll On Int AustraliaGeneric
           Press release          2003/18, AgNet            Biocontrol              Drought     Impact
03 02 06   Magazine AgWeb                     Julianne Johnston
                                 Dynamic Predictables: From El Niño To 'Nada Niño' To La Niña
03 02 06                         Taking       David Of Kyoto
                      CNEWS Science AdvantageSuzuki
03 02 06                          Post        Joey Restrictions Hit Generic         Drought     Impact
           NewspaperThe DenverDrought's Water BunchInt USA - Colorado Nursery, Landscaping Industries
03 02 07                                      El Nino Cauchi
                      The Age Permanent StephenFears Eased By Research
03 02 07                         Inventory Of U.S. Greenhouse [Page 6450-6451] Sinks: 1990-2001 Agency: Environmenta
                      Federal Register: (Volume 68, Number 26)Gas Emissions And[DOCID:fr07fe03-58] ENVIRONMENTAL
03 02 09                          Post        Kit MiniclierInt Straits As Record Cattle, Continues Adaptation
                                                                        Livestock Drought
           NewspaperThe DenverColorado Ranches In Dire USA - Colorado -Drought crops            Impact,
03 02 10                         A            Betsy Carpenter
           Magazine USNews.comFading Green Hope For Climate
03 02 10                         Ancient
                      Purdue University Climate May Augur Future Effects Of Global Warming warming
03 02 10                         The World Needs AC. LautenbacherClimate
           NewspaperLos Angeles Times         Conrad New Focus On Jr.
03 02 10   Magazine AgWeb                     Julianne Johnston
                                                           Int AustraliaAnimals
                                 Australian Cattle Slaughter Reaches 8 Million Drought          Impact, Adaptation
03 02 11   Magazine Ag Answers
03 02 11   Magazine AgWeb                     Livestock Producers Still Making -Drought
                                                           Int USA      Livestock cattle
                                                                                    Drought     Impact,
                                 Economist: Julianne Johnston - Nebraska, Kansas Decisions Adaptation
03 02 11                         Kyoto Dollars Spark Cabinet Fight
           NewspaperThe Edmonton JournalKate Jaimet
03 02 11                         Many Options Jaw)
                                              Ron WalterCanada - Livestock - Drought
           NewspaperThe Times-Herald (MooseFor Livestock Producers Hit By Cattle                Adaptation
03 02 11                         A                                      Crops - fruits
           Magazine Ag Answers Little Means A Lot When Irrigating Brambles                      Adaptation
                                                                                    Drought, heat
03 02 12              Associated Climate Pledges Herbert
           Press release         Press        Josef
03 02 13                                                   Int USA      Generic
           Magazine Planet Ark One-Fifth Of Us In Drought, Little Relief Seen Drought           Impact, Adaptation
03 02 13              AgNet, Carnegie Institution RecentInt USA
           Press release         Climate Affects                        Gains       Climate change
                                                            Crop Yield Crops - corn, soybeansImpact
03 02 13                         Research Center
                      LethBridge Western Rangeland Plays Hidden Role As Massive Carbon Storehouse
03 02 13                         Voluntary Jennifer Lee
           NewspaperThe New York Times Pacts Reached To Curb Greenhouse Gases       Ghg Mitigation
03 02 14                         Weak Response On Global Warming
           NewspaperThe New York Times                                              Global warming
03 02 15   Radio                  Transcripts
                      CBC Radio Global Warming And Overheated Organisms Global warming
03 02 16                                      Anne Cook
           NewspaperThe News-Gazette, Champaign-Urbana, Ill.
03 02 17              Georgia InstituteMonsoon Forecasting Method Could Increase Crop Yields
           News release                                    Int USA      Generic
                                 New of Technology Research News , AgNet Climate                Adaptation
03 02 17                         Nebraska Neb.Bill Hord Int USA - Nebraska
                                                                        Crops       Drought
           NewspaperOmaha World-Herald,Farmers May Make Crop Switch If Dry Weather Continues    Impact, Adaptation
03 02 17              Associated Drought Leads Farmers To SeekMidwest
           News release          Press                     Int          Generic
                                              Mark ThiessenUSA - Counseling Drought             Impact
03 02 17              Canada Newswire Committee Releases List Of Witnesses At AlbertaImpact
           News release          Senate                    Canada       Generic     Climate changeHearings Into Climate Change Eff
03 02 17                         Kyoto GoodStephanie Peatling
           NewspaperSydney Morning Herald For The Nation
03 02 17                         Hot Air About Greenhouse Gases
           NewspaperThe Washington Post                                             Ghg Mitigation
03 02 18   Magazine AgWeb                     Julianne Johnston
                                                           Int AustraliaCrops
                                 ABARE: Drought Hits Summer Crops                   Drought     Impact
03 02 18              Associated Bitter Colo. Jon SarcheInt USA - Colorado
           News release          Press        Water Fight Heads To CropsCourt       Drought     Impact
03 02 18              Agence France Presse English
           Press release                                   Int AustraliaCrops       Drought
                                 Australian Harvest Down To 20-Year Low As Drought Hits         Impact
03 02 19                         Prairie Drought Proves Canada - Prairies
           NewspaperThe Calgary Herald        Michelle Lang Costly      Generic     Drought     Impact
03 02 19                         No Citizen Gordon Hoekstra                         Global Say
           NewspaperPrince George Certainty On Results Of Climate Change, Expertsclimate change
03 02 19                         $2-Billion Steven Chase
           NewspaperThe Globe and Mail Dedicated To Emission Targets: Big Fight Expected In Cabinet Over How Money W
03 02 19              Associated Greenhouse Gases Declined In 2001
           Press release         Press                                              Ghg Mitigation
03 02 19                                                   Canada
           Magazine The Daily Drought Impacts On Canadian Livestock     Livestock Drought       Impact
03 02 20                         Farmers Deserve Lyons
           NewspaperThe StarPhoenix (Saskatoon)Credit For Carbon Sinks: Groups
03 02 21                         Safety Net Barry Stop Climate
                                                           C            Generic
           Magazine The Western ProducerWon't Wilson anada Change: Industry                     Impact, Adaptation
                                                                                    Climate change
03 02 21                         Beef Group Works On Reducing Gas
           Magazine The Western ProducerKaren Morrison                              Ghg Mitigation
                                                                        Livestock - Cattle
03 02 21                          Citizen     Susan Riley
           NewspaperThe OttawaThrowing Money At Climate Change                      Global Climate Change
03 02 21                         Drought Sparks MacArthur  Alberta
           Magazine The Western ProducerMarySearch For Rural Water      Generic     Drought     Impact, Adaptation
03 02 22                         Agriculture Presents Solutions To Kyoto Challenges
                      The Southwest Booster (Swift Current)
03 02 23              Associated Old Charts,Kristian Kahrs To Study Climate Global Climate Change
           Press release         Press         Logbooks Used                         Change
03 02 24                          Drought                  Int AustraliaGeneric
           NewspaperLabor Liberal Daily A Sign Water Use Must Change                            Impact, Adaptation
                                                                                    Drought, climate change
03 02 25   Magazine Broadcast NewsAlta-Climate-Change Alberta           Generic                 Impact, Adaptation
                                                                                    Climate change
03 02 25                          Adios, El Allison Dunfield
           NewspaperThe Globe and Mail Nino
03 02 25                          Blair Outlines Plans To Slash Emissions Over 50 Years
           NewspaperThe New York Times Lizette Alvarez
03 02 25                          New Process Takes The Heat Off Food Production
           NewspaperDaily Herald (Prince Albert)
03 02 25                          We're Kyoto Bound, Come
           NewspaperThe Globe and Mail Jim Stanford Hell Or Hot Air
03 02 25                          Hardy Urges Farmers Get 'Sink Credits'
           NewspaperThe Leader-Post (Regina)  Angela Hall
03 02 26                          Drought CanWest News Service Generic
           NewspaperCobourg Daily Star, Shrinks Farm Incomes- Western               Drought     Impact
03 02 26              CSIRO Media Release - Ref 2003/37,AustraliaCrops
           News release                                    Int AgNet
                                  Getting Post-Drought Crops Right                  Drought     Impact, Adaptation
03 02 26                          Experts Fault Bush C. Revkin
           NewspaperThe New York Times Andrew Plan To Study Climate
03 02 26                          Report Gives Bush's Global Warming Efforts Mixed Rating
           NewspaperThe Washington Post Eric Pianin                                 Global warming
03 02 27              Agence France PresseRichard Ingham
           Press release                                   Global       Generic     Global warming
                                                                                                Impact, risk
                                  Climate Change Boosting Flood, Disaster Peril For Billions: Report
03 02 27                          More Press               Southwestern Ontario Snow, Moisture
                                                                        Crops                   Impact
           NewspaperThe London FreeSnow Helps Farmers; Crucial Ground- Moisture Levels Were Hurt Last Year By A Mild
03 02 27                          Farmers Warned About Kyoto
           Magazine The Western ProducerBarbara Duckworth
03 02 28                          ICRISAT                  Int India    University Drought
           Magazine Crop Biotech Update And MSSRF Plan Virtual Generic On Drought Adaptation, Mitigation
03 02 28              Associated Wild Weather Gardiner
           Press release          Press       Beth
03 03                 Ag-West Biotech A Force For Change And Opportunity
           Peer-reviewed Journal Kyoto:Bulletin Volume 11, Issue 3
03 03 01                          Russian Mark MacKinnon    Kill Kyoto Consensus
           NewspaperThe Globe and Mail Stalling Could Int- Russia
03 03 01                          Rebuked
           NewspaperThe New York TimesOn Global Warming                             Global warming
03 03 01              CBC         Dry Snow'
           News release NEWS ONLINE Means No Drought ReliefAlberta      Generic     Drought     Impact
03 03 03                          Weather Bruce Constantineau Crops Global
                                                           British B.C. Farms:      Global warming
           NewspaperThe Vancouver Sun Wreaking Havoc On Columbia - fruits, Warming Has Increased The Intensity And
03 03 03   NewspaperDenver Post               Michael Thirsty
                                                           Global       Crops       Drought     Impact, Adaptation
                                  Genetics May TameBooth Crops, Lawns CSU Part Of Worldwide Drought Research
03 03 04              Canada News Wire And ForestersCanada
           Press release          Farmers                                Adapting Global climate change, Drought,
                                                                                                Impact, Senate ; Committee
                                                            Need HelpGeneric To Climate Change: Adaptation Flood, Hail, C
03 03 04                                                   Int- New In Much
           Magazine Planet Ark Significant Soil Moisture DeficitsZealand Of NZ      Drought     Impact, Adaptation
03 03 04   Report                  Systems for Biotechnology Trehalose-Producing Genes Improves Tolerance To Drought,
                                              Ray Wu and With
                                                           Canada                   D           Impact, Adaptation
                      Information Engineering Rice Plants Ajay GargCrops - Rice rought, Low Temperatures
03 03 07                          Kyoto Accord Workshop Monday
           NewspaperChatham Daily News
03 03 11                          Climate Change Answers
           NewspaperThe Daily News (Prince Rupert) Canada               Generic                 Impact
                                                                                    Global climate change
03 03 12                          Early                    Int USA Crops
           NewspaperOntario Farmer Spring Rains Benefit-Some U.S. Regions                       Impact
                                                                                    Wet weather, Drought
03 03 12   NewspaperOntario Farmer                         Looking For Hay
                                  Indiana, Ohio Farmers Int - USA, Indiana, Ohio                Impact
03 03 14              Agence France PresseLauren GelfandWorlds Generic
           Press release                                   Int
                                  Climate Change Depleting- UK                       Resources: UN, Analysts
                                                                        FreshwaterGlobal climate change
03 03 15                          Episcopal
           NewspaperLos Angeles Times Bishops Decry Global Warming                  Global warming
03 03 16              Knight-Ridder Tribune Lorraine CavenerDo With less Water weathermpact, Adaptation
           News release           Idaho Potato Growers Make             Crops       Dry
                                                           Int - USA - Idaho - Potatoes         I
03 03 19                          Fight (Regina) Hursh
           NewspaperThe Leader-Post LikelyKevin Carbon Sinks
03 03 19   NewspaperThe Spectator             Tim Kyoto
03 03 19                          Kyoto Rules To Impact Farms
           NewspaperChatham Daily News Chris McGregor
03 03 19                          Spring Snow Turns Farmers'
                                                           Alberta      Crops       Spring Snow, And Rain
           NewspaperThe Edmonton JournalAllan Chambers Frowns To Smiles: More Snowdrought Needed To Ensure C
03 03 19              ARS         Service     Don Comis Int- USA, Northern
           News release News Saving Water For A Rainless Day Crops States           Drought     Impact, Risk, Adaptation
03 03 20   Magazine Nature                    Phillip Ball
                                  Global Greenhouse Affects Air Pressure; Climate-Change Predictions May Be An Underestim
03 03 20                          How Do      Mark Reid
           NewspaperThe Calgary Herald Cattle Spell Relief?             Livestock - Cattle
03 03 20                          Give Farmers Greenhouse
           Magazine The Western ProducerKaren Morrison Credits: Vanclief
03 03 21              Science Volume 299, Number Kennedy
           Peer-reviewed Journal The Climate Divide 5614, Page 1813
03 03 21                          Drought Relief Association
           Magazine National Cattlemen’s Beef Measure Passes InLivestock - cattle Sympathetic Adaptation Ranchers
                                                                         House Congress         Impact, To Struggling
03 03 21              Reuters
           Press release                      Taro Matsuoka Africa Generic
                                                           Int-                     Aid
                                  Drought Spells Doom, As Eritrea Awaits Food Drought           Impact, Adaptation, increased food
03 03 21                          North Peace Banana Belt; Climatologist FearsGlobal warming
                                                           Alberta      Generic
           NewspaperGrande Prairie Daily Herald-Tribune; Source: Red Deer Advocate                Impact
                                                                                     Warming'sImpact On Alberta
03 03 21              Australia's CSIRODay For Water - Int - Australia2003 - "Water For The Future"
           News release           World                     22nd March  Generic     Drought     Impact, Adaptation
03 03 22                          Moisture Level Concerns
                                              Joanne Paulson
           NewspaperDaily Herald (Prince Albert)           Alberta      Generic     Drought     Impact, Risk
03 03 22                          Ruminating
           NewspaperSydney Morning Herald Cow ... No Naked Flames       Livestock -Cattle
03 03 23              Agence France PresseLauren Gelfand
           Press release                       Leave
                                  Participants EnglishKyoto Feeling Water Forum Was All Wet
03 03 24              Agence France-PresseFrancoise Kadri Challenge Discussed At World Water Forum
           Press release          Making The Desert Bloom AGlobal       Generic                 Impact, Adaptation
03 03 25              Agence France PresseRichard Ingham
           Press release                       English                  Roost
                                  Kyoto's Chickens Come Home To Livestock - Poultry
03 03 25                          Kyoto Will Hit UsTalbot
                                              Neal Where
           NewspaperGrande Prairie Daily Herald-Tribune It Hurts; Canadians Expected To Pay A Fairly Hefty Price When Co
03 03 25                                                                            Ghg mitigation
                                  NRCAN: Canadians Honoured For Leadership In Reducing Greenhouse Gas Emissions
03 03 28              Science Volume 299 Number 5615
                                                 R. B. Alley,
           Peer-reviewed Journal Abrupt Climate ChangeJ. Marotzke, et. al.             Global climate change
03 03 28                            Agricore Posts
           NewspaperThe Calgary Sun; Reuters Loss Due To Drought                       Drought
                                                                           Crops - Grain            Impact
03 03 30                            Cow Burps Questioned
                      Central Alberta AdviserMark Weber                    Livestock - Cattle
03 03 31                            (Episode 1210)
           Magazine Farmscape MLMMI Targets Research Into Odor And Greenhouse Gases    Ghg mitigation
03 04 01              Associated Drought to Drenched Int USA
           News release             Press        Bruce Smith                           Drought, Floods
                                                                           Crops - Corn, Cotton, Tobacco
03 04 01              Reuters
           News release                                       Int USA      Crops - corn, soybeans, wheat Adaptation
                                                                                       Drought      Beans
                                    Drought Eats Away At Corn Planting Plans: Price Jumps; Impact,Off; Wheat Climbs
03 04 01                            Nebraska Nebraska To Plant Nebraskacorn, grain
                                                 Bill Hord                 Crops -     Drought      Adaptation
           NewspaperOmaha World-Herald,Farmers Apt Int USA - More Grain Sorghum, Less Corn Amid Drought
03 04 01              Lethbridge Research Centre Greenhouse Gas Emissions In Beef Cattle Production
           Press release                        Tackles                                Ghg mitigation
                                                                           Livestock - Cattle
03 04 02              Canada Newswire Systems Receives Grant For Manure Treatment And Energy
           Press release            Bio-Terre
03 04 02                            World Weather Boosts Int UK
                                                 Olivia        UK                      Drought, Impacts
           Magazine Farmers' Weekly Interactive Cooper - Wheat Crops - wheat, cropsFlood
03 04 03              Pest Management and Christy That Could Affect Weed ManagementImpact, Adaptation
                                                  Crop Development Bulletin No. University Illinois
                                                              Int USA      Crops
           Peer-reviewed Journal Weather Concerns Sprague, Alison Hague 2, Weather ofDecisions In 2003
03 04 03                            Greenhouse Emissions
           NewspaperThe Leader-Post (Regina) Nickel Forecast To Rise                   Ghg mitigation
03 04 03                            Management and Sprague and -Aaron Hager Cold Wet Weather, Drought
                                                 Christy That Could Affect
                                                              Int- USA Illinois - Corn
                                                                           Crops                     Decisions
           Newsletter Illinois Pest Weather ConcernsCrop Development Weed ManagementAdaptation in 2003
03 04 03                            Sask. (Moose Jaw) Saskatchewan
           NewspaperThe Times-HeraldGreenhouse Gases Expected To Rise Ghg mitigation
03 04 04              AgNet
           News release                                       The Prairies Crops - Beans
                                    Prairie Bean Breeding Effort To Capture Market Potential Adaptation
03 04 10                            Dry Conditions Algie Ontario
                                                 Jim                       Crops
           NewspaperOwen Sound Sun Times A Troublesome Trend: DespiteDrought                        Impact, Risk, Adaptation
                                                                                        This Winter's Heavy Snowfalls, Local Farmer
03 04 10                            Norfolk, VA., Farmers Int- USA - Virginia
                                                 Linda McNatt              Generic     Drought, wet weather,
           NewspaperThe Virginian-Pilot, Norfolk, VA. To Get Federal Relief For Both Drought, Rain flood
03 04 10                            Help                      Int- USA Livestock -Cattle
                                                                                       Drought      Impact, Adaptation
           Magazine For Dry Ranchers: USDA Will Make Additional Financial Assistance Available To Lives
03 04 10              EurekAlert Seeking Comfort From Int - USA - Arizona
           News release                                        The Cold Crops                       Adaptation
                                                                                       Cold Temperature, Frost,
03 04 10   Magazine                                           Producers Drought        Adaptation
                                    Assistance Available To Livestock Livestock Hit By Ongoing Drought
03 04 11                            Climate      Barry Wilson
           Magazine Western Producer Change Could Ontario                  And Cons: Global         Adaptation,
                                                               Bring Pros Generic Expert climate change risk, impact
03 04 11                            Moisture Michelle Houlden
           Magazine Western Producer Brings Optimism Prairies The          Generic     Drought      Risk, Adaptation
03 04 11                            Prairies     Karen Spring Prairies
           Magazine Western Producer Welcome Briere Snow Generic                       Spring Snow, drought
03 04 12                            Climate Change And Greenhouse Generic
           NewspaperSouthwest Booster (Swift Current)                                  Global climate
                                                                           Gas Awareness Studied change, ghg mitigation
03 04 14   Magazine    Dry Liquidation           Int-Australia            Drought
                                                                           Livestock -Cattle        Impact, Adaptation
03 04 15                            Province's Northwest Suffering
           NewspaperThe Leader-Post (Regina)                  Saskatchewan
                                                 Andrew Ehrkamp                        Drought
                                                                           Crops, Livestock - CattleImpact
03 04 15                            Strobs
           Magazine Farmers Weekly Sooth Stress, Say Scientists                        Drought
                                                                           Crops - wheat            Adaptation
03 04 15              Associated Farm Scene: Irrigation Int USA For Warming-Like Effect In San Joaquin, Study Says
           Press release            Press        Brian SkoloffBlamed
03 04 18                            Easter
           Magazine Farmers Weekly Rainclouds Heaven Sent? Crops - wheat               Drought      Impact
03 04 20   Magazine Plant Physiology             T. Abebe, - C. Guenzi, B. Martin, Drought
                                                                           Crops - wheat Cushman
                                                                                       J.C.         Adaptation
                                    Tolerance of Mannitol A.Accumulating Transgenic Wheat To Water Stress And Salinity
03 04 21                            Snows Were Good ForOntario
           NewspaperThe Lindsay Daily PostJim Humphrey         Farmers Crops- Grains   Snow         Impact
03 04 22              Lethbridge Research Centre
           Press release            Natural Bacteriocins Boost Rumen Efficiency
03 04 23                            Bugs
           Magazine Farmers Weekly Thrive In Warm Weather                              Drought
                                                                           Crops - oilseed, rape Impact
03 04 24                            Farmers Hoping Sullivan USA Crops - grain, corn, Created Problems In The Agricultural
                                                              Int                      Flood
           NewspaperThe Daily News (Truro)HarryFor Drier -Days: Recent Flooding Has soybeans, hay   Impact
03 04 24              Planet Ark Australia Drought Lingers - Australia Hits Grains, Livestock - Cattle
           News release                                       Int On
                                                 Michael Brynes As Rain                Drought
                                                                           Crops- Cities            Impact
03 04 25              AgNet
           News release                                        No-Till Can Reduce Input Costs This Drought Year
                                    Fertilizer Management,Int- USA Crops               Drought      Impact, Adaptation
03 04 27                            Drought Could WorsenAlberta
           NewspaperCentral Alberta AdviserMark WeberCanada Thistle        Crops       Drought      Impact, Risk
03 04 27                            Jackson County, Okla.,Int-USA Form ProjectDrought
           NewspaperThe Daily Oklahoman                                                 To          Adaptation, Risk
                                                               Farmers Crops - cotton Educate Public About Irrigation
03 04 28              AgNet
           News release             Drought Makes ForageAlberta            Crops       Drought
                                                               Establishment Steps More CriticalRisk, Adaptation
03 04 28                            Aridity TwinMychelIdaho - Production
                                                  Falls, Matthews Goodman
                                                              Int          Crops       Drought
           NewspaperThe Times-News, Lowered Pulse-Crop USA, Idaho In 2002, USDA Study Says          Impact
03 04 28              Agence France Presse English In Int-Australia
           Press release            Rains Ease Drought Parts Of Australia              Drought, rainImpact
03 04 28                            U.S. Corn Production Survey Goodman -Corn, peas, To Lack Of Moisture
                                                  Falls, Matthews Shows Lower Yield Due lentils
           NewspaperThe Times-News, TwinMychelIdaho           Int-USA      Crops       Drought      Impact
03 05 03                            Weather Worries Increase For
                                                 Mike                      Crops RiceW
           NewspaperThe Sacramento Bee, Calif. Lee Int-USA California - Rice et Weather Growers Vulnerability, Impacts
03 05 05                            Early Season Flooding And Ponding Injury Corn State University
                                                  and RecommendationCrops - InOhio
           Magazine Corn Crop ObservationThomison Int-USA                              Flood
                                                                            Network, Corn           Impact. Risk
03 05 08                            April (Saskatoon)
                                                 Silas Polkinghorne
                                                              Saskatchewan Crops
           NewspaperThe StarPhoenixShowers Provide Optimism On Saskatchewan Farms      Drought      Impact
03 05 08                            Folicur® 432 F Receives 2
                                                 Albert 8, Issue
                                                              Canada       Crops wheat Weather
           Magazine CROP-PEST Ontario VolumeTenuta Emergency Use- Registration Adaptation
03 05 08   Magazine CROP-PEST                    Ian Nichols Ontario
                                    Weekly Weather Update - April Summary  Generic     Cool Weather Impact
03 05 08              The
           News release Daily Stocks of Grain                              Crops       Drought
                                                              Western Canada - grain, oilseed Impact
03 05 09                                                      On Farmers' Planting States
                                                                           Crops - Corn, soybean Impact, Adaptation, Vulnerability
           Magazine AgAnswersStorms Shouldn't Rain Int-USA - Midwestern Parade         Wet Weather
03 05 09              AgNet
           News release                          Bruce Anderson
                                                              Int- USA Crops - Alfalfa
                                    Evaluating Hail-Damaged Alfalfa- Nebraska Hail                  Impact, Adaptation
03 05 12              Agence France Presse English Strike Cornfields In Latin America, Africa Change Adaptation
           Press release            Climate Change To         Global       Crops -Corn              Impact, Risk,
                                                                                       Global Climate
03 05 12              CP                                      Nova Scotia  Crops -Alfalfa
                                                                                        Winter Kill Of Alfalfa - Experts
           Press release Wire Nova Scotia Farmers Faced With DevastatingRain, Frost Impact, Risk
03 05 12              Broadcast NewsProvince That's Been RackedCrops
           News release           In A                                   By         Wet Weather, Saskatchewan Municipality Has
                                                           Saskatchewan Drought, One Eastern heat
03 05 12   Magazine Future Harvest                         Global       Crops - Maize
                                                                                    Global Warming Risk, Adaptation
                                  Global Warming Threatens Food Shortages In Developing Countries: Researchers Predict P
03 05 13              Agence France Presse English Crops Croatia Crops
           Press release          Drought Devastates Int- In Croatia                Drought     Impact
03 05 14                          Global Warming's Local Crop           Crops       Global Climate
                                                                                                Impact, Adaptation
           Magazine Nature Science UpdateTom ClarkeGlobal Impacts Forecast: NewWarmingModel Suggests The Devil Is I
03 05 14              Agence France Presse
           Press release                                   Int- China Crops, Livestock
                                  Egg-Sized Hailstones Wreak Havoc In China Hail - sheep        Impact
03 05 14              AgNet
           News release                        Bill Johnson, Glenn Nice, Tom Corn
                                                           Int- USA, Indiana - Baumam
                                  Wet Soils And Corn Herbicide Injury Potential Wet Weather     Impact, adaptation
03 05 15              Reuters
           Press release                                   Int-India     Monsoon Drought, monsoon rain
                                  India Says Fading El Nino To HelpGeneric                      Impact
03 05 15   Magazine CROP-PEST                  Doug Young ntario
                                  Patience! Patience! Patience!         Crops - Corn            Risk, Adaptation
03 05 15   Magazine CROP-PEST                  Greg StewartOntario
                                  Switching To Earlier Hybrids          Crops - CornRain        Impact
03 05 15   Magazine CROP-PEST                  Rick From OWN
                                  Weather UpdateGray Ontario            Generic     Wet weather Impact
03 05 15   Magazine CROP-PEST                   Good For Corn
                                  Wet, Cool! Albert Tenuta Diseases                 Wet
                                                                        Crops - Corn Weather    Impact, Risk
03 05 16              AgNet
           News release                                    Global       Crops - Corn            Impact, Vulnerability
                                  Climatic Change To Affect Corn Production Global Climate Change
03 05 16              AgNet
           News release           Soggy SoilsBob Nielson USA, About Supplemental Nitrogen Fertilizer
                                                Lead To Questions Indiana - Corn Weather
                                                           Int-         Crops       Wet         Impact
03 05 18                          Global Warming Hits VinesBritish      Crops       Global
           Magazine Okanagan Weekender Julianna Hayes Columbia - Grapes Warming Adaptation, RiskImpact,
03 05 19              U.S.                     Alex Markels USA, Western onions,
                                                           Int-         Crops, States
           News release News How Drought Is Changing The American West alfalfa Impact, Adaptation, Risk
03 05 20                           Research Service DurhamUSA Generic
                                               Sharon      Int -
           Magazine Agricultural Conservation Tillage: A Grower's Drought Assistant Drought     Adaptation
03 05 21              AgNet
           News release           Cold Temperatures and Herbicide Iowa - Corn
                                               Bob Hartzler - USA - Crops
                                                           Int          Performance             Impact,
                                                                                    Cold Temperatures Vulnerability
03 05 21              AgNet
           News release           Gene May Produce Drought Resistant Plants Drought             Adaptation
03 05 22              The         AWB CushionsPorter Int Drought Crops - Wheat,
           News release Sydney Morning Herald  Ian Effects of - Australia           Drought     Impact
03 05 23   Magazine                  Julianne Johnston
                                                           Int - USA A Certainty El Nino
                                  Martell: La Nina Development Not Crops - corn, soybeansImpact
03 05 23              Ag
           News release Answers                            Int- USA - Ohio Wheat Disease
                                                                          Of        Wet
                                  Wet Weather Increases LikelihoodCrops - Wheat Weather         Impact, Risk
03 05 23              Nature
           News release                        Tom Warm Climate Generic
                                  Feedback Could ClarkeGlobal Fast                              Impact,
                                                                                    Global Warming Risk
03 05 29                                       Albert Tenuta
           Newsletter CROP-PestAttack of the Water Moulds  Canada                   Cold Wet Impact
                                                                        Crops - Soybeans
03 05 29                                       Tracey BauteSlugs In Crops -
           Newsletter CROP-PestSeedcorn Maggot And Canada Soybeans Soybeans         Cold Wet Impact, Adaptation
03 05 29                                       Horst Planting
           Newsletter CROP-PestDelayed SoybeanBohner       Ontario                  Cold Wet Impact
                                                                        Crops - Soybeans
03 05 29                                       Ian Nichols Ontario      Generic
           Newsletter CROP-PestWeather Comments From OWN as of May 27, 2003         Cold Wet Impact
03 05 29                                       Albert Tenuta
           Newsletter CROP-PestWheat Disease UpdateOntario                          Cold
                                                                        Crops - Wheat Wet Impact, Risk, Vulnerability
03 05 29              U.S.                     Alex Markels USA, Western
           News release News How Drought Is Changing -The Midwest States            Drought     Impact, Vulnerability
02 08      Magazine Country Guide Drought Has Silver LiningWorld                    Drought     Impacts, barley - canola
                                                                        Crops - wheat - corn - soybean -Adaptation
02 10                             Drought Underscores Need for Performance Management
           Newsletter Canadian farmmanager                              livestock - Drought
                                                           Canada - the Prairies Cattle, cropsImpacts, Adaptation
02 Fall    Newsletter Agvance Science: no drought about it Canada       Generic     Drought     Adaptation
02 Fall                                                    to predict Crops
           Newsletter Agvance Scientists use weather Alberta soil moistureDrought               Adaptation
02 Fall                                                    Canada - the Prairies Drought
           Newsletter Agvance Fertilizer helps even under dry conditionsCrops                   Adaptation
03 06 02                          In the       Michael Janofsky - Western
                                                           Search        Solutions Drought
           NewspaperNew York Times Dry Dry West, A Int USA For GenericStates                    Adaptation
03 06 02                          Reason Herald-Tribune
                                               Optimism; Good
                                                           Alberta      Crops       Favourable Impact
           NewspaperGrande Prairie Dailyfor Kathryn Engel Moisture Conditions Have Area Farmers Smiling
03 06 03              Associated Cold, Little Sun HurtingInt USA
           News release           Press        Linda A. Johnson
                                                            N.J. Farmers            Frost       Impact, Risk,
                                                                        Crops - Soybeans, Corn, Flowers, Vulnerability
03 06 05              University of California - Davis
           News release                                    Int USA      Crops - Wheat temperatures
                                  Wheat Gene Controlling Cold-Weather Requirement Cloned        Adaptation, vulnerability
03 06 05   Journal                Thinking about Crop Nafziger University of Illinoistemperatures
                                                Crop Development, Crops
                      Pest Management and Emerson Stress   Int USA                  Cool        Risk, Vulernability
03 06 10              FAO
           News release                                    Int EthiopiaGeneric      Drought, Impact, Adaptation
                                  Ethiopia: drought-hit farmers receive emergency aid Flood
03 06 10              Associated Farmers-Drought Gersema
           News release           Press        Emily       Int USA                  Drought, Flood
                                                                        Crops - Soybeans, Corn  Impact, Vulnerability
03 06 10              AgAnswersGrowing Pains: Rain, ColdUSA - Ohio Performance Corn
           News release                                                 Crop        Cool temperatures, Vulnerability
                                                           Int Stifling Crops - Soybeans,       Impact, Wet conditions
03 06 12                          Drought      Michelle Lang
                                                           Canada- the prairies Drought
           NewspaperThe Calgary Herald Doubles Agricore Losses Crops - Grain                    Impact
03 06 12   Journal                Wheat
                      CropPEST OntarioViruses Thriving Under Cool Conditions
                                               Albert Tenuta
                                                           Canada                   Cool        Impact
                                                                        Crops - Wheat temperatures
03 06 13              Associated Mormon Crickets InvadingUSA - Western States Winters, Drought
           News release           Press                    Int          Crops
                                               Sandra Chereb Western States Mild                Impact
03 06 13                          Heavy Harvest, Scant Rainfall - Wisconsin Dry Conditions
                                                                        Crops - Grapes          Impact
           NewspaperKnight-Ridder Tribune Jason SteinInt USADamages Grapes, Sets Back Wisconsin Wineries
03 06 13                           Post Better Crop Predicted
           NewspaperThe LeaderMuch (Regina)                             Crops - Wheat
                                               Angela HallCanada- the prairies Rain and Snow    Impact
03 06 13              Planet Ark Drought Over? Not Yet Please, Austalian Farmers Say Impact, Adaptation
           News release                                    Int AustraliaGeneric     Drought
03 06 16              CBC                                  Canada- theCropsprairies Spring Blizzards
           News release OnlinePrairie Farmers Anticipate BumperCrops - Wheat, Barley Impact
03 06 16   Report     PNAS        Additive Effects of Simulated Climate Changes, Elevated Impact
                                               Erika S. Zavaleta, M. California Shaw, Nona R.CO2, and Nitrogen A. Mooney, andG
                                                           Int USA - Rebecca
                                                                        Generic     Global climate change Harold Disposition on
03 06 17              Associated Kansas Feels Lingering Pinch From Drought Drought
           News release           Press                    Int
                                               Carl Manning USA - KansasGeneric                 Impact
03 06 17              The                                  Int AustraliaGeneric
           News release Age Drought Recovery Uncertain: Bureau                      Drought     Impact, Vulnerability
03 06 18                           Post (Regina) Hursh
                                               Kevin       Saskatchewan
           NewspaperThe LeaderCrop Reports Emphasize The Positive       Crops       Drought     Impact, Risk
03 06 18                         Prairie                 Canada - the Drought Drought
                                                                     Crops                   Impact
           NewspaperPenticton Herald Farmers Enjoy Green Spring: Prairies That Withered Crops in Recent Years Appears
03 06 18                         Prairie Farmers CotterCanada - Spring, But Drought
                                             John                    Crops                    More
           NewspaperThe Whitehorse Daily Star Enjoy the Green the Prairies Still Hope forImpactRain
03 06 19                         Report by Andrew C. Revkin, Katharine Q. Seelve climate
                                                         Int USA     Generic     Global
           NewspaperThe New York Times the E.P.A. Leaves Out Data On Climate Change change   Risk
03 06 19                         Rain-Soaked, Soggy Fields Mean Disaster For Maryland FarmersAdaptation
                                                         Int         Crops -     Flood       Impact,
           NewspaperKnight-Ridder Tribune Jamie Braun USA - Maryland Fruits, Vegetables, Corn, Soybeans
03 06 20                                      on EPA's Report
                                                         Int USA     Generic     Global climate change
           NewspaperL.A. Times Editing FlapElizabeth ShogrenOn Environment: Whitman RiskSection on Climate Because O
03 06 20                         Heat BringsEd White Canada Curse
           Magazine Western Producer                                 Crops
                                              Both Blessing and - the Prairies Heat          Impact, Adaptation
03 06 21             The                     Leon Gettlernt AustraliaCrops - Grapes
           News release Age Drought Hits Grape Yield HardI                       Drought     Impact, Adaptation
03 06 21                         Hopper      Dawn Feared Canada - the Prairies Drought
           NewspaperThe Globe and MailOutbreak Walton On Prairies    Crops                   Impact, Vulnerability, Adaptation
03 06 23             Associated India Drought
           News release          Press       Rupak Sanyal India
                                                         Int                     Drought, Heat
                                                                     Livestock - Cattle      Impact, Adaptation
03 06 23   Journal               Reducing the Risk of Int USA        Crops - Soybeans
                                                                                 Frost       Risk,
                     American Society of Agronomy Frost Damage To Short-Season Crops Adaptation
03 06 24             Associated Rain Causes Damage, Int USA in Georgia - grains, corn, cotton, peanuts
           News release          Press                               Crops
                                             Elliot Minor Delays - GA.           Flood       Impact
03 06 27                         Farmers Barry Wilson anada
           Magazine Western Producer Ignore Climate Change Generic                           Impact, Adaptation
                                                                                 Global climate change
03 07 03             European Commission Helps Farmers Affected By Drought
           News release          Commission              Int - EuropeCrops       Drought     Adaptation
03 07 04             Reuters
           News release                      Anna Mudeva - CentralCrops - wheat
                                                         Int          Europe, the Balkans heat - frost
                                                                                 Drought -
                                 Drought Damages E. Europe Wheat, May Force Imports Impacts
03 07 04             Associated UN Agency Says Record Extremes In Weather Will Be Increasingly Common
           News release          Press                               Generic
                                                         Int- United Nations                 Impact
                                                                                 Global climate change
03 07 04   Report                AcclimationJonathon H. Stillman Crabs
                     Science Volume                      Int- Eastern Pacific    Global climate change
                                              Capacity Underlies Susceptibility To Climate Change
03 07 04             Crop        Climate Change Will Decrease Cron Production
           News release Biotech Update                   World       Crops - corn            Impact - Adaptation
                                                                                 Global climate change
03 07 09                         Drought, WetElaine Smith anada - SW Ontario Drought -cool spring
                                                         C           Crops                   Impact
           NewspaperThe London Free Press Take Toll On Trees, Crops - soybeans - corn, tobacco, wheat - trees
03 07 11                         Bugs, Drought White Canada - the Prairies Drought
           Magazine Western Producer                                 Crops
                                             Ed Still Plague Some Parts - hemp - alfalfa Impact - Risk
03 07 14             Associated Ill. Researchers Test Climate Effects
           News release          Press                                           Global corn Impact - Adaptation
                                                         Int - USA Crops - soybeans -climate change
03 07 15             Associated Researchers Test Climate-Change's Impact On Cropscorn change
           News release          Press                                           Global
                                             Jim Paul Int USA Crops - soybeans -climate      Impact - Adaptation
03 07 15             AgAnswersHail To The Leaf:Crop Stage Determine Ice Damage
           News release                                              Crops - corn
                                                         Int - USA Ohio          Hail        Impact - Adaptation
03 07 16             CP                      Tim Cook Canada - System Says Worse global warming
                                                                     Generic                 Impact Loom
           News release Wire U.S. Study On Major Prairie Riverthe Prairies Drought -Droughts - Adaptation
03 07 18             Reuters
           News release                                   Crop Seen Crops - Grain - Barley -Impact
                                                                      As         Drought - Rapeseed - Rye - fruit - vegetable
                                 Parts of German Grain Int - Germany Worst in DecadesFrost
03 07 22             Agence FranceMinisters Feel the Heat As Europe's Farmers Face-Crop Devastation
           News release          EU Presse                                       Drought Heat - fruit
                                                         Int-Europe Crops - cereals - olive -Impact - Adaptation
03 07 22                         Farm                     Saskatchewan
           NewspaperGlobe and Mail Economy RaisesSaskatchewan Deficit Drought                Impact, Adaptation
03 07 23                         Time        Farmers Fabricant Rain
                                                         Int - For               Frost, Rain Impact
           NewspaperNew York Times Was, Florence PrayedU.S.A Crops - vegetables - fruits
03 07 23   NewspaperNational Post            David Howell Alberta:CropsPer Square Metre: Infestation Could Be Worst In 40
                                 Grasshoppers Raining Alberta          100       Drought     Impact - Adaptation
03 07 24             UTV
           News release                                  Int-Ireland Generic     Drought - Impact
                                 Irish Climate Change Report Warns of Drought DangersFloods
03 07 24                         Call                    Int- Bangladesh
                                                                     Generic     Global climate change
           NewspaperThe Daily Star For Adaptation Measures To Offset Global Climate Change   Adaptation
03 07 25                         Crisis In The Rangelands:
                                             Cam         British Columbia
                                                                     Livestock - Cattle
                                                                                 Drought      Markets --Now Lack
           NewspaperThe Daily News (Kamloops) Fortems First Mad Cow Disease Cut OffImpact, Adaptation of Water Is D
03 07 25                          News Digest            Int-Europe Livestock Drought
           Magazine Agricultural Drought: Further Support Measures Agreed - Cattle           Adaptation
03 07 25                         Prairie     Karen Morrison
                                                         Canada      Crops                   Adaptation
           Magazine Western Producer Crops in Good Shape - the Prairies Above normal temperatures, drought, heat
03 07 28             The         Be Prepared For Change, Climate Generic Warn dry summers, warm wet winters
           News release Western Mail                     Int-Europe Watchers Warm            Impact
03 07 29                         Parched Scott Simpson   British Columbia
                                                                     Livestock - Cattle
                                                                                 Drought, heat
           NewspaperThe Vancouver Sun Grassland Deepens Cattle Crisis: With Borders Closed To Canadian Beef, Ranche
03 07 29                         University Steve Tarternt - USA Crops - Corn - Soybeans change
                                                         I                       Global climate Future
           NewspaperKnight-Ridder TribuneOf Illinois Tries To Get A Glimpse Of Fields Of Adaptation
03 07 30             AgNews Coping: Plant Adaptability - USA Crops
           News release                                  Int To
                                             Kathleen Phillips Stress Discovered             Adaptation
                                                                                 Drought, Extreme temperatures
03 07 30                         Northern Farms In Need Of Rain Crops - Livestock - Cattle
           NewspaperThe Edmonton Journal                 Alberta                 Drought     Impact
03 07 31             Associated Wheat Scab Widespread After Wet Springwheat States Impact
           News release          Press                   Int         Southeastern
                                             Dan Lewerenz - USA - Crops -        Flood
03 08 01             Planet Ark Europe's Heat Wave Raises Global Warning Concerns Impact
           News release                                  I
                                             Adrian Croftnt - Spain Crops        Heat, Drought, Global Warming
03 08 01             CBC                                 Canada- the prairies Drought
           News release OnlineDrought, Grasshoppers Add To Western Woes                      Impact
03 08 03                         Grasshoppers hit Western Farms Crops
           NewspaperGlobe and Mail                       Manitoba                Drought     Impact, Adaptation
03 08 04             N           Another Global Warming Surprise:Crops
           Proceedings ational Academy of Science                                Global warming
                                                         Int - USA Grasslands May Become Wetter As Temperatures Rise
03 08 05                         Press       David McHughInt-        Crops       Drought     Impact
           NewspaperAssociated Europe-Parched Farms Germany, Italy- Fruit , Grain, Livestock -Buffalo,
03 08 05   NewspaperNational Post            Jon Taylor Int- USA Crops - Corn, Show Up: change
                                                                                 Global climate
                                 Good Weather Foils Forecasters: La Nina Didn't Soybeans Conditions Point To Near Record
03 08 05             FWI
           News release                      Isabel Welfare
                                                         Int-Europe Livestock Heat
                                 Heatwave Sparks Davies Concern                              Risk, Vulnerability
03 08 05                         Politics    Andrew C. Revkin
                                                           In USA Generic        Drought, Global Climate Change
                                                                                             GHG mitigation
           NewspaperNew York Times Reasserts ItselfInt- The Debate Over Climate Change And Its Hazards
03 08 07                         Drought, Locusts DriveCanada- theIn Farmers' Coffins Livestock - cattle
           NewspaperGlobe and Mail           Darcy Henton              prairies Drought
                                                           More NailsCrops - oats, barley, Impact
03 08 07                         The Climate's Too Hot BC - Int
           NewspaperThe Vancouver Sun Stephen HumeHandle: Generic                Global Climate Change
                                                                                             Impact, Risk
                                                                      Fire, Drought, Pine Beetles. The Evidence Of Global Wa
03 08 08                         Crop Year Ends On A Heat Wave Crops -canola, cereal Impact
           Magazine Western Producer         Sean Pratt Canada- the prairies Heat
03 08 11             FWI
           News release                      Tom Allen Stevens & Dan TarletonHeat
                                 Harvest 2003: Dry Losses Europe Crops - beans               Impact
03 08 13             FWI
           News release                                                          Heat
                                 Heat Kills One Million Chickens Livestock - poultry         Impact, risk
03 08 13             National Science Ecosystem Critical To East African FoodGlobal Climate Change Climate Change
           News release         Lake Foundation         Int-Africa Generic                   Impact, Risk
                                                                                  Supply Is Threatened By
03 08 14             Agence France Presse
           News release                                 Int- Europe Aid Drought - Hit goats,Sector - vegetables
                                                                                Drought        Crops
                                Brussels Announces Measures ToLivestock - cattle, FarmAdaptation, Impacts
03 08 14             Associated Kansas Crops
           News release         Press                   Int- USA Crops - corn, soybeans,
                                            Roxana Hegeman                      Drought      Impacts
03 08 14             Reuters
           News release                     David Evans Int-Europe Crops - maize, wheat Impacts, Adaptation
                                Europe's Heatwave Cute Maze Crop ForecastDrought
03 08 14             European Commission Joint Research Centre Forecasts This Year's Crop Losses Caused By Drough
           News release         Commission's                                    Drought, Harsh
                                                        Int-Europe Crops - vegetables, wheat Winter,
03 08 14             Globe and Mailso wet the lettuce isCanada- Maritimes vegetables, wheat, peat moss
           News release         It's        Shawna Richterexploding Crops -     Floods       Impact, Risk
03 08 15                        Protect pesticides from NewsletterCrops
                                            Fred FishelInt- USA
           Magazine Integrated Pest Crop Management heat                        Heat         Risk, Vulnerability
03 08 15                        UnrelentingPat GuinanInt- USA,Over WesternDrought, heavy Long-Term Drought Since La
                                             Dryness Continues Missouri           Missouri: Worst Adaptation
           Magazine Integrated Pest Crop Management NewsletterLivestock, corn, coybeans snow Impact,
03 08 15                        Effects of DroughtSweets Crop Disease
                                            Laura On FieldNewsletterCrops       Drought
           Magazine Integrated Pest Crop ManagementInt- USA, Missouri-soybean, corn Impact
03 08 15                        Postemergence herbicide USA under
                                            Brent Sellers and Reid Smeda
                                                          Newsletter            Heat
           Magazine Integrated Pest Crop ManagementInt- efficacy Crops dry conditions Adaptation, Impact, Vulnerability
03 08 15                        No-Till Crop Defies Drought: Draws Drink corn
                                            Bill CassadyNewsletterCrops         Drought
           Magazine Integrated Pest Crop ManagementInt- USA, Missouri- From Down Under       Adaptation
03 08 15                        Potassium deficiency symptoms Crops
                                            Bill Weibold Newsletter drought-stressed crops
                                                          and Peter             Drought
           Magazine Integrated Pest Crop ManagementInt- USA inScharf - corn, grain, soybeans Impact
03 08 17                        Farmers                 Alberta
           NewspaperThe Edmonton Sun Can Add Drought To Woes        Crops       Drought      Impact
03 08 18             Business Week High Cost of Europe's Europe Generic Farmers AndImpact Warn Of Economic Disast
           News release                                 Int- High
                                The Online Christina Passarielo Temps: As Heat                Others
03 08 18             CBC                                Canada - Rain In Maritimes
                                                                    Crops -     Floods
           News release News Crop Failure Blamed On Excess Maritimesvegetables, peat moss    Impact
03 08 18             FWI
           News release                                 Int-Europe              Extreme Adaptation
                                Weather Dominates Food Talks Crops - vegetables Weather
03 08 19                        Drought     Eric Hanson - Australia
                                                        Int         Livestock Drought
           Magazine In Australia Cuts Cattle Population - Cattle            Impact
03 08 20             Agence France Presse
           News release                                 Int- Europe Crops - vegetables, wheat
                                                                                Rain, Heat, Vulnerability, Impacts
                                                                                              Drought, Global warming
                                Europe's Bizarre Harvest Mirrors Climate-Change Prediction: New Scientist
03 08 21             FWI
           News release                     Jane OliverInt- Europe Crops - wheat, vegetables, Livestock -
                                Warming Warning For Euro Farms                  Heat, DroughtImpact
03 08 23   NewspaperToronto Star             DevastatesInt-
                                                          French Agriculture    poultry, rabbits, Crops $525 Million Aid
                                                                                Heat, Drought Promises wheat,
                                Heat Wave Kim Housego France Livestock- -GovernmentAdaptation,- Impact corn Packag
03 08 26             Reuters
           News release         Drought Damages Indonisia Rice, Crops - rice, Livestock Adaptation, Impact
                                            Karima Anjani Indonesia
                                                        Int-                    Drought
                                                                    Livestock Imports        - cattle
03 08 27   Magazine Crop Watch               using Anderson
                                                        Int- USA Crops - out alfalfa
                                Options for Bruce drought-stinted, bloomedalfalfa            Adaptation
03 08 29                        Minnesota Lee Egerstrom USA Crops - corn, soybeans, vegetables
                                                        Int-                    Drought      Impact
           NewspaperKnight-Ridder Tribune Farmers May Lose About A Billion Dollars in Lost Crop Income
03 08 29                        EU Chicken Imports From Thailand ivestock - poultry To Heatwave
           Magazine        Eric Hanson Int-                    Heat
                                                                    L To Increase Due        Impact
03 08 31             CBC                                 agency     Generic
           News release News Alberta farm insurance Alberta leaves farmersDrought dry        Impact
03 09 03                        Press       Judith Kohler West's Farmers Drought
                                                          on        Crops States             Impact, Adaptation
           NewspaperAssociated Drought Not Letting UpInt- USA Western - wheat, beans, vegetables
03 09 03             AgNet
           News release                     Dean Crops: Preparing To Survive A
                                                        Int                     Drought
                                Drought-Tolerant Kleckner- FranceCrops - wheat Heat Wave     Impact, Adaptation
03 09 04                        Not Your Typical F. Kelly Pattern: Jet Stream'sStorms, Snow Explains the Soggy Seasons
           NewspaperWashington Post                     Int-        Generic
                                            John Wetter USA Washington Persistent Impact     Dip
03 09 05             Crop
           News release Watch               Bill Campbell USA Crops - corn, beans, grain
                                                        Int-                    Drought      Adaptation
                                Adjust Combine To Get The Most From Uneven, Drought-Damaged Crops
03 09 05             Crop
           News release Watch   Dry Conditions Increase Risk of Nebraska corn, grain,
                                            Ken Jackson USA Aflaxtoxin In Corn Drought
                                                        Int-        Crops -     Heat,        Impact, Adaptation
03 09 05                        Crops       David Barboza
                                                        In Scorching Drought Drought
                                                                    Crops -                  Impact, Adaptation
           NewspaperNew York Times In Plains Wither Int- USA the Plains corn, soybeans, grain, livestock - cattle
03 09 08             The                                Canada
           News release Daily Stock Of Grain, As Of July 31, 2003               Drought      Impact
                                                                    Crops - grain, corn, soybeans,
03 09 08             AgNet
           News release                                 Int- USA Nevada
                                Drought Research Uses Gene Splicing Generic     Drought      Adaptation, risk
03 09 09             Associated Minnesota Drought
           News release         Press                   Int- USA Northern -States
                                            Craig Gustafson                     Drought
                                                                    Crops soybeans, cornImpact, Adaptation
03 09 09                        World       Paul Hanley World       Crops - grainWarming Impact, Risk, Adaptation
           NewspaperThe Star Phoenix Grain Harvest Decline Linked to Global Global climate change, Drought
03 09 10                        Drought-Stricken Minnesota Farmers Tell Governor More Adaptation Not Help
                                                        Int-        Crops
           NewspaperKnight-Ridder Tribune Bill Salisbury USA Minnesota Drought                Loans Will
03 09 11             Planet Ark Killer sheep disease headsEurope Livestock warms warming
           News release                                                         Global
                                                        Int- north as climate -Sheep, Cattle Impact, Risk, Adaptation
03 09 11             Associated Drought - Crops GersemaUSA Midwestern States
           News release         Press       Emily       Int-                    Drought      Impact
                                                                    Crops- corn, soybean, alfalfa
03 09 12                        "Black" Corn Fields
                                            Laura Sweets  Newsletter
           Magazine Integrated Pest Crop ManagementInt- USA Crops - corn, grain Wet Weather  Impact, Adaptation
03 09 12                        4th International Symbiosis Society Congress:Heat, DroughtNew Host Plants From Heat and
           Magazine Science Volume                      World
                                            Elizabeth Pennisi                     wheat      Adaptation
                                                                    Crops -fruit, Fungi Shield
03 09 15                        Drought/Dry Summer Corn and Crops- corn, soybean Options And
                                            Steve BarnhartNewsletter            Drought
           Magazine Integrated Pest Crop ManagementInt- USA Soybean Forage Harvest Adaptation Management Strateg
03 09 16             Associated Drought, demand boost texas beefLivestock - cattle
           News release         Press       Pam Easton USA, Texas
                                                        Int-         prices     Drought      Impact
03 09 17             Eco-Economy Update Lester R. Consecutive Grain Harvest Shortfall:Impact, Risk, Rice Prices Moving U
           News release                                 World
                                World Facing Fourth Brown                       Heat
                                                                    Crops - wheat              Wheat And Adaptation
03 09 23             Reuters
           News release                     Michael ByrnesAustralia
                                                        Int-         Drought Drought
                                Scientists See Antarctic Vortex As Generic Maker             Impact, Risk , Adaptation
03 09 24             Associated Western Dairy
           News release         Press                   Int-                    Drought
                                            Sarah Cooke USA Livestock - cattle, Crops        Adaptation
03 09 29             Planet Ark EU Says Heat Wave Will Hit Cereals Crop
           News release                                 Int-                    Heat, Drought
                                            Martin Hayes Europe Crops- Grain, soybeans       Impact, Adaptation
03 09 29             PRNewswire xperts: US Agriculture, Food Supply Face Many Dangers Andghg mitigation Adaptation G
           News release         E                                               Global warming, Some Opportunities From
                                                        Int- USA Crops- soybean, wheatImpact, Vulnerability,
03 10 02             Reuters
           News release                     Alister Doyle Could Cut Crops
                                                        I                                    Vulnerability,
                                Scientists Say Warmingnt- Russia Crops-grainGlobal Climate Change Impacts
03 10 03             Cornell University See Major Climate USA Eastern States vegetables Change
           News release         US Will                             Crops - Winter Precip Impacts
                                                        Int- Changes, Morefruit,Global Climate
03 10 03                        Corn And Soybean Quality Affected By Late Season Drought
                                            Charles Hurburgh
                                                          Newsletter            Drought
           Magazine Integrated Pest Crop ManagementInt- USA Crops - Soybean Corn Impacts, Adaptation, Risk
03 10 06                        Late Summer Forage Options And Management Strategies In Drought Or Dry Summer
                                            Steve BarnhartNewsletter
           Magazine Integrated Pest Crop ManagementInt- USA Crops               Drought      Adaptation, Impacts
03 10 06   Magazine Corn                    Jim Beuerlein USA Ohio
                                Frosted Soybeans        Int-                    Frost
                                                                    Crops - Soybean          Impact
03 10 06   Magazine Corn                      Peter ThomisonUSA - Ohio
                                                         Int -        Crops On Frost
                                 Assessing the Impact of The "Early" Frost-Corn  Corn       Impact, Adaptation
03 10 06                         Charcoal ManagementInt- USA Ohio
                                              XB A Dry NewsletterCrops
           Magazine Integrated Pest Crop Rot - Yang Weather Disease - Soybeans   Drought    Impact, Adaptation
03 10 09                         Resurrecting Hope: Drought Tolerant Crops Drought
           Magazine Science In Africa                    Int
                                              Shaun Peters - Africa Generic                 Adaptation
03 10 09   Journal                            Peter Thomison
                                                         Int- USA OhioCrops - Corn, grain
                     Crop Pest Assessing the Impact of The "Early" Frost On FrostCorn       Impact
03 10 09             Crop-Pest Immature FrostedBohner and Albert Tenuta Frost
           News release                                  Ontario
                                              Horst Soybeans          Crops - Soybeans      Impact
03 10 16             National Center for Atmospheric Research Crops
           News release                                  Int USA                 Global Warming
                                 Climate Change And U.S. -Agriculture: Benefits Dwindle As Picture Sharpens
03 10 21                         Climatologist Warns Of Dry Years Generic
           NewspaperThe Leader-Post                                   Ahead                 Impact, Risk, Adaptation
                                              Allan PulgaCanada - the prairies Global climate change, Drought
03 10 21             Broadcast News
           News release                                  Saskatchewan Generic    Global climate change, Drought
                                                                                            Impact, Risk, Adaptation
                                 A Climatologist Says Global And Regional Climate Changes Are Happening Right Now
03 10 24             Western Producer May Become More Common
           News release          Drought                 Canada- Generic         Global     Impact, Risk, Adaptation
                                              Barbara Duckworth Western Provinces climate change, Drought
03 11 05             Colorado State University
           News release                                  Int - USA, Have Altered Climate Impact
                                                                      Crops      Frost
                                 Land-Use Changes In Floria May Florida - vegetables, fruits
03 11 05             Scientific American Change Linked To-USA Crops - Fruits
           News release          Climate                 Int
                                              Sarah Graham Improved VintagesGlobal Warming  Impact
03 11 07             The         Senators Seek More Cash For Climate Research
           News release Time-Colonist (Victoria)         Ontario      Generic               Impact, Vulnerability
                                                                                 Global Climate Change
03 11 18             Not
           News release Available             Gabriel ChenPlants, Tree Cycles Global Climate Change, Global Risk
                                                                      Crops - Plants
                                 Weather Patterns AlterInt - USA, North Carolina            Impact, Adaptation, Warming
03 11 21             ABC                                 Int - Austrailia
                                                                      Crops - wheat, barley Adaptation
           News release News Search for Drought Resistant Genes Speeds Ahead     Drought
03 11 27             The
           News release Evening News (New Glasgow) Australia ivestock - Cattle Drought Adaptation
                                 Local CattleJennifer Vardy How Aussies Dealth With
                                               Farmers Learn
                                                         Int-         L          Drought    Impact,
03 12 01             Reuters
           News release                                   For Drought Generic
                                 Ethiopia Seeks $3 BLNInt- Ethiopia Protecttion  Drought    Impact, Adaptation
03 12 02             Agence France Presse
           News release                                  Int- Australia rops
                                                                      C          Drought
                                 Australia Expects Bumper Winter Harvest Following Drought  Impact
03 12 02                         Grainbelt Soil Moisture Poor: Farmers Need Winter Snow, Spring Rains
           NewspaperThe Leader-Post (Regina)  Angela HallSaskatchewan Crops                 Impact
                                                                                 Low precipitation Levels
03 12 02                         Farm Soil Needs A HallSaskatchewan
                                              Angela Snowy Winter Crops
           NewspaperThe Times-Herald (Moose Jaw)                                            Impact
                                                                                 Low precipitation Levels
03 12 04             Western Producer Studies Biodiesel Potential
           News release          Manitoba Ian Bell       Manitoba Generic        Generic    Adaptation
03 12 11             The
           News release Guardian              Paul BrownInt - EuropeGeneric      Global A Costly Headache
                                 Extreme Weather Of Climate Change Gives Insurers Climate Change, Drought, Flood
03 12 16             World Environment News Weather - - USA, New York Global Climate Change Risk
           News release          Change In The           Int Bet
                                              Richard ValdmanisOn It  Generic               Adaptation,
03 12 17             The
           News release Star Phoenix (Saskatoon) Lyons
                                 Zero-Tilling MurrayGetsSaskatchewan
                                              Study       Grant       Generic    Generic    Adaptation, ghg mitigation
03 12 17             Associated Kansas Drought
           News release          Press                   Int- USA Crops
                                              Roxana Hegeman - Kansas            Drought    Impact, Adaptation
03 12 18             Daily       Climate Albert)         Saskatchewan
           News release Herald (PrinceChange Plan Put In ActionGeneric                      Adaptation,
                                                                                 Global Climate Change ghg mitigation
            Focus        Available Through
                   C-CIARN AG office
eats, opportunities, strategies for Indian agricultural future
                         C-CIARN AG office
            Greenhouse effect, Unusual weather conditions
                         C-CIARN AG office
            Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), Report, Fast rising temperatures
                         C-CIARN AG practice on environment; Agri-environmental policy and payments - issues and tradeoffs
            Implications of agriculuraloffice
                         C-CIARN AG warming, Losses from increased natural disasters
            UN report, Cost of global office
                         C-CIARN AG global
            Soot/black carbon, role inoffice warming, Computer simulations for data, IPCC view
                         C-CIARN proliferate
            Insects, other bugs toAG office with warmer temperatures, ecological disruption, insect-borne diseases
                         C-CIARN AG office
            Farmers Association leader downplays global warming warnings; IPCC report
                         C-CIARN AG office
            Cutting down pollution, Kyoto Protocol, U.S Policy, Negotiations
                         C-CIARN AG office
            IPCC report, Warming effects on agriculture may widen gap between poor and wealthy nations
                         C-CIARN AG office
            New web site, Plant environmental stress, Database, Resources
                         C-CIARN AG office
            New high-yielding, drought-resistant varieties,
                          human influence in
            Evidence ofC-CIARN AG office global climate, Kyoto Protocol, Call for action by politicians
                         C-CIARN AG office
            Debating links between global warming and extreme weather events
                         C-CIARN early planted corn
            Risks and benefits of AG office
                         C-CIARN AG office
            Large slug populations predicted for spring, Beer traps, Scouting, Molluscicide
                         C-CIARN similar crop
            Scientific evidence of AG office yields for minimum and conventional crop tillage cropping systems
                         C-CIARN AG office
            Research report, Undetermined links between global warming and spread of infectious diseases
                         C-CIARN increase
            Ideal weather causes AG office in insect populations, Damage to crops expected
                         C-CIARN AG office
            Effects of global population growth and wealth on agriculture, Projected increase in crop and pasture land, Impact on environm
                         C-CIARN AG office
            Expanding agriculture, Environmental impacts, Policies and strategies needed to curb negative environmental impact
                         C-CIARN AG office
            Promoting producer awareness, Decrease GHG emissions, Establish information network and research
                         C-CIARN leaving behind plant parasitic nematodes (worms), Available CSIRO web tool to separate beneficial nativ
            Receding floodwatersAG office
                         C-CIARN AG corn
            Scouting for early-seasonoffice pests, Treatment options
                         C-CIARN AG office
            Winter wheat diseases, Symptoms, Diagnosis, Management
                         C-CIARN AG office
            Black cutworm, Information to track heat units
                         C-CIARN AG office
            Winter wheat foliage diseases, Symptoms, Diagnosis, Management
                         C-CIARN AG damage, Control strategies
            Scouting alfalfa for weeviloffice
                         C-CIARN AG leafhoppers, Tips on sweeping, treatment
            Scouting alfalfa for potatooffice
                         C-CIARN AG office
            Winter wheat, Snow mould damage, Crop insurance adjusters busy
                         C-CIARN AG office
            Corn susceptibility to Stewart's Wilt, Prediction model, Winter Temperature Index (WTI), New models being evaluated
                         C-CIARN AG office
            Grape colapsis in corn, Development of the pest, Prevention of damage
                         C-CIARN AG office
            BIOTIC (Biologically Identified Optimal Temperature Interactive Console), Infrared plant thermometers, Reduce plant stress tim
                         C-CIARN AG office
            Wheat disease resistance secret inside genome, Research to identify and understand genes
                         control, Postemergence herbicides, Control methods
            Corn weed C-CIARN AG office
                         C-CIARN AG office
            Winter wheat, Scout for powdery mildew, Treatment
                         C-CIARN AG office
            Earlier Spring planting dates, Unpredictable weather, Farmers taking risks, changing production methods
                         C-CIARN in Ohio and
            Earlier planting dates AG office Indiana, Planting delays in the Western belt, Variable belt weather patterns, Farmers taking r
                          in coming decades,
            Hotter, drierC-CIARN AG office Higher CO2, lower rainfall, Effect on agriculture
                         originated from Northern China, now in North America, 1994 Beijing 'offset policy', Pressure on land, Environmental
            Dust storm C-CIARN AG office
                         C-CIARN AG office
            Impact of heavy rainfall on soil applied herbicides, Runoff and leaching potential
                         C-CIARN AG office
            Spray programs for bacterial and fungal vegetable diseases, Adjust to accommodate weather changes
                         C-CIARN AG office
            Flowering of wheat, Weather conditions favor scab infections, Treatment options
                         C-CIARN AG office
            Flowering of wheat, Weather conditions favor head scab infection, New website to monitor disease progress
                          spider mite infestation, Dry conditions favor an outbreak
            TwospottedC-CIARN AG office
                         C-CIARN for office
            Conditions conducive AG survival and development of Lepidoptera
                         C-CIARN AG office
            Corn bacterial diseases, Types and symptoms
                         C-CIARN AG office
            Ontario Weather Network, Fusarium forecasting service, Web-based maps show disease risk
                         C-CIARN AG office
            Cotton development, Lygus bug populations light to moderate, Dry spell killed bug host, tarweed
                         C-CIARN AG increasing, Control measures
            Grasshopper populations office
             C-CIARN AG office
Rain, cool temperatures slowed crop growth, Vulnerable to slug feeding, No-till fields at risk, Treatment
             C-CIARN AG office
Drought-like conditions, Ideal grasshopper hatching environment, Web-based grasshopper risk-map
             C-CIARN chafers multiply rapidly, Control measures
Warm weather, Rose AG office
             C-CIARN AG office
Weather ideal environment for lygus bug, Research on bug interaction with canola, methods to prevent crop damage, chemica
             C-CIARN AG office
Wheat scab, Treatment, application update, Vomitoxin testing
             C-CIARN temperatures limit occurrence of Fusarium head scab, Symptoms and treatment methods, Web-based d
Winter wheat, Cooler AG office
             C-CIARN AG office
Dry conditions, Reduced risk of blue mold on tobacco crop, Web-site for blue mold forecast
             C-CIARN AG office
Corn leaf injury, Predicting survivability, plant viability
             C-CIARN AG true armyworm development, Moths present in Southern Illinois
Cool, wet weather favors office
             C-CIARN AG office
Burrower bugs in corn and soybean fields, identification, habits and control
             C-CIARN AG office
Post-emergence herbicide spraying, Risk of crop injury, Suggestions for treatment in hot weather
             C-CIARN AG
Weed control methods office
              plants with poorly developed permanent root systems, Causes and characteristics, Management
Young cornC-CIARN AG office
              in wheat, Characteristics
Striped rustC-CIARN AG office
             C-CIARN AG office
Sudden death syndrome in soybeans, Symptoms, Management
             C-CIARN AG office
Uneven soybean crop, poor root systems, Rain deficit
             C-CIARN AG office
Drought resistant native grasses, Cane bluestem and bottlebrush squirreltail, Use to reclaim, revegetate damaged lands
               wheat scab office
Outbreak ofC-CIARN AGdisease, Spawned by stormy weather, Vomitoxin risk
               soybean aphids, Persistent hot, dry weather, feeding by soybean aphids, twospotted spider mites causing plant de
Outbreak ofC-CIARN AG office
              Bioneers Conference, Focus on practical solutions to world's most urgent environmental and social issues
12th annualC-CIARN AG office
             C-CIARN AG office
Moisture stressed corn for silage, Recommended moisture contents for corn silage, Management, Preparation methods
             C-CIARN AG office
Effect of drought-stress on the corn plant, Determining harvest options, Methods to calculate estimated grain yield
             C-CIARN AG office
Impact of extended dry weather on important field crop insects
             C-CIARN AG office
Corn drought stress, Potential for toxic levels of nitrates in corn harvested for silage, Getting quantitative nitrate determination
             C-CIARN crops, Revives corn diseases
Rain relief to stressedAG office
             C-CIARN in office
Bean pod mottle virusAGsoybeans, Researchers inoculate, screen varieties for resistance to virus
             C-CIARN AG office
Rain, favorable weather for corn diseases to develop, Diseases to scout for
             C-CIARN AG Inserting specific gene sequences that cause plants to protect themselves from heat and lack of moi
Crop genetic engineering,office
             C-CIARN AG office
Use of satellite to spot vegetation changes in Chihuahuan desert due to climate change
             C-CIARN AG office
Drought-stressed corn forage for animal feed, Test for concentration of nitrate-nitrogen, Testing methods
             C-CIARN AG office
Increasing agricultural development worldwide, Threat to natural ecosystems, Implications
             C-CIARN AG office
Environmental lawyers exploring novel legal strategies to adopt against global warming, Avenues to force reduction in GHG em
              plants overexpressing the vacuolar H+-pyrophosphatase, More resistance to salt and water deprivation
Transgenic C-CIARN AG office
             C-CIARN AG office
Scientific study on plant genetic adaptation, Predicted rates of evolutionary response found much slower than predicted rate of
             C-CIARN AG office
No-till practices in Indiana, County Survey results, Benefits of conservation tillage
             C-CIARN AG office
Economic loss from drought
             C-CIARN AG office
Scientific report, Enhancing salt and drought tolerance in plants
             C-CIARN cultivars
New study to developAG office with increased cold hardiness, Expand Canada's winter wheat production area
             C-CIARN than average for November,
Temperatures higher AG office
             C-CIARN AG office
Research evaluating insect, disease forecasting model, Computer Centre for Agricultural Pest Forecasting (CIPRA), Combat cr
             C-CIARN AG office
Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA), Potato fields inspected for potato wart
             C-CIARN AG office
Pitcher-plant mosquito (Wyeomyia smithii), Genetic Shift In Photoperiodic Response, Adaptive evolutionary response result of g
             C-CIARN AG office
Heavy rains, Saturated soils, Damage and loss of winter wheat yields
             C-CIARN AG office
Unreliable weather patterns, Increased globalization, Increased mycotoxin contamination of feed grains
             C-CIARN AG office
National Center for Atmospheric Research study, Rise in CO2 levels could boost cotton yields, Conditional on farmers adapting
             C-CIARN AG absorption levels, Calculation important to establish baseline to gauge incremental sources of CO2
Scientists unsure of CO2 office
             C-CIARN AG office
National Academy of Sciences report, Risk of abrupt climate change, devastating floods and drought
             C-CIARN AG office
Variability and rates of change, Clues to climate change
             C-CIARN Organization report, 2001 earth temperatures second warmest in 140 years, Human influence great
World Meteorological AG office
             hottest years office
Nine of ten C-CIARN AG on record since 1990, World Meteorological Organization findings, Kyoto agreement
             C-CIARN AG office
GHG Mitigation potential in agricultural and forest sector, Assessing strategies for economic feasibility
             C-CIARN AG office
Estimated CO2 emissions for the US, Uncertainty, controversy over practical potential because of lack of aggregate data
             C-CIARN AG make
Scientists discover way tooffice cotton use water more efficiently, Reassemble genes from wild cotton in semi-arid areas
             C-CIARN AG office
Warm winter temperatures, Soil erosion
             'Pineapple Express',
Arid winter, C-CIARN AG office Little snow, Polar vortex, Little soil moisture
             C-CIARN AG office
Increased C02, Carbon assimilation levels, Nitrogen, Fertilizer use
             C-CIARN AG office
Increased temperatures, altered agricultural practices, GHG
             C-CIARN AG office
Higher grain prices, Higher export values, Reserves sold, Farmers benefit
             C-CIARN AG office
Global warming, Increased temperatures, Glacier recession, Effects on agriculture, livelihoods
             C-CIARN AG office
Threat to agriculture, US and EU farm subsidies, Agricultural policy
             C-CIARN AG office
El Nino, Radical change, Risk of drought and disease
             C-CIARN AG office
Fossil fuel burning, pollution, effects on cloud formation, rainfall
             C-CIARN AG office
El Nino, Uncertainty, Drought, No- or low-tillage adaptation
             C-CIARN AG office
Sap production, Climate effects, Sweet trees
             C-CIARN AG office
Weather forecasts, Environment Canada, USDA, El Nino, Precipitation levels
             C-CIARN AG office
Drought, Grasshoppers, Crop loss
             C-CIARN AG office
Drought, Reduced water levels, Reduced consumption
             C-CIARN AG office
Gophers, Crop destruction, Gopher shooting derby, Pest control
             C-CIARN AG office
El Nino, Effects, FAO, Rice farmers, Stock retention, Prices
             C-CIARN AG office
No-till method, Soil erosion, Preserve moisture, Dryland farming techniques
             C-CIARN AG office
Low precipitation levels, Low river water levels, Effects on fish, Ecosystems
             C-CIARN AG office
Variable weather patterns, Alter land use patterns, Effects on crops
             C-CIARN AG Early
Mild winter temperatures, office sap run, Climate change
             C-CIARN Farmers,
Kyoto Protocol, GHG,AG office Economic consequences
             C-CIARN AG office
Precipitation, water deficits
             C-CIARN AG office
Warm winter temperatures, Grain bins, Grain bin pests,
             adaptation, Priority,
Agricultural C-CIARN AG office Effects on production, Economic impact
              Seed corn, Flea beetles, Stewarts wilt
Sweet corn,C-CIARN AG office
             C-CIARN AG office
Lettuce, Cold weather, Stunted, weaker crop, Higher prices
             C-CIARN AG office
Rice imports, Buffer stocks, Higher prices, Government dismantle monopoly
             C-CIARN Low precipitation, Poor crop
Armyworms, Drought,AG office
             C-CIARN Economic
Kyoto Protocol, GHG,AG office consequences, Adverse weather changes
             C-CIARN AG office
Kyoto Protocol, Global warming, GHG, Historic climatic trends
             C-CIARN AG office
Wheat crop, Early greening, Breaking dormancy, Heaving, Tillers
direct, financial costs AG office
             AG office
crop breeding, diversification
crop breeding, pests AG office
             C-CIARN AG office
moisture deficit
nitrogen loss -CIARN AG office
             C-CIARN AG office
yield decline, heat and dry conditions, pests and diseases
             C-CIARN AG
soil moisture shortage office
soil moistureC-CIARN AG office
             C-CIARN AG office
government programs and responsibilities
             C-CIARN drought
government program,AG officemonitoring
             C-CIARN AG office
Farmers grow more cereal, Cereals efficient water users, Fewer pulses
             C-CIARN AG office
Effects on insects, Corn borers
El Nino      C-CIARN AG office
pests, slugs AG office
             C-CIARN AG office
water allocation
             C-CIARN AG
maple syrup yield, heat office
             C-CIARN AG office
seasonal weather patterns
             C-CIARN AG office
drought, heat, government programs
              C-CIARN AG office
government programs, resource management, importing
              C-CIARN AG office
Research, Lake effects on regional climate, Regional climate effects on lake, Computer model
              C-CIARN AG office
Warmest months on record, Climate change predictions
              C-CIARN AG office
drip irrigation
              AG office
timing of operations
              C-CIARN AG
climate change trends office
pests, aphids office
              AG GHG,
Future climate, office Climate models
              AG office
Research, Grasshopper species, Control, Infestation forecasts
drought       C-CIARN AG office
              AG office
timing of operations
              C-CIARN bowl
killed by drought, dustAG office
              C-CIARN AG
government programs office
food shortage C-CIARN AG office
food shortage C-CIARN AG office
              C-CIARN AG office
pests, diseases
              C-CIARN AG office
pests, grasshopper infestations
pests, diseasesoffice
emergence, diseasesAG office
              C-CIARN AG office
carbon absorption, increased plant growth
              C-CIARN AG
farm business change office
              AG crop
plant research, officebreeding
              C-CIARN AG office
invasive species
              C-CIARN AG office
killed by drought
disease       AG office
                greenhouse office
reduction ofC-CIARN AG gas emissions
                killed by AG
fish speciesC-CIARN heatoffice
              C-CIARN AG office
pests, rootworms
              C-CIARN AG office
government programs, change in grazing practices
              C-CIARN AG office
pests, diseases
disease, pesticides AG office
pests         C-CIARN AG office
disease       C-CIARN AG office
human diseasesC-CIARN AG office
human diseasesC-CIARN AG office
              C-CIARN AG office
killed by frost
              C-CIARN irrigation
government program,AG office
              C-CIARN AG cattle
farming practices, selling office
              C-CIARN AG office
farming practices, re-planting crops
              timber production
changes in C-CIARN AG office
              C-CIARN drought
precipitation patterns,AG office
              C-CIARN AG office
disaster relief
               by drought
crops killed C-CIARN AG office
              C-CIARN AG office
killed by frost, winds and heavy rainfall
             C-CIARN AG office
Record high gains in livestock farm total net incomes, Good prices, Crop farmers sold inventories
             by drought, frost
crops killed C-CIARN AG office
             C-CIARN AG office
changing biology of plants due to warming
             C-CIARN AG office
disaster relief
             C-CIARN AG office
changing biology of plants due to warming
             C-CIARN AG office
killed by frost
             C-CIARN AG office
changing biology of plants due to warming
             C-CIARN AG office
disaster relief
             C-CIARN AG office
changing biology of plants due to warming
El Nino risks -CIARN AG office
             C-CIARN AG office
corn slow to emerge due to cold, wet spring
pests, diseasesoffice
             AG office
Adverse seasonal weather, Effects, Adaptive farming practices
changing fish habitat AG office
             C-CIARN AG office
changing biology of plants due to warming
             C-CIARN AG office
disaster relief
             C-CIARN AG office
changing biology of plants due to warming
             C-CIARN AG office
drought conditions worsen
             AG office
disruption of ecosystems
             C-CIARN AG office
disaster relief
             C-CIARN AG office
killed by frost
             C-CIARN of field crops due to global warming
increased production AG office
             AG office
diverse crop production, invading species
pests        AG office
             C-CIARN AG
reduced feed for livestockoffice
blight       AG office
reduction inC-CIARN AG office
              crop yields and production
increased fire activity AG office
             C-CIARN AG office
economic losses
             C-CIARN AG office
disease, pests
             C-CIARN AG
crop loss due to flooding office
             AG office
water use effeciency
             AG office
weather and disease forecast for farmers
             AG and
flooding of cornofficesoybeans
             AG office
human diseases
             AG office
soil moisture detection, resource management
fungi        AG office
             C-CIARN AG office
mitigation, Kyoto
             AG office
weather and disease forecast for farmers
          El Nino risks -CIARN AG office
          direct       C-CIARN AG office
climate model          C-CIARN AG office
                       C-CIARN AG office
          killed by frost
          climate model office
          crop yields C-CIARN AG office
          disease, pests office
          pests, diseasesoffice
                       C-CIARN AG
          crop sequence calculator office
                       for cattle
          heat stress C-CIARN AG office
                       C-CIARN AG office
          climate research
                       C-CIARN AG weather and disease
          crop loses due to climate,office
                       C-CIARN AG office
          adaptation farming practice
          food shortageC-CIARN AG office
          drought managementAG office
                       for cattle, heat kills
          heat stress C-CIARN AG office crops
          drought monitoring AG office
                       C-CIARN AG office
          killed by heat
                       C-CIARN AG office
          government standards, industrial reductions in carbon dioxide
          government program AG office
          economic hardships AG office
                       C-CIARN AG office
          economic costs
          dustbowl conditions AG office
          government program AG office
                       C-CIARN AG office
          drought conditions predicted
                       C-CIARN AG office
          disaster relief
                       C-CIARN AG office
          disaster relief
                       C-CIARN AG
          direct, decreased yields office
                       C-CIARN AG
          direct, decreased yields office
          direct, financial costs AG office
                       C-CIARN AG production practices
          crop insurance, change inoffice
                       C-CIARN AG
          reduced crop production office
                       C-CIARN AG office
          adaptation farming practice
          farm income reduced AG office
                       C-CIARN AG office
          farmers stealing
                       C-CIARN AG relief
          economic costs, disaster office
                       C-CIARN AG office
          selling cattle
                       C-CIARN AG office
          disaster relief
                       C-CIARN AG office
          Grasshopper infestation, Loss of crops, High numbers of insurance claims, Government drought-aid package
                       western provinces
          hay sent to C-CIARN AG office
          cloud seedingC-CIARN AG office
          crop breedingC-CIARN AG office
          rise in beef C-CIARN AG office
                       C-CIARN AG office
          disaster relief
                       C-CIARN AG office
          Hot July, Reduced crop yields, Irrigation costs raise production expenses
                       C-CIARN AG office
          Irrigation, Warmer temperatures, Decreasing rainfall, Irrigation technology
                       AG office
           AG office
World Conference on Sustainable Development, Kyoto Protocol, Communication
           C-CIARN AG office
Greenhouse gas emissions, Higher temperatures globally
           C-CIARN AG office
 Computer Climate Model, Regional Rainfall, Temperatures
Spider miteAG office in soybeans, Control and treatment procedures
           AG office
Drought stressed corn, Chopping for silage, Frequently Asked Questions
           AG office
Assessing drought stress, Delay in silk emergence, Little, no pollen for fertilization
           C-CIARN AG office
Harvest losses, Farmers invest in other crops, crop insurance
           High hay AG office
Producers, C-CIARN prices, Cheaper out of Province, Farmers desperate
           C-CIARN AG office
Drop in donations, Increase in demand, Loss of jobs in agriculture industry
           C-CIARN AG office
Low wheat production, Prices up globally, Volunteer hay drive for Western Farms
Generic    C-CIARN AG office

             C-CIARN AG office
Government aid, Production, Exports
             C-CIARN AG office
El Nino, Financial - Crop losses, Export revenues
             C-CIARN AG office
Government aid, Farm subsidy law
             C-CIARN trucking,
Hay West drive, Free AG office railcars, Government assistance, Water supply projects
             Better planning, Surplus forage, Assist Western farmers with Hay
Good crop, C-CIARN AG office
             C-CIARN AG office
Government aid, Water Wells, Dugouts
             C-CIARN snowpack,
Wildfires, Inadequate AG office Crops withering, Herds sold, Industry and livelihoods
             C-CIARN ship donated hay to Western farmers
Federal assistance toAG office
             C-CIARN AG office
Financial - Grasshoppers, Livelihoods
             AG office
Financial - Crop insurance, Harvest strategies
             C-CIARN AG Bill,
Farm subsidies, US FarmofficeExodus from farming, Distorted world grain market prices
             AG till under crop, Prevent rain water with chemicals into waterways, Fish kill
Potato farmers office
             formula, AG office
FrederictonC-CIARNFederal emergency farm payment program, new system
             C-CIARN AG office
Long-term insurance against severe weather, Lower farm incomes, Cheaper food prices
             C-CIARN AG office
Toxic Weeds and Ornamentals, Livestock illness and death
             C-CIARN AG office
Heat, Roof gardens, Reduced temperatures
             C-CIARN AG office
Exacerbated water shortages
             C-CIARN Health problems, Toxic weed poisoning
Livestock heat stress,AG office
             C-CIARN AG office
Water shortage, lack of rainfall, Vineyards, Wine industry
             C-CIARN AG shortage, Farming costs rising, returns low
Sale of cattle herds, Feedoffice
             C-CIARN AG office
Cattle prices low, Beef product retail prices same, marked up
             C-CIARN AG office
Kyoto Protocol, Farmer ratification
             C-CIARN AG office
Farm assistance programs, Crop insurance, More effective safety nets, Crop prices
             C-CIARN AG office
Financial - Livelihoods, Economic effects
             C-CIARN AG farms,
Hungry Emu invasions onoffice Hungry kangaroos, pelicans, Feed shortage,
             C-CIARN effects, Livelihoods
Financial - Economic AG office
             C-CIARN effects, Drought relief package, Farm bill
Financial - Economic AG office
             C-CIARN AG office
Competition for scarce resources, culling kangaroos
             C-CIARN AG office
Rural food banks, increased demand, reduced donations, Needy farm families
             C-CIARN AG office
Financial - Reducing herds
             C-CIARN AG office
Hay contributions by farmers
             C-CIARN AG office
Government emergency aid
             C-CIARN AG office
Invasive species, Threat of loss of biodiversity
             C-CIARN AG office
Financial - Reducing herds, Relief hay
              haying and grazing
EmergencyC-CIARN AG office rights, Conservation Reserve Program land
             C-CIARN AG office
Canadians lack solid grasp of issue, Gap between stated concern and actions
             C-CIARN AG office
Research on heat and drought tolerant native grasses
             C-CIARN Cost on production, Cooling systems
Financial - Research: AG office
             C-CIARN AG office
Drought assistance program, Maintain breeding stock, Rainfall data to target assistance
             AG office
Flood Vs sprinkler irrigation, Higher risk of fusarium infection using sprinkler system
             C-CIARN AG office
Crop damage, Corn shortage
             C-CIARN AG office
Flood, Damage to standing crop, Hampered harvest
             C-CIARN AG office
Animal feed scarcity, Reduced herds
             C-CIARN AG office
Reduced drought situation
             C-CIARN AG office
Harvest shortfall, Increased grain prices
             C-CIARN AG office
Disaster task force, crop damage assessment
             C-CIARN assistance
Government disaster AG office
             C-CIARN AG office
Government aid, Flood damage
             C-CIARN AG office
Financial - Threat of job losses, Lower revenues
             C-CIARN AG office
Flood, Damage to standing crop, Hampered harvest
             C-CIARN AG cost
Hay West drive, Shippingofficeanalysis, Pellet hay to reduce shipping costs
             C-CIARN AG office
Financial - Harvest shortfall and delayed
Crop loss C-CIARN AG office
             AG based
Choose variety office on yield, test weight, lodging potential, disease resistance
             C-CIARN Beef farmers, Influx of beef into marketplace, Effect on prices
Prince Edward Island AG office
             C-CIARN AG office
Financial - Reduced revenue forecasts
             C-CIARN AG office
Financial - Crop losses, government aid
             C-CIARN AG office
Hay contributions by farmers, Government aid
             C-CIARN AG
Food banks, Livelihoods office
             C-CIARN AG office
Reduced production. Government aid
             C-CIARN till, Carbon
Farming practice - NoAG office sequestration, GHG Mitigation
             C-CIARN AG office
Irrigation, Land use influence on local climate
             Provincial water strategy
Water use, C-CIARN AG office
              Economy, Aid
Livelihoods,C-CIARN AG office
             in farm cash office
Sharp drop C-CIARN AGreceipts, Drop in Provincial and Federal program payments
             C-CIARN AG office
Farming practice - Rangeland Management, Sale of Livestock
             C-CIARN AG office
Financial - Crop losses, Economic threat
             C-CIARN AG office
Financial - Food and Beverage Industry, Rising prices
             C-CIARN AG office
Financial - Drop in farm cash receipts
             C-CIARN AG office
Crop loss, Political expectations
             AG office
Cover crops, Soil erosion
Buying pasture land AG office
             C-CIARN AG office
Greenhouse gas emissions, Johannesburg Earth Summit, US stand, Adverse impacts
             C-CIARN AG office
Aquifers, Limited water supplies, Water consumption
             C-CIARN AG office
Rising ocean levels, threat to lives, marine life
             C-CIARN AG office
European Commission disaster fund,
Genetically AG office seeds, Pollen spread by dust storms, Assess risk for spread
Production Forecasts AG office
            C-CIARN AG office
Uncertain 2002 production outlook, Steady and increasing production, Record 2002 exports forecast
            C-CIARN AG office
Floods, Droughts
            C-CIARN AG Good
Good weather conditions,office yield
            C-CIARN AG - Eroded profit outlooks
Agribusiness Processors office
            C-CIARN AG
beaten down, submergedoffice
Crop loss C-CIARN AG office
            C-CIARN AG office
Financial - Crop insurance, Higher premiums
            C-CIARN AG office
Hay shortage, High prices, Poor crop
            C-CIARN AG office
Wheat shortage, Wheat exports, New suppliers
            C-CIARN Processors, Exporters
Financial - Producers,AG office
            C-CIARN AG office
Impact - Agriculture-related businesses
            C-CIARN AG office
Reduced beef breeding herd
            AG office
DroughtLab, Plan for and manage drought, Information to individuals, farmers, Govt.
Irrigation C-CIARN AG office
            C-CIARN AG office
Hampered harvest, Crop quality
            C-CIARN AG office
Hastened summer cop maturation, Reduced moisture for winter crop
            C-CIARN AG office
Typhoon Rusa - Destroyed crops, Homeless
            AG office
Premature plant death, Dry weather, Collapsed shanks, Loss of green tissue
            C-CIARN AG office
Grasshopper infestation, Bits and pieces in harvested crop, Unfit for human consumption
            C-CIARN AG office
Russia exports grain to Canada
            C-CIARN AG office
Blurred seasons, Threat to complex plant and animal relationships, Species survival
            C-CIARN AG office
Financial - Alfalfa dehydration industry losses, government aid
            C-CIARN AG office
Stunted crop, early harvest, bountiful hay harvest
            C-CIARN AG Farm
Farmers quitting farming, office bill changes
            C-CIARN and nutitious crops, desperate farmers
Silage mixed sawdustAG office
            C-CIARN AG office
Financial - Drought, wet harvest, devastated crops, crop insurance
            C-CIARN AG office
Canadian Wheat Board, Market, Tight supplies
            C-CIARN AG office
Conservation Authority, Level 1 drought response, Cut back water consumption
            C-CIARN AG office
Conservation Authority, Voluntary water use reduction, Level 2 drought response
             water supplies, Warmer temperatures, Ecosystems impact
Inadequate C-CIARN AG office
            C-CIARN AG office
Dutch Elm Disease (DED)
            C-CIARN weather,
Delayed harvest, WetAG office Stunted crops
            C-CIARN AG office
Water Management, Water Policy and use
            C-CIARN AG office
Too much rain, Delayed harvest
            C-CIARN AG office
Renting pastures, Preserving herds
            C-CIARN AG office
Early harvest
Financial, LivelihoodsAG office
Low production levelsAG office
            C-CIARN AG office
Government aid
            C-CIARN AG office
Cattle ranches, Preservation of grasslands, Native species
             crops, Reduced exports
DevastatedC-CIARN AG office
Lowered crop yields AG office
             C-CIARN AG office
Damaged vineyards, Reduced wine forecasts
             AG AtCPLs, Gene controls reaction to stressful conditions
Gene research,office
             C-CIARN AG office
Government emergency aid
             C-CIARN AG office
Damaged vegetable crops, Short supply, Climbing prices, Flooded market
             C-CIARN drought
Beige book, Impact ofAG officeon agriculture and the economy
              for farm AG office
Well drillingC-CIARNand domestic use
             AG office
Corn stalk rot, Caused by drought stress, fungi, Cause lodged cornfields, Yield loss
             C-CIARN AG office
Limited harvest, high grain prices, low stockpiles
             C-CIARN AG forecasts
Mixed regional productionoffice
             C-CIARN AG office
Hot summer, Prolonged drought, Wilted crops, Forest fires, Loss in billions of dollars
             C-CIARN AG office
Decline in grain output, Smaller acreage, Decrease in next 30 years
             AG office
Harvest early as forage, Weigh potential grain yield and market value as forage or food
             AG higher
Harvest corn atoffice moisture level, Weak stalks, Reduce risk of further yield loss
             C-CIARN AG office
Job cuts effects of drought, Closing agri-products offices, elevators, Reduce overcapacity
             C-CIARN AG office
Destroyed and damaged crop, Good production in some regions
             C-CIARN affected
Rain too late, droughtAG officecrop yield
             C-CIARN AG office
Corn leaf diseases, drought stressed corn, May create stalk quality problems

By end of
drought     C-CIARN
tolerance AG office
            AG office
Perennial forage crops, Risk of winter damage, Loss of snow cover, Increase exposure
            C-CIARN AG Ranchers, Need for full aid package, USDA accounts
Government drought aid, office
            C-CIARN AG office
Federal emergency aid package
            C-CIARN AG milk
Rain, drought, depressedofficeprices, higher feed cost
            C-CIARN Information, Plant hardiness map, Plant survival data
Canadian gardeners, AG office
            Management, Conservation
Water use, C-CIARN AG office
            government office
Poor crops,C-CIARN AGdisaster assistance
            C-CIARN Quality affected, Crops sold as animal feed, Bulk fluor prices up
Rain-delayed harvest,AG office
            C-CIARN AG office
SALSA, Effects of (semi-arid) ecosystem changes on aquifers or other water sources
            C-CIARN AG office
Water rights, allotment, use, Environmental damage to Salton Sea
            C-CIARN AG office
Rising prices of farm inputs
            contaminated feed,
Chemically C-CIARN AG office Beef export values dropped, Stock slaughter
            C-CIARN AG office
Drought corridor, Malnutrition, Hunger, Crop failures, Food shortage
            C-CIARN AG office
Seed corn yield, below normal, Drought
            C-CIARN AG office
Hot weather, No colour on apples, Substandard quality, Yield below average
            C-CIARN AG office
Damaged crop quality, Shortage, Increased prices
            C-CIARN AG office
Fewer apples, Increased prices
            C-CIARN AG
Wheat variety test plots office
            C-CIARN compensation program
Government livestockAG office
             C-CIARN AG office
Research drought tolerant genes, Monsanto, University of Agricultural Sciences
             C-CIARN AG office
El Nino, Unpredictable shifts in precipitation
             good crop
Dry beans, C-CIARN AG office
             C-CIARN AG U.S.-Mexico Water Treaty, Compliance
Texas, Rio Grande, 1944 office
             C-CIARN AG office
El Nino, Livelihoods, Unpredictable weather conditions
             C-CIARN AG office
Saskatchewan Wheat Pool, Cost reduction measures, grain elevators, laid off workers
             C-CIARN AG Saturated soils
Wheat, Tolerance, Pests,office
Lowered crop yields AG office
              supplies, Planning
Fresh waterC-CIARN AG office and Management, Water and Land use policy
             C-CIARN AG office
Planting decisions, Reduced, No-till farming, Water levels and availability
             C-CIARN AG office
Drought, Irrigation, Uniform water application
             C-CIARN soil erosion, Cover crop options
Potential for wind andAG office
             C-CIARN AG office
Disaster aid, US Farmers, Congress
             C-CIARN AG office
El Nino, Unpredictable shifts in local weather, Different impact each year
             C-CIARN AG office
Increased CO2 levels, Crop growth and reproduction, Crop nutritional values
             AG office
Ear Drop, European Corn Borers (ECB) in shank or stalk, Drought stress on shank
             AG office
Milder winter - Southern Canada, Drier conditions - Prairies
             AG levels,
Increased CO2 office seeds in crops, Less nitrogen, Lower nutritional value
             C-CIARN AG office
Possible impact - Mild winter, Increase in pests and diseases, Livelihoods
             C-CIARN AG office
Recurring flooding, Enhanced El Nino, La Nina cycles, Weather pattern outlook
             C-CIARN AG office
Lowered crop yields, Farmer losses
             C-CIARN AG office
Rainfall probabilities, SOI, El Nino
             C-CIARN AG office
Effective rangeland drought management, Experiments on forage growth
             C-CIARN AG office
Economic losses doubling, Social costs, Reduction in emissions, Wait and See attitudes
             C-CIARN AG office
Threat to farmers, livelihoods
             C-CIARN Buffer from
Supply Management, AG office drought impact
             C-CIARN AG office
Drought, Kyoto Protocol, Greenhouse gas emissions
              higher prices, competition from Brazil, Rule change for small growers
Less yields,C-CIARN AG office
              prices, Reducing herds
Higher feedC-CIARN AG office
             C-CIARN AG ice cap, historic evidence of droughts
Retreat of Mt. Kilimanjarooffice
Lower harvest yields AG office
             C-CIARN AG office
Discolored green soybeans, reduced prices, Crop insurance, Farmer compensation
             C-CIARN AG office
Ice cores, Holocene climate and environmental variability, historic evidence
             C-CIARN AG office
Farm equipment suppliers, reduced sales, increased sales baling equipment
             C-CIARN AG office
Prairie grains breeding programs, Hardy crops
             reduced AG office
Mild winter, C-CIARNsnow and moisture, Greenhouse gases
             C-CIARN AG office
World cereal stocks reducing, Food emergencies, Food assistance, Starvation
             C-CIARN AG office
Scattered rain pattern, mixed yield results
Lost crop inAG office
              soil, Nutrient application in 2003
             AG office
Crop nutrient availability and absorption conditions, Soil testing
             C-CIARN AG office
Canadian National Railway, Reduced grain shipments, Increase in other shipments
             AG office
Drysdale, New wheat variety, Increase grain yields, even in drought, Utilise soil moisture
             C-CIARN AG office
Severe drought, Erode national eonomic growth, Exports rationing
             C-CIARN AG office
Damaged and lost crop, Federal emergency assistance, Fruit crop losses
             C-CIARN AG office
Greenhouse gas mitigation, Reduce pollution, Grains not carbon sinks, producers
             C-CIARN AG office
Predict longer, severe, more often droughts, Federal report on climate change
            C-CIARN AG office
Predict longer, severe, more often droughts, Federal report on climate change
            C-CIARN AG Good
Good weather conditions,office quality crop and yield
            C-CIARN AG office
Kyoto Protocol, Cost to farmers, Regulation, Competition,
            C-CIARN AG office
Damaged crops, Reduced and undersized yields
            C-CIARN AG Varied
Drought, Insects, Weeds,office weather conditions, Positive and negative impacts
            C-CIARN AG reduced prices
Smaller, fewer pumpkins,office
            C-CIARN AG office
Planning for dryland farming ecosystems, Indigenous Bedouin Knowledge, GIS,
            C-CIARN AG office
Historic evidence, Tree-ring data, Lake sediment records, Ecological damage
            C-CIARN AG office
Federal assistance, Varied yields, Price impact
            AG office
Greenhouse gas emissions, Crop handling techniques, Pature and tillage methods
            AG office
Biotechnology, Gene technology
            C-CIARN Reduced
Winter grain reduced,AG office economic forecast
            C-CIARN AG office
Cattle exporters, Shipping cattle to feed, Live cattle trade, Agistment system
             prices, Economic growth suffer, Inflation
Higher foodC-CIARN AG office
            C-CIARN AG office
Severe drought, Erode national eonomic growth, Exports rationing, Crop Forecasts cut
            C-CIARN AG office
Federal climate change report, Farmers capable to adapt
            C-CIARN weather
Delayed harvest, WetAG officeand crops, Spring harvest
            C-CIARN AG office
Winter wheat program, Ducks Unlimited, Loans
            C-CIARN AG sterility
Higher CO2 levels, Seed office threat to cereal grains, legumes, Genetic engineering
            AG office
Genetic engineering crops for harsher conditions, Drought, cold, salinity
            C-CIARN AG office
Prairie Drought Project, Climate flips, Regime shifts, Lake bottom cores
            C-CIARN AG Protection of surface and groundwater, Nutrient Management
Clean Water Committee, office
            C-CIARN AG office
Hay West Assistance, Donations from Central, Eastern Canadian farmers, Volunteers
            C-CIARN AG office
University of Guelph, Cuts in corn and cereal research programs, Farmers disappointed
            C-CIARN fields, High
Higher yields, Muddy AG office crop moisture
            AG office
Soil and moisture conservation, Tillage, Direct seeding, Winter wheat options
             on grain AG office
Price hikes C-CIARNand seed products, Bread and baked goods, Fuel, Electricity
            C-CIARN farmers,
Vegetable, fruit, grain AG office Government disaster assistance, Senate
            C-CIARN AG office
Hay West, Say Hay Music benefit concerts, Farm Assistance Program launched
            C-CIARN in office
Winter onset, HarvestAGSpring, Yield and quality loss
            C-CIARN AG office
Cotton production down, Water shortage, Use of irrigation, Shrink in world cotton market
            C-CIARN AG Devastated crops, Government to accelerate aid to farmers
Worst drought in century, office
            C-CIARN AG office
Kyoto Protocol, Government policy, Rise in farming costs, Trade competition
            C-CIARN AG office
El Nino, Wet summer, warm, dry winter
            C-CIARN AG office
Delayed dry bean harvest, High crop moisture content
             maple syrup office
Increase in C-CIARN AGproduction, Decrease in honey production
             Starvation, Malnutrition, Cyclical droughts, Food aid appeal
Food crisis,C-CIARN AG office
            C-CIARN AG office
Worldwide wheat shortage, Drought effects, Record high prices for wheat, other grains
s, Use by
Ontario     C-CIARN
farmers     AG office
New drip
, Installs,
drip tapes,
Precise     C-CIARN
irrigation AG office
            AG office
Fusarium-tolerant pastry wheat, Wonder, Mycotoxins, Fusarium head blight
            C-CIARN fields, Delayed harvest, Low lint color and quality, Low prices
Heavy rainfall, MuddyAG office
            C-CIARN AG office
Extreme weather, Water scarcity, Electricity, Pollution, Livelihoods, Kyoto Protocol
            C-CIARN AG office
Government Climate Change Plan, Greenhouse gas reduction target, Kyoto Protocol
            C-CIARN AG office
Climate forecast report, Hydropower, Ecosystem, Water reservoirs, Livelihoods
            AG office
Plant enzyme Rubisco activase, Inhibited by high temperatures, high CO2, Research
            C-CIARN AG office
Disaster aid overstates economic performance of Agricultural sector
            C-CIARN AG office
Melting glaciers, Shrinking reservoir, scarcity of drinking water, El Nino
            AG More
New rice strain,office resistant to drought, cold and salt water, Trehalose, Research
            C-CIARN AG Food
Severe food crisis, World office Program seeks donations, Harvest estimates cut
            AG office
Research, Symbiosis between fungi and plants, Plant thermotolerance, adaptation
            C-CIARN AG office
Reduced fresh water supplies, Declining fish stocks, Sharks follow fish inland
            AG office
Study of snow accumulation, Temperatures risen, Warmer winters, Weather patterns
              force report office
Liberal taskC-CIARN AGon agriculture, Recommendations, Farm safety nets
            C-CIARN resistant
New rice strain, More AG office to drought, cold and salt water, Trehalose, Research
            C-CIARN AG office
Drop in farmer cash receipts, Statistics Canada report
            C-CIARN AG office
Very cold temperatures, Livestock stress, Weather conditions for regions
            C-CIARN AG office
Commercial bakeries, Poor wheat harvest, Higher flour prices
            C-CIARN AG office
New drought funding initiatives, Exceptional Circumstances, Help cope with drought
            C-CIARN AG office
Conservation Reserve land, Farmers request extension to graze and harvest hay
            C-CIARN AG office
Increasingly warmer temperatures, Glacier records, Need more precipitation
            C-CIARN AG office
Farming Practice, Reduced tillage
            C-CIARN AG office
Moisture levels
            C-CIARN AG office
Low soil moisture levels, Risk of dought in 2003, El Nino
            C-CIARN AG office
Low corn, soybean harvests, Higher prices for chicken feed, Import feed from Midwest
            C-CIARN AG office
Women, Nude rain dance, Ouyen, Northwestern Victoria
            C-CIARN AG office
Farm safety net programs, Federal agricultural aid policy, Risk management
            C-CIARN AG office
Drought, insects, frost, Effects on crop production, Lowest yields in decades
            AG office
Test results, Effects of elevated CO2 on plant growth, Multi-factor experiment
             production nationwide, Higher bakery product prices, Import of animal feed
Mixed crop C-CIARN AG office
            C-CIARN tests, Ecosystem responses to global climate change
Multifactor simulation AG office
             Increased CO2, Mixed effects on plant growth, Depends on other elements
New study, C-CIARN AG office
            C-CIARN AG office
Increased cost of grain, Higher food prices, Import of feed grain
             Increased CO2, Mixed effects on plant growth, depends on other elements
New study, C-CIARN AG office
             for unharvested crops, Agriculture Marketing Program, Drought-affected farmers
Federal aid C-CIARN AG office
             C-CIARN AG office
Loss of Christmas tree seedlings to Drought
             AG office
Crop growth models, Harvest readiness, Computer prediction
             AG office
Study, Climate variability, Impact on ecosystems, Carbon cycles, Productivity, Diversity
             C-CIARN AG office
Study, Extreme and variable weather conditions, Effects on Prairie grasslands
             C-CIARN farm family,
Effects of drought on AG office whole community, Cattle sold, Shipping in hay
             C-CIARN AG office
Farmers lose and abandon crops, cash incomes fall, sell stock, debts
             C-CIARN AG office
U.S. GM maize for starving livestock, Anti-GM activitists, Fears of GM food safety
             C-CIARN emissions,
Pulses, Nitrous oxide AG office GHG, Effects refuted in research trials
             C-CIARN AG office
GHG emissions, El Nino effect, Drought, Highest temperatures, Possible hotter 2003
             C-CIARN AG office
Subsistence mode, Change in farm operations, Crop insurance, Plant less acreage
             C-CIARN AG office
Water management, Increased per capita water use, Possibility of century-long drought
             C-CIARN AG office
Normal groundwater levels restored, Increased precipitation, Drought designations lifted
             C-CIARN AG office
Adverse seasonal weather, Year-long drought, Little snow and less soil moisture
             C-CIARN AG office
Wacky 2003 predicted, Unusually warm, stormy weather, El Nino, Active hurricane season
             C-CIARN AG office
Farmers seek financial aid, Dismal crop year, Little snow to recharge soil, Kyoto
             C-CIARN AG farmers, Anger at federal aid, Agricultural Policy Framework
Western drought-affectedoffice
Optimism Not available
             Not available
             C-CIARN Ag warming could lead to extinction of many species in coming decades
Scientific studies, Global office
             Not available
Increased exports
             Not available
Increased exports
             C-CIARN Ag office
Disease, Pests
             C-CIARN Ag office
Research teams find impact of global warming on hundreds of plant and animal species, Changes in range and behavior tracke
Low moisture available
             Not available
             Not available
             Not available
             Not available
             Not available
             Not available
             Not available
             C-CIARN Ag foreign
Decrease in donations tooffice aid, increased prices, starvation
             C-CIARN Ag office
Cattle vaccine trial delayed by drought , E. coli, research,
             Not available
             Not available
             C-CIARN Ag office
Studies track impact of higher temperatures on plant, animal species
             C-CIARN Ag office
Killed by frost, disaster relief, unpredictable weather, starvation, global warming, food security, decreased yields
Pests        C-CIARN Ag office
             Not available
             C-CIARN Ag office
Low water levels, irrigation, low moisture levels
             C-CIARN Ag office
Pests, low moisture levels, policy, food safety, increased prices
             C-CIARN Ag office
Saskatchewan Crop Insurance Corporation, Claims taking toll on company, pests, insurance, increased premiums
             C-CIARN Ag yield
Import Grain, decreased office
             Not available
             Not available
             Not available
             C-CIARN Ag office
Optimism, forecasts, ocean temperature differentials
             production, disease,
Decreased C-CIARN Ag office high moisture levels, increased prices, decreased revenue, El Nino,
             C-CIARN Ag office
Forecasts, El Nino, low moisture levels, erosion,
             C-CIARN Ag office
Forecasts, El Nino, low moisture levels, erosion,
                           C-CIARN Ag
             Unpredictable weather office
                           Not available
                           Not available
                           Not available
             Research, funding, Ag office
                           exports, free office
             Decreased C-CIARN Ag trade, decreased production
                           Not available
                           Not available
             Promotion of large-scale black currant production, Rust infection with cool, wet weather, Research to help growers choose suita
                           Not available
                           C-CIARN Impact of
             Damaged apple crop,Ag office frost and drought, lower prices, globalization, business change,
                           Not available
mentation Of The Kyoto Protocol
                           production, decrease
             Decreased C-CIARN Ag office in exports,
                           Not available
                           Not available
                           Not available
                           C-CIARN Ag office
             Pollution, water evaporation, increase ghg, human induced
                           C-CIARN Ag office
             Kyoto, policy, ghg emissions,
                           C-CIARN Ag office
             Low water levels, irrigation, low moisture levels, resource management
                           C-CIARN Ag office
             Disaster Relief,
                           Not available
                           C-CIARN low moisture levels,
             Low yield, selling out, Ag office
                           Not available
                           Not available
                           Not available
                           C-CIARN income,
             Alternative sources ofAg office increased outmigration, decreased yields, starvation, disaster relief,
                           C-CIARN Ag office
             Low water levels, transportation issues,
                           Not available
                           Not available
                           C-CIARN Ag office
             Management Practices, environmental regulations
                           C-CIARN Ag office
             Increased prices,
                           C-CIARN Ag office
             Disaster Relief,
                           C-CIARN Ag office
             Human impacts, research discrepancies, carbon sinks, management practices,
                           C-CIARN breeding,
             Oxidative stress, cropAg office
                           Not available
                           Not available
                           C-CIARN Ag office
             Low water levels, irrigation, alternative crops
                           Not available
                            low water levels, pests, resource management, wildfires,
             Livelihoods,C-CIARN Ag office
                           Not available
             Irrigation, Government programs
                           C-CIARN Ag office
             Disaster Relief,
                            receivership, alternative sources of income, Hutterites,
             Livelihoods,C-CIARN Ag office
                            W4910; Ag breeding, salt tolerant
             W4909 andC-CIARNcropoffice
                            receivership, alternative sources of income, Hutterites,
             Livelihoods,C-CIARN Ag office
                           C-CIARN Ag office
             Irrigation, low water levels, water resource management
                           C-CIARN Ag
             Crop breeding, famine office
                           C-CIARN Ag office
             Irrigation, alternative crops, resouce management, disaster relief, low yields,
                           C-CIARN Ag office
             El Nino predictions, discrepencies, business mangement practices,
                           C-CIARN low water
             Ocean temperatures, Ag office levels, ghg emissions,
                           C-CIARN low water
             Ocean temperatures, Ag office levels, ghg emissions,
                           C-CIARN low water
             Ocean temperatures, Ag office levels, ghg emissions,
                           Not available
                         C-CIARN Ag office
            El Nino predictions, disaster relief,
                         Not available
                         Not available
                         Not available
                         C-CIARN Ag office
            Pests, Optimism
e Gas Emissions          Not available
                         Not available
                         Weed biocontrol, Tortrix moth, pests
            Bitou bush, C-CIARN Ag office
                         Not available
                         Not available
                         C-CIARN Ag industries, Job losses, Water restrictions
            Nursery and landscapingoffice
                         Not available
s: 1990-2001 Agency: Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)
                         alternative income,
            Selling out, C-CIARN Ag office livelihoods,
                         C-CIARN Ag office
                         C-CIARN Ag office
                         C-CIARN Ag office
            Increased slaughter Ag office
                         C-CIARN Ag office
            Reducing cattle herds, management decisions
                         C-CIARN Ag office
            Low water levels, drilling wells, water quality
            Micro irrigation, overhead irrigation, trickle irrigation, water resources, wetting pattern,
            Low water levels, killed by heat, disaster relief, government programs, La Nina
            Research report, Climate trends significantly affect corn and soybean yields
bon Storehouse           C-CIARN
                         C-CIARN Ag office
            New method for forecasting monsoon-season weather in Bangladesh, water management, crop production, green revolution, in
                         C-CIARN yield, irrigation, tilling, low soil moisture, increased sorghum prices, increased demand,
            Alternative crops, low Ag office
                         C-CIARN Ag office
            Depression, increased financial stress, farm crisis hot line, financial assistance, mental health counseling, low commodity price
                         C-CIARN Ag office
            Rural communitites, livelihoods, public hearings
                         C-CIARN Ag office
                         C-CIARN Ag office
                         C-CIARN Ag office
            Low yield, exports, livelihoods
                         C-CIARN Ag office
            Low water levels, irrigation, surface water users, water resource management, augmentation
                         C-CIARN Ag office
            Low yield, exports, livelihoods
                         C-CIARN Ag office
            Disaster Relief, decreased revenue, livelihoods, crop insurance, exports
                         C-CIARN Ag office
                         C-CIARN Ag office
                         C-CIARN Ag office
                         C-CIARN Ag office
            Increasing feed prices, decreasing cattle herds, imported feed, water shortage
                         C-CIARN Ag office
                         C-CIARN Ag office
            Government programs, farm income programs, policy, research, ghg, organic farming
                         C-CIARN Ag office
mate Change              C-CIARN Ag office
                         C-CIARN Ag office
            Low water levels, emergency water supplies, water development program, pasture pipeline programs, co-op pipelines, alternati
                         C-CIARN Ag office
mate Change              C-CIARN Ag office
            C-CIARN Ag office
Alternative water resources, better farming practices, water management
            C-CIARN Ag office
Research, new crop varieties, new irrigation practices, safety net programs, increased insurance rates
            C-CIARN Ag office
            C-CIARN Ag office
            C-CIARN Ag office
            C-CIARN Ag office
            C-CIARN Ag office
            incomes, Ag office
Decreased C-CIARN effects on primary agriculture sector, increased crop revenues, decreased government support
            C-CIARN Ag office
New guide on soil nutrients "Fertiliser after the Drought", Helps farmers tailor fertiliser requirements to post-drought conditions
            C-CIARN Ag office
            C-CIARN Ag office
            C-CIARN Ag office
effects of natural disasters, emergency preparedness, declining water quality, livelihoods
Optimism C-CIARN Ag office
            C-CIARN Ag office
            C-CIARN Ag office
Process to establish a Semi-Arid Tropics Virtual University (SAT-VU), ICT to provide drought info, support to farmers in India
            C-CIARN Ag office
            C-CIARN Ag office
            C-CIARN Ag office
            C-CIARN Ag office
            C-CIARN Ag office
Dry conditions
            C-CIARN Ag office
Crop insurance, timely weather forecasting, pests, effects on tourism,
            C-CIARN Ag office
Crop breeding, decreased yield, alternative crops
             communities, pests,
Livelihoods,C-CIARN Ag office forest fires, research, operational changes, technology, irrigation, tilling procedures, crop bree
            C-CIARN Ag office
Low soil moisture, decreased exports, food shortages, decreased milk supply
            C-CIARN Ag approach, increased yields, improved resilience
Crop breeding, trangenic office
            C-CIARN Ag office
            C-CIARN Ag office
Crop insurance, timely weather forecasting, pests, effects on tourism, livelihoods
Optimism Not available
            Not available
Low supplies, increased prices
            C-CIARN Ag office
Crop insurance, timely weather forecasting, pests, effects on tourism, livelihoods
            C-CIARN Ag office
            C-CIARN Ag office
Low water levels, disease
            C-CIARN Ag office
            C-CIARN Ag office
            C-CIARN Ag office
            C-CIARN Ag
Low moisture, optimism office
            C-CIARN Ag use
Soil moisture, crop wateroffice
            C-CIARN Ag office
            C-CIARN Ag office
            C-CIARN Ag office
            C-CIARN Ag office
            C-CIARN Ag office
Reducing cattle herds, disaster relief
Food Aid, Starvation, Ag office
            C-CIARN Ag office
ghg, water resource management, alternative energy sources
            C-CIARN conservation, waste water services
Value of water, water Ag office
            C-CIARN Ag uncertainty, erosion, low yields, pests,
Low moisture, optimism, office
            C-CIARN Ag office
            C-CIARN Ag office
            C-CIARN Ag office
Wastewater, irrigation, crop breeding, alternative forms of resource management, supplemental irrigation, deficit irrigation,
            C-CIARN Ag office
            C-CIARN Ag office
            C-CIARN Ag office
                         C-CIARN Ag office
                         grain volume, optimism
            Decreased C-CIARN Ag office
                         C-CIARN Ag office
                         C-CIARN Ag office
                         C-CIARN Ag office
            Killed by heat, low moisture, high moisture, crop rot
                         C-CIARN Ag prices,
            Killed by heat, increased office alternative crops
                         C-CIARN Ag office
            Alternative crops, drought management, tillage, optimism, crop breeding
                         C-CIARN Ag office
ent And Energy           C-CIARN Ag office
                          fluctuating prices
            predictions,C-CIARN Ag office
                         C-CIARN Ag office
            2003 growing season, Weed management, Herbicide applications
                         C-CIARN Ag office
                         C-CIARN Ag office
            Weed management, herbicides, soil moisture
                         C-CIARN Ag office
                         C-CIARN Ag office
            Crop breeding, adapted to local conditions, innovation
                          hay, increased prices, crop insurance, policies
            Shortage ofC-CIARN Ag office
                         C-CIARN Ag office
            Disaster relief, government programs, alternative crops
                         C-CIARN Ag office
            Drought monitoring, assistance resources, alternative feed, disaster assistance,
                         C-CIARN Ag office
            Crop breeding, Arabidopsis CBF, cold tolerance
                          livelihoods, office
            Assistance,C-CIARN Agproactive, disaster conditions, surplus stocks
                         C-CIARN Ag office
            Global climate change monitoring model, expanded growing season, pests, research
            Optimism C-CIARN Ag office
            Optimism C-CIARN Ag office
                         C-CIARN Ag office
            Research, ghg emissions, management practices, awareness, carbon sequestrian, lack of understanding,
                         C-CIARN Ag office
            Cattle Slaughter, reducing herds, declining quality
                         C-CIARN soil moisture, feed shortages, runoff conditions
            Low water levels, low Ag office
                         C-CIARN Ag office
            Research, strobs
                         C-CIARN Ag office
                         Not available
            Price fluctuations
                         Not available
            Crop breeding, abiotic stress, water tolerance and salinity
                         C-CIARN Ag office
            Optimism, increased yields, alternative crops, crop insurance
                         C-CIARN Ag office
            Pests        Not available
                         C-CIARN Ag moisture levels
            Planting delays, high soil office
                         C-CIARN Ag office
            Sporatic rain, low moisture levels
                         C-CIARN Ag office
            Changing tilling procedures, soil moisture, irrigation, weed control, fertilizer management
                         C-CIARN Ag office
            Weed management, herbicide use
                         C-CIARN Ag office
            Irrigation, education, awareness, resource management, water levels, livelihood
                         C-CIARN Ag office
            Seed preparation, companion crops, irrigation
                         C-CIARN Ag yields,
            Low moisture levels, low office
                         C-CIARN Ag office
            Relief, government aid, disaster relief
                         C-CIARN Ag yields
            Low moisture levels, low office
                         yield, alternative varieties, low margins
            Decreased C-CIARN Ag office
                         C-CIARN Ag office
            Evaluating Damage, excess moisture, denitrification, disease
            Optimism C-CIARN Ag office
                         C-CIARN Ag office
            Disease, applying nitrogen, seed placed phospherus, fertilizer burn
                          soil conditions
            Favourable C-CIARN Ag office
            Decreased C-CIARN Ag office
                         C-CIARN Ag moisture levels, no-till
            Planting delays, high soil office
                         C-CIARN Ag office
            Evaluating Damage, management practices
                         yield, crop breeding,
            Decreased C-CIARN Ag office food security
                         C-CIARN Ag decreased yields, lack of nutrients
            Alternative food sources,office
             C-CIARN Ag killed
High soil moisture levels,office by heat, crop insurance, wildlife damage
             yields forecasted, forecasting models, food security, livelihoods, crop breeding
Decreased C-CIARN Ag office
              government programs, urgent measures
Livelihoods,C-CIARN Ag office
              model, weather simlulator, decreased yields expected
ForecastingC-CIARN Ag office
             C-CIARN Ag office
Killed by storm, livelihood
              herbicides, diffusion,
Soil appliedC-CIARN Ag office disease
             C-CIARN Ag decline
Optimism, monsoon rain,office in economic growth
             C-CIARN Ag office
Heat Unit Accumulation, management practices, planting depth
             C-CIARN Ag yields,
Crop breeding, increasedoffice heat unit zones, farm operations
             C-CIARN Ag office
Soil moisture, crop heat units
             C-CIARN Ag office
Disease, delay in planting
             production, food security, model estimates
Decreased C-CIARN Ag office
             C-CIARN Ag office
Nitrogen loss, high soil moisture, disease
             C-CIARN Ag office
Pest, cutworm, disease, alternative varieties
             C-CIARN Ag office
Planting delays, irrigation, selling water rights, drought cycles, water management
             C-CIARN Ag office
Conservation tillage, water management, research, quality control
             C-CIARN Ag office
Weed management, herbicides, soil moisture
             C-CIARN Ag office
Crop breeding, WAX2, water loss prevention,
             C-CIARN Ag office
Increasing prices, exports, optimism,
             C-CIARN models,
Conflicting prediction Ag office
             C-CIARN Ag office
High soil moisture, disease
              estimates, holistic
Ghg, modelC-CIARN Ag office climate model
             C-CIARN Ag office
Water mould, disease, seed rot, crop breeding
             C-CIARN Ag office
Pests, maggots, slugs, insects, management options, tillage
             C-CIARN Ag office
Delayed Planting, decreased quality, alternative varieties, decreased yield,
             C-CIARN Ag office
High soil moisture, delayed planting,
Disease C-CIARN Ag office
             C-CIARN Ag office
Water, water treatment, environmental concerns, population migration, conservation
             C-CIARN AG
Dry season, higher pricesoffice
             C-CIARN AG office
Killed by heat, beef prices, business management strategies
             C-CIARN AG a system
Crop breeding, modifying office
             C-CIARN AG management tool, crop insurance
Technical, soil moisture, office
             C-CIARN AG office
Farming practice, fertilizer,
             C-CIARN AG dry temperatures, drought response plan
Altered water usage, hot, office
             C-CIARN AG office
Farmers Benefit
             temperatures, effects
Cool springC-CIARN AG office on crop planting
             C-CIARN AG office
Crop breeding, cool temperatures
Crop stressC-CIARN AG office
             C-CIARN AG office
Killed by heat, flooded out, government programs- disaster relief
             C-CIARN AG office
Killed by heat, risk of wildfires, flooded out
             C-CIARN AG high
Poor Planting conditions, officesoil moisture
             C-CIARN AG office
Killed by heat, grain company losses
             C-CIARN AG office
Disease, Virus, Cool spring temperatures
Crickets C-CIARN AG office
             C-CIARN AG office
Wine industry, vineyard damage
             C-CIARN AG
Average Crop, Optimism office
             C-CIARN AG office
Drought assistance, El Nino
             C-CIARN Optimism
Increased production,AG office
             C-CIARN AG office
Increased CO2, increased nitrogen deposition, diversity effects
              impact on community
Livelihoods,C-CIARN AG office
             C-CIARN AG rain
Hot temperatures, lack of office
             C-CIARN AG office
Conflicting crop reports, mad cow, pests
             C-CIARN AG office
Mad cow, improved moisture conditions, killed by heat
             C-CIARN AG office
Improved moisture conditions, killed by heat
             C-CIARN AG office
Global warming causes, report accuracy
             C-CIARN AG office
Higher produce prices, modified farm practice, lack of nitrogen, pests
             C-CIARN AG office
Global warming causes, report accuracy
             C-CIARN AG office
Grasshoppers, government program - subsidy,
             C-CIARN AG office
financial - business change,
             C-CIARN government subsidies
Grasshoppers, pests,AG office
             C-CIARN AG office
Killed by heat, public funds, drought relief
             C-CIARN AG
Research, crop breeding office
             C-CIARN AG soil moisture
Lower quality crops, high office
             C-CIARN AG office
Flexible government programs, carbon dioxide, awareness
             - animal fodder
Assistance C-CIARN AG office
             C-CIARN AG office
Killed by heat, lower output
             C-CIARN AG office
El Nino, flooded out, killed by heat
             C-CIARN AG office
Acclimation, high temperatures
             CLIMATE modified WILL DECREASE CORN PRODUCTION July 4, 2003 Crop Biotech Update Agnet Scientists
Reduced production - CHANGEagricultural practices
             C-CIARN AG office
Killed by heat - lack of moisture - wet spring
Killed by heat - pests AG office
             yields - technical
Lower crop C-CIARN AG office
             yields - technical - crop breeding
Lower crop C-CIARN AG office
             C-CIARN AG office
farming practice, weed management - hail damage
water management AG office
             C-CIARN AG office
low crop yields
             C-CIARN AG office
Government programs - financial assistance
             C-CIARN AG office
Killed by heat - government programs - financial assistance
             C-CIARN AG office
Pests, low crop yields, increased prices
             C-CIARN AG office
Pests - grasshoppers - government programs - disaster relief - subsidies
             C-CIARN AG
Global climate changes office
             C-CIARN AG office
Global climate changes, ghg, government programs, technical, disaster management
             C-CIARN AG office
Mad cow, water shortages, financial strain, federal price support program
             C-CIARN AG office
Income relief, financial assistance
             pests, low moisture
Late starts, C-CIARN AG office
             C-CIARN AG office
Tools to determine impacts
             C-CIARN AG office
Killed by heat, mad cow, grasshoppers, low moisture levels
crop prediction, ghg, AG office
Crop breedingC-CIARN AG office
             C-CIARN AG
Killed by heat, Mad cow office
Disease C-CIARN AG office
              impact on community, forest fires, decreased production,
Livelihoods,C-CIARN AG office
Grasshoppers, pests AG office
             C-CIARN government subsidies
Grasshoppers, pests,AG office
             C-CIARN responses
Soil moisture, natural AG office
             C-CIARN AG office
Killed by heat, government programs
             C-CIARN AG office
Changing yield potential, optimism
             C-CIARN AG office
Modifying shipping practise
             C-CIARN AG
research discrepancies office
             Cow, Financial Strain, Decreased crop forecasts, Killed by heat
Pests, Mad C-CIARN AG office
             C-CIARN AG by heat
Pests, Forest Fires, Killedoffice
             C-CIARN AG
Killed by heat, low yield office
             C-CIARN AG office
Low moisture levels, killed by heat
             C-CIARN AG office
Killed by heat, animal welfare
            impacts, AG office
Ecosystem C-CIARNdecreasing food supply
            C-CIARN AG office
Government programs - advanced payments, decreased yields,
Optimism C-CIARN AG office
            C-CIARN AG office
low yields predicted, increased imports
low yields predicted AG office
            C-CIARN AG office
Damaged Crops, Livelihoods
            C-CIARN AG office
Proper storage of pesticides
            C-CIARN AG office
low moisture levels, hauling water, low yields
Crop diseaseC-CIARN AG office
            C-CIARN AG office
Moisture stress, impacts on weed controls, modifying herbicide activity
            C-CIARN till
Farming practice - no AG office
            C-CIARN AG
Drought stressed crops office
            C-CIARN AG office
Mad cow, pests, low moisture levels
            C-CIARN AG office
Government programs, disaster relief, killed by heat, increased prices
            C-CIARN AG office
Damaged Crops, Livelihoods
            C-CIARN AG office
Production modification, promoting local produce
            C-CIARN AG office
Increased prices,low production predicted
            productivity shifts
Low yields, C-CIARN AG office
            price increases, global warming
Low yields, C-CIARN AG office
            C-CIARN AG office
Government programs, disaster relief, increased prices, killed by heat
            C-CIARN AG office
Government programs - resource management
            C-CIARN AG office
Farming practice - alternate uses for alfalfa
            low moisture office
Low yields, C-CIARN AG levels
            C-CIARN AG office
Killed by heat, increased prices, increased imports
            C-CIARN AG office
Pests - grasshoppers, drought insurance
            C-CIARN AG office
Resource management, delays
            C-CIARN AG office
Killed by heat, low yield, crop breeding, free trade
             unpredictable weather
Jet Stream,C-CIARN AG office
            C-CIARN AG office
Modifying machine, preventing losses, low yield, modifying drying system
            C-CIARN AG office
Timely harvest, government resources
            C-CIARN AG uses
Killed by heat, alternative office for crops, low yield, disaster relief, optimism, restrictions of water usage, livelihoods
Low yields C-CIARN AG office
            C-CIARN AG office
Crop breeding
            C-CIARN low yield,
Pests, disaster relief, AG office low quality
            killed by heat, livelihoods, alternative sources of income
Low yields, C-CIARN AG office
            C-CIARN AG office
Government programs, disaster relief, crop insurance, loans, financial,
Disease, vaccines AG office
            production estimates,
Lower crop C-CIARN AG office killed by heat, increased prices
            C-CIARN AG office
Mold, Modifying Storage Practise
Crop breeding, fungi AG office
            C-CIARN AG office
Drought stress, alternative uses
            C-CIARN AG office
Increased prices, mad cow, optimism
            increased prices, killed by heat, water shortages,
Low yields, C-CIARN AG office
            C-CIARN AG office
Management modification, vortex
            C-CIARN income,
Alternative sources ofAG officealternative feed sources, alternative crops
            crop breeding
Low yields, C-CIARN AG office
            crop production, alternative energy sources, pests, diseases
Decreased C-CIARN AG office
            C-CIARN AG office
Research discrepancies, alternative energy sources
            C-CIARN AG office
Increased winter precipitation
            quality, pests, modified storage practise
Decreased C-CIARN AG office
            C-CIARN AG office
Pests, Modified Management Practises
            C-CIARN quality
Low yield, decreased AG office
             C-CIARN quality,
Low yield, decreased AG office
             C-CIARN AG office
Disease, modifying management practises
Crop breedingC-CIARN AG office
             C-CIARN quality,
Low yield, decreased AG office
             C-CIARN Ag. Office
Killed by frost, yield reduction
             C-CIARN Ag. Office
Projected Losses, low yield, research discrepancies
             C-CIARN AG
Drought stress, research office
             C-CIARN AG
Research, drought stress office
             C-CIARN AG office
Modifying practices, ghg mitigation
Land Use C-CIARN Ag. Office
             C-CIARN Ag.
Optimism, increased yieldOffice
Research, C-CIARN Ag. Office
             C-CIARN Ag. Office
Water management, early blooming
Gene Modification Ag. Office
water management Ag. Office
             C-CIARN Ag. Office
Disaster relief, food security
             C-CIARN Ag.
Optimism, increased yieldOffice
             C-CIARN Ag. Office
Low moisture levels, dry conditions
             C-CIARN Ag. Office
Low moisture levels, dry conditions
             C-CIARN Ag. Office
Biodisel fuel, alternative uses for canola oil
             C-CIARN Ag. Office
Increased insurance premiums, killed by heat
             C-CIARN Ag. predictions, alternate source of income, energy companies
Weather futures markets,Office
             system, Ag. Office
Modifying aC-CIARNpolicy, carbon sequestrian, using new tillage, alternative uses
             C-CIARN Ag. Office
Killed by heat, irrigation, disaster relief, increased prices,
             C-CIARN Ag. Office
Resource management, diversification, agroforestry, reducing climate impacts
esearch to help growers choose suitable cultivars, fungicides
op Biotech Update Agnet Scientists of the International Center for Tropical Agriculture (CIAT) and the International Livestock Research Instit
ternational Livestock Research Institute (ILRI) predict that climate change could potentially lead to a 10 percent drop in developing-country c
percent drop in developing-country corn production over the next 50 years. Researchers Peter Jones and Philip Thorton of CIAT and ILRI, re
nd Philip Thorton of CIAT and ILRI, respectively, forecast possible annual losses of up to 10 million tons in a worst-case scenario. The team
in a worst-case scenario. The team's findings were based from weather simulations from a computer model called "MarkSim". In a report pu
model called "MarkSim". In a report published in the journal Global Environmental Change, the researchers predict that countries such as Bra
ers predict that countries such as Brazil and Mexico will begreatly affected and that, overall, Latin America would see a 25 percent reduction i
a would see a 25 percent reduction in corn production due to higher temperatures and decreasing rainfall. About 20 percent decrease in pro
all. About 20 percent decrease in production will be experienced by Africa. The team's findings were based from weather simulations f
sed from weather simulations f

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