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					The whole procedure of establishing the profession recording studios often varies
from a range of $5000 up to $20000, at times even more. This completely depends on
an individual, the type and standard of setting the person wants to inculcate in the
studio. In case if the owner wishes to cater to only influential category of clients who
can reach the customers in a wider spectrum, the cost of the set up of the studio will
also rise due to the requirement of more space, equipments and use of better

When catering small and local bands, the utility of the required resources is
comparatively much lesser. Hence it lowers the cost of establishment of these
recording studios. Again, the cost may go up in a situation where you do not have
your own share of room to build the studio. You would have to hire a separate room
and built the type of studio you wish for.

The factors influencing the cost of the recording studios

There are few common factors involved that are directly responsible for the increase
or decrease of the setup cost of a studio.

          The very first reason involved in the establishment of the recording studios
is the changes you need to make inside the room to make it completely sound proof. It
is important, as normal room aesthetics would not allow the perfect setting of the
recording studio. Now, the bigger the size of the room is, the more costlier would be
the process of establishing the sound proof effects. This particular process involves
the use of the acoustic foams which can either be attached to the walls of the room by
experts or by you. These acoustic foams usually cost around $70 to $300, depending
on its quality and size. This technology is used in most of the professional recording
studios so that it can offer a great personified experience to clients.

          Another important factor that influences the price of the studios is the
hardware equipments used which includes devices like an interface, a computer, a
quality microphone, a sound board and a keyboard along with the digital recording
software which is priced somewhere around $100 to $800. The microphones cost
separately around $500 or even more and the MIDI keyboards may cost you around

          It is also important to keep arrangements of few specific musical
instruments, in case the clients need one to hire. Basic instruments like the guitar,
drums, synthesizer, amplifiers and other similar can be made available. The
involvement of the musical instrument is not at all mandatory in cases where the size
of the room of the recording studios are not enough spacious or you do not have a
strong financial capability to offer these to the clients. In case, you are buying the
instruments, it is best to buy the second hand instruments which would come at lot
cheaper but should be in good condition. It is nothing but just an additional value to
oblige the clients and an option to collect a high fee from them.