How A Canvas Art Print Can Change Your Life

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					It has been accepted for almost five years that there is a new form of displaying art on
walls, be it in your office or home. The fact is that canvas art prints are widely liked
and are becoming more and more liked day by day.

Why the fascination with canvas art prints?
Simple! Not the answer, the art! The art presentation is simplistic and leaves more to
the imagination and can help free problems and worries leading to a potentially stress
free moment, a moment of escape, lets explain.

Have you ever seen Collateral, staring Jamie Foxx and Tom Cruise, where Jamie Foxx
plays a taxi driver, driving serial killer (Cruise) around town. During the film Jamie
constantly looks at this simple postcard of an island to escape the daily worries that he
faces, helps him remain focussed and happy, call it lapse escapism.

Lapse escapism has been around for centuries and is practised in good forms of yoga
where one just focuses on a simple thought and for those moments escapes into pure
bliss and contentment, this is known to relieve stress and potentially lead to happiness
and can help reduce chances of medical problems.

So what has all this got to do with a canvas art print on my wall?
Again simple! Lets say you have a picture of a sunset, landscape or white sand beach
on a good quality canvas and you hang it in your office or gym.

This will have such an impact, for some it will be instant, for others it will take time,
but you will find that, so long as the canvas art print is something you like, then you
should experience increased energy levels because your mind subconsciously
associates the work environment / exercise environment with a happy moment that
you may have had or want to have.

To achieve this however, you must make absolutely sure that the canvas art print is
printed using high quality materials and doesnt fade over time as this will
subconsciously represent your dream or happy thought fading away.

So why not make your chores / work / exercise brighter and more enjoyable with a
simple piece of art.

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