Horse Racing Inside And Out by aihaozhe2


									Horse races are popular as a sport; controlled by jockeys who are horse riders,
thorough-bred stallions of exceptional quality are trained for racing right from their
youth. Horse racing enthusiasts earn additional money through betting on winning
horses. Such betting is made through Sports-books or Bookmakers. Several online
websites offer various betting options on international horse races. God Odin and
Hrungnir during Viking rule set their steeds on races. Roman chariot race is an
example for horse races linked with gambling. Hence, we can corroborate that
gambling and horse races were present over centuries. Quarter horse racing and
harness racing are other forms of horse racing. In races, Arabian horses are known for
their breed and superiority. Increasing reputation and wealth during horseracing has
led to reproduction and training of selective breed race horses with exceptional

During 1863, the advent of horserace tracks at New Yorks Saratoga Springs, in 1875
at Kentucky and 1905 at New Yorks Belmont Park, created budding interest in
American horseracing. The Hall of Fame located at Saratoga Springs exhibits details
about renowned jockeys, horses, trainers and the owners. Even today, the foremost
American racing track exists at Meadowlands near New Jersey, America. Some
reputable international horse races are Grand-Prix-de-Paris, Dubai World Cup,
Kentucky Derby, Belmont Stakes, Melbourne Cup, Breeders Cup, etc. Dermot Weld,
Aidan OBrien and John Oxx are valuable trainers and chief Jockeys are Michael
Kinane, Ruby Walsh, Tony McCoy, etc. The Grand National horse racing event allows
both professional and amateur jockeys and coaches the right to participate.

The racing competition is conducted in 3,600 meters track with thirty hurdles. The
first and solitary woman winner of Grand National race is Jenny Pitman during 1983.
Merely two horses named Billy Barton and Tipperary Tim partook in the race during
1928. The greatest event of the race during 1929 had the highest number of stallions
66, an unbroken record. Comply-or-Die became the first winner of horse racing in the
Grand National with Timmy Murphy as Jockey in 2008. Ma

nifesto competed most in the Grand National racing from 1895 to 1904. Several
horseracing tournaments offer gambling except places where betting is officially
forbidden. Consumption of alcohol and drugs during betting is bad for your money.
The gamblers should limit their loss and on profiting, should quit. People who are
interested in horse racing should participate in betting with some knowledge about the
method of choosing which horse to gamble on.

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