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					If Hollywood gossip is to be believed, the moving images industry has been hit by the
recession badly. There are rampant cancellations and shelving of high-budget projects.
But that has not dampened the popularity of the celebrity gossip columns, nor have
people lost interest in reading entertainment news. So what is it that keeps the readers
interested in celeb gossip despite a dent in the production of movies and production?
The answer lies in the immense appeal of Hollywood and the stars that have
brightened the sky over it.

Entertainment news has been in vogue since the entertainment industry came into
being. People like to read and talk about personalities who exist behind the glass
palaces which they call home. Celeb gossip columns give them the inside view of
things. They know more about the lives of the elusive men and women and celebrity
gossip is the only way they can know more about these hot-shot people. The stuff of
Hollywood gossip is the stuff of dreams and of wishing to escape the grip of reality.

If you ask what sparks off peoples interest in Hollywood gossip, the answer will be
that they want the scoop. By scoop I mean a bit by bit, a blow by blow account of the
life of a famous personality. And celeb gossip is the only way they can hope to
manage to know what they do in their personal lives. So, people pore over celebrity
gossip columns to find out if they have anything new to find out. They are also very
keen on the latest update that they may have missed out. When the entertainment
news columns tell them what the recent stories are, they feel satiated.

The quality of celebrity gossip used to be pathetic at a certain point in time. Then
things pulled up and now you have some responsible journalism happening all around.
Now we have journalists reporting celeb gossip with some amount of credibility. They
are more concerned about providing the correct and fact-supported news items to the
readers of the celebrity gossip columns. Credibility in the field of Hollywood gossip is
a rare case and when you have such a site, you can always bank upon these sights to
bring you piping hot paparazzi scoops as well.

The websites and web portals dealing with entertainment news items receive the most
number of traffic on the internet. That is primarily because celebrity gossip is
something that almost all of us rejoice in. We watch in awe as these celebs go about
their lives without a care or worry. Thanks to the celeb gossip writers, we all have
something to chew upon about the lives of our favorite stars and personalities.