History And Meaning Of Guardian Angel Tattoos by aihaozhe2


									Guardian Angel tattoos have been slowly but surely gaining popularity over the past
few decades for a good reason - if you get a guardian angel tattoo, it's like having
your guardian angel with you all the time!

Guardian angel tattoos are an extension of the Christian belief that holds that there are
guardian angels for every person and that the guardian angels protect human beings in
times of crisis. But a guardian angel tattoo is not reserved for Christians and different
people with different religious backgrounds choose to have a guardian angel tattoo.

Traditionally guardian angels have been viewed as a type of angel whose main
purpose is to protect the person they are assigned to by God. Many people believe that
the spirits of friends and family who have passed away become guardian angels who
protect them.

Most people picture angels with wings, but in fact, the Bible doesn't mention angels
that have wings. Cherub tattoos are a popular form of guardian angel tattoos and for
many, the cherub is the ultimate guardian angel figure. In the Old Testament they are
described as the throne bearers of God and in Islam and Christianity they are
described as celestial attendants of God who praise him constantly.

The Guardian Angel Tattoos are popular also among many celebrities. Here are some,
to name a few: Drew Barrymore, Beyonce, Fred Durst, David Beckham Justin
Timberlake, Melanie C.

Crazes and fads may come and go but when choosing to have a guardian angel tattoo
you will most likely never regret it as it will always have a deep meaning for you, and
will reflect your inner beauty and spirituality.

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