Hip Hop Beats (DOC) by aihaozhe2


									One of the most famous types of music in the world today is hip hop, it simply keeps
gaining more and more fans every year. The things that these artists say in every one
of their songs are very addictive. Once you listen to some of the most popular hip hop
beats of the day, you will not be able to stop humming it or singing it throughout the
day. Hip hop beats are more popular than they have ever been, simply because fans
are now less concerned with what the lyrics say and pay more attention to what these
artists are trying to tell us. In the years when hip hop beats where barely making their
appearance in the music world, many said that it was a dirty type of music and that it
would not last, but they were more than wrong because now this type of music is
listened to in almost every country of the world.

At the beginning of hip hop, artists like Tupac and Biggie Smalls really gave an entire
different style to the hip hop beats that we knew. They changed this type of music for
ever and since then it has been one of our favorite genres. These two artists even
created such controversy around the United States, that they divided the West and East
coasts of the country. They created a war and made hip hop even more popular among
most generations. These two artists first began talking about their hard lives and how
they got where they where at. They where even friends at some point of their careers,
until they both ended up murdered for singing hip hop beats against each other. From
then on the hip hop industry changed a bit, but we still can listen rap artists talk about
killing, drugs, sex and more street crimes.

Even though for many, hip hop beats may be some act from the devil and it may be
changing the way young people think, it still is one of the most listened to types of
music. The more that someone prohibits others to do something, the more that they
will want to do it. Most hip hop CD's have a label warning parents about letting their
children listen to certain hip hop beats and this makes young people want to listen to
them more. If the government would stop deciding what is good for some and what is
not, it is very likely that delinquent habits would decrease and we would have a much
better society.

Hip hop beats do not create a criminal, it is definitely a lie, everybody can make their
own decisions and no one does something because they heard it in a song. Hip hop
beats also keep young people interested in music and even though some song may
have tough lyrics, it keeps them busy and from doing bad things. Just because a song
talks about drugs, does not mean that your child will go out there to find some drugs,
if you have educated them well, they will know what is good for them and what is not.
Hip hop beats are a part of our culture now and it will be virtually impossible for
anyone to try and keep another person from listening to this type of music.

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