Hen Weekend Ideas For A Perfectly Funny Hen Night

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					Do you wish to make your hen weekend full of giggles and laughter? If yes, this
article that is full of funny hen weekend ideas is a must-read for you.

Truth or Dare

Playing a popular game known as truth and dare is a perfect funny hen weekend idea.
Switch on the music and pass pillows from one person to another. Once the music
stops, the person who has the pillow has to either speak out one of her secrets or has
to dare to do what others tell her to do. If the person chooses the dare option, you can
make her do funny things such as dancing with a bald man or kissing the first boy
who talks to her.

Funny dresses and accessories

Another hilarious hen weekend idea is to dress up in funny dresses. Adorn yourself
with funny accessories to add to your funny looks. For instance, you and your girls
group can dress up in school uniforms and behave like school kids for the whole hen
weekend. Another idea is to dress up like cartoon characters and shop around the city.
You can dress up like birds and also buy accessories such as wings to add to your
funny hen look.

Stand up comedy shows

Stand up comedy shows make for one of the best funny hen weekend ideas. UK has a
lot of popular hen destinations such as London, Brighton, Bournemouth, and
Blackpool. Almost all these destinations have popular clubs that are known for their
comedy shows. If you want to make your hen weekend one of the most memorable
and funny weekend of your life, a comedy show at a popular club in UK is the best
choice for you.

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