Hammersmith Celebrities by aihaozhe2


									Hammersmith is the home of many-a-celebrity walk through the London streets and
you can spot high profile singers, actors, and many other famous faces going about
their daily business whilst bandying about their latest designer handbag and drowning
in a sea of photographers.

The celebrity fever that surrounds the London area gives it a modern edge making it a
great place for budding businesses to set up shop and rent a sassy office space.

If you already work in an office space in Hammersmith, here are a few facts about the
celebrities who are linked to the area that you and your colleagues can discuss over
the water cooler.

Singer/songwriter Lily Allen was born in Hammersmith to her comedian father Keith
Allen. The songstress has had massive hits with singles such as Smile, The Fear and
LDN. But her vocal talents were first discovered by music student Rachel Santasso
who overheard Lily singing in the school playground. Rachel was so impressed she
called the 11-year-old into her London office and started giving her singing lessons
during the lunch time break.

The professional racing car driver who regularly appears on episodes of car show Top
Gear lives in Hammersmith. Known as The Stig, his real identity has never been
revealed to the public. The mysterious speedy racer wears a helmet throughout
filming and doesnt speak on the programme.

English floppy haired actor Hugh Grant, best known for starring in romcom Four
Weddings and a Funeral, also lives in the West London area. Born in Hammersmith
hospital the actor was at the centre of a public scandal in 1995 when he was charged
with lewd conduct after being caught with a prostitute by police. That same week he
appeared on the Jay Leno show in America and said of the incident: I think you know
in life what's a good thing to do and what's a bad thing, and I did a bad thing. And
there you have it.

Cure the boredom that has settled into your Hammersmith office space by mulling
over this useless trivia and sharing it with your workplace friends.

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