Great Australian Saddles by aihaozhe2


									Sid Hill Saddles

John Hill, a Master Saddler in England, moved to Australia in the mid 1800‟s. When
he arrived in Australia he traded a block of land in the heart of Sydney for a gallon of
rum. John operated his business in Sydney for six years before deciding to move to
Brisbane, Queensland, where he would be the only saddle maker. John‟s son
Frederick was apprenticed to his father in 1870. Frederick, a very accomplished
saddler, soon began winning medals and awards for his outstanding work, winning a
gold medal in Paris in 1889. Frederick passed the family business onto his son Sydney
in 1934, hence the name “Syd Hill and Sons”.

Sydney passed the business on to his sons in 1948. One of the sons — Jim, was very
innovative and Syd Hill and Sons quickly became a name synonymous with lop
quality products and cutting edge ideas. Ideas that positioned them as the largest
saddle manufacturer in the Southern Hemisphere, and known around the world as
suppliers of premium, quality products. In 1993 Jim and Arthur retired, and a new
Company, „

Toowoomba Saddlery Collection
A premium collection of fine Australian made saddles designed for today‟s
distinguished rider. In business since 1968, Toowoomba Saddlery supplies the leather
used in the making of the World famous Syd Hill saddles, so you can be assured of
total quality and dependability.

The Kimberley Series

The “Kimberley” Range of Australia is a remote, rugged area of Australia's far
northwest. The land is
farmed for its cattle and the exploits of its drovers and ringers. In one epic drive in
1942, a very
small group of horsemen took 3,000 head of cattle and drove them over a 1,000 miles
from the Kimberley‟s,
across the Red Heart to Queensland. This was done to save them from the threat of a
Japanese invasion.
This area is also the closest point in Australia to the Indian Sub-Continent where we
manufacture what
we believe are the best quality Asian-made saddles. These saddles are worthy of the
name “Kimberley Series?”.

For those seeking a quality saddle at an affordable price, we are confident in
recommending our Kimberley
Series?.Be very much aware though that most people are looking for a good saddle at
a low price. We would
all like to think that we got the best deal. However, the really low priced saddles you
see advertised on
many websites or online auctions are most commonly very poor copies of much better
saddles. Many of these
saddles use sub-standard materials, are poorly made, incorrectly rigged and will not fit
your horse correctly,
despite what they claim in their promotional material. It is very likely you will have a
bad experience if
you purchase one of these very low priced saddles. Please do not associate these kinds
of saddles with our
products and the specialized service we offer......Visit my website and check out the
guides and instructions
to get the best fit and understand the best positioning so comfort exists for both you
and your
horse. Happy riding!

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