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Gossip Girl- Drama And Deceit In High Definition


									Nostalgic for those traumatic high school years when the cool kids ruled the school,
nerds could expect to see the inside of a locker with some regularity, and the head of
the basketball team could only be seen with the captain of the cheerleaders on his arm?
Apparently, for many Americans in the 20- and 30- something demographic, the
answer is yes. And now, with the addition of endless supplies of money and free time,
combined with hands-off parents, the hit teen soap Gossip Girl has struck a chord
with adolescents and adults alike. The New York backdrop of the popular drama adds
a sufficiently high-stakes element that your old high school probably did not have.
The hallways of your alma mater, be it in a small town nestled somewhere in the
Midwest, or a sleepy beach community in Virginia, look tame in comparison, no
matter how many times the math club members had their lunch money stolen or the
means girls made up excuses to get out of gym class.

On Gossip Girl, daily drama could consist of anything from hazing a new teacher to
having a socialite friend extort hundreds of thousands of dollars in investments from
school parents. Serena, Blair, Vanessa, Chuck, Dan, and Nate all consider this a part
of a normal (albeit eventful!) day's work. New couplings, skeletons in the closet, and
unlikely intrigues surface weekly in the lives of our favorite television cast. For most
16-year olds, arriving at school in style means a daily carpool in a friend's Jeep; for
the Gossip Girls and company, anything less than a limo with a private chauffeur
would mean an instant social demise.

But it isn't just the latest antics of Blair, Serena, and their beaux du jour that has
America hooked; many tune in just for the utter fabulousness of the cutting-edge
couture clothing bedecking the enviable physiques of our heros and heroines. The
latest in TV technology, high definition televisions perfectly illuminate the high
fashion and flawless hair and makeup of all the characters we love to hate. HD
broadcasts the glossy highlights of Serena's angelic blonde locks or Blair's elegant
braided headbands in such a way that you could imagine yourself really therestanding
on the stone patio of Constance Billard as the cliques form and the Queen Bees make
their way into class, posses in tow.

Even if, like most Americans, you cannot afford the latest Marc Jacobs footwear or
bejeweled Me and Ro necklaces, you can certainly afford to experience them
vicariously in high definition. High quality television instantly transports you to the
hallways of the most expensive prep schools in Manhattan, or the priciest department
stores and most exclusive clubs. As the characters prepare themselves for a whole new
level of dramacollege life-- prepare yourself for your weekly dose of gossip by
inviting your closest girlfriends over, curling up on the couch with a bowl of your
favorite ice cream, and settling in for an hour of delicious devilishness in high

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