Founder Of The Sun Style In Taiji by aihaozhe2


									Sun Lutang (1860-1933) is the founder of Sun Style Taiji. When Sun Lutang was
young, he followed several famous Xingyi artists to learn Xingyi Quan. He got 11
years to improve his Xingyi art into a perfect stage, under the directions of his sifu Li
Kuiyuan and later sifu Guo Yunshen, as well as many other great artists such as Song
Shirong, Che Yizhai and Bai Xiyuan. Besides Xingyi, Sun Lutang also learnt Bagua
Zhang from Cheng Tinghua, the founder of Cheng Style Bagua.

In 1886, Sun travelled around 11 provinces in China, in search of kung fu masters to
test his skills. He visited Mountain Shaolin, Wudang, and Emei. No one met was able
to win this young man. Sun return back to his hometown in 1888, founded a martial
arts society by himself called "Pu Yang". In 1907, he was invited to the north-estern

In 1912, Sun met a great Taiji master -- Hao Weizhen. At that time Hao was old and
poor, living lonely in Beijing. Sun attended Hao in his illness, taking care of him like
treating his own father. Hao was touched and taught all his Taiji techniques to Sun
after his recovery. With a good foundation and sincere fondness of the art, Sun was
miraculously quick to absorb Hao's decades of ideas and thoughts on Taiji Quan. Hao
was astonished to find such a good disciple.

It is in 1918 that Sun Lutang finally combiled the ideas of Xingyi, Bagua and Taiji
together and founded the Sun Style Taiji. In the second year, Sun was invited to the
President's Mansion and entitled an officer.
During 1915-1925, Sun wrote five very important books -- Xingyi Quan Study, Bagua
Quan Study, Taiji Quan Study, Quan Yi Shu Zhen, and Bagua Sword Study which
have profound influence to the following Chinese martial artists.

In 1928, the most official administrative body of Chinese Kung Fu -- Nanjing Central
National Arts Institution was founded, the already distinguished Sun Lutang was
entitled as the Host of Wudang Men (administrating all Inner Kung Fu). He later
withdrew from the institution because of some people's jealousness, and went to
Jiangsu National Arts Institution to be its vice-president. He stayed in his position till
1932 when he returned to Beijing.
In early Dec. 1933, Sun foretold his family that he was going to die soon. He was not
ill at all but from the time he made his prediction, he stopped taking in food. His fast
lasted for 20 days till one morning he ordered his family to take him in his chair to the
courtyard, sat there sedately and after having said the last words "I look upon birth
and death as only a game" Sun passed away quietly. Even his death was a great
demonstration of the Tao of Taiji and the philosophy of the Oriental beings.

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